Can I Take A Pregnancy Test Before My Period

Blood Test Result Timetable

FIRST RESPONSE PREGNANCY TEST – 6 days before period

Blood tests are able to detect a smaller amount of hCG and they can detect it slightly earlier than standard at-home pregnancy tests, usually nine to 12 days after conception. Blood test results are usually available the same day or within a day.

Blood tests aren’t often done to detect pregnancy because they are expensive and at-home urine tests are quite accurate and sensitive. However, people who are undergoing fertility treatments may have blood tests as part of their care.

Can You Take A Pregnancy Test While On Your Period

Whether you have been trying for months to conceive or dont feel ready to have a child yet, if you think you might be pregnant its likely to bring out all the emotions. Even waiting one day to find out can seem like an eternity.

Luckily, your corner drugstore or local grocery should have you covered with pregnancy tests you can take at home ASAP. A quick trip to the bathroom, a few minutes of waiting, and the answer will display before your eyes.

But how trustworthy are those results? And what if youre bleeding or seem to be on your period, will that ruin the test results?

Food Cravings And Aversions

PMS: When you have PMS, youll likely notice that your eating habits change. You may crave chocolate, carbohydrates, sugars, sweets, or salty foods. Or you may have a ravenous appetite. These cravings dont happen to the same extent when youre pregnant.

Pregnancy: You may have highly specific cravings, and you may be totally uninterested in other foods. You may also have an aversion to certain smells and tastes, even ones you once liked. These effects can last throughout pregnancy.

You could also have pica, in which you compulsively eat items that have no nutritional value, such as ice, dirt, dried paint flakes, or pieces of metal. If you have cravings for nonfood items, talk to your doctor right away.

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Dont Read The Results Too Early

Likewise, avoid reading your pregnancy test results too early. As your urine travels through the test indicator window, it might look like the results are showing, but the test needs time to completely work. Follow the testâs instructions as closely as possible and avoid checking on the results too early. If needed, set a timer to let you know, according to the instructions, when the results are ready.

What If You Have A 28

Pregnancy Test Two Days Before Missed Period

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, with the first day of menstruation as cycle day 1.

Most periods last two to seven days. Pregnancy is uncommon during this time, because your peak fertility window is still about a week or so away.

Around days 6 to 14 of your cycle, your body will start releasing follicle-stimulating hormone .

This helps develop an egg inside your ovary. Your body will also begin rebuilding the endometrial lining in your uterus.

Pregnancy is slightly more likely during this time. Sperm can live up to five days inside the body, so it could still be present when the egg matures.

Once the egg is mature, your body will release lutenizing hormone , triggering the eggs release from your ovary .

Ovulation usually occurs around cycle day 14. Pregnancy is likely on ovulation day.

That said, ovulation doesnt always happen like clockwork. It can occur anywhere from four days before to four days after the midpoint of your menstrual cycle.

The bottom Line

If you ovulate later in your cycle or start your period sooner than usual, you could become pregnant if you have sex in the days leading up to your period.

Lots of people dont have 28-day cycles. Some have cycles as short as 21 days and others as long as 35 days.

In fact, in one study , only about 30 percent of participants had their fertile window fall within days 10 to 17 of their cycle. Only 10 percent had ovulation fall exactly 14 days before their next period.

You can do this a number of ways, including:

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So When Is Pregnancy Most Likely

The only time you can get pregnant is during your fertile window.

An egg only lives for about 24 hours after being released from your ovary, and sperm can only live for up to five days inside the body.

That means you can only get pregnant if you have sex:

  • in the four to five days leading up to ovulation
  • on the day of ovulation
  • on the day after ovulation

If youre looking to conceive, the best time to have sex is right before ovulation. This will give sperm time to reach the fallopian tube and meet the egg there.

After that, if no sperm has fertilized the egg, it will dissolve. You wont be able to get pregnant until your cycle restarts.

Whats The Difference Between Home Pregnancy Tests And The Tests At A Doctors Office

The main hormone you are testing for is human chorionic gonadotropin , which is detectable in blood or urine. The concentration of hCG doubles every 29 to 53 hours during the first 30 days after implantation of a viable, intrauterine pregnancy a slower rise in concentration of hCG is suggestive of an abnormal pregnancy or early miscarriage .

The âpee on a stickâ type of home test measures whether your hCG passes a threshold amount, and gives you a positive or negative answer. These tests often give a negative result if the test is done too early after a missed period.

If you do a home pregnancy test and get a negative resultâââbut you still donât get your period one week laterâââthen itâs a good idea to follow-up with another test.

