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The Dental Insurance Shop partners with Missouri’s foremost dental carriers that provide dental insurance coverage. Dental plans vary by the price of the monthly premium, the network of dentists that company uses, and the amount you pay after each visit to the dentist. Shop and compare dental insurance plans online at Dental Insurance Shop to find the perfect plan for your dental budget and care needs.

Things to consider when buying dental insurance in Missouri: Total Missouri Residents: 6,063,589 Number of Dentists in Missouri: 3,050 Percentage of Adults in Missouri who visited the dentist last year: 61.8% Percentage of Adults 65+ in Missouri who have had all of their natural teeth extracted: 24.9% All statistics were provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation

Number of dentists in Missouri Participating Dentists

Our affordable individual and family dental insurance plans in Missouri offer coverages on many dental care procedures including checkups, teeth cleanings, root canals, x-rays and more. Whether you are looking for the best dental insurance plan, the cheapest dental insurance plan, or just a preventive dental insurance plan, the good news is these Missouri dental insurance plans are affordable dental insurance that provides coverage specific to your needs.

How Dental Insurance Waiting Periods Work

Depending on the insurance plan, dental policies may require that you have your policy for up to a year for major dental work before its covered. If you receive major dental work before the completion of the waiting period, you will be responsible for the entire bill.

One important point to note: if you had dental coverage prior to enrolling in a new plan, the waiting period might be waived. Check with your insurance company prior to any procedures so that you are aware of their waiting period policy.

Missouri No Waiting Period Dental Insurance Coverage Levels

Preventive Services: 100% Day One

Basic Services: 50% Day One

Major Services: 50% Day One

Please review the percentage of coverage carefully as these benefits are important to how your plan works.

For example, if you reside in Missouri and instantly need a cleaning, X-rays, filling, and a crown, this policy would pay for your services as follows:

Day one the policy would cover 100% on the cleaning. However, the x-rays and filling are basic dental work, so the plan would only cover 50% of the cost. The same 50% would apply to the crown which falls under major dental work.

If you have shopped much for dental insurance you will know that these benefits are excellent for first day coverage. Most dental insurance plans have long waiting periods before basic and major procedures are covered.

If you would like to check rates, please get a dental quote.

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Dental Discount Plans Dhmos And Ppos

PPOs make up the vast majority of dental insurance plans. The premiums are higher, but you may also have the best coverage and qualify for discounts on major treatments such as dental implants, braces, and cosmetic procedures.

DHMO policies are the most affordable dental insurance plans in Missouri. Often, these plans provide free preventive care, but you may have fewer options when it comes to choosing a dentist.

Dental discount plans are not the same as the above-mentioned dental insurance policies. It’s a monthly or yearly membership program that allows you to save money on dental treatment.

Are You Looking For Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods

Ppo dental insurance no waiting period

Youre in luck. Weve got multiple plan options with some of the best dental carriers in the country including Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental. The Renaissance Dental Max Choice plans include strong benefits for major services including dental implants with no waiting. The Delta Dental No Wait plan has a $2000 benefit max, while the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan has a $3000 benefit maximum and no waiting periods for major services.

With EasyDentalQuotes, we can help you find great dental coverage without waiting. Just enter your zip code to view plans in your area.

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If You Need Dental Coverage Benefits Right Away Look For Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods Like Dhmo Plans

Dental insurance can help you be prepared for any dental emergencies that arise but those emergencies arent going to wait six to 12 months for your benefits to kick in and your waiting period to end. If you have a dental emergency, you may want a plan with no waiting periods.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable dental insurance options out there that dont involve any waiting periods. If you want to purchase dental insurance that starts offering benefits immediately, read on to learn about dental insurance options that dont have any waiting periods.

Missouri Dental Insurance And Discount Dental Plans

Are you looking for dental savings in Missouri? Need to save on dental care for yourself or your family? Do you spend too much at the dentist? With a dental insurance or discount dental plan, you’ll save substantially on dental costs when you visit the dentist.

At, we offer affordable dental insurance and discount dental plans with NO waiting for services, so you can save on your next dental visit. Our individual and family dental plans in MO are available at low monthly costs. With a dental insurance or discount dental plan, you’ll save on dental costs when you visit the dentist!

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Pediatric Dental Benefits In Missouri

The stand-alone pediatric dental plans available in Missouri will comply with the ACAs pediatric dental coverage rules. This means out-of-pocket costs for pediatric dental care will not exceed $375 per child in 2022 , and there is no cap on medically-necessary pediatric dental benefits.

As is the case for all essential health benefits, the specific coverage requirements for pediatric dental care are guided by the states essential health benefits benchmark plan.

