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Youre Spotting A Ton Between Periods

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The weird thing about spotting is that its one of those period problems that can actually be totally normalto a certain extent. For example, spotting isnt necessarily worrisome if youve just started a new type of birth control, or are pregnant , Dr. Minkin says. But if nothing in your life has changed and you start spotting between periods, its time to check in with your doctor.

Oftentimes, something thats ultimately pretty harmless is causing this menstrual cycle problem, like a benign uterine or cervical polyp thats prompting you to bleed between periods. But spotting is also a common sign of pelvic inflammatory disease , which happens when sexually transmitted bacteria from infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea spreads to reproductive organs like your uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. In addition, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause issues like fever, strange vaginal discharge that smells bad, and burning when you pee.

If you have PID, your doctor will first address the STI in question with antibiotics, says the CDC, then treat your partner for an STI if necessary. Pelvic inflammatory disease is a leading cause of chronic pelvic pain and infertility in women, so if you suspect you have it, getting quick treatment is of the essence.

You Bleed Through A Pad Or Tampon In An Hour Or Less Your Period Lasts Longer Than Seven Days Or Both

The medical term for an exceedingly heavy or long period is menorrhagia. Menorrhagia affects more than 10 million American women each year, or about one in five, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

These are basically periods that would fit right into a scary movie, but some people dont even realize this kind of bleeding isnt normal. One of the biggest problems is someone being so used to heavy bleeding that she underplays the amount, Lauren Streicher, M.D., an associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, tells SELF. Shell come in and say her periods arent too bad, then say she has to change her tampon every hour.

One huge sign you may be dealing with menorrhagia: Passing period clots larger than a quarter, according to the CDC. While thats technically a good sign that your bodys clotting mechanism is trying to prevent you from losing too much blood, it also indicates that youre still passing much more blood than you should, as SELF previously reported. Even if your clots arent that big, soaking through a tampon or pad in an hour or less is a tip-off that your bleeding is too heavy and intense. Bleeding for more than seven days is another period problem that points at menorrhagia, the CDC notes.

Does Having Sex On Your Period Help With Menstrual Cramps

Yes, it does! When you have an orgasm, the muscles in your uterus will contract and then release. The end of these uterine contractions helps to bring a bit of relief to menstrual cramping. Having an orgasm also releases a whole lot of endorphins, which can help to dull pain and take care of one of the worst symptoms of PMS.

If youd like to see a few different ways of stopping period pain, have a look at our page here.

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Can Masturbating Relieve Period Pain

If you suffer from bad period pain, then getting jiggy with yourself could be the perfect solution. Studies have found that masturbating can help offer some relief for period pain and cramps, as well as other aches and pains, like back pain, headaches and more. This is because during orgasm, the body releases a rush of dopamine and serotonin, which both act as natural pain relievers. Pretty cool that we have built-in painkillers, right?

Masturbation has also been shown to help boost mood, improve sleep, and though not proven, it has even been thought to shorten your cycle, as when the uterus contracts, it pushes out the uterine lining faster. So out with the Feminax, and in with the vibrator?

Got a question about masturbating while on your period? Ask us over on Instagram at ! You’ve got enough going on at that time of the month so don’t forget that our personalised period subscription box can get organic cotton tampons, and much more, delivered through your letterbox. That’s a few less things to worry about each cycle!

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Focus On Clitoral Or Other External Stim

Masturbating during your period could ease your menstrual ...

This goes for every day of your menstrual cycle, not just when youre bleeding, but sex doesnt have to mean penetrative sex.

Explore your other erogenous zones, adds Luna. Use a vibrator, Wartenberg wheel, feather, or your fingers to stimulate your clit, breasts, neck, inner thigh, lower stomach, and armpit.

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Hit The Gym For A Nice Jog

If you needed more reason to go to the gym, heres one that you cant ignore. Physical exercise has been known to induce periods for ages, especially if its something a bit bumpy like jogging or abdominal exercises.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Masturbate While On Your Period

From one vagina owner to another, let me say that theres nothing more relaxing, healthy, and amazing-feeling than masturbating. Mix that with being on your period, and the outcome is even better!

So lets get the taboos surrounding masturbation and menstruation straight: people are often horrified when they hear the word period, menstruation, or blood, but are even more disturbed when people say masturbate in a normal conversation. We get that not everybody likes to openly discuss these topics, but its also important to know that masturbating and being on your period are two completely NORMAL and HEALTHY things. So, before we dive into why masturbating on your period is totally beneficial for you, remember that theres no shame in having a period , and its most definitely not dirty or disgraceful to pleasure yourself .

Now that weve got that out of the way, lets talk about masturbating on your period, shall we? As long as youre comfortable with getting a little blood on your fingers or sex toy, then youre definitely in for a treat!

Here are a few reasons why masturbating on your period is totally A-OKAY.

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Is It Possible To Masturbate Too Much

It is possible to turn anything into a habit, so, technically, it is possible to become addicted or at least accustomed to masturbating. But, Wilson told INSIDER masturbation obsession is rare.

So, as long as you listen to your body and masturbate only when you want to, not because it feels like a duty or compulsion, you’ll be totally fine.

Try A White Noise Machine

Is Masturbation Good For You?

“Sometimes masturbating makes me sad afterwards because I don’t have a partner. But physically, it feels good and it’s like self-care. I like to lie on my back in bed and have white noise on that drowns out the vibrator sounds so the neighbors can’t hear. I use my imagination, not porn. I use a vibrator, quick and clean. I try to masturbate every day, usually for one to 10 minutes because I think it’s healthy physically and mentally and I don’t have a partner in my life right now.”