Healthcare providers often offer both urine tests and blood tests for hCG. The urine test offered is very similar to a home pregnancy test, but the results tend to be more accurate due to reduced error. A blood test will give you a precise count of your hCG levels. Because the blood needs to be analyzed by a lab, you will need to wait longer to find out the results.

As the blood test gives more detailed results, it is possible to detect things such as an ectopic pregnancy or an early miscarriage.

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What Causes Pregnancy Fatigue

When you first become pregnant, your body immediately begins to undergo major changes. These physiologic changes in the body are what contribute to early pregnancy fatigue, says Dr. Biegner. Some of the changes during early pregnancy that may lead to an increase in fatigue include:

  • Increase in hormones like progesterone
  • Increase in blood volume to help support a developing baby and placenta
  • Low blood sugar
  • Sleep disturbances

The fatigue you experience in those early weeks of pregnancy may disappear as you enter your second trimester, but Dr. Biegner says to expect it to return as you enter the final weeks before delivery. Some women will experience fatigue in the third trimester as well, she explains. This can be caused by the following:

  • Carrying a growing baby is more work for the body and may cause fatigue
  • Multiple bathroom trips that disrupt a good nights sleep
  • Difficulty sleeping due to inability to find a comfortable position

What Are Some Less Common Signs Of Early Pregnancy

Before You Take a Pregnancy Test Watch This | 8-10 DPO

There are some additional signs of early pregnancy that arent as common. Just like with the most common symptoms, these signs of pregnancy may or may not happen. Its important to remember that everyone is different and experiences signs of pregnancy differently.

Less common signs of early pregnancy can include:

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Doing A Pregnancy Test Can Be Emotionalwhatever The Results

Remember that you are not alone in this. Try to talk with someone you trust and ask for their support. If youâre not sure where to turn, you can get confidential counseling in most healthcare providersâ offices and clinics.

Scarleteen offers trans-inclusive support for teens and young adults via message boards, SMS and online chat, and if you are in the United States or Canada you can call the All-Options Talkline toll-free at 1â888â493â0092. The International Planned Parenthood Federation lists member associations in over 170 countries on their site.

Article was originally published Dec. 21, 2017.

Can You Take A Pregnancy Test When You Have Your Period

A urine pregnancy test looks for a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is found in the urine during pregnancy. Having your period during the test should not interfere with the accuracy of these results. Within about 2 weeks after conception, there is enough of this hormone to show up in the urine.

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What If You Have A High Risk For Certain Genetic Diseases

Genetic counseling can be beneficial if you are at risk for certain genetic diseases. This type of counseling involves taking an extensive medical history and assessing the health of you, your partner, and your respective families.

Your counselor may recommend that you, your partner, or certain family members undergo blood testing for inheritable diseases.

You may also be offered early pregnancy screening tests, such as ultrasound and amniocentesis, to assess your pregnancy for the presence of a genetic disease.

During your first prenatal exam, your doctor will complete a checkup, which usually includes a physical examination as well as blood and urine tests.

Your doctor may also complete a pelvic exam during your first prenatal visit.

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your doctor will listen for your babys heartbeat. Oftentimes, the heartbeat cant be heard or seen on an ultrasound until at least 6 or 7 weeks.

Can You Take Home Pregnancy Tests Before Missing A Period

Spotting Before Period Pregnancy Test

Most mothers-to-be today look at early detection as something immensely important. This is especially true for women who begin experiencing symptoms of pregnancy before missing their periods. However, how do you know whether you should wait to take a test or if you can take one before your period while still getting accurate results?

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When To See Your Doctor

Although home tests can detect a pregnancy, it gives no information as to viability. Its important to make an appointment with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and to detect a fetal heart rate through an ultrasound . If you have a positive pregnancy test, your obstetrician can provide information about warning signs of an abnormal or worrisome pregnancy and can advise you on when to make an appointment to confirm your pregnancy.

Is It Possible To Get A False Positive Pregnancy Test Result

Yes, but this is rare. A positive result can also be caused by:

  • Pregnancy loss very soon after implantation

  • hCG secretion from a tumor

  • Pituitary hCG secretion, typically in people going through perimenopause

  • Interference from hCG administered as part of infertility treatment. If youâve had an injection of hCG, this should be cleared from your system after two weeks.

Medications do not cause false positive pregnancy tests, unless the medication contains hCG or, rarely, certain antibodies . If you think your medication might be interfering with pregnancy test results, talk with your healthcare provider.

