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Digital Edition Of Glassmakers Periodic Table Released Following Unprecedented Demand

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Originally distributed as an A1 poster to clients, Glass Technology Services unique periodic table has been a resounding success – with hundreds of posters sent around the world, including locations in Salt Lake City, Melbourne and Dubai.

As a result, a digital edition of the bespoke periodic table poster – highlighting the elements commonly used as well as their role in glassmaking – will now be available by request.

Operations Director Gareth Jones said:

We knew that the posters would be well received by our customers in the glass industry, but weve been surprised at just how popular theyve been and the global reach theyve had.The posters are a unique resource and were delighted that theyve taken off in the manner that they have we have already depleted stocks and are arranging further reprints.Now, because of its popularity, we thought it was only right to make the poster available to a wider audience electronically.

The increased availability of the glassmakers’ periodic table follows the launch of the experts in glass second postersecond poster in the series of new tools and resources from Glass Technology Services, which provides guidance on the anatomy, pharmacopoeial classification and suitability of pharmaceutical vials.

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How Do You Find Information About Each Element On The Periodic Table

There are a few ways that you can go about finding information about each element on the periodic table.

  • One way is to use an online search engine such as Google, and type in the name of the element along with the word periodic table.
  • Another way to find information is to use a periodic table chart which can be found in many science textbooks.
  • Once you have found the element on the chart, there will usually be a small amount of information listed next to it.
  • Finally, another option is to visit your local library and look for books that contain comprehensive information about the periodic table.

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Gts: Glass Makers Periodic Table Of Elements

GTS: glass specific periodic table from the experts in glass

To mark their fresh new look and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the periodic table of elements, the leading experts in glass, Glass Technology Services, have developed a glass-specific periodic table of elements that is already proving popular with clients across the glass sector.

The unique new periodic table highlights the elements commonly used in glass manufacturing, while a graphical legend indicates the role that these elements take in the glass manufacturing process. These include elements used as network formers, flux agents, optical modifiers, refining agents, stabilisers, colourants and those found within refractory materials commonly used in glass making.

The feedback weve had so far has been brilliant and we hope that those who have received the resource display them proudly onsite at their facilities.

This poster is the first in a series of new tools and resources being made available by the experts in glass. Further resources will focus upon glass research and development, pharmaceutical primary packaging, common types of glass failure and correct terminology for container glassware.

If you would like to receive a copy of the glass makers periodic table of elements, please visit or email to request a copy.

History Of The Periodic Table

Acrylic Glass Periodic Table With Real Elements

Affiliate Disclosure:

The periodic table is an important tabular arrangement. Youll find it on classroom walls, in between textbook pages, in libraries, and so on. Science lovers and budding scientists will also proudly display the table in their homes as a statement piece reflecting their passion and interest.

Its function goes beyond helping people name and identifies the elements. Science geeks and scientists use the table to understand trends in the properties of real elements. Apart from that, they also use it to understand chemical reactions and analyze reactivity.

Before we got to this stage of experiencing a periodic table with actual samples, the development had gone through many stages.

We recognize the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev as the inventor of the periodic table framework as we know it today. He achieved this in 1869. At the time of creation, Mendeleev left spaces for elements that we had not yet discovered.

Although we credit the modern table display to this scientist, theres a difference in the display from that period. Mendeleev arranged the elements based on atomic weight. However, todays table displays elements based on increasing atomic numbers.

With real element samples, you can take advantage of the visual cues to better understand their properties.

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What Are Some Common Properties Of The First 30 Elements In The Periodic Table

The first 30 elements in the periodic table have a number of common properties.

For example, they are all metals, with the exception of hydrogen. They also all have relatively low atomic numbers, which means that they have relatively few protons in their nucleus.

This results in a number of properties, including high melting and boiling points and high densities.

Additionally, these elements tend to be very reactive, due to the fact that they have relatively few electrons in their outermost energy level.

As a result, they often form compounds with other elements. All of these properties make the first 30 elements essential for a variety of industrial and technological applications.

Oganessons Development In Russia

In past times, this element has experienced numerous titles, which include eka-radon and ununoctium. A lot of people, however, described it as being oganesson. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory experienced arranged to list the factor ghiorsium after nuclear scientist Albert Ghiorso. , the team from Dubna in Russian federation was granted the identifying legal rights.Ultimately and however Ultimately decided against using these names, though they considered using flyorium, named after the groups founder Georgy Flyorov, or moskovium, which referred to the city of Moscow Oblast.