The Missouri benchmark plan includes coverage for both basic and major dental services for children.

Get Treatment Today With The Key Discount Dental Plan

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period – Pay Less For Dental Care

Have you or a loved one suffered with oral pain due to lack of dental insurance? With no waiting, Key Dental enables you to visit a qualified dentist right away even on the same day you apply for the plan. This is especially important if you have an immediate need to see a general dentist due to an emergency, or require a specialist for lengthy, in-depth treatment. Key Dental invites you to take advantage of our flexible policies with no waiting. Dental insurance may be more widely known, but a Key Discount Dental Plan offers from 20%-60% off all services and everyone is accepted!

With dental insurance, no waiting may or may not be a possibility. At times, clearance for certain procedures is needed. Key Discount Dental Plan is different because its not dental insurance. Members can see a qualified dentist right away. There are no forms, exclusions or limits on use. Everyone is accepted, so you and your family can reap the benefits of peak oral health, straight teeth and a sparkling smile without hassle.

Aside from no waiting, dental insurance may not offer monthly and yearly plan options. Key Dental Plan invites you to simply select one of three plans that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

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How We Chose The Best Dental Insurance Plans Of 2022

To rank the best dental insurance plans of 2022, we evaluated:

  • Coverage benefits for preventive, basic and major services – Our top picks offer 100% coverage on all preventive services and offer at least one plan that covers 50% of basic and major procedures.
  • Annual maximum limits – Most dental plans limit payouts to $1,500 or $2,000 per year. Providers that set annual limits under $1,000 didnt make the cut.
  • Premium rates – We excluded plans that charged high premium rates and didnt offer more affordable options. Paying over $70 a month for dental insurance is not feasible for many, even if the plan offers unique benefits such as no waiting periods or high payouts.
  • Multiple plan options – Dental care needs vary a lot per person. We selected providers that offer something for everyone, be it prevention-focused plans or more comprehensive benefits.

Dental Coverage Is Available 2 Ways

  • Health plans with dental coverage: Some Marketplace health plans have dental coverage. You can see which plans include dental coverage when you compare them. If a health plan includes dental, the premium covers both health and dental coverage.

  • In some cases, separate dental plans are offered. You can see them when you shop for plans in the Marketplace. If you pick a separate dental plan, youll pay a separate premium. This is in addition to the premium you pay for your Marketplace health plan.

How to preview dental plans

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Best For Basic Coverage: United Healthcare

United Healthcare

  • Some of the plans only cover Basic care at 35% on day 1

  • Plan availability varies by state

United Healthcare is a prominent nationwide brand for insurance with a top rating from A.M. Best. It insures eight million people nationwide and is underwritten by the Golden Rule Insurance Company. The company has a robust network of providers of roughly 1.3 million. United Healthcare’s dental plans are available in most states through employers and direct, but the plan features may vary based on where you live.

There are no waiting periods on Basic and Preventive care, generous annual maximums on the higher levels, and shorter, three-month waiting periods for group health plans. In addition, several plans cover preventive at 100%. There are also no age restrictions on coverage. Moreover, the premiums are lower than we expected. For example, the monthly premium for a woman under 50 in California ranges from $24 to $64, depending on the plan.

Best Preventive Care: Denali Dental

Dentist in Dardenne Prairie, MO

Denali Dental

  • Coverage Limit: $750 to $6,000
  • States Available: 34

Denali Dental is best for preventive care of all the insurers in our review because the company covers more preventive care services than any other provider, which means you can get your teeth cleaned up to four times per calendar year from one policy.

  • Four cleanings and two exams included annually

  • Low lifetime deductible

  • Up to $6,000 annual maximum

  • Orthodontics not covered on lower-cost Ridge plans

If you like to stay on top of preventive care for your teeth, Denali Dental offers no-wait plans that include four cleanings per year, more than any other provider. The two plansnamed Ridge and Summitare priced by geographic area and can be more or less expensive depending on where you live. You can get a quote on Denali Dental’s website.

While monthly premiums may be high, Denali Dentals loyalty incentives might make the cost worth it for anyone who intends to stay with the same provider for several years.

The Ridge and Summit plans cover 100% of preventive services, so your four annual cleanings will be completely free of charge.

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Missouri Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

Missouri dental insurance plans are available with no waiting periods. The plans available are real dental insurance policies and are NOT discount plans. The no waiting period benefit is unique to only a few states including Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, and Missouri. Keep reading to learn about the policy benefits in Missouri.

