How Can You Swim With Your Period Without Tampons

Can You Swim On Your Period Without A Tampon

Is It Okay to Swim with No Tampon during Your Period?

As with swimming in general, it’s okay to swim on your period without a tampon or any menstrual product for that matter, says Dr. van Dis.

Whether you’re lacking access or you simply don’t feel like using one, going tampon-, cup-, or disc-free while wading in the water doesn’t come with any serious health concerns or issues, she says. Still, there is one potential risk: ” possibly have some bleeding that people can see as you’re walking around the pool, lake, or ocean before or after swimming,” she says. If you have Lizzo’s sky-high level of confidence, though, a little bit of swimsuit staining is NBD. (

Myth #: Our Menstruation Stop In The Water

It is likely that you have already heard that your menstruation was paused in contact with water. You may have noticed yourself that your menstrual flow was stopped when you took your bath. However, this is not the case. Menstruation is not paused once in the water. This phenomenon is explained by the pressure of the water which temporarily and partially slows down the flow of blood. So the rules are not really stopped.

Can You Go Swimming Without Period Protection

Yep! If you like to free bleed, are uncomfortable, dont like insertable products, or cannot afford alternatives, dont sweat. If youve gone in the water before with your period, you might have noticed you dont bleed. This is because of the water pressure which works against the force of gravity. Its actually a myth that you stop bleeding completely the truth is that you can still leak. If you sneeze, cough, laugh, or move around too much blood might come out.

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What If You Leak Blood Into The Water Anyways

If you’re concerned about seeing your blood in the water due to a leak, put your mind at rest it should be diluted pretty quickly.

“Any small amount of blood that were to get into the water would either be neutralized by chemical treatment of the water or vastly diluted by a large body of natural water ,” says Meyers.

Another concern that may come to mind when swimming with your period, especially if you’re swimming in the ocean or another large body of water, is sharks. If you’re concerned that sharks will swarm around you, it likely won’t happen.

“There is no data that shark attacks increase while a woman is on her period,” says Millheiser.

Your regular flow shouldn’t prevent you from swimming. In fact, it can even benefit your body. “Swimming and exercise may be helpful for period cramps as well,” says Ho. Just make sure that your cramps aren’t too bad when you first get in the water and that you can swim comfortably without much pain.

Plan Ahead When You Can

Can I Swim On My Period Without A Tampon

Stock up on these items to make things go a little easier when the pool opens up:

  • Purchase a small package of thin, low-flow tampons with smooth applicators.
  • Search for online retailers that sell period swimwear. Read credible reviews and get to know the sizing and measurements. Factor in shipping and fulfillment time to make sure youre set up before swimming starts.
  • Consider buying a pair of black nylon shorts. These can easily slip over a swim bottom for modesty or comfort. A black quick-dry fabric also easily conceals leaks or accidents.

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Do You Stop Bleeding In The Water

Your body will not stop doing the important work of clearing your uterus just because you want to jump in the pool. Youre going to keep bleeding. Nowtheres really no need to worry about this, especially if youre in a chlorinated pool. That chlorine is designed to stop the spread of germs through bodily fluids and will kill the germs before anyone knows theyre there.If youre worried about someone noticing blood around you, thats not likely to happen. The water pressure can stop or even slow your flow while youre swimming. But, just to be safe, especially if you have a heavy flow that day, wear a tampon or a menstrual cup. Theyll help stop the blood before it leaves your body, just as it does on land.

You Have A Few Different Options Though

There are many safe and effective options for preventing leakage when youre in the water on your period. The most important thing to consider is your own comfort.

Whether youre using tampons or something different, changing whichever menstrual product right before you go is a great way to prevent leaks.

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Is A Higher Absorbency Better

Not necessarily. This depends on how heavy your flow is.

Heavier flows are more suitable for higher absorbency tampons to prevent leakage and too many changes throughout the day especially if you dont want to interrupt your swimming with frequent trips to the bathroom.

However, if you have a lighter flow, go for a lower absorbency tampon . If your tampon is high absorbency and you have a lighter flow, you may experience discomfort during removal.

What Type Of Menstrual Protection To Choose

Going in the POOL with a PAD?! | Pads vs. Tampons

Putting a sanitary towel at the pool is not recommended, because it is no longer your blood that the towel will absorb, but water! The consequence? The towel, once full of water, will no longer be able to hold your flow, leaving leaks in your path.

