What Happens If You Masturbate On Your Period

Will Masturbating Make My Period Come Early

Do You Masturbate Too Much?

Can my period come early if I masturbate & can of get pregnant from that

Nope. Masturbation cant change your menstrual cycle or make your period come earlier or later. And you cant get pregnant from masturbating. Pregnancy can only happen if sperm gets on or in your vagina.

Masturbation is the ultimate form of safer sex. Theres no risk of pregnancy, and no risk of STDs if you masturbate alone. If you masturbate using a sex toy or another object and share it with someone, make sure you clean it with soap and water before you share it.

Bonus: masturbation can be good for you, mentally and physically. Its one of the best ways to learn about your own sexuality, and what you like and dont like.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Masturbating On Your Period

Masturbation in general increases the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which is associated with pleasure and reduced stress, says Sonia Bahlani, MD, a gynecologist and pelvic pain specialist in New York City.

When you orgasm, the body releases the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, both of which can help you sleep more soundly, she adds. Overall, you’re going to be feeling pretty relaxed afterward. “Oxytocin especially, when released during orgasm, is also thought to lower cortisolthe stress hormonelevels, and therefore give you a sense of relief,” says Dr. Bahlani.

There are also benefits to masturbating on your period specifically. It may feel better, for one. “There’s increased blood flow to the genitals, perhaps even to the clitoris, leading to increased sensitivity and pleasure,” Dr. Bahlani says. Menstrual blood is also a natural lubricant, which will help if you’re using toys during your period, she adds .

And what if you could skip popping an ibuprofen for a bit? Orgasms may also . With an orgasm, there’s the release of oxytocina natural pain reliever that can get rid of some of the worst period cramps.

Other Ways To Have Sex During A Period

It is also safe to have sex with others during a period, as long as people take precautions against unintended pregnancy and STIs.

Some of the following methods allow someone to continue wearing a tampon or menstrual cup if they would prefer this. However, some may prefer not to. Before engaging in penetrative vaginal sex, remember to remove any menstrual products from the vagina.

If a person or their partner wants to try these options on a bed, it can be helpful to put down some old towels or sheets to avoid staining other fabrics.

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So Can You Masturbate On Your Period

Yeah, you sure as heck can masturbate on your period! Just like you can have period sex, you can also have sex with yourself while things are flowing.

Your period doesnt really make masturbation any more dangerous or dirty. And, yes, period blood is messy, but its just another body fluid.

Chocolate and comfy sweatpants are your time of the month standbys, but you might want to add a masturbation session during your period, too.

What If I Want To Masturbate But Avoid Menstrual Blood

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Mia says its all about taking control of your pleasure, that its important to only explore and engage with what makes you feel comfortable and excited.

If youre not ready to come into contact with your menstrual blood, thats okay, she says.

You can masturbate by stimulating your clitoris while wearing the menstrual cup or tampon. That way you dont have to come into contact with menstrual blood.

There are plenty of ways to explore your body and experience self-pleasure without touching your genitals.

Try exploring your breasts and engaging with nipple play to see if you can achieve a nipple-gasm, suggests Mia.

Or, simply let your hands and mind wander to help familiarise yourself with all of your erogenous zones you might just surprise yourself with what you find.

Sometimes, self-pleasure can simply mean giving your body the time, attention, and release it deserves even if this isnt an orgasm.

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Think Masturbation Can Affect Your Health Adversely Find Out Here

Written by Pavitra Sampath | Published : September 2, 2015 5:48 PM IST

I am an 18-year-old girl and have been masturbating for the past few years. I have irregular periods and off late haven’t got my periods for three months now. I am not sexually active. Could this irregularity be due to my habit of masturbation? How do I stop?

Masturbation is absolutely normal and in fact can be healthy for you too. It not only helps make you feel relaxed, but it also beats stress, can relieve a headache and helps you understand your body better. Essentially what you do and do not like. Here’s why masturbation can be great for your health.

As for your periods, its irregularity has nothing to do with your habit of masturbation. Some of the likely causes for irregular periods could be PCOD, lack of proper nutrition or even certain hormonal imbalances. You may also like to read about the common causes of missed periods.

Period Masturbation With Your Partner

Not everyone will want to take part in your period orgasm. Maybe people dont like the sight or smell of blood or are off-put by the female cycle due to social pressure. Thats okay. We want all sexual activity to be fully consensual. So, if your partner doesnt want to have sex during your period, why not invite them to participate in your period masturbation session. Put in a menstrual disc, tampon or period cup to keep the blood at bay. Then allow them to watch you tease yourself or invite them to take control of your sex toy.

If they feel comfortable enough, encourage them to masturbate with you. Try to communicate how close you are to orgasm during this session so you can arrive at the same time. Youll both feel satisfied and connected while remaining comfortable with the whole sexual experience.

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You Dont Have To Worry About Making A Mess

We get it, when you have your period, obviously theres blood, but that doesnt mean you have to worry about a mess when you masturbate. You just have to masturbate strategically to avoid any mess.

Obviously, if getting some blood on your hands isnt a big deal, you dont have to worry about masturbating any differently when youre on your period. However, if some blood makes you a bit queasy, you can focus your you time on stimulating your clitoris , instead you can use a vibrator on your clit while you leave in your tampon.

If you dont wear tampons, you can always hop in the shower while you pleasure yourself and let the water rinse away any of the blood that comes out. Shower multitasking is the best kind of multitasking, right? However, if youre still iffy about pleasuring yourself during your period, you can always throw on a pair of period panties and use a bullet vibrator over your underwear. Theres no mess and you dont have to worry about wasting water in the shower.

