Can I Get My Period Twice In One Month

Is It Okay To Have Periods Twice A Month

Is it okay to get periods twice in a month? – Dr. Shefali Tyagi

Yes, there is nothing to worry about having periods after 15 days. However, consulting the doctor to know why is never a bad idea.

Females in puberty and just before menopause might experience vaginal bleeding. The occurrence is expected during the menstrual period. The period length varies between different women. It can be distinct at various stages of their life.

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I Am 44 And I Got My Period Twice In One Month Why

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You have irregular periods if the length of your menstrual cycle keeps changing.

Your periods may come early or late.

The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, although its normal for it to be a bit shorter or longer than this.

After puberty, many women develop a regular cycle with a similar length of time between periods. But its not uncommon for it to vary by a few days each time.

What Can I Do About Irregular Periods

Are you experiencing periods twice in one month? Here are some healthy habits that will help you deal regulate your menstrual cycle:

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: Vitamin C and iron lost due to heavy bleeding can be recovered by eating green leafy vegetables like Swiss chard, broccoli and plenty of citrus fruits.
  • Stay hydrated: To flush the body properly, make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Keep a period calendar: Keep a detailed journal showing the exact dates of your periods. This will help you prepare early and notice any irregular pattern.
  • Do gentle but regular exercise: Do gentle daily workouts like stretching routines, calisthenics or long walks. Restorative yoga is also a good choice as it helps reduce premenstrual syndrome and relieve muscle cramping and tension.
  • Take herbal remedies: Hormonal imbalance can be mildly relieved by herbal supplements such as sesame seeds and jiggery, ginger, and aloe vera.

Women who experience a period twice in one month regularlyshould consider medication, especially if it occurs for more than three months consecutively. Although a doctors advice is important to decide what kind of medication is best, oral contraceptives are commonly used in such cases. Remember to have your pelvic area examined regularly to ensure early diagnosis of any problems affecting your reproductive organs.

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Why Did I Get My Period Twice In One Month

Don’t go into panic mode, especially if you’re accustomed to shorter cycles. Adult cycles typically range from 24 to 38 days, according to Healthline, but every situation is unique.

“If you have two cycles in one month, it is possible for that to be completely normal,” says Kirsten Karchmer, founder of menstrual wellness company Brazen.

However, you’ll want to take note of any adjustments to your routine that could have contributed to the increased frequency.

“If its something thats never happened before, its likely due to some stressor or change,” she continues. “That could be a dietary change, a change in stress or a COVID vaccination, gaining weight, losing weight or changing your exercise. Read that as a signal as ‘my body is really speaking to me.'”

For those who want to protect themselves against the virus, do note that the COVID 19 vaccine can delay your period. Dr. Kathryn Clancy, Period Podcast host and a professor studying the menstrual cycle at the University of Illinois, surveyed women who experienced both accelerated and delayed cycles, heavier flows and more intense cramps than normal. However, menstruation is likely revert back to normal after one or two cycles following the vaccine.

Do You Know What Causes Menstruation Twice A Month

Why Did I Get My Period Twice In One Month

Two periods in one month can be both surprising and annoying. And if this is something youve never experienced before, you might be concerned that something is wrong with your body.

Its not always a cause for concern if you have two periods in a month your body may be following its normal menstrual cycle, which can last anywhere from 24 to 38 days. Thus, if your cycle is shorter than a month and you have your period at the start of the month, you may see it again at the end of the month.

Apart from the length of your cycle, there are a variety of other reasons why you may be bleeding twice a month. In some cases, rather than getting your period twice, you may be experiencing bleeding due to a medical condition. The following are some of the most common causes:

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Why Have I Had Two Periods This Month

You have probably had two periods this month because your body is getting used to the new hormones in your system. It will take a little time for your body to adjust to your birth control.

If youre taking birth control pills, you might also have two periods because you forgot to take one or you took one later than usual. Even a few hours delay can cause a little bleeding, called spotting. Once youve been on your pills for a while, taking them on time will become part of your regular routine.

Emergency contraceptives can also trigger an early period. If you just started taking birth control or missed a couple of pills then took the morning after pill as a precautionary measure, you may have two periods that month.

