Reasons To Not Have A Period

When To See Your Gp

12 Reasons Why You Missed Your Period

See your GP if you’re not pregnant you’ve had a negative pregnancy test and you’ve missed more than 3 periods in a row.

If you’re sexually active and you have not taken a pregnancy test, your GP may advise you to take one.

They may also ask you about:

  • your medical history
  • any emotional issues you’re having
  • any recent changes in your weight
  • the amount of exercise you do

Your GP may recommend waiting to see whether your periods return on their own. In some cases you may need treatment for your periods to return.

You should also see your GP if your periods stop before you’re 45 or if you’re still bleeding when you’re over 55.

Does A Missed Period For 2 Months Mean I’m Pregnant

When you are pregnant, your menstrual periods will stop. However, a missed period doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. If you’re wondering whether you might be pregnant, there are a few points that point to a possible pregnancy. These include:

  • You were actively trying to get pregnant in the months before.
  • You ovulated prior to your period’s stopping.
  • You had sexual intercourse in the ovulation window .
  • You were sexually active and not using birth control.

If all of the above points are true, then you have a good chance of being pregnant.

Signs of Early Pregnancy

The only way to truly know if you’re pregnant is a positive pregnancy test and confirmation by a doctor. However, there are a few signs that may give clues to a possible pregnancy. If a missed period for 2 months is due to pregnancy, you’ll start feeling the symptoms below around the four-week mark. Some women even notice subtle changes sooner than four-weeks.

  • Breast tenderness
  • Breast fullness
  • Nausea
  • Lower abdominal bloating and fullness
  • Feeling short of breath with exercise
  • Sensitive to smells
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Needing to urinate more often
  • Higher than normal body temperature
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation

Because Dudes Should Know About Periods Too

A lot of men are completely in the dark when it comes to periods, as a number of recentviral videos have shown. Although its ridiculous that the mens responses to menstruation in such videos generally boils down to Huh? and Eww!, I dont think we can blame this lack of knowledge solely on some kind of broad male rejection of the period. After all, if the women around them try to act like their periods dont exist if they try to avoid talking about them so as to avoid freaking out the men in their lives then its no wonder that a lot of guys dont know a thing about menstruation. Theres a self-perpetuating cycle in play, in which women learn early on that their periods are disgusting or shameful, and so they act like their periods are disgusting and shameful, and so boys grow up learning from all sides that periods are disgusting and shameful, and so they never learn anything about them . And that ignorance is not good, for women or men.

Menstruation and other aspects of womens health shouldnt be a grand mystery to men. After all, reproduction affects them, too, right? Im not suggesting that the guys around you need to know every detail of your personal menstrual cycle, but developing a more open, public dialogue about periods in general could go a long way in improving overall awareness of reproductive health.

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Okay Maybe You’re Pregnant

Even if you are on reliable birth control and have been ~careful~, this should be your first instinct if your period is late or missing entirely. “The first three things to check for are pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, this is the number-one thing I look for when you miss your periodeven if you don’t think you could be,” says Dr. Dweck. Plus, because early pregnancy symptoms can be so similar to PMS-y ones , it can be tough to tell the difference. Since it’s probably the first thing your ob-gyn office will inquire about, if you’ve been sexually active, go ahead and take an at-home pregnancy test to be sure.

Reasons Your Period Is Late When You Know Youre Not Pregnant

10 Reasons for a Missed Period

Have you ever had a late or missed period when you are certain you arent pregnant? It may cause you a moment of panic, but a late period is often caused by factors that have nothing to do with reproduction. If you have a late period and you are sure youre not pregnant, one of the following factors may be to blame.

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Why Did I Miss A Period

Missing a period is not uncommon, and most of the time, it is not a cause for concern. Some of the reasons you might miss a period include:

Normal lifecycle changes

There are a number of changes that happen in the female lifecycle that can result in a skipped period. All of these are normal reasons to miss a period and are not cause for concern.

For example:


The most common reason for a missed period is pregnancy. If this is a possibility, take a home pregnancy test to see if this is the cause of your missed period. If you skip a period and then have one the next month at the expected time, its possible that a non-viable pregnancy occurred, and the period is actually an early miscarriage.


Breastfeeding can suppress your period, depending on how frequently you are nursing. You may get a period while breastfeeding, and then not have another one for several months or more, particularly if your baby is nursing exclusively. You can ovulate before you get your period, so its important to use birth control during this time, if you dont want to get pregnant.


A skipped period may be a sign that you are entering menopause and your periods are beginning to become less regular, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms of menopause . If you are 45 or older, there is a good chance this is the cause of a missed period.


