Period Pains But No Period Could I Be Pregnant

Period Cramps But No Period

I’ve had cramps in my lower abdomen for a few days. Is it a sign of a period or pregnancy?

Cramping but no period is more likely talked about as menstrual cramps but no period.

Here there could be a long text giving you all sorts of hope about being pregnant, but that can be disastrous.

In case you are having wild spasms and an unbearable pain then you need immediate treatment. Taking it as pa regnancy sign could be a life-threatening mistake.

There are many reasons for cramping but no period. Some of them might have no relation to the period, like an eating disorder or ovary torsion. And pregnancy is only of the many reasons.

If you have mild cramps, but no period then it may be ovulation and not pregnancy. In that case, you wont term them as period cramps but no period.

Ulcerative Colitis Or Crohn`s Disease

You experience irritation and swelling in various parts of the digestive tube. It appears when isn`t right with your immunity. It`s not really the same as IBS . Crohn`s disease might affect just about any part of the digestive tube, which include the mouth. On the other hand, ulcerative colitis will involve just the large intestine.

It will depend on the type of the condition how is felt. When it comes to Crohn`s disease, you will probably feel pain and cramps in your right lower abdomen, which can be mild or more serious. If you experience ulcerative colitis, you`ll feel your cramps on your lower left side abdomen.

Causes Of Menstrual Cramps Without A Period

There are many reasons why you might have menstrual cramps without your period, ranging from normal and natural to serious medical conditions. If youre only experiencing sudden or unexpected cramps, it may not be easy to tell one from the other.

Here are just a few of the reasons you might have non-period cramps:


You may be ovulating. This is the simplest and most common reason for cramps outside your period. Ovulation happens naturally within 10 to 14 days of your period when your ovaries release an unfertilized egg as part of your menstrual cycle. This doesnt always cause pain, but many women report dull or sharp pains around their lower abdomen during ovulation.


Another common reason you may have menstrual cramps without a period is pregnancy. Cramping can and often does occur when a fertilized embryo implants itself into your uterine lining. Be on the lookout for other pregnancy-related symptoms, especially spotting, breast tenderness, and nausea .

Given the wide variety of possible causes, its a good idea to have your symptoms checked out by a health professional if youre experiencing unusual menstrual cramps.

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How To Ease Implantation Cramps

In general, implantation cramps are usually mild and likely wont need intervention, Lamppa says. But if youre uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do to get relief:

Take a warm bath or shower. The heat can help relax your uterine muscles and ease implantation cramps a bit, Ruiz says.

Use a heating pad. Any kind of warm compress on your pelvis can be helpful, Lamppa says. Yes, using a heating pad during pregnancy is safe, since it wont cause your core temperature to spike. But to be safe, make sure the heating pad is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and use it on localized areas for short periods of time, say 10 to 15 minutes.

Take an OTC pain reliever. If you need medication, acetaminophen is likely your safest option, Lamppa says. Its recommended to avoid medications such as Ibuprofen or Motrin early in pregnancy.

Implantation cramping symptoms can also include some bleeding or spotting, which is normal, Ruiz saysbut if your cramps are severe or you have really heavy bleeding, call your doctor. They may want to run some tests to see whats going on.

What Else Can Cause Symptoms Like Period Pain

13 possible reasons for having cramps but no period

Some other causes of period-like pain are:

In addition, cancers in the pelvis such as ovarian cancers can cause irregular bleeding, pain, changes in the urine, bloating and vaginal discharge

What you should do about these symptoms if you are experiencing symptoms such as period pains at a time during your cycle that you are not expecting to or you have cramps but no period, you should seek medical attention. Your doctor will be able to help diagnose the cause and suggest the next course of action required.

You may need an STI test if you know that you do not have one of the above conditions, consider an STI test. STIs such as chlamydia can cause abdominal cramping/pain and bleeding between periods. You can get an STI test from:

  • Your GP

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What Causes Cramps With No Period

Lots of women get pelvic pain and cramping, but your period isn’t always to blame. Cysts, constipation, pregnancy — even cancer — can make it feel like your monthly visitor is about to stop by.