To bathe during your period without stress, choose instead from these protections:

Remember, a tampon or menstrual cup should be changed regularly, even at the beach!

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Will I Leave A Menstrual Bloody Trail In The Water

Should you worry about leaving a blood trail in the water if your period products fail? Its hard to make guarantees here: Weve all experienced a period product failing us at some point and resulting in leaks. This is especially common at night.

The big difference is that at night you may have exceeded your products absorbency limit. So as long as you choose the right absorbency level for your flow and dont push those limits, you should be just fine. If you do have a very heavy menstrual flow you may opt to use another menstrual product for additional protection while you swim.

It is worth noting that the water pressure may lighten your blood flow, and even if you do leak a little it will be quickly diluted in the water, so youre unlikely to leave the gruesome blood trail that youre probably picturing in your head .

Period Swimming Step : Its Not Fair

Puberty can be a rocky road for anyone. If your daughter expresses frustration, disappointment or anger about her period interfering with summer, thats normal. Acknowledging her feelings is the essential first step when Why Me?! reactions come up. If you are a woman who has experienced periods and swimming, you probably still remember something that frustrated you that first summer.

When your girl or teen expresses how unfair it feels, try to meet her there for a moment or two without jumping right into a solution or idea. Consider statements of empathy that dont include silver linings:

  • Youre right, theres nothing fair about this.
  • I am so sorry you have to deal with this today. It sucks.
  • This is a crummy situation. Id be upset, too.
  • I remember how I felt when this happened to me. It really is so hard.
  • I havent been in your shoes before, but I hear how frustrated you are and I dont blame you.

Its not unusual if your daughters emotions have hijacked her ability to think about solutions. Acknowledging how she feels before anything else helps open lines of communication to discuss options.

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Best Tampons For Swimming

Tampons are specifically designed to absorb period flow before it can leave your body which makes them one of the best products to use for swimming on your period and you wonât have to worry about signs of your period showing in the water. Pads are made to absorb period flow too, but as we all know theyâre worn outside of the body and would be great at absorbing all that pool water too, hello soggy diaper bikini! So, do yourself a favor and leave the pads behind and snag a tampon. All Tampax tampons can be worn while swimming in any kind of water and only Tampax tampons have a LeakGuard Braid to help stop leaks before they happen to give you all-day comfort and protection for up to 8 hours. Check out how to insert a tampon and practice a few times before you head out to the water especially if wearing a tampon is new for you. Be sure to tuck the string into the lining of your swimming suit before you leave the bathroom, and you should be set.

Is It Possible To Swim With A Menstrual Cup

How to go swimming on your period without using a tampon

Since its perfectly safe to go swimming when you have your period, you can swim with a menstrual cup to enjoy a leak-free period even when youre in the water. A menstrual cup works with suction, creating a seal with your vaginal wall to collect your blood. Your menstrual cups seal allows you to swim leak-free and prevents water from traveling up into your cup. No water gets in and no blood gets out, until you empty your cup, of course.

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Is It Unsanitary For Other People In The Water

Swimming pools have all kinds of chemicals to keep the water safe to swim . If you bleed in the water even a little bit those chemicals will prevent the transmission of blood-borne illnesses and will keep the water safe for other swimmers.

If youre in the ocean, its a vast vast thing with so many things floating around out there. The least of your worries is a little bit of period blood. Seriously, dont sweat this one.

Periods And Swimming: Empower Her With Options

Posted on August 1, 2022 in Teen Health

For girls, teens and women, theres nothing quite like that feeling the first time you get a swimming invitation after your period has started. Even girls and teens who confidently manage their periods at home and at school often find themselves with a new load of worries and questions.

With a little help, period swimming is safe, healthy and fun. Three simple steps empathy, options, choice will allow any parent or caring adult to move a girl or teen from worry or frustration to empowerment.

Are you thinking ahead for a girl or teen? Check out these tips to make sure youre ready.

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Myth #: Our Rules Stop In The Water

It is likely that you have already heard that your menstruation was paused in contact with water. You may have noticed yourself that your menstrual flow was stopped when you took your bath. However, this is not the case. Menstruation is not paused once in the water. This phenomenon is explained by the pressure of the water which temporarily and partially slows down the flow of blood. So the rules are not really stopped.

Can You Go Swiming When Your On You Period Without A Tampond

Swimming on Your Period

Its safe to hit the water on your period, as long as you wear a tampon while youre swimming . Tampons will collect the menstrual fluid before it leaves your body so you dont have to worry about signs of your period showing in the water.

