How Many Days After Your Period Are You Most Fertile

How Many Days Am I Fertile

How to Calculate Your Most Fertile Days

Keeping in mind that ovulation lasts between 12 and 24 hours and that sperm can stay alive for 2 to 5 days until they inseminate the egg, you only have 6 fertile days a month on average. Of those 6 days, the most fertility will be the day of ovulation and the two following it.

Thats why its important that youre aware of other signs from your body to know when they are.

How Many Days After Your Period Are You The Most Fertile

Ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts. If your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14, and your most fertile days are days 12, 13 and 14. If your average menstrual cycle is 35 days ovulation happens around day 21 and your most fertile days are days 19,20 and 21.

I Have Irregular Periods When Will I Ovulate

Mr Faris advises that the ovulation date in this case could vary, so it would be useful to try regularly after the period and not to rely on the ovulation kits.

This is because, as Dr Matthew Prior says, Having regular periods is the best sign of ovulation. In fact, fertility specialists may not even advise bloods to check if ovulation has happened because regular cycles are a sure sign of ovulation.

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Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period

Well, the chances are too low for conceiving just before your period. Women with typically longer cycle can have sex just before the period. Because the ovulation generally occurs between day 11 to day 21. And egg stays alive for only 24 hours. So you can easily have sex before your period without any worry!

If you have a shorter menstrual cycle then also you can get indulged right before your period. But you must always track your ovulation day to be on the safe side.

When you ask for the actual safe days, we will answer- the 2-3days before your period is the safest.

Now you know all about the safe days to have sex for avoiding pregnancy. But many women have asked like can I get pregnant 6 days before my period? Well, if you have a similar query than here is your answer. Have a look.

How To Use This Ovulation Calendar Tool

How many days after your period are you most fertile?
  • Pick a date on the calendar that matches the day you started your last period
  • The calendar will display your estimated ovulation date, marking it in red.
  • The days leading up to your ovulation date will appear marked in purple those are the days you are likely the most fertile.
  • If you have records of how long your own menstrual cycle lasts, change the default number of 28 days in the dropdown menu in the results box for a more accurate calculation.

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When Should I Ovulate

You may be wondering: When do I ovulate? Ideally, a woman will ovulate 14 days before her next expected period. If your cycle is unusual or you know that your luteal phase is more or less than 14 days, this may be different for you.

To find out when you should ovulate, in addition to using an ovulation tracker, you need to pay close attention to your body.

  • First you need to figure out your average cycle length. If its unpredictable, a trip to your health care provider can be helpful to rule out any underlying medical issues that might be affecting your cycle.
  • Next, you should calculate your luteal phase by paying attention to ovulation signs and symptoms.
  • Once you have that information, you can enter it into the ovulation calculator and tracker to get a much better idea of when you should be trying to conceive

What Is An Ovulation Calendar And How Do You Use One

After working out the ovulation date using the calculator, many couples turn to an ovulation calendar to figure out the days of the month where theyre most likely to conceive if they have sex.

It works as sperm can live in the body for up to five days after sex, so conception can occur even if youve had sex four or five days before ovulation begins. The fertility window is normally around six days, as that is the amount of days that the egg and sperm can survive. To figure out this fertile period, plot on your menstrual cycle on a calendar then count back 14 days from the expected last day of your next cycle. This will be your most fertile day.

Alternatively, there are a number of apps that will do this for you such as Clue.

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Basal Body Temperature Recording

This method uses the fact that your basal body temperature rises by 0.4-1.0°C after ovulation by which time it is too late to optimize the chances of conception in that menstrual cycle2. To use this method accurately, you have to take your basal body temperature first thing every morning before moving out of bed, and it will take several menstrual cycles before you start to build up a picture of your fertility window. There are also many factors, like sleep cycles changes, travel, and alcohol consumption that can change your BBT. Studies have shown that using a womans basal body temperature to predict her fertile days is less than 70% successful.

What Is The Basal Body Temperature Method Of Determining Fertility

HOW MANY DAYS AFTER YOUR PERIOD DO YOU OVULATE Calculating ovulation: the optimum time for Pregnancy

Basal body temperature is your temperature at rest as soon as you awake in the morning. A woman’s basal body temperature rises slightly with ovulation. So by recording this temperature daily for several months, you’ll be able to predict your most fertile days.

Basal body temperature differs slightly from woman to woman. Anywhere from 96 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit orally is average before ovulation. After ovulation most women have an oral temperature between 97 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The rise in temperature can be a sudden jump or a gradual climb over a few days.

Usually a woman’s basal body temperature rises by only 0.4 to 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit. To detect this tiny change, women must use a basal body thermometer. These thermometers are very sensitive. Most pharmacies sell them for about $10.

The rise in temperature doesn’t show exactly when the egg is released. But almost all women have ovulated within three days after their temperatures spike. Body temperature stays at the higher level until your period starts.

You are most fertile and most likely to get pregnant:

Two to three days before your temperature hits the highest point 12 to 24 hours after ovulation

A man’s sperm can live for up to three days in a woman’s body. The sperm can fertilize an egg at any point during that time. So if you have unprotected sex a few days before ovulation, you could get pregnant.

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How Do I Know If I Am Fertile Enough To Get Pregnant

If your menstrual cycle lasts 28 days and your period arrives like clockwork, its likely that youll ovulate on day 14. Thats halfway through your cycle. Your fertile window begins on day 10. Youre more likely to get pregnant if you have sex at least every other day between days 10 and 14 of a 28-day cycle.