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Inl Interactive Periodic Table Offers Detailed Information On All 118 Elements

Idaho National Laboratory has enlisted its experts, researchers and writers to produce an online interactive Periodic Table that offers pop-up information on every single known element. The feature is a testament to the scientific research done at the lab, but also ties into INLs education and outreach mission, which stretches across Idaho to the most remote and rural places. This mission is evolving all the time, providing relevant and engaging content for teachers and resources for students seeking help with STEM subjects.

*Information for this chart was provided by INL experts along with multiple online sources.

  • Subcategory in the metal-metalloid-nonmetal trend

My favorite elements are Polonium, Tellurium, Nitrogen, Titanium, and Aluminum. After all, they do have a lot of PoTeNTiAl!

-Adrienne Petrovic, K-12 STEM Education Outreach and Communications intern

I’m gonna have to go with plutonium. Uranium and Neptunium are always telling him he’s not a planet, but what do they know?

-Neeraj Utgikar, former Additive Manufacturing Process Intern

Some may say, well of course Uranium is your favorite element, youre a radiochemist,” but there is more to it than just nuclear energy. It has been used as a colorant in glass since the late 1800s and is still used today, giving us the opportunity to introduce uranium to the public and in STEM outreach.

-Catherine L. Riddle, Radiochemist

-Chase N. Taylor, Senior Staff Scientist

– I have kids, grandbabies and a darling husband

Glass Families And Their Place In The Periodic Table

Helium – Periodic Table of Videos

As mentioned above, almost all elements of the Periodic Table can be used for the production of glass, which makes it a kind of home for all elements. Depending on the type of chemical compounds that form glasses, they are divided into classes, each of which has a unique structure and properties that determine their application.

The most common class of glasses is oxide glasses. They are formed by structural units that are compounds of various elements with oxygen. These elements primarily include Si, Ge, B, P, As, their oxides are easily obtained in a glassy state and most glasses are produced on their basis. Also, oxides of Te, Ti, Se, Sb, Mo, W, Bi, Al, Ga, V, and other elements can act as glass-forming agents, either individually or in a mixture with other oxides. Depending on the type of the main glass-forming oxide, the name of the group of glasses is derivedsilicate, phosphate, tellurite, etc.

A special place among oxide glasses is occupied by fused silica or silica glass . It is the most refractory glass, it has a wide transparency window in the optical region and an abnormally low coefficient of thermal expansion equal to 5.5·107/K1. These determine its wide range of applicationsfrom UV lamps to optical elements. It is thanks to the development of silica glass technology and the production of optical fibers that the worldwide implementation of broadband Internet access has become possible .

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New: Periodic Table Acrylic Case For The Wall

Big Acrylic Periodic Table Display for the wall


Finally it has come! A NovaElements brand new creation… The amazing big sizeAcrylic Periodic Table of Elements Displayfor the wall!

Huge dimensions, handcrafted, laser engraved, name, symbol, and atomic number printed on it for each element sample, and a beautiful colorful logo!

The Display can host only our 45x20mm glass vials, you should not place something other inside the box for each element.

The acrylic table is very easy to install to the wall, you’ll get 4 joints and instructions with only 4 steps to install the joints in the table and then to the wall!

The table is covered by 1 year guarantee*, and of course it is made of real transparent and clear acrylic to let you enjoy your elements every time you desire and show them to your guests.

This acrylic display is perfect also for exhibition in schools, museums and universities.

Each box of the display has a little shield that avoid the vial to slide down, and it’s very easy to place the sample in and take it out!

Dimensions of the table: 78x53x5 cm

Dimensions of the boxes : 5x4x4 cm

Engineered Labs Heritage Table With Elements

This brand sets itself apart by not only producing a quality product but also one thats locally made. Many periodic tables in the market are produced in China. However, this company locally produces its products in the United States. Furthermore, they were the first to produce an acrylic periodic table with real elements.

The product consists of 83 stable pure elements and measures 114mm x 152.4mm x 25.4mm. The process involves breaking, cutting, melting, or smashing the elements to ensure they fit within the display. There are 83 elements contained in the display. Although there are no highly radioactive elements, you can still explore information on them. Youll also find gaseous elements represented by pure bubbles.

To guarantee its of the highest quality, the brand includes a certificate of authenticity in the package. This certificate contains details about each sample or element.

During production, the workers carefully place each element on the acrylic material. You should note that some of the elements, like alkali metals, are in compound form.