It can be tough to tell whether having cramps without a period is caused by something simple or more serious. But there are common reasons for cramping without your period.

No Period Not Pregnant

In a regular and healthy menstrual cycle a female generally has anywhere between 11 to 13 periods/ menstrual cycles each year. In a similar fashion, the average length of the period varies from three days to five days but sometimes can exceed to seven to ten days. A missed period is generally considered as an indicative of pregnancy but it does not always mean that pregnancy has taken place. There are some other conditions in which the notion of no period, not pregnant holds true i.e. there is absence of periods without pregnancy.

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Reasons For Period Pain But No Period

Many women experience pain in their abdomen from time to time that feels like period pain and cramps however your period may not be the cause of this pain. These feelings of discomfort could be because you are ovulating, constipated or feeling overly stressed. If you are experiencing period cramps but no period regularly or infrequently you should discuss your pain with your GP, theyll be able to determine what is causing this and help you to find the best medication or treatment for you.

There are many reasons why you are experiencing the symptoms of your period but do not notice any menstrual bleeding, these can include:

Although the cause of these cramps could be harmless you should still discuss your symptoms with your GP so they can ensure that you receive any help that you may need. Jotting your symptoms down in a diary along with the date, time and what you ate will be able to help your doctor determine what is causing your period pain.

Where Do Implantation Cramps Hurt

I missed my period, have stomach cramps, and heartburn. Am I pregnant?

If you cant decide whether youre experiencing tummy troubles, period pain or implantation cramps, you may be wondering where implantation cramps hurt. Youll likely feel the cramps throughout your pelvis or more in the middle of your pelvis, Ruiz says, but they shouldnt be overly intense. You may have some pain in your lower back and abdomen too. You generally wont feel implantation cramps on one side only. If you feel moderate to severe cramping or pain, especially if its located off to the side versus midline, you need to contact your provider, Lamppa says. It could be nothing, but it could also be a sign of an early pregnancy loss or an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy thats located outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube, she says

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Tips To Reduce Discomfort

Some of the tips to help reduce discomfort are listed below:

  • Taking adequate rest or simply lying down for a while, may bring some relief from the pain.
  • Applying a heating pad or a hot bottle wrapped in a towel on the concerned area at regular intervals can help reduce e pain.
  • Drinking a warm beverage like hot herbal tea or warm milk may prove to be
  • Soaking yourself in a tub filled with warm water relaxes aching muscles.
  • A stroll or walk keeps your body active and has proven to help women suffering from cramps.
  • Gently rubbing the affected area may also prove helpful in relieving pain.

It may be difficult to ascertain the cause of cramps, but no period. The probable causes for having cramps, but no periods can range from simple reasons like pregnancy, constipation, and appendicitis, to more serious ones like ovarian cysts and cancer. In case of any persistent doubts, it is advisable to seek medical consultation.

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No Period But Not Pregnant What Can I Do

“I have no periods not pregnant either! So when will the periods come back?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions, and the answer relies on the cause. You need to first identify the exact causes and then adapt specific treatment methods to regain the normal menstrual flow.

  • For PCOS, hormonal therapy is indicated.
  • Weight is advised to be gained in case the female has a very low weight. Maintain healthy diet and eat fresh so that the periods will come normal.
  • Sometimes physicians recommend to just waiting for a while in case the periods appear on their own.
  • If periods are missed after pregnancy then they will come back once the breastfeeding is stopped or weaned off.
  • Try eliminating stuff which can apply any kind of stress to the body such as alcohol intake, use of drugs, smoking, etc.
  • In severe conditions such as ovarian failure, it is not possible to restore the normal physiology of the system.

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Treatments For Menstrual Cramps Without A Period

Many of the same pain relievers used to treat strong cramps during your period, such as ibuprofen, can also treat menstrual cramps you may feel without your period. In many cases, this medication may be all that you need.