Weight loss

Birth control

Hormonal changes

Medications and drugs

Treatment For Absent Menstruation

Treatment for amenorrhea varies depending on the underlying cause. Hormonal imbalances can be treated with supplemental or synthetic hormones, which can help normalize hormone levels.

Your doctor may also want to remove ovarian cysts, scar tissue, or uterine lesions that are causing you to miss your menstrual periods.

Your doctor may also recommend making simple lifestyle changes if your weight or exercise routine is contributing to your condition. Ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist or dietitian, if necessary.

These specialists can teach you how to manage your weight and physical activity in a healthy way.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor so they can determine the cause of your amenorrhea. Make sure you stick with your treatment plan and attend all follow-up appointments.

Always contact your doctor if your condition doesnt improve with medical treatments or lifestyle modifications.

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When To Call Your Healthcare Provider

Missing a period every once in a while is usually not cause for concern. How much of a delay is normal for your period? It depends. On average, a menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, but 40 days could also be within the range of normal. And your cycle will change throughout your life, so at some time, you’re likely to experience a late period when you’re not pregnant.

That said, you should see a healthcare provider if you miss more than one period, or if your missed period is accompanied by new or unusual symptoms.

Seek medical attention right away if you also experience any of the following:

  • New or worsening headaches

Diabetes And Thyroid Disease

Why Do I Have A Skipped Period If I Am Not Pregnant? l Menstrual Health

Jay M. Berman, M.D., FACOG, chief of gynecological services at Detroit Medical Center’s Harper Hutzel Hospital and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Wayne State University, says other issues such as diabetes and thyroid disease may be to blame.

However, according to Dr. Berman, an occasional late period is often for no clear reason at all. But if it’s happening frequentlyor there are other symptoms happeningspeak to a doctor. “Many people will, for various reasons, occasionally not ovulate and this can cause an early or delayed menses,” he says. “Depending on history, it may require further testing to determine the cause.”

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When To See A Doctor About Absent Menstruation

A teenage girl who hasnt started her periods by at least age 16 should see a doctor. A trip to the doctors office is also necessary if she is age 14 or older and hasnt experienced any signs of puberty yet. These changes would include the following in numbered order of appearance:

  • thelarche
  • pubarche
  • menarche
  • Menstruating women and teens should see their doctor if they have missed three or more periods in a row.

    Are There Other Reasons Im Cramping Without A Period

    Thanks to the fairly central location of our reproductive organs, its pretty easy to mix up other cramp-causing conditions with your period. For example, a fairly serious cause of abdominal pain is appendicitis. You can check for this by pressing on the right side of your body, between navel and side, and then letting go. What youre looking for is more pain in the release than the press. That rebound tenderness and fever are two sure signs its time to get to the hospital ASAP!

    With an urgent issue like appendicitis ruled out, several other things might be the culprit. It could be that certain penetrative sex positions have irritated your cervix, or that you have a urinary tract infection . Or, its a digestive issue like lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, an ulcer, or IBS.

    This wide range of causes means that seeking medical attention if the issue persists is a pretty good idea. If you miss more than three periods, definitely seek medical care.

    And as medical self-advocacy best practices suggest, you can bring a list of things youve ruled out or things you think it might be along with you. You might not know what is or is not significant, and a good doctor will understand that. Its better if you tell them everything than leave something out!

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    How To Prevent Irregular Periods And Stomach Gas

    Monitoring your cycle with a cycle tracking app, journal, or thermometer will keep you informed of subtle or major changes.

    Cycle tracking is especially useful if youre trying to get pregnant. It can indicate when you are most fertile and if youre late. Its also an attractive habit for those looking for an extra layer of security against pregnancy.

    Managing stress and eating a balanced diet can help regulate your cycle and other important functions like digestion. Consider getting a food allergy test to reduce the occurrence of stomach gas.

    Reasons For Missed Periods Or Absence Of Menstruation

    Bleeding or Spotting Between Periods: Causes and What to Do

    Some peoples periods arrive each month like clockwork. For others, periods are unpredictable and may come as a surprise. Sometimes, they dont happen at all! This doesnt necessarily mean youre pregnant.

    Missed or late periods may happen for a variety of reasons apart from pregnancy. Common causes of missed or irregular periods range from hormonal imbalances to medical issues. Lets discuss the main reasons for a missed period and when its time to contact a health care provider.

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    What You Should Do If You Miss A Period

    Unless youre experiencing other symptoms that concern you or you suspect you might be pregnant, theres no need to worry about missing one or two periods. Missing an occasional period now and then is not terribly uncommon, Dr. Stewart said.

    If you miss three consecutive periods, you should talk to your primary care physician or OBGYN. Often the source is fairly obvious and a brief discussion with your provider could address the issue, Dr. Stewart said.