Is It Normal To Have Your Period Twice In One Month

Guest over a year ago

I had unprotected sex three days into my period. One day after I had my period, I had unprotected sex again. Two days later I felt like my body was acting weird. So I tried researching early pregnancy symptoms and was told I had to wait at least one week after. Well one week later I started experiencing major cramps like I would normally experience before I start my period. A day later I started bleeding but it wasnât the normal heavy bleeding but it wasnât spotting either. Two days after the heavy cramps the pain severely decreased. Usually when Iâm on my period the cramps goes on heavily for days until I take some pain killer, so itâs kind of weird that itâs like this. I know itâs probably too early to tell but could I be pregnant?? Itâs kind of hard to tell because I havenât really had any symptoms other than what I just said and what makes it weird is that if I am just having my period, is it normal to have your period twice in one month??


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Potential Causes Of Two Periods In One Month

As mentioned, a naturally shorter menstrual cycle can be the main reason why you get a period twice a month. On the other hand, the issue may lie in some other health condition that could be triggering vaginal bleeding. However, if youre asking yourself why did my period come early when you dont tend to have shorter cycles and find this change too sudden, this might be because of the following:

  • Thyroid issues such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism
  • Entering the perimenopause stage
  • Lack of ovulation, i.e., anovulation
  • Presence of cysts or fibroids in the uterus
  • Extreme loss or gain of weight
  • Feeling stressed
  • Some other illness

Having Periods Twice In A Month: Causes And Treatment

Is It Normal To Have Your Period Twice In One Month? | PeopleTV

When females are experiencing bleeding after they have received their first period, it is important to check if it is menstrual bleeding or spotting. One can differentiate with the color of the discharge since spotting is dark red/brown and menstrual blood is bright red in color. If the bleeding is able to soak up an entire tampon/pad, then it could be a second period in the same month. There are several factors responsible for causing two periods in a month, some of which are as follows:

Weight gain/weight loss: Gaining or reducing weight affects the hormones responsible for controlling the frequency and duration of the periods.

PCOS: PCOS is a condition under which small cysts are formed on the ovaries due to an imbalance in the hormones the result of which is irregular periods.

Birth control pills: The consequence of eating birth control pills irregularly on the body can be a surprise bleeding which can happen in between the periods.

Endometriosis: Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue lining the uterus grows beyond the uterus in the abdominal wall leading to painful and irregular periods.

Other factors responsible for causing two periods in a month are pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, puberty, excessive, uterine issues, etc. Irregular periods are sometimes curable if the lifestyle is changed and the medical conditions are treated properly. Let us look at the measures that should be taken for dealing with the problem:

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When To See A Gp

You donât need to get medical advice if you have always had slightly irregular periods or youâre still going through puberty.

But see a GP if:

  • your periods suddenly become irregular and youâre under 45
  • you have periods more often than every 21 days or less often than every 35 days
  • your periods last longer than 7 days
  • thereâs a big difference between your shortest and longest menstrual cycle
  • you have irregular periods and youâre struggling to get pregnant

There might not be anything wrong, but itâs a good idea to get checked out to see what the cause might be.

You might be referred to a specialist called a gynaecologist if you need any tests or treatment.

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Your Thyroid Isnt Working Properly

An underactive or overactive thyroid gland can cause your period to come twice in one month. The thyroid gland is regulated by hormones produced and regulated in the same area of the brainthe pituitary and hypothalamusas the hormones that control menstruation and ovulation, explains Dweck. When one is off, the other might be affected.

If you have hyperthyroidism , you may also lose weight unexpectedly, feel nervous or anxious, have a rapid heartbeat, or have trouble sleeping. Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain, constipation, fatigue, and increased sensitivity to cold, among other symptoms.

Your risk of developing a thyroid disease could vary by race, potentially due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors. According to a 2014 study in JAMA, Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder often at the root of hyperthyroidism, is more common in Black, Asian, and Pacific Islander women compared to white women. On the other hand, Hashimotos disease, which often causes hypothyroidism, is more common in white women.

What to do about it

This is diagnosed with a blood test and typically treated with medication. Hypothyroidism drugs restore your levels to a normal level so symptoms should disappear and you start feeling better soon. Hyperthyroidism medications can clear up symptoms within a few weeks by keeping your thyroid from overproducing hormones. Most of the time this treatment permanently fixes the issue, although sometimes you may need surgery.

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When To See A Healthcare Provider

If you get your period more than once per month, contact your healthcare provider. You can have a weird period episode, especially since stress, diet changes, travel, or exercise can cause irregularities, but if its happening over and over, you should be seen by your doctor, Dr. Dweck explained.