If your cramps have a deeper underlying cause, such as endometriosis, your treatment will depend on your age, how severe your symptoms are, and how much the disease has progressed. Most therapies will be as noninvasive as possible, but surgical intervention may be needed if your symptoms are serious and persistent.

Pelvic Pain And Fertility

Could i still be pregnant and have a period ...

Pelvic pain can also occur when you are not expecting your period. For example, some people experience ovulation pain. Ovulation pain is common: Up to 50% of women report they’ve had it at least once in their lives, and 20% say they get it every month.

Pain during ovulation is not normal if it interferes with your daily life and causes painful sexual intercourse, or if it is sudden and severe. Ovulation pain can be so severe in some women that it prevents them from having sex when they are most likely to conceive. If you’re trying to get pregnant, and pain is preventing you from having sex, that can certainly lower your odds of conception.

However, some people experience painful intercourse no matter what time of the month it is. Sex should not hurt. If you have recurrent, persistent, or severe pain with sexual intercourse or during ovulation, talk to your doctor.

Ovulation pain and painful sex can be symptoms of a reproductive health condition, such as endometriosis.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Menstrual Cramping And Implantation Cramping

Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway, MD says, “The character and intensity of pain in “period cramps” and “pregnancy cramps” are very similar, but the timing of pain might provide clues.” Period cramps, otherwise known as primary dysmenorrhea, occur 24-48 hours before your period and go away once menstruation starts. They can range from mild to severe, depending on the level of prostaglandinsa hormone-like substance that triggers uterine muscle contractions. In contrast, implantation cramping occurs 2-7 days before your period and starts off very mild. You will only feel it intermittently in your lower stomach or lower back.

Why Do I Have Period Symptoms But No Period

Whether youve been tracking your period for years or are just starting to pay attention to the nuances of your menstrual cycle, one of the biggest clues that your period is headed your way is the slew of period symptoms that can feel like they are taking over your life. Over 90 percent of women say they get some premenstrual symptoms, which can range in intensity from mild to severe and often include headaches, fatigue, cramps, moodiness, insomnia, and tender breasts.

But what happens when your period symptoms flare up, youve got your tampons ready to go, and then no period shows up? The reflex reaction for most women is to think that they must be pregnant. Even if you havent had sex in weeks, its easy to go straight to that thought.

While it can be alarming if you werent planning on having a baby, pregnancy is only one of the possible reasons that you could be having period symptoms but no blood. If you are pregnant, implantation occurs at roughly the same time your period would come normally. The symptoms? Almost identical to those you have right before you get your period. It can seem like a cruel joke, but the similarities are just your bodys way of processing fluctuating hormone levels.

But before you run to the store for a box of pregnancy tests, call your mom and your best friend, and figure out how youre supposed to have a successful career and a baby , explore what else could be happening in your body. There are several reasons that periods go rogue.

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Period Pains No Period Pregnant

Okay, my problem in a nutshell.

I’m 15 and i have been sexually active for 3 months, if that.

Now, im EXTREMELY cautious when it comes to these sorts of things, as i have high hopes for myself in the future. I refuse to have sex without a condom, and when suggested, i also said no to the pull-out method.

I had sex with my boyfriend on the 25th of Febuary, and have not had sex since. As usual, we used a condom. I put it on, also as normal, just so i was sure. The condom did not rip/tear/come off. We were very careful as normal, but im now starting to worry

I have a large period cycle of 35 days, and i’m always very heavy in the flow. I should have started on the 17th of March, but no show.

I still have the symptoms of PMS

  • Sore/larger breasts
  • hungry all the time
  • feeling of slight nausea

My boyfriend has been freaking out just as much as me, and im planning of going for a home pregnancy test either on wednesday or friday if my period does not start.

I’ve also been under alot of stress. I had a near panic attack over a test, and have done a number of assessments that have bothered me. There has also been alot of stress for my friends as there has been a fight at school, alot of threats going on. Im worried for everyone all the time, could this effect my cycle?

I do not wish to involve my parents as i am embarrassed and know how they will react. They are very hateful towards this subject, so i plan on going for a secret abortion if i must.


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