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Follow My Babys Growth

This doesnt mean you cant take a pregnancy test later in the day. It just means that youre more likely to get a false-negative, especially if youve been drinking a lot of water. Its easy to forget in the morning, so it might be helpful to leave yourself a note the night before. You can close the lid of the toilet and leave a note there to remind yourself.

What if you have an unconventional sleep schedule and cant test your urine first thing in the morning? You can increase the level of hCG in your urine by not using the bathroom for at least four hours.

Before taking a pregnancy test, dont drink more water than you normally would. Drinking a lot of water can dilute your urine and affect the result of your test.

If you got a negative result but still think you might be pregnant, take the test again after several days. False positives and false negatives are rare, but they do happen. Repeating a test can also be a good idea.

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How Not To Get Pregnant

Pregnancy Test 5 Days Before Period

If you want to get pregnant, plan to get frisky halfway between periods for the best chances. But if youre trying to avoid pregnancy, dont use your period as a guide. Instead, choose a reliable form of birth control.

Thats the best way to prevent pregnancy, Dr. Stephens says.

Yeah, you probably already knew that. But now you know the whole story.

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My Pregnancy Test Says I Am Pregnant What Should I Do Next

If a home pregnancy test shows that you are pregnant, you should call your doctor to schedule an appointment.

Your doctor can use a blood test to tell for sure whether you are pregnant. Seeing your doctor early in your pregnancy also means you can begin prenatal care to help you and your baby stay healthy.

How Long After Conception Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

Most doctors recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed period before taking a home pregnancy test. A missed period is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy. This is usually around two weeks after conception. However, some tests are more sensitive than others and can be taken earlier.

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Whats Next If The Results Are Positive

Your next steps depend on two things: whether youre pregnant and whether or not you planned to get pregnant.

If your test results are positive and youve been planning to have a baby, take another test to make sure youre pregnant. Then, see your doctor before you reach the 8-week mark. You can ask them about prenatal care options or specialists who can help guide you through your pregnancy. Ask your doctor about any changes you need to make to your lifestyle, medications, or diet to keep yourself and your baby healthy for the next nine months.

If your test results are positive but you didnt plan to get pregnant, ask your doctor about available options, including:

  • carrying the pregnancy to term for adoption
  • what to do if you want to continue your pregnancy

You can also receive help from a clinic or health center that specializes in reproductive health and child care, like Planned Parenthood.

Dont Let The Test Sit For Too Long

5 Days Before Missed Period

There is a time limit involved in reading an at-home pregnancy testâif you read the test outside the window of time outlined in the instructions, you could end up with inaccurate results.

Most non-digital tests show lines to indicate the presence of hCG in the urine. One line will be a control line that shows up no matter what, and the second line typically indicates a pregnancy. If your test is negative, there is a chance you may still see a faint, colorless evaporation line that appears as the urine dries. If you’re not familiar with evaporation lines, you might see this line and think you’re pregnant.

Avoid letting the test sit too long, otherwise you may read an evaporation line and think you are pregnant.

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How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests

Most home pregnancy tests claim to be up to 99% accurate. But the accuracy depends on:

  • How you use them. Be sure to check the expiration date and follow the instructions. Wait up to 10 minutes after taking the test to check the results window. Research suggests that waiting 10 minutes will give the most accurate result.
  • When you use them. The amount of hCG or pregnancy hormone in your urine increases with time. The earlier you take the test, the harder it is for the test to detect the hCG. Most home pregnancy tests can accurately detect pregnancy after a missed period. Also, testing your urine first thing in the morning can boost the accuracy.
  • Who uses them. Each woman ovulates at a different time in her menstrual cycle. Plus, the fertilized egg can implant in a woman’s uterus at different times. Your body makes hCG after implantation occurs. In up to 10% of women, implantation does not occur until after the first day of a missed period. This means home pregnancy tests can be accurate as soon as 1 day after a missed period for some women but not for others.
  • The brand of test. Some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. For that reason, some tests are better than others at detecting hCG early on. Talk to your pharmacist about which brand may be best for you.

How Soon After Sex Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

Chapel Hill Obstetrics & GynecologyAll Articles, Pregnancy

You want to know as soon as possible.

If youre wondering if youre pregnant, you need an answer. Immediately. However, thats not necessarily possible if you want the most accurate results.

How soon can you take a pregnancy test after sex? The answer may surprise you.

Many women panic when they realize theyve missed a birth control pill or theyve missed a period, said Dr. Hardison. We want you to know that we can help guide you through this process in a way that ensures youre getting the most accurate results.

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