Can You Masturbate While On Your Period

How To Clean Blood Off Your Sex Toys

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Cleaning sex toys is a lot less fun than using sex toys. Most sex toys should come with cleaning instructions when you buy them. Always refer to your toys instructions, but some basic sex toy cleaning tips include:

  • Unplug your toys and remove batteries before cleaning.
  • Wash silicone toys with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, boil them for 5 to 10 minutes, or pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher. Only submerge in water if they have no mechanics.
  • Glass toys and hard plastic toys can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and water.

Remember to always clean your sex toys between partners.

Target The Best Spots For Stimulation

Try directly stimulating the clitoris, nipples, and/or the other parts of the vulva. The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure and is located above the vaginal canal and urethra .

Anal stimulation can feel good too, but itâs important to note that the bacteria in your rectum can cause vaginal or urethral infections. So if you want something thatâs been inyour butt to go into your vagina, wash it first or put a condom on it. Washing and using condoms on sex toys are good practices to prevent infections .

If youâre not using a tampon or menstrual cup, you can try including stimulation to the vagina . Find out what feels good for you. If youâre inserting fingers into your vagina, you can keep tissues nearby in case you need to clean up any menstrual blood.

It May Lead To Better Sleep

Add melatonin to the list of meds masturbating might replace.

In addition to the release of oxytocin, which is thought to create a sedative effect when its initial rush wears off, an orgasm also releases a chemical called prolactin.

This hormone is linked to feelings of sleepiness, says Che Che Luna, a sensuality coach and sex educator at Allbodies, an online platform for reproductive and sexual health.

Plus, sex is a cardiovascular and even strength, depending on the position activity. So if you really got after it, its normal to feel spent.

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It Gives You Some Much

Seriously, you might not feel the sexiest during your period, which is why you need to practice some self-care. Beyond the fact that being able to satisfy yourself is extremely empowering, masturbating is an exceptional way to de-stress, and masturbating during your period is no different.

Nevertheless, we understand that masturbation and periods are sensitive subjects that you might feel embarrassed to openly discuss with anyone. Thankfully, there are several female health organizations and overall female-centric organizations, which welcome personal questions about your health and sex life .

  • Planned Parenthood: Seriously, there are plenty of Planned Parenthood clinic across the U.S., and theyre eager to ensure that youre healthy and informed about your body.

  • Maven Clinic: Maven is a womens health company that focuses on making womens lives easier by providing private access to its network of over 1,000 healthcare professionals. You can have a video chat with an OB-GYN without having to worry about actually leaving your apartment .

  • Lemonaid: Lemonaid is another womens health website and app that allows customers to get prescriptions and obtain some answers from their qualified medical professionals. While the services are currently only available to residents of certain states, the business is planning to expand.

After all, sometimes we might not ask our usual gynecologist about every question in the book , so its relieving to be able to access a doctor virtually.

How Do Women Masturbate

Is it OK to masturbate during pregnancy?

Masturbation is a great way to boost your mood and ease tension in your body. If you’re a first-timer and have no idea where to start, or you’ve masturbated before and just want to improve your technique, try Carlyle Jansen’s Sex Yourself: The Woman’s Guide to Mastering Masturbation for an in-depth knowledge of the history, tricks and tips of solo play.

Masturbation means to stimulate yourself in a sexual way by touching and rubbing parts of your body for sexual pleasure.

Alternatively, OMGYes is a site dedicated to educating females on how to create better, more enjoyable orgasms. The site uses videos, touch-screen tutorials, demonstrations and honest discussions to help teach women ways to intensify their pleasure through clitoral stimulation. Masturbation, like most things, takes practice. And the only way to learn about your own sexual response is to try it, so get stuck in!

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Using Sex Toys Wrap Them With Condoms

If youre going to use sex toys, such as vibrators, dildos, clit suckers, its best to wrap them with condoms for easier cleanup. Most condoms are also pre-lubricated so you get additional lubrication from doing this too! As for the type of condoms, opt for unflavored ones.

Remember: You Can Still Get Pregnant

You cant get an STI or pregnant if youre masturbating.

But if you and your partner have penis-in-vagina sex, pregnancy is a risk.

While its less likely that youll get pregnant on your period, you still can, says Ross.

Play it safe and use a reliable birth control method even when youre bleeding unless you want to get pregnant, of course.

After period play is finished, be sure to clean yourself, your partner , and any toys, clothes, or bedding that were worn and used.

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Try Clitoral And External Stimulation

If a person does not want to insert their fingers or a sex toy into their vagina while on their period, they can try stimulating their clitoris and other external erogenous zones instead.

This will create less mess than penetrative methods, and if someone is wearing a menstrual cup or tampon, they will not need to remove it.

You Dont Have To Worry About Making A Mess

Can I have sex while Im on my period? And can I get pregnant during my period?

We get it, when you have your period, obviously theres blood, but that doesnt mean you have to worry about a mess when you masturbate. You just have to masturbate strategically to avoid any mess.

Obviously, if getting some blood on your hands isnt a big deal, you dont have to worry about masturbating any differently when youre on your period. However, if some blood makes you a bit queasy, you can focus your you time on stimulating your clitoris , instead you can use a vibrator on your clit while you leave in your tampon.

If you dont wear tampons, you can always hop in the shower while you pleasure yourself and let the water rinse away any of the blood that comes out. Shower multitasking is the best kind of multitasking, right? However, if youre still iffy about pleasuring yourself during your period, you can always throw on a pair of period panties and use a bullet vibrator over your underwear. Theres no mess and you dont have to worry about wasting water in the shower.

After all, an orgasm is an orgasm . Customize your own period masturbation routine, so you can finally stop dreading your period.