Can You Get Pregnant Outside Your Fertile Window

Yes, you can get pregnant at any time during your cycle, even during your period. If youre trying to prevent pregnancy, this is important to know. If your goal is to achieve pregnancy, youll be more focused on the higher fertility days, but its good to remember that any intercourse could potentially result in pregnancy, especially if your cycles are irregular.

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You’re Most Likely To Conceive In The Five Days Around Ovulation

“The most fertile time of your cycle is right around ovulation,” says Minkin.

During ovulation, you release an egg from your ovaries into one of your fallopian tubes where it can be fertilized by sperm. But if that egg isn’t fertilized within 12 to 24 hours, it breaks down and, essentially, dies.

However, the time when you’re most likely to get pregnant is longer than 24 hours. That’s because sperm have a longer lifespan, living inside a person’s body for 3 to 5 days.

So, “if some sperm are deposited a day or so in advance , that’s fine,” says Minkin, because the sperm will still be around when the egg is released.

Therefore, you’re most likely to conceive if you have sex in the five days surrounding ovulation and the day of ovulation. But don’t overdo it.

If you have sex too often, the amount of sperm in each ejaculation might be less concentrated and “it may not be as effective at getting you pregnant,” says Minkin. Once a day, or every other day, seems to give the best results.

Ovulation Calculator: When Will I Ovulate

When Is Your Fertile Window (FERTILITY CALENDAR)
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  • Trying to conceive a baby can be a stressful and challenging time, especially as it can require a great deal of planning and preparation – including checking when you’re ovulating.

    An ovulation calculator will help you to predict when you will ovulate. This in turn will narrow down your best window to become pregnant.

    Using an ovulation calculator is a great way to manage your fertility to predict when ovulation might happen and it also helps take away some of the confusion around tracking cycles naturally especially if your periods arent regular.

    An average menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period and continues right up to the day before you start the next one. This means its about 28 days on average, but they can range from 22 days right up to 36 days. If youre struggling to conceive, its best not to just guess when the best ovulation date might be.

    Along with your average menstrual cycle length, you will also need to know the length of your luteal phase to use our ovulation calculator as efficiently as possible. The luteal phase begins after ovulation and ends the day before your next period. It usually lasts 12 to 16 days, with an average of 14 days for most women, so if youre unsure wed recommend choosing 14 days on the calculator.

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    Understanding Your Most Fertile Days

    Also known as your fertile period, there are about seven days during your menstrual cycle when it is actually possible to get pregnant. These are considered to be your most fertile days.

    Technically, your fertility is highest during the five days before you ovulate, the day you ovulate , depending on the time that you ovulate.

    There are six days that count as your most fertile days because sperm can live up to 5 days. Once released, your egg can only live for about 24 hours. If you have sexual intercourse during this fertile time, By learning to be your own ovulation predictor, you should be able to identify your most fertile days.

    Tracking Ovulation To Find Your Fertile Window

    There are many methods of tracking and predicting ovulation so you can try to figure out when you are most fertile. An ovulation day calculator may provide an estimate, but isn’t always the most accurate of methods, especially if you have irregular periods.

    Some ways to try to pinpoint your ovulation period at home include over-the-counter ovulation predictor kits, body basal temperature charting, and checking for fertile cervical mucus.

    Ovulation predictor kits increase your chance of getting pregnant by 40%, according to a review of research. Each kit comes with five or so test strips or sticks, and manufacturers typically recommend you test your urine for several days leading up to your suspected ovulation day. This makes this method can potentially costly, especially if you have somewhat irregular periods and you have to test for many days on end.

    Among no-cost home ovulation-tracking methods, checking the texture of your cervical mucus may work best. According to research, people who had sex when they had slippery, egg-white-like cervical mucus were two to three times more likely to conceive than those who had scant or absent mucus secretions .

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    Using These Signs And Symptoms To Detect Your Most Fertile Days

    • Some methods can only identify when ovulation has already occurred, therefore they are of little value in helping a woman to conceive during that cycle.
    • Ovulation tests detect the LH surge which happens 24-36 hours before ovulation.
    • Clearblue Ovulation Tests are at least 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge.
    • The calendar method has been found to predict the correct fertile days in only a third of cycles.

    To maximise your chances of becoming pregnant, its important to time intercourse for the days leading up to and the day of ovulation. These are ways in which you can use the signs and symptoms of ovulation to help you identify these fertile few days each cycle.

    What Are The Safe Days To Have Sex When Using The Calendar Method

    Fertile Days To Get Pregnant: How many days after ovulation can you get pregnant?

    To predict the first fertile day in your current cycle:

    • Find the shortest cycle in your past record.

    • Subtract 18 from the total number of days in that cycle.

    • Count that number from day 1 of your current cycle, and mark that day with an X.

    • The day marked X is your first fertile day.

    For example: if your shortest cycle is 26 days long, subtract 18 from 26 you get 8. Then, count 8 days starting from day 1 . If day 1 was on the 4th of the month, youll mark X on the 11th. So the 11th is your first fertile day of this cycle you should stop having vaginal sex on this day or start using another method of birth control.

    To predict the last fertile day in your current cycle:

    • Find the longest cycle in your record.

    • Subtract 11 from the total number of days in that cycle.

    • Count that number from day 1 of your current cycle, and mark that day with an X.

    • The day marked X is your last fertile day.

    For example, if your longest cycle is 30 days long, subtract 11 from 30 you get 19. Then, count 19 days starting from day 1. If day 1 was on the 4th of the month, youll mark X on the 22nd. So the 22nd is your last fertile day of this cycle you can start having unprotected sex the next day.

    The calendar method can only predict what are most likely to be safe and unsafe days it cant tell you for sure exactly when youre fertile. So its hard to use if your cycles are not always the same length, and you cant use it at all if all of your cycles are shorter than 27 days.

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