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Try The Bed Or The Couch

“I like to masturbate when I’m at home alone, on the bed or couch. The atmosphere doesn’t really matter to mebasically if I’m home alone with some time to kill, that’s good enough for me, and I’ll spend 15 to 20 minutes doing it. I like to use my imagination. I don’t use any toys either, but I’m always playing with the idea of investing in one. Masturbating makes me feel relaxed and happy. I like spending time with myself in any context, so the O is just and added bonus.”

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Masturbating On Your Period

Masturbation in general increases the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which is associated with pleasure and reduced stress, says Sonia Bahlani, MD, a gynecologist and pelvic pain specialist in New York City.

When you orgasm, the body releases the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, both of which can help you sleep more soundly, she adds. Overall, you’re going to be feeling pretty relaxed afterward. “Oxytocin especially, when released during orgasm, is also thought to lower cortisolthe stress hormonelevels, and therefore give you a sense of relief,” says Dr. Bahlani.

There are also benefits to masturbating on your period specifically. It may feel better, for one. “There’s increased blood flow to the genitals, perhaps even to the clitoris, leading to increased sensitivity and pleasure,” Dr. Bahlani says. Menstrual blood is also a natural lubricant, which will help if you’re using toys during your period, she adds .

And what if you could skip popping an ibuprofen for a bit? Orgasms may also . With an orgasm, there’s the release of oxytocina natural pain reliever that can get rid of some of the worst period cramps.

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What Other Benefits Are There To Having Sex On Your Period

As well as the fact that its fun and can bring you closer to your partner, there are a few other benefits to having sex on your period that dont involve menstrual cramps:

  • You might have a higher sex drive because of the hormonal fluctuation
  • You could end up with a shorter period because of the muscle contractions involved in orgasms
  • Blood acts as natural lubrication
  • It might help to relieve hormone-based migraines and headaches

Can I Use A Sex Toy While On My Period

When you want to masturbate but can

Mia says its fine to use sex toys when youre menstruating, as long as you prioritise your sex toy hygiene.

Female bodies are more susceptible to vaginal and urethral infections during menstruation because menstrual blood causes the vaginas overall pH to increase during this part of the cycle.

These increased pH levels provide conditions in which candida grows more easily, making your vagina more susceptible to infection.

Always make sure toys are clean before use, and make sure you are using toys made from safe and non-absorbent materials to protect yourself from harm.Mia does add that cleaning sex toys thoroughly can be a trickier if you are cleaning up blood.

Try to stick to toys that are made from silicone, metal or glass, she suggests. And avoid anything with ridges, or complex shapes.

This should make it easier to clean properly and avoid any build up of fluids which could harm you in the future.

Any toys you use should be cleaned shortly after use, as you would normally, although it doesnt hurt to be even more thorough when cleaning during menstruation.

If youd prefer not to clean up menstrual blood, try experimenting with toys that focus on clitoral stimulation.

External sex toys can help you avoid menstrual blood, without compromising your pleasure.

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Masturbation Techniques From Real Women

Female masturbation is different from woman to woman. Here, people with vaginas reveal how they masturbate and the moves they use to have an orgasm.

Masturbation is a deeply personal activitywhat feels good for one person can be a total fail for another. Yet when a woman is depicted on screen pleasuring herself, she’s typically shown on her back in a satin robe on a luxurious king-size bed, or reclining in a steamy bubble bath illuminated by candles.

Gauzy scenes like these are not what masturbation looks like to most women, including the ladies we spoke to. These solo sex fans agreed to open up about how they get themselves off in order to demystify female masturbation and show how much it varies from woman to womanfrom the hand moves they use to if they stand, kneel, or lie down to whether porn or sex toys are part of the repertoire.

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You Already Have A Natural Lubricant

Praise hands for making sex and masturbating as comfortable as possible! No lube is needed here because that blood can make sex or using a toy a whole lot more fun. Just remember to use a condom with your partner, because it’s still very much possible to get pregnant or contract and STI/STD during your menstrual cycle, Morse said.

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Masturbating During Your Period: A Guide To Self

Many people feel more aroused during their period, and its perfectly normal to masturbate during this time. In addition to being sexually satisfying, masturbating during your period has many health benefits. It can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms that a lot of people experience during their period. Read on to find out how you can masturbate during your period and the benefits you can expect while doing it. These tips can make masturbation during your period a more pleasurable experience.

Stronger And Longer Orgasms

8 Things Women Aren’t Supposed To Say

During your period, your vagina might be a little swollen and more sensitive than usual. Like we said above, it all comes down to blood flow and hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone play an important role in the intensity of your orgasm. During menstruation, your estrogen levels rise and progesterone levels decrease, causing the rise of testosterone . The rise of testosterone regulates the sex drive, which is probably why youre feeling extra horny during this time and your orgasms feel more intense.

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Splay Your Legs Under The Covers

“When I masturbate, I’m laying in bed on my back, with my legs splayed under the covers. I prefer to have music on, and I like to watch porn. I like Redtube, Dane Jones, or amateur porn. I have a Hitachi Magic Wand, so that’s what I use, and I might spend hours masturbating. It makes me feel euphoric sometimes, and sometimes sad.”

Everything You Need To Know About Masturbating During Your Period

Yes, period talk can make some people squeamish. But periods are natural functions that most people with a vagina experience, so we really shouldnt treat periods like a forbidden topic anymore. And lets face it, masturbation is completely normal too . So why shouldnt we combine the two? After all, Planned Parenthood says that most women are exceptionally horny during their periods. It just wouldnt make sense that we would deprive ourselvesbecause masturbation is essentially self-carejust because were bleeding a bit .

While you might still be a bit shy about masturbating during your period, were here to set the story straight and debunk any weird myths. Plus, masturbation is more than just a fun past timedoing so can actually make your period bearable.

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