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Do your kids visit their dad on weekends? We are a happily blended family, but my older two kids head off to their dads home every other weekend. During that time, they have to fend for themselves without Mom around. When my teenage daughter started her period a few years ago, I decided to always keep a period kit in her bag to take to Dads because it can be embarrassing to ask him to buy supplies.

You can make a DIY period kit for your teen daughter, too! I found all the supplies for my daughters kit with a quick trip to Walgreens. I like to include both U by Kotex Curves® and U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners, which she prefers, as well as a few goodies like chocolate.

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My daughter can be quite the worrier. She is the oldest and takes on a lot of responsibility. When Im not there, she always takes charge of her younger siblings, which means she goes into mom mode when its just her and her brother at her dads house. To help keep her confident even when her period arrives, I always keep her prepared with Kotex and a kit full of what she needs in her bag.

  • Walgreens pain relievers like Ibuprofen liquigels

Whats In The Period Kits:

Most period kits consists of: Pads, tampons hand wipes, an informative booklet, zipper pouch and an extra pair of undies . Many of the pads and tampons in the period kits are designed especially for tweens and teens and may be shorter and/or narrower than other regular products for women. When creating their own period kits or Survival Kits, some girls add their own personal items such as perfume,EOS lipbalm, hair ties, acne gel, feminine wipes, and Midol or Tylenol to remedy headaches or cramps.

Heres a little DIY Period Kit Inspo:

First Period Kit Reviews


“I looked at other websites offering a period kit for my 9 yr old daughter. This really had all the things she needed. I got to select the period underwear color as well. I totally recommend.”

Debra, NC


“Every item inside this period kit was something that was needed. Feminine hygiene is very important. My little girl loved it. This was a great start to a long road of menstruation.”

Danielle, NJ


“This is my second daughter who just hit puberty and I ordered one of these kits before. This time the bag was filled with stuff she could really use. The period underwear was the best added bonus. Since my daughter will only use pads. This made it so much easier to show her how to use it properly. Worth every dime.”

Michelle, CA


“My daughter is 11 years old. The day she got her period I ordered this for her and am definitely happy I did. It was really stuff she could use. This was a great way to teach her a good hygiene start.”

Darcy, SD

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Why Do Periods Occur In Young Girls

Young girls go through enough, dont they? And while we can understand as adults that our period is an indicator of the menstruation cycle and ovulation and the release of an egg from the ovaries, why do young girls get a period?

It isnt just about that, it happens due to the change in hormones in the body and the hormones give messages to different parts of the body, such as the uterus and womb in preparation for their later years when they may conceive a child.

Girls are going through puberty earlier than even a generation ago, so bear in mind your daughter might need to grapple with these issues at a lot younger age than we did.

Preparing For Puberty: A Period Kit

How to Make a Period Kit

Ive been a mom of littles for so long that my identity is linked to that life stage. My youngest is three, so the label still fits, but times are a-changin. One of my oldest daughters BFFs started her period three months ago, and it gave me pause. My daughter is nine, and Ive been talking to her about puberty for a long time, but hearing her friends big news spurred me to action.

I started thinking about what Ill do when she tells me that shes started her period, and I had no plan. I remember what a nightmare day that was for me: My mom yelled downstairs for my dad to run to the store for some maxi pads. Shed had a hysterectomy years prior, so it was excruciatingly obvious that the paraphernalia was for me, and I was mortified. I took what was tossed my way and just went with it even though I later found that there were products much better-suited for my size and flow.

Because of our puberty read-alouds and the candid conversations that followed, my daughter is way past the embarrassment thing which is pretty cool. In fact, shes so looking forward to every stage that Im afraid that shell ultimately be disappointed.

Menstruation is not exactly Disney World, but who am I to burst a happy bubble?

But before we can go away, well have to deal with some basic logistics, if you know what I mean. I searched online for a cute period box or some type of kit, but none of them had all of the components I was looking for, so I created this one myself.

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How To Make A Back

Weve all had the less-than-ideal experience of going to the bathroom only to realize oops! youre all out of period supplies. You might decide to fashion an impromptu pad out of toilet paper or start asking around to see if anyone has extra pads or tampons to spare. However you choose to deal with the situation, its nothing to be ashamed of – but that doesnt necessarily mean you want it to happen again. Heres how to build the ultimate period survival kit that will ensure youll never have to use a toilet paper pad again.