    Your doctor will start with your medical history and a physical exam. From that information you can work with your doctor to plan next steps, which could be lab tests or imaging studies such as ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI.

    Most of the time, you will find a simple solution to get your periods back on track. But its important to seek medical care, since sometimes missed periods could be signs of serious health problems. Thyroid disease, pituitary dysfunction, ovulatory dysfunction, chronic kidney disease or cancer can all be associated with amenorrhea. And those conditions could be linked with problems like osteoporosis, abnormal pregnancy, or cancer of the uterine lining.

    A Change In Your Schedule

    Changing schedules can throw off your body clock. If you frequently change work shifts from days to nights, or if your schedule is generally all over the place, your period can be fairly unpredictable.

    A change in your schedule shouldn’t cause you to completely miss your period, but it can cause your period to start earlier or later than expected. Your cycle can also change by a few days if you experience jet lag.

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    Will I Need Any Tests For A Missed Period

    If you go to see a doctor about your periods stopping, first of all the doctor will ask you some questions. For example, the doctor will want to know:

    • If you have ever had periods and whether they were regular.
    • How long you have not had periods for.
    • If you have recently been using any contraception.
    • If you are on any medication or have any other medical conditions.
    • If you have recently lost weight.
    • If you are under any stress.
    • If there is any chance you could be pregnant.
    • If you have any other symptoms, such as hot flushes or milk leaking from your breasts. The doctor may also ask about signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness or tender breasts.

    Your doctor may then wish to examine you. The doctor may want to check your weight and height and then work out your BMI. They may also want to feel your tummy. They may want to look for signs of possible causes. In some cases an internal examination may be needed.Whether further tests are needed will depend on what has been discovered from talking to you and examining you. You may not need any tests at all. Tests which may be needed include:

    • A pregnancy test .
    • Blood tests. These are done to check out a number of possible causes. They may be done to check hormone levels . Occasionally tests for gene abnormalities may be needed.
    • An ultrasound scan.

    You’re Too Into Your Exercise Routine

    Missed your period? Here are some reasons why

    Hitting the gym even though you’re exhausted from your workout the day before? Jokingly say you live at the gym, but it’s actually kinda true? Over-exercising , as well as rapid weight loss or suffering from an eating disorder, can all cause your period to disappear, particularly if your BMI drops below 19 or 18, says Dr. Dweck. Thankfully, “simply cutting down on exercise or gaining a couple pounds will get your BMI up a bit, and you’ll get your period,” she says. What you don’t want to do is go without a period for more than a year , which can put you at risk for bone loss and osteoporosis.

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    You Have A Pituitary Problem

    Are your nipples leaking a milky white fluid? “It’s rare but I have women come in and tell me they lost their period and have nipple discharge and a headache from time to time,” explains Dr. Dweck. She’ll give her patients a blood test to check prolactin levels, a hormone that yep prompts your body to produce breast milk. If levels are high, you may have a benign pituitary tumor called a prolactinoma. Before you freak out, know this: You’d be referred to an endocrinologist, but it’s totally treatable, most often with medication.

    Reasons For A Late Period

    Now that weve explained what qualifies as a regular menstrual cycle, lets go over why some people have late or irregular periods.

    During the early stages of puberty, its common to have irregular cycles. Its normal for adolescents to have irregular cycles for the first three years after they get their period. This is because the ovaries may not be releasing an egg every month yet, since hormone levels are still changing. However, for people who are already past that phase, there are lots of other things that can cause a late period and irregular periods.

    Here are eight common causes of a late period:

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    Two Months Without Having Period Why

    In most cases, a missed period for 2 months would most likely mean you are pregnant, but that isn’t always the case. Your period being late or even missed can be due to a number of reasons. No matter what, it will inevitably make you a little nervous. This article will help you understand the different reasons that may make you miss your period. There are also some helpful tips you can try to get your cycles regulated again. You should always consult your doctor to make sure you aren’t pregnant and rule out any other serious health conditions before trying any home remedies.

    Our Physicians At Chapel Hill Obgyn Provide An Accurate And Timely Diagnosis

    11 Reasons Why My Period Is Late

    If youre not pregnant, the absence of a period can be stressful. Because there are so many possible causes for amenorrhea, its important that you schedule an appointment with one of our Chapel Hill gynecologists to determine a course of treatment. We can usually schedule an appointment with you that same week.

    For more than 40 years, Chapel Hill OBGYN has served women in the Triangle area, sharing the joy of little miracles and supporting them during challenges. Our board-certified physicians and certified nurse midwives bring together the personal experience and convenience of a private practice with the state-of-the-art resources found at larger organizations. To schedule an appointment, please contact us for more information.

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