Dental Health Maintenance Organizations

A DHMO dental plan is an arrangement where dentists contracting with an insurer agree to accept an insurance fee schedule and give their patients a reduced cost for services as an in-network provider. Patients must choose a primary care dentist from the insurers network of dentists.

DHMO networksYou must choose one-in network dentist from the DHMO network who will serve as your primary care dentist. If you dont choose a dentist, a primary care dentist will be assigned to you in your area. All care must be provided and arranged by your primary care dentist. Theres no out-of-network coverage.

DHMO waiting periodsMany DHMO plans do not have waiting periods.

What DHMOs costPremiums will vary. Many DHMOs do not have deductibles and may not include a maximum dollar payout for each benefit year.

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Spirit Dental Offers Coverage When You Need It Most

With Spirit Dental, we keep things simple, with no surprises. Once you’re enrolled in a plan, you’re covered immediately starting on the effective date, which can be as soon as the next day! No more waiting for that trip to the dentist.** We provide affordable dental insurance, no waiting period is required. You get the immediate dental insurance you need.

Dhmo Plans Full Coverage Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

GEHA’s Dental Plans For 2022

If youre looking for dental insurance with no waiting period for root canals, braces, or other major services, a DHMO plan could work for you.

DHMO plans offer full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period. A DHMO dental plan is an arrangement where dentists agree to give their patients a reduced cost for services as an in-network provider.

Patients on a DHMO plan typically enjoy lower costs and plenty of coverage. Plus, DHMO plans usually offer dental insurance with no waiting period and no maximum. Some other dental insurance plans have a maximum dollar payout for each benefit year, but that isnt usually the case with DHMO plans. Many DHMO plans dont have a deductible either, but there may be a charge per dental office visit and a copay.

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Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period: The 4 Best Plans Of 2022

Dental insurance with no waiting period means that patients can receive insurance coverage for treatment without having to wait. If you don’t have a waiting period, you can sign up for insurance, and the day it begins you can start getting the treatment you need.

There are plenty of insurance companies that offer dental insurance with no waiting period, but some of them have high monthly premiums and low annual coverage limits.

We’re here to help you wade through the exorbitantly expensive plans to find the best dental insurance with no waiting period for your budget and your oral health needs.

There are a lot of dental insurance plans with no waiting period, especially when it comes to preventive and basic care, so you might be wondering how to get started. If you’d like some help, just head to This online insurance marketplace makes it easy to find the best insurance plan for you.

Just enter some basic information and you’ll get to see the best plans available in your area. When you see a plan you like, just open up the plan details, and if there is no waiting period, it will be listed at the top of the page.

You can also call to speak to a friendly licensed agent.

  • 5.3 Do all dental insurance plans have waiting periods?
  • Medicaid/chip Dental Coverage In Missouri

    Missouri recently expanded the dental services available to adults enrolled in Medicaid, although there may be limitations for adults who are not in certain assistance categories. Children can receive comprehensive dental benefits if Medicaid eligible.

    MO HealthNet administers Missouris CHIP, which provides dental coverage to uninsured children and pregnant women with with income above the eligibility limits for Medicaid.

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    How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost In Missouri

    For adults who purchase their own stand-alone or family dental coverage through the exchange, premiums range from $49 to $108 per month.

    IHC Specialty Benefits reports that the average monthly premium for a stand-alone family dental plan sold in Missouri over a two-year period was $44.35.

    If a family is purchasing coverage through the health insurance exchange, the premiums associated with pediatric dental coverage may or may not be offset by premium tax credits . Heres more about how that works, depending on whether the health plan has integrated pediatric dental benefits.

    How We Chose The Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

    Who Needs Dental Insurance?

    We looked at many variables when comparing the dental insurance policies with no waiting period. We started by choosing plans that had no waiting period in their policy description. Then we reviewed the number of programs available without a waiting period, the network size of the company, the number of states where it’s available, the annual maximums, and deductibles. We also compared coverage and the rates quoted to determine the best one. Lastly, we looked at the company’s ratings from unbiased sources. Also note: It is essential to investigate the policy stipulations for where you live.

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    What Is A Dental Insurance Waiting Period

    Simply put, a dental insurance waiting period is the period of time between when you enroll for a plan and when you can start receiving benefits. Waiting periods can vary greatly from policy to policy.

    The following factors might determine the length of your waiting period:

    • The type of dental insurance you purchase many Dental Health Maintenance Organization plans dont involve any waiting periods, while Dental Preferred Provider Organization plans usually do.

    • Your insurance provider policies can vary a great deal from provider to provider.

    • Type of dental service Some dental insurance companies will not pay for any work done during the waiting period, but most dental insurance companies will still cover preventive services.

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