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Try A Menstrual Cup Or Disk

Certain menstrual cups and disks sit in such a way in your body that they catch blood but also allow you to have sex wearing them.

When you have one of these in, you don’t have to worry about leaks, which can give you some peace of mind.

Just note that not all menstrual cups are safe to wear during sex, so before buying, always check the label. The last thing you want is getting something stuck up there when you’re trying to enjoy sexy time.

Is Period Masturbation Messy

Were not going to lie masturbation during your period could be a messy affair. Then again, it could also be absolutely fine. It all depends on your individual flow and how many days you are into your period. Some may experience only some light spotting, some may unleash a tidal wave of blood. Kidding of course! Masturbating isnt going to produce more blood, its only going to speed up the release of the blood you are already bleeding, so dont stress about it. If you have a heavy flow and you are worried about bleeding onto bed sheets or furniture, you may want to lay down a towel just to be safe. Another option is masturbating in the shower or bath for a nice, easy clean up.

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There Are Less Messy Alternatives To Penetrative Sex

And if blood on the sheets turns your stomach , Chapman suggests shower sex or using sex toys that are made of washable, medical-grade silicone as alternatives. She loves Dame ProductsEva , a hands-free toy thats great for couples. And as much as I love assuming a women-on-top position during penis-in-vagina sex, I avoid it during my period strictly to avoid an unnecessary bloodbath. Also, I really like my bed linens and hate doing laundry.

Chapman adds, however, that you should never be ashamed of having your period or period sex, since the mess is part of the very human experience of sex in general: Sex is messy anyway, so embrace your flow and have open talks with your partner about it.

Can You Masturbate With A Tampon

Masturbation during your period: Is this OK?

If you decide to masturbate when using a tampon or menstrual cup, thats OK, you dont have to remove it unless you want to. One thing to keep in mind is that you may find a tampon will absorb the fluid that usually comes out of the vagina when you are aroused, so using a bit of lube might be beneficial here.

If you are engaging in mutual masturbation with a partner and this leads to intercourse, always remember to remove your tampon before having penetrative sex. Doing this with a tampon in can cause pain and lead to possible issues such as toxic shock syndrome and infections. Best leave it out!

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Can I Use A Sex Toy While On My Period

Mia says its fine to use sex toys when youre menstruating, as long as you prioritise your sex toy hygiene.

Female bodies are more susceptible to vaginal and urethral infections during menstruation because menstrual blood causes the vaginas overall pH to increase during this part of the cycle.

These increased pH levels provide conditions in which candida grows more easily, making your vagina more susceptible to infection.

Always make sure toys are clean before use, and make sure you are using toys made from safe and non-absorbent materials to protect yourself from harm.Mia does add that cleaning sex toys thoroughly can be a trickier if you are cleaning up blood.

Try to stick to toys that are made from silicone, metal or glass, she suggests. And avoid anything with ridges, or complex shapes.

This should make it easier to clean properly and avoid any build up of fluids which could harm you in the future.

Any toys you use should be cleaned shortly after use, as you would normally, although it doesnt hurt to be even more thorough when cleaning during menstruation.

If youd prefer not to clean up menstrual blood, try experimenting with toys that focus on clitoral stimulation.

External sex toys can help you avoid menstrual blood, without compromising your pleasure.

It Sharpens Your Mind

With all the menstrual symptoms looming on your body during that time of the month, its hard to keep your focus. Youre also not thinking as sharply as usual since menstrual cramps, mood swings, and even your cravings get in the way. Now, one way to combat this is by you guessed it masturbating while on your period.

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Go To Bed Without A Tampon Or Pad

It might be tempting, but it will also be messy. Going to bed without a pad or tampon at night will create a mess, stain your sheets, comforter, and ruin your mattress. If you find traditional pads and tampons uncomfortable at night, look into alternatives. There are cloth pads you can make yourself or buy online, as well as period panties or the menstrual cup. Any of these alternatives are comfortable for nighttime sleeping and even regular daytime use.

How To Explore Period Sex

SWIMMING ON YOUR PERIOD | BeingGirl Locker Notes Guru: Ep. 28

Whenever you are trying a new sexual activity, be sure to get consent from all partners involved this helps ensure boundaries are respected. Communicate your needs, expectations, and emotional boundaries as well.

If you are going to have penetrative sex, including the use of fingers or inserting a sex toy into your vagina, be sure to remove your tampon or menstrual cup if you are using one. Failing to do so may lead to health problems â particularly infection â later.

If you do want to try to have period sex, you may consider these additional steps:

  • Begin with sexual positions where there is less menstrual flow, such as missionary
  • Use a towel to avoid staining your bedding
  • Try sexual positions in a space that is easy to clean, such as the shower
  • Keep tissues, menstrual wipes, or a washcloth nearby
  • Continue to communicate with your partner about your needs

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Masturbation Effects On Brain

Now, lets know some more facts about how masturbation affects the brain? As this information is conflicting with some myths and rumors. So, there are no harmful effects seen on the brain through masturbation. Instead, masturbation releases a number of hormones such as Dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone, and prolactin, which influences mood and improves stamina and arousal. So, there are positive effects caused by masturbation which helps the body and brains to relax and produces mood-boosting effects.

Don’t Forget To Consider Birth Control And Sti Protection

Keep in mind that it is possible to get pregnant during your period.

You’re also more susceptible to contracting an STI during your period. According to Health, the environment inside your vagina is less acidic than on non-period days. This makes it easier for microbes to survive and multiply in your reproductive tract.

Your cervix is also slightly open during menstruation, increasing the likelihood that bacteria or viruses will travel into the uterus. Plus, the increase in bodily fluids means that your partner is also at greater risk of contracting any STIs that you are carrying.

So if you want to avoid STIs and pregnancy, you’ll probably want to use some sort of barrier protection method during period sex.

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