A healthcare provider might also ask about whether youre also experiencing other symptoms or may run additional testingblood work, ultrasound, etc.depending on whats suspected. After that, the underlying cause will guide treatment. Examples of treatment include thyroid medication, a new birth control method, or a plan for managing PCOS.

Figuring out why youre dealing with two periods in one month isnt always so cut and dry, but knowing why you might be having this experience will help you and your healthcare provider make a plan to manage any underlying problems.

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What To Do About It

Period For A Month

Obviously, a bun in the oven can be ruled out with a simple pregnancy test. Keep in mind that false negatives are relatively common if you havent yet missed your period. If you experienced earlier-than-expected bleeding after your normal period, take the test again about a week after youd usually expect to get your period.

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Since ectopic pregnancies also result in a positive pregnancy test and can become an emergency if left untreated, see your doctor for an ultrasound to confirm whether the embryo has implanted in your uterus. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, youll receive meds and potentially other treatments to prevent life-threatening complications.

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Reaction To Birth Control

Hormonal birth control introduces hormones into your body. This can affect your menstrual cycle, and cause spotting in between periods.

You may need to try a few different types of birth control to find one that works for you. It also takes a few months for your body to adjust to a new method of birth control.

Talk to your doctor about what you should expect when starting a new birth control method.

You Have An Infection Down There

Vaginal and cervical infections are incredibly annoying for a number of reasons, not least of all that they can cause bleeding outside of your period. Inflammation or infection of the cervix with bacteria, such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, can cause irregular bleeding, says Dr. Richardson.

Many STDs often dont cause any other symptoms, although you may experience foul-smelling or gray, white, or green discharge itching or burning in your genital area or burning during urination.

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Why Do I Have Irregular Periods After Birth

If youre experiencing irregular periods after pregnancy, youre not alone. Read about the causes of this common condition, and learn when your menstruation should return to normal.

Arguably one of the best parts of pregnancy: your period disappears for nine whole months! Once menstruation finally returns, though, it will be confusing and unpredictableand thats totally normal. Heres everything you need to know about irregular periods after birth.

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Age And Frequent Periods

Is it normal to have your period twice in one month?

Period frequency, how many days it lasts, and how much you bleed are all influenced by your bodys hormone levels. These levels fluctuate throughout your life.

During your teen years, cycles are often irregular because of all the hormone changes that are taking place.

Your cycles may normalize in your 20s or 30s only to once again become irregular in your 40s and early 50s as you make the transition to menopause.

Hormonal Changes

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Light Spotting Twice In 1 Month

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Sex Question: Why Did I Get My Period Twice In One Month

Dear Dr. H,

I got my period even though I had it two weeks ago. Why did this happen? Im 43 years old. Am I going through menopause?

Read on for Dr. Hilda Hutchersons response.

A. This isnt menopause, but you may be entering into perimenopause. During this phase, which may last for up to 10 years, your ovaries dont work as well as they did before. You may not ovulate each month, and your estrogen levels begin to decrease or fluctuate. This may shorten your menstrual cycles, which can cause your periods to become irregular. Stress, sudden weight fluctuations or fibroids, as well as thyroid and other endocrine problems, can also affect a womans cycle. While there may be nothing to worry about, I suggest that you make an appointment to see your gynecologist for an evaluation, just to be on the safe side.

Readers, has this ever happened to you? Do you have any other concerns about your period? Lets talk about them here!

Have a question for me? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below, or send me an e-mail. And dont forget to check back regularly, right here on Vitamin G to see if Ive answered it.

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Your Cycle May Have Shifted Slightly But Variability Is Normal

This research really helps to validate what people experience if their cycle temporarily changed because of vaccination, says Dr. Edelman. Any kind of change for somebody might be disruptive or worrisome if you werent warned about it, right? And thatâs where I think people who donât necessarily menstruate donât typically understand how that might be impactful. Missing your period by just one day, she says, could get your hopes up for pregnancy or cause worry if you werent trying to get pregnant.

It should be noted that the study didnt include people using hormonal birth control or those with polycystic ovary syndrome , thyroid disorders, or endometriosis all factors that can affect menstrual cycle length.

Edelman says that it seems like these changes in cycle length are temporary, although this data is preliminary. And even if your vaccine did change your cycle length significantly, its not a reason to worry or immediately make an appointment with your ob-gyn. Even seven to nine days of variation in cycle length is considered within the normal range, according to the most recent guidelines from the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. We typically dont start working someone up until we see a three-month pattern , Edelman says.

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