When To Ask For Help Or To Talk To A Doctor

Your first periods will bring a lot of new symptoms that you will not be used to, so it may be hard to tell if what youre experiencing is normal. While most common pains can be treated with painkillers, its good to remember that you don’t need to suffer in silence with severe pain, mood swings or heavy bleeding.

Contact your doctor or tell an adult you trust if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Severe pain
  • Very heavy bleeding
  • Very early period or late
  • Extreme acne
  • Severe depression and miserable feelings around your periods

If your symptoms are keeping you from going to school or participating in daily activities, your doctor will be able to help you find relief.

Having your period can take some getting used to, soon it will become second nature it will become! What’s more, your menstrual cycle is a pretty amazing process and can help you learn more about yourself.

Take comfort in knowing that millions of people have experienced their periods before you which means there are countless inventions that make this time of the month as carefree as possible

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Essentials In Your Period Emergency Kit: Pads Or Tampons

Keep a couple of her choice of menstrual products in a baggie. For those just starting, a panty liner is usually sufficient. However, you should still keep a few pads and tampons in your period emergency kit because you know shell want to change often, just because. More and stronger methods can be stored as the needs arise.

If you are so inclined and want to combine this with a homemaking skill, learn how to make your own pads. Or introduce her to the idea of a menstrual cup .

Its also good for quick cleanup after gym class or recess if theres just no time for a shower or if she is just too embarrassed to take a shower.

It Might Not Be A Good Idea For Your Child To Wear Flip

first period survival kit – what to include in your period kit!!

Shirts with sparkles that change by running your hands up and down them may seem cool, and the younger kids will surely think so. However, the problem here is that most kids will want to try to play with the sparkles on your childs shirt too, so a lot of hands will touch your kids clothes. Its better to leave flip sequins for notebooks.

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What Should You Both Expect

You might also want to talk about what they may experience during a period. We all know it isnt a pleasant time, but giving them an idea of period symptoms will help them feel more at ease when it is happening.

Discuss the bleeding element, but also share with them that they may experience period cramps and pains in the lower abdomen, headaches and feeling tired, as well as a change in hormones so perhaps being moody or irritable, emotional and sad.

All of these things are very normal and will vary from person to person, but knowing your tween has all the facts will help them to be prepared, along with the right equipment.

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First Pick Out A Really Cute Bag

First, this experience should be fun its something each of my daughters has looked forward to. They love getting to pick out their bags and all the goodies that go inside.

There are so many little bags to choose from. We get some from Ipsy, so a few kits have been made with them. But you can buy them just about anywhere.

We usually keep a bag in the car plus each girl has one in her locker at school or in her backpack.

First Period Kit + Teen Period Underwear

Period Kit for Girls  Fancy  Humjoli Foundation

Take the stress out of her first period with a really cool, has-everything First Period Kit. Our First Period Kit has everything a girl needs to handle Aunt Flo, have good hygiene and be worry-free in one of our keepsake boxes. We encourage everyone to demystify period taboos so our girls can feel confident to #DoAnything any day of their period.

Our First Period Kit includes:

  • Period-Proof Seamless Teen Underwear

  • Ruby Love Discreet Carry Pouch

  • Make A Wish Grow-up Bracelet

  • Ruby Love Relaxing Sleep Mask

  • Warm Cozy Socks

  • Ruby Love Lip Balm

  • Warming Gel Pad for Cramps

  • Heart Shaped Compact Mirror

  • Keepsake Satin Hygiene Pouch filled with hygiene essentials!

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Blank Note Card

  • Plus many, many more trendy surprise gifts for young girls

This bundle will keep you protected on your entire menstrual cycle. Our Ruby Love products can be worn with a pad, or alone depending on your flow 100% maximum leak-proof protection and discreet.

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How To Put Together A First Period Kit

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Getting your first period can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re caught off-guard at school or work. Putting together a simple kit with the essentials can help you feel more prepared and less anxious about it. Just stash your kit somewhere convenient, like your backpack or locker, so you can grab it when you need it! If you have any questions about your period, talk to an adult who you trust.

