Foods To Avoid During Period Cramps

Food That Helps: Ginger

Natural Foods for Period | What I Eat to Stop Period Cramps Naturally

This plant root tamps down inflammation in the body. This may help ease stomach and menstrual cramps. Scientists found that taking a ginger supplement during the first 3-4 days of your period can lower menstrual pain. Add fresh or dried ginger to your stir-fries and sauces. Or brew a tea with fresh ginger.

When To See A Doctor

Its always best to see a doctor if you have a yeast infection. In some cases, its especially important to see a doctor because youre more likely to have complications.

If you have recurrent yeast infections, or if home remedies and over-the-counter remedies arent working, you should see a doctor. You should also contact your healthcare provider if you get yeast infections and you have diabetes or HIV, or if you have another condition that affects your immune system.

You should also see a doctor if you have had more than four yeast infections in the space of one year.

Can You Eat Spicy Chips On Your Period

Spicy foods. You should avoid spicy food during your period if your periods are severe, and you are experiencing strong fatigue, intense bleeding, and cramping. Spicy foods could lead to more gas and bloating. However, if you enjoy the spicy foods you dont have to remove them from your diet during your period.

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Foods That Help With Cramps

Do you experience intense period cramping? Cramps are not only painful but also usually associated with fatigue and interfere with your ability to move around and go through your daily routines. If regular medication isnt enough to help ease your symptoms, you may want to try modifying your diet. What foods might help to ease period cramps and which are best to avoid during your period? Flo compiled a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid if you are experiencing severe cramping.

Avoid: Foods With A High Salt Content


Canned soups, bacon, and chips are foods to avoid during periods as they are high in salt. The hormone responsible for menstruation already causes water retention and a high salt diet will cause a gassy, bloating feeling. If you are someone who feels particularly sluggish, lazy and generally uncomfortable around your period, then you must really take a good hard look at the amount of salt you consume.

Tip: Instead, opt for simple dal-chawal with yogurt or toss up a salad. Be mindful of what youre eating and eat in moderationespecially when youre on your period.

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Do Cold Foods Affect Period Cramps

Who wouldnt love a bowl of their favorite ice-cream along with their favorite show on Netflix to get relief from severe cramps and period pain? This may sound like a good plan but can actually worsen your period pains. It is advised to avoid eating or drinking cold foods and beverages during periods.

Prostaglandins are the reason that consuming cold foods and beverages like ice creams, cold water or soft drinks, etc. during periods makes the cramps worse. Prostaglandins are natural chemicals present in the body which are responsible for contractions in the uterus, in order to shed the endometrium . This is how you get your periods.

Processed Foods That Contain Unknown Ingredients

As much as it pains me to say this, those cookies or frozen pizzas you love so much might only make your period feel worse. “Our bodies are already sensitive during this time. Introducing unknown substances into your digestive system is rarely a good idea, but certainly more discouraged during menstruation. Our bodies are already working overtime, it’s best not to add to this work when avoidable,” says Barton.

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Foods To Avoid And Eat During Your Period

Fatigue, instability, mood swings and awful cramps are a given during your period but youll be surprised to know that what you eat can actually affect how you feel during your period. Turns out, getting the right nutrition especially in these 5 days can counter muscle pain, uncomfortable bloating, headaches and inconsistent digestion. Even though it might seem totally legit to binge eat, youve got to take the hard road and make wiser choices. To help guide you along the way, here is a list of what to eat during periods and foods to avoid during the period.

Avoid: Foods Produced With Pesticides

6 foods to avoid during your period

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Buying organic foods as often as possible is ideal for both environmental and health reasons, not the least of which is that pesticides are proven hormone disruptors. This study explains that estrogenic pesticides found in common produce can increase estrogen in the bodywhich in turn is linked to heavier blood flow and debilitating cramps.

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Whats Best To Eat During Your Period

Especially during the first couple of days of your period youll feel withdrawn, your energy levels will be low and youll be tired. Thats why its important to focus on a diet that keeps your energy levels up.