Can you go into the ocean while on your period?

Yes , you can swim in the ocean when you have your period. Wear a tampon or menstrual cup if you dont want the flow to keep occurring because being in the water doesnt prevent this.

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Myth #: You Cant Swim With Your Period Without Protection

When the flow is not very abundant, at the end of the rules for example, or you swim in the open sea where small leaks are diluted very quickly in the water, bathing without protection is quite possible. Some people also practice free instinctive flow,which consists of releasing and retaining ones flow in a conscious way. Consider this option if it speaks to you!

Or Explore Alternative Period Products Like A Menstrual Cup

Clearly, we think leakproof swimwear is an amazing, sustainable, stylish, and confidence-boosting option for swimming when on your period. You can wear a tampon with leakproof swimwear when swimming on your period, but you dont have to wear any other protection if you dont want to.

However, period / leakproof swimwear isnt the only alternative to a tampon when it comes to swimming on your periods. There are other alternative period products, including:

  • Menstrual cups, and
  • Menstrual discs

The most popular of these two options is the menstrual cup. Lets explore how they work

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Can Swimming Make My Cramps Worse

Low intensity exercise can actually help relieve your menstrual cramps, as your body releases endorphins when you exercise which act as natural painkillers. “It can be very beneficial to move your body and exercise by swimming whilst on your period,” points out Dr Welsh.

In fact, research has shown that regular physical exercise may even be effective in preventing premenstrual syndrome .

How To Prevent Leakage

Period Swimwear: How To Swim On Your Period Without Tampons

You may have heard that your period stops when youâre in the water because of the water pressure. Thatâs not true. The water pressure may slow the flow, but your period will still continue. Thatâs why you should use a tampon or menstrual cup when youâre going swimming.â

Donât use pads in water. You may prefer to use pads during your period, but theyâre not meant for use in water. Pads will just absorb the water around you. Using one in water makes it ineffective and messy.

Tampons. Tampons are usually made of cotton, rayon, or a combination of the two fibers. You can use tampons when swimming. They might absorb some water but this will only make it a bit wet. Change the tampon shortly after swimming.â

Tampons are linked to toxic shock syndrome. This is a rare but serious complication. It may be caused by toxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus â staph â bacteria or group A streptococcus â strep â bacteria.â

Toxic shock syndrome can affect anyone. Itâs been associated with:

Symptoms and signs of toxic shock syndrome include:

  • Redness in your eyes, throat, and mouth â

To lower your risk of toxic show syndrome, follow these recommendations:

You should change and clean your period swimwear or underwear at least every 12 hours. Read the instructions before you wash it. â

Show Sources

âMayo Clinic: âToxic shock syndrome.â

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What To Do When You Hit The Beach

If youre on a beach, make sure you position yourself not too far from the nearest café or toilets, so you can change tampons easily. If youre out in the wilds and there are no toilets close by, you may need to hide behind some bushes or improvise with a beach umbrella. Whatever you do, dont buy into the notion that swimming on your period is a no-no. Just make sure you plan ahead and have fresh protection with you.

Can You Go Swimming On Your Period With A Pad Fully Explained

While swimming waterproof absorbent swimwear look like regular bikini bottoms but have a hidden leak-proof lining that helps absorb menstrual blood. You can wear a pad under your swimsuit, but its best to use a menstrual cup or sponge. Wash your hands with soap and water before and after you use the bathroom. If you dont have soap or water, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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You Will Not Get Eaten By Sharks Because Of Your Period

Thanks to some popular films like Jaws, lots of people are afraid of sharks while swimming in the ocean. Some people with periods are told not to swim in the ocean during their periods because period blood might attract sharks . However, there are no recorded cases of sharks attacking someone on their period. According to the International Shark Attack File, many people safely dive while menstruating. More research is needed, but they havenât seen any pattern of increased attacks on divers while theyâre on their periods. Marie Levine, Founder and Executive Director of The Shark Research Institute has been diving for decades without any problem. She told Mother Jones, â even got my period while underwater with a school of hammerheadsâthe sharks were not interested.â

*the Exceptions To The Rule

Ruby Love Period Swimwear – You CAN swim on your period!

If you have an existing vaginal infection, have recently given birth, are bleeding after an egg collection or miscarriage, or have recently had any kind of procedure on your vulva/vagina, its best to consult your Doctor before taking a dip.

Otherwise, go with your own flow and feels your body, your period, your choice.

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