Sons Should Know About Periods Too

As a mother of only boys, I think it is imperative that they too know about first periods and period kits, and how to help if they spot a girl who is obviously bleeding without realising it. I have taught my boys that if this happens, to quietly and respectfully let her know away from others so that she can tend to it without being teased because kids can be cruel.

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Be Clear And Straightforward

Girls typically start puberty between ages 8 and 13, though it can happen earlier or later. While thereâs no way to pinpoint exactly when itâll happen, this milestone usually happens 6 months after a girlâs fastest growth spurt.

A good way to bring up the topic is to simply to ask your child if theyâve noticed any changes with their body that theyâd like to discuss, says Melissa Dundas, MD, an adolescent medicine doctor at Hassenfeld Childrenâs Hospital at NYU Langone. âThis allows the child to invite parents into that safe space to facilitate a conversation.â

Whether your child asks questions or not, you should consider that they might be stressed, scared, or confused about whatâs going to happen â and that good information can help a lot.

Start with the basics. You should explain that some bloody fluid will trickle out of the slowly over the course of 3 to 7 days, and that sheâll use pads or tampons to collect it so it doesnât get on her clothes.

You should also explain that some women get premenstrual symptoms like bloating, cramping, headaches, and breast tenderness. These arenât very common when a girl gets her first few periods, but they are possible, so she shouldnât be totally caught off-guard.

When Your Kid Is Back From School Dont Ask Them How Was Your Day

Period Kit For Back To School 2020

When asked such a broad question, a kid is likely to give a vague answer or say that they dont really have anything interesting to share. Instead, ask them a specific question and give them options. For example, ask, What did you have for lunch today a sandwich or pizza? If the kid had something else, it will trigger their memory and theyll start telling you what actually happened.

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Essentials In Your Period Emergency Kit: Pain Relievers

Since most schools do not allow students to self-medicate, you have to decide what to do for your own child. I cannot tell you to go ahead and include a small package of pain relief in her emergency kit. Travel-sized packages are discreet and easy to tuck in a pocket.

No products found.

If nothing else, make sure the school nurse has a note allowing your child to ask for a pain reliever when she may need it.

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Exercising On Your Period

You dont have to stop doing what you love to do once you have your period. There are tons of options for staying active throughout your cycle. So, no matter what you like to do, you can find the right feminine hygiene to support you swimming, hiking, tennis, you name it!

What’s more, exercise can help to relieve period pain and can even help to make your periods pass quicker.

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When Might The Period Occur

As we discussed earlier in this post, there is no time that is set in stone when it comes to when a first period will happen. It can happen between the ages of roughly 10 to 15.

However, it is also worth being mindful that a period can present itself at any time. So your daughter could be at school, during gym class, or even attending a pool party when youre not nearby to help. The first time may only be light spotting, rather than a heavy flow.

Thankfully, once your first period has manifested, there are tracking apps that could help you start to predict which day her next period might arrive .

Try some top rated apps including:

The Best Period Kits For Tweens

Creating a Teen Period Kit

A girls first period can be a mysterious and scary thing. Although a totally natural part of life, its not always easy to deal with or discuss with your daughter, nor does it ever get much easier when you get older. Especially those who have complications with Aunt Flo every month. For some girls and women, it can be very debilitating. Almost every woman has her story ranging from the funny to inconvenient to mildly embarrassing which revolves around period mishaps, school, events and vacations. These problems can be more amplified when teen and tween girls face it at a tender age. But periods shouldnt be seen as troublesome, especially if girls are informed and prepared. Its really all about the way you look at it, too.

Im not going say I feel blessed by every cramp, but really, there is nothing more womanly than our monthly cycles. And there is nothing more beautiful than being a woman. Helen Walsh, Creator LoveJane

Talking about the monthly cycle isnt always easy, so a few genius women out there decided to step up to the plate and create period kits for girls, tweens and teens.

Ive gotta be honest, the first time I heard about these period kits, I was baffled. My mother and I always had quite an open discussion about most things and there wasnt many subjects she would tiptoe around! Anything I didnt learn from her was quickly learned from my older sister .

Pictured: My First Period Sampler Kit by UrLife, amazon.com

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