After all, an orgasm is an orgasm . Customize your own period masturbation routine, so you can finally stop dreading your period.

Are There Any Risks

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There are no health risks specific to masturbating while menstruating. However, as when masturbating at other times, a person should follow some basic hygiene practices.

For example, it is important to wash the hands before and after touching the genitals and to clean any sex toys after use.

If a person has vaginal intercourse during their period, they will still need to use birth control. It is possible to become pregnant after having unprotected sex while menstruating.

Additionally, a barrier method such as a condom is necessary to prevent STIs. During oral sex, dental dams can protect against STIs.

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It May Help Increase Your Libido

This is another benefit of female masturbation that really comes down to human nature: When you experience a little bit of something thats amazingly pleasurable, whether its a delectable piece of carrot cake or a delightful orgasm, youre probably going to want more of that good stuff. So the more one stimulates oneself, the more one wants to be stimulated, Dr. Trubow explains.

This would be awesome no matter what, but theres one reason why its particularly great: Many people with vaginas deal with low libido at some point. Theres a vast range of potential causes, including depression, pain during sex, drinking too much alcohol, chronic illness, and fatigue, according to the Mayo Clinic. No matter the source, it can be awful to feel like youre losing touch with the sexual part of yourself. Thats where masturbation comes in for some people.

A woman who is looking to get back into being sexual is encouraged to masturbate since it can lead to more sexual thoughts and better sexual response, says Dr. Trubow.

With that said, sometimes masturbation isnt enough to boost a low libido. You definitely shouldnt feel like youre failing in any way if this is your experience. All it means is that you may benefit from seeing a medical professional who can get to the root of your low libido and offer potential ways to treat the issue.

It Really Wont Be As Messy As Youre Imagining

Yes, you might get some blood and other fluids on your hands. But you can wash them immediately afterwards, you know.

Plus youre actually releasing a lot less blood than you might be imagining. You tend to release around 30ml to 40ml of blood throughout the course of menstruation.

In the half an hour that youre getting off, theres hardly any blood actually being released. So stop imagining getting puddles of blood up to your shoulder.

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Tips For Masturbating On Your Period

Are there any techniques people should try to increase pleasure while masturbating when menstruating?

Changes in hormone levels during the period can cause sensitivity to vary slightly and may make you feel more aroused or more sensitive to the sensations experienced during masturbation. For some women this extra sensitivity can increase the pleasure that they experience, while for others it can cause discomfort, due to oversensitivity.

Touching, massaging, or pressing on any area of the vulva, especially the clitoris, with your fingers or with an object such as a sex toy, can be very satisfying and lead to orgasm. You have to let yourself go and experiment to truly understand what you want, and what you might want may change from day to day.

For some women this extra sensitivity can increase the pleasure, while for others it can cause discomfort.

When menstruating, you may feel more lubricated than usual: the combination of menstrual blood and sexual wetness when aroused can, for some, make the experience more pleasant. But you can still masturbate externally, using an artificial lubricant if you are using a tampon or a menstrual cup. You can try to softly stimulating the clitoris, then other parts of the vulva, to create a pleasurable sensation. You can also explore the whole body! The perfect technique is personal exploration. Anal stimulation can also be pleasant and different, especially wearing a menstrual cup because pressure is applied to sensitive areas inside.

So What’s The Best Way To Masturbate On Your Period

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Depending on your flow, masturbating on your period may be NBD in terms of mess and post-sesh cleanup. But if you do bleed a lot and you’re looking to create as little mess as possible, Dr. Bahlani recommends putting in a tampon or a menstrual cup and focusing on clitoral instead of vaginal stimulation. If you do prefer penetration, you an can always take your practice to the tub or shower to minimize clean-up.

When it comes using a toy, you can still go for itsilicone sex toys are Dr. Bahlani’s suggestion for during your period, because they tend to be easier to clean. If it’s a lighter day and you’re not getting natural lubrication from your flow, you can also use a little bit of silicone-based lube for the toys, she adds. Most silicone-based toys can be cleaned simply with soap and water , and will be good as new for the next time you want to pull them out of your drawer.

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Put A Condom On Your Toys Or Keep Toy Cleansing Wipes Or Spray Nearby

Bringing your buzzy buddy into bed? Cover it with a condom or finger condom if its a small toy like a bullet vibrator for easy-peasy cleanup.

Or, keep a toy cleaner like the Babeland Toy Cleaner and a box of tissues on hand.

There is something really powerful and intimate about embracing the mess of period sex, says Luna. Ready to embrace the bodily fluid?

How To Masturbate During Your Period

Its normal to be nervous about menstruation masturbation if you think it will be too messy. It might be a good idea to keep a towel on hand if youre masturbating during your period. If you masturbate while lying down, place the towel beneath you to protect your sheets. Consider using a dark-colored towel, since it wont stain as easily.

For added hygiene, you can try masturbating right after taking a shower. That way, youll minimize the chance of creating stains while you masturbate. You can also masturbate inside the shower for easy cleanup!

Flo is an easy-to-use app that will predict your next period and spot your health trends. Try it now!

You can keep wet wipes nearby to clean up once youre done. Remember that fingers, sex toys, or any other object that you use needs to be cleaned after masturbating, even if youre not on your period. Dont use vaginal douching to avoid blood stains it can lead to irritation and increased risk of vaginal infections. Its better to clean up some blood after masturbating than having to deal with an infection later!

You can masturbate alone if you want more privacy, or talk to your partner about engaging in mutual masturbation. Masturbating each other can be a wonderful way to enjoy intimacy if you dont feel like having sex during your period but would still like to orgasm with your partner.

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