The Original Periodic Table Created with Safety In Mind

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Best Periodic Tables With Actual Real Elements Inside

Looking to buy a great quality periodic table? Then you should consider a periodic table with real elements.

Rather than settling for the regular chart, these three-dimensional options are the real deal and are worth it. You can examine the real pieces through visual cues. Plus, this option makes a beautiful piece to add to your table or shelf display.

Furthermore, any of the periodic tables weve listed make for the perfect gift for the young budding scientist or curious explorer of our natural world.

Side note: A quick browse online and you’ll actually find a load of what appear to be copy-cat periodic tables. We’ve avoided these, and recommend you do too supporting the creators of the real deals listed below.

What Is The Significance Of The First 30 Elements Concerning The Table

Acrylic Glass Periodic Table With Real Elements

The significance of the first 30 elements on the periodic table is that they are the most stable.

The stability of an element is determined by its atomic number, which is the number of protons in the nucleus.

The higher the atomic number, the more unstable the element.

The first 30 elements have relatively low atomic numbers and are therefore more stable than other elements.

This stability makes them ideal for use in a variety of applications, such as construction and manufacturing.

In addition, these elements are less likely to undergo radioactive decay, making them safe for use in many settings. As a result, the first 30 elements on the periodic table play a vital role in a wide range of industries and applications.

Thus, the periodic table is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about the chemical properties of the elements.

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Tired Of Having To Look At Random Letters And Symbols On Every Periodic Table

Its the perfect educational tool for your kids!It contains all the real elements.

Know exactly what each element represents with the mind-blowing Periodic Table!

This amazing educational tool provides you with an in-depth look at what every element in the periodic table looks like!

Get a glimpse of the brilliant shine of Gold or the smooth metallic surface of Palladium as you stare into this amazing piece!

Inspire your kids and evoke thought and learning with the unique and remarkable Periodic Table!

What Are The First 30 Elements Of The Periodic Table And Their Symbols

The periodic table is a chart that organizes the elements by their atomic structure.

The first 30 elements are:

The symbols are H for hydrogen He for helium Li for lithium Be for beryllium B for boron C for carbon N for nitrogen O for oxygen F for fluorine Ne for neon Na for sodium Mg for magnesium Al for aluminum Si for silicon P for phosphorus S for sulfur Cl for chlorine Ar for argon and so on.

A periodic table is a helpful tool for chemists because it shows the elements similarities and differences. For example, all of the elements in Group 1 have one valence electron.

This means that they are all highly reactive and tend to form compounds with other elements.

The elements in Group 2 have two valence electrons and so on.

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The Element Collection Boxed Sets

Glassblowing – Periodic Table of Videos

This beautiful boxed set contains real samples of all the natural elements in the periodic table. It was the first product that we created when we started the business more than a decade ago. Our latest design features many enhancements, making this truly a “super-deluxe” set.

The high-quality box that houses the element samples is available in a range of hardwoods. One example of the care that we have put into the design is the chemical symbol engraved at the bottom of each well to facilitate replacing sample vials in the correct position.

The samples are presented in 7ml clear glass vials with the chemical symbol of each element engraved on the lid. We go to great lengths to source and prepare the most beautiful forms of each element that best demonstrate their characteristic individual properties.

The Element Collection Boxed Set is priced between GB £1,450 and £4,950 depending on options. Please contact us via the Sales link below for further details.

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Mendeleevs Forecast Of Routine Dinner Table Elements

The regular table of elements is really a renowned clinical work that was developed in the nineteenth century by Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist. Mendeleev categorised the elements inside their atomic masses, and later on acknowledged that a few of them distributed components with each other. These were known as triads, and also the attributes from the center aspect might be expected in the qualities from the other two.

Eternal And Miniature Periodic Table

To symbolically mark the possibility of using almost all elements of the Periodic Table in glass, we inscribed a color image in polarized light of the Periodic Table in the volume of commercially available KU-1 type silica glass using the DLW method. This writing technology is based on the birefringent properties of laser-induced nanogratings and stress, due to which it is possible to vary the wavelength of light passing through the polarizer and light analyzer .

Table 1. Writing conditions for the DLW of the Periodic Table in the sample of silica glass.

Figure 1. Real-size image of the silica glass sample with the laser written Periodic Table Optical microscopy image of the Periodic Table laser written in the silica glass sample captured with and without crossed polarizers, respectively. The length of the one cell is 200 m.

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