  • To beat tiredness replenish your iron and vitamin B12 intake by eating organic red meat, salmon, legumes, liver, beans, chickpeas, raisins, cheese, milk, almonds or fish.
  • Even though cravings will still be strong, try to avoid eating junk and processed foods as they contain a lot of sodium and refined carbohydrates which increase bloating.
  • You can replace unhealthy food cravings with healthier options like pieces of fruits, nibblling on nuts or almonds which are rich in omega-3. Try switching a candy bar for a piece of dark chocolate.
  • Soft drinks are a hidden source of great amounts of refined sugar, which can increase your cramping. Try to replace the soda with lemon-water, a glass of freshly pressed juice, fruit or herbal tea or a smoothie.
  • Try not to consume anything that is very cold. Drinks should at least be at room temperature.
  • Have a cup of herbal tea instead of coffee to avoid increasing cramps due to the high levels of caffeine.
  • Spice up your veggies or soup with some turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cilantro or cumin these are all spices that will support anti-inflammation

Best Foods That Help With Period Cramps

Period cramps are no fun. For some people, the cramps are mild. For others, it is completely debilitating. Period cramps are caused by the release of prostaglandins – hormone-like chemicals which cause the uterine muscles to contract, resulting in cramps and pain. Pain caused by prostaglandins is most common one to two days before your period and can continue for the first few days. Pain that is burning, stabbing or shooting or forces you to rearrange your day to spend it at home watching tv should be evaluated by a health professional, and could be a sign of endometriosis.

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What Not To Eat During Periods:

Priya Kathpal, a leading nutritionist from Mumbai says, “Just like right foods can help manage periods in a better way, wrong foods during periods can increase the chances of periods pain, stress, sleepless nights and other symptoms of the monthly cycle.”

1. Salty Food: When you are menstruating, even if you are tempted, avoid eating foods like chips, namkeens, savories, etc. Avoid all types of packed food as it contains a lot of sodium. By reducing these foods, you are sure to see some improvements in your premenstrual syndrome .

Why you should not eat: Periods are often accompanied by bloating due to water retention. Cutting down on salty foods helps reduce bloating.

2. Refined flour : If you love pizzas, pastas, white breads and parathas, give these foods a miss during your periods.

Why you should not eat: Refined flours like maida cause constipation and gas in the stomach which lead to indigestion. As the nutrients are removed from refined grains like white rice, maida, these can cause fluctuation in the blood sugar level too.

3. Sugary food: Have you noticed that your cravings for all things sweet increase during your periods? Avoid sweets and other sugary drinks during your periods.

Why you should not eat: Sugary food imbalances the blood sugar level during periods. Such fluctuations lead to mood swings and tension. Sugar in the food also increases the severity of abdominal cramps, making you feel fatigued.

Which Foods To Eat And Avoid During Your Period

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Its hard to predict exactly how youll feel during your period. While some people barely have any symptoms, others struggle to get out of bed thanks to cramping, headaches, pain, and nausea. Today, Flo reveals the top foods to eat during your period to alleviate swelling, bloating, mood swings, and much more.

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Should You Take Supplements For Periods

This is a case-by-case scenario, Dr. McClure says. Some women are vitamin D deficient or maybe they dont generally eat well so they dont get a lot of their B-complex vitamins. In these cases, supplements can be helpful. There have been a few studies with women who tend to experience premenstrual mood disorders, and they found that vitamin B6 supplements can actually help a little bit. But theres still a lot of research that needs to be done about supplementation for periods, says Dr. McClure.

She adds that another thing thats currently being researched is if omega-3 supplements can help with cramping and the inflammatory aspects of periods.

Some of the studies have shown a benefit while others have shown no difference. A lot of research just needs to be done in that area. But overall, supplements could be helpful. I recommend that women discuss them with their healthcare providers.

And if youre trying to get pregnant, youll want to start taking a prenatal vitamin or folic acid supplement for at least a month prior to when youre planning to conceive.

Quite often, women dont realize that folic acid is important for decreasing certain birth defects that occur early after conception. So, any woman whos trying to get pregnant should stay on a prenatal or at least take a folic acid supplement daily for at least the first month leading up to when theyre trying to conceive.

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle To Feel Your Best

The key recommendation for foods to eat during your period is that you should choose plenty of fruit and veg, whole grains and high-quality protein. Stay away from highly processed foods, including cakes, sweets, fried or fatty foods.

Choosing foods that are rich in nutrients and have a high fibre content will help you to feel your best at this time, soothing your digestive system and replacing any nutrients lost from menstrual bleeding.

While you may not feel like it, try to eat regularly to keep your energy levels up. Skipping a meal can leave you feeling nauseous or tired.

My final tip is to make sure you drink enough water! Replacing fluids and staying hydrated can help to minimise some of the uncomfortable symptoms you may experience.

Choosing whole foods at any time of the month will help you feel better

Your body is amazing, and as you learn more about how your body responds to different foods you will learn how to make healthy food choices that help you to feel better at any time of the month.

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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Period Symptoms And Food

During our cycle, our iron levels, energy levels, and hormones are all over the place. Our body needs us to pay attention to what extra vitamins and minerals we need during this time that we are naturally losing through our cycle. One of the easiest ways to supplement our body is by eating foods that are rich in what we need to replenish our system.

Water retention sucks, same with those mood swings as well that happen during our cycle. Not to mention mensural cramps as well! Eating the proper foods to help with your cycle can help with reducing these symptoms and as well help with your hormone levels.

This post is not to be considered as medical advice. If you have questions about your body, your vitamin, and mineral levels, and how your period can be affecting your body please speak to a medical professional. This post is meant to offer suggestions of foods that can help with easing period symptoms.

Lets dive into good foods to eat during your period!

Foods To Eat During Periods

Best Foods for Period Cramps | Top 10 foods and herbs to relieve menstrual cramps

Lets be honest- even without symptoms, periods arent easy on anyone. Sudden cravings are also often accompanied by an increase in hunger, and that should not be ignored. However, eating right can not only help you satiate your hunger and curb cravings but can also make you feel much better! Below is a list of foods to eat during your period.

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Saturated Fats Are Not Your Friend

It’s been proven time and time again that saturated fats are mostly bad for your health. They’re especially bad during your period, causing inflammation in your body and making your period cramps worse, according to WRAL. Foods high in saturated fats include dairy, fatty meats, and coconut oil to name a few.

Tip : Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Tracking your menstrual cycle will help you plan out your month so you know when and how to support your mind and body. For instance, make room for some quiet me-time and days to slow down before the first day of your period.

And make sure you have the grocery shopping for healthy, healing foods done before the period cramps, moodiness or cravings hit you.

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Putting Foods To Work

The key to success is to follow the diet strictly so that the beneficial effects are evident over time.

Eat plenty of:

  • Whole grains: brown rice, whole-grain bread, oatmeal, etc.
  • Vegetables: broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, etc.
  • Legumes: beans, peas, lentils
  • Fruits: apples, mangoes, berries, oranges, etc.

Avoid completely:

  • Animal products: fish, poultry, meats, eggs, and dairy products
  • Refined grains: white bread, refined cereals, pastries, etc.
  • Added vegetable oils: salad dressings, margarine, and all cooking oils
  • Fatty foods: doughnuts, cheese, French fries, potato chips, etc.

Fatty And Fried Foods

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Your period pain and symptoms may be linked to acute inflammation in the body, which can be measured by checking levels of C-reactive protein in your liver. As one study found, middle-aged women who had higher CRP levels also had a 26 to 41 percent higher risk of PMS symptoms like abdominal cramps, back pain, breast pain, bloating, cravings, and weight gain.5 And while this study was limited to a certain age group and further research on a wider demographic is needed, inflammation otherwise too can have adverse implications for your health.

Consuming too much fatty foods, especially saturated fats and trans fats, can cause inflammation in the body.6 Steer clear of the following during your period however tempted you are!

  • Cheeses
  • Canned foods

Settle only for healthy fresh foods instead. Use a twist of lime or gentle spices, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil dressings or sauces to amp up the flavor.

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