Can You Take A Plan B On Your Period

Can Plan B Delay Your Period

How late can your period be after taking Plan B?

Emergency contraception is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex. Post-coital pills, emergency contraceptive pills, and morning after pills all refer to emergency contraception. These drugs contain the hormones progestin and estrogen and are not for routine use. Some drugs contain estrogen or progestin, while others contain combination of both. Plan B is quite a popular choice and is available in the form of two levonorgestrel pills, each of 0.75mg.

What Makes This Different From Plan B

Its normal to experience light bleeding, or spotting, after taking Plan B. Its usually nothing to worry about if it happens to you.

Spotting is a side effect of the extra hormones that the EC pill releases inside your body. But it can also be a sign of early pregnancy, so try to keep track of your menstrual cycle and take a pregnancy test if you feel unsure.

How To Use Plan B

Generally women who can safely take the birth control pill can also use Plan B. Plan B comes in a pill form and can be accessed through a community pharmacy or one of Peel Public Healths Healthy Sexuality Clinics.

To prevent a pregnancy you must start Plan B within 72 hours after having unprotected intercourse. The sooner you begin Plan B following unprotected vaginal sex, the more likely you will be able to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

You should use Plan B if:

  • The condom broke or slipped.
  • You used withdrawal or no contraception at all.
  • You missed some birth control pills and didnt use a condom as backup protection.
  • Your Depo Provera injection was late .
  • You applied your Patch late or it fell off.
  • Your vaginal ring slipped out or you were late replacing your ring.

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What Is Plan B 1 Step

Plan B OneStep is emergency contraception. It is a contraceptive method that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected . People sometimes call it a pill after sex, but you dont have to wait until the next day after sex to take it. In fact, the sooner you apply Plan B, the more effective it will be. This is a single dose you take one tablet.

How Much Does It Cost

Does Plan B Make Your Period Lighter

Expect to pay between $40 and $50 for Plan B.

As Plan B is a branded form of EC, it tends to be more expensive. Generic levonorgestrel pills cost less and work in the exact same way.

There are other ways to reduce the cost.

If you have insurance or Medicaid, for example, you may be covered for some form of EC.

No insurance? You may be able to get EC for free or at a much lower cost at a family planning clinic or local health department.

Plan Bs manufacturer also has a coupon and rebate scheme. Get $10 off by printing out this coupon and taking it to a store that stocks Plan B.

Alternatively, if youve already bought the morning-after pill, you can upload a picture of your receipt online or mail it in for a rebate.

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How Do I Know If Im Protected From Pregnancy

The only way to get protection from pregnancy is if youre using a reliable form of contraception.

You can get pregnant even if:

  • Its your first time having sex
  • You have sex at any time during the month including while on your period
  • You havent started your periods

Contraception is effective to prevent against pregnancy to prevent yourself from getting pregnant you should use contraception. There is a small risk of pregnancy even if you take precautions. For example, the 99% effectiveness of the combined oral contraceptive pill means that 1 in 100 women can still get pregnant while taking it. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use a combination of precautions such as the pill and the condom for example.

Even if you do use protection you still cant know for sure that youre not pregnant. You should pay attention to how regular your period is and check for signs of pregnancy to be sure.

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How Long Is Plan B Effective

Its best to take Plan B as soon as possible since it works best within the first three days. You can take it up to five days after unprotected sex, but it wont work as well by the fifth day. Once ingested, its only effective for a maximum of about five days. After this amount of time, the hormones that were in the pill will have left the body. The maximum amount of time that it stays in the body coincides with the amount of time that sperm can live inside the female reproductive tractabout five to six days.

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How To Know If Plan B Worked

After taking Plan B, its tempting to try and guess whats happening in your body based on how you feel, but unfortunately you wont be able to tell if it worked or not right away.

Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy are the ones linked to hormonal changes in your body, like breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, or moodiness. But Plan B can cause similar symptoms!12 If youve taken Plan B, there are no symptoms that will be a sure sign of whether it worked. The only way to know is to wait until your next period or to take a pregnancy test. If youre feeling anxious, you can take some pregnancy tests as early as six days before your expected period date.

How Long Plan B Side Effects Last

How late can your period be after taking Plan B?

The duration of side effects is variable from woman to woman, says Nina Carroll, MD and OB-GYN of Your Doctors Online. But here is what the experience could look like if you decide to use Plan B.

  • Day 1: After taking the pill, you may experience mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, and pelvic pain. Some people may vomit within two hours of taking the pill. In this case, it is important to retake the pill to guarantee its effectiveness.
  • Days 2 and 3: Symptoms may continue over the course of days two and three.
  • Day 4: Most people will no longer experience the side effects of taking a Plan B after four days of using the pill.
  • Days or weeks later: Menstrual changes are a common experience for its users and the symptoms may not show up until a womans next menstrual cycle, which may be anywhere from days or even weeks after taking the pill.

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Contraception For The Future

If youre not using a regular method of contraception, you might consider doing so to protect yourself from an unintended pregnancy.

There are several methods of contraception that protect you for a long period, so you dont have to think about them once theyre in place, or remember to use or take them every day or every time you have sex.

These methods include the:

One: It Outright Sucks

Theres this feeling I used to get after a night of hard drinking where I wake up hours before my alarm, feeling like a raisin inside an empty fish bowl, cartoonishly dehydrated.

It always comes with a pang of nausea that climbs up from my toes, sending waves of sweat pouring from all over and making falling back asleep impossible. This used to be my bodys way of being like âYou done f*cked up, now you gon puke.â

Waking up to that feeling after zero drinks was even worse. When you dont drink much and you feel hungover, it feels extra sad, like you missed the fun and only got the consequences. I hunched over, skulked to the bathroom, and cried while the other side effects of barfing and extreme cramping began to take hold.

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What Is The Effectiveness Of Plan B

The sooner you take Plan B®, the more effective it is. It can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours and preferably within 12 hours of unprotected sex. If you take it within 24 hours of unprotected sex, it is 95% effective. If you take it between 48 and 72 hours of unprotected sex, the efficacy rate is 61%.

How Effective Is Plan B And How Long Is It Effective For

Common Misconceptions About the Morning After Pill

Whether you forgot to take the pill or the condom broke, you still have an option for preventing pregnancybut you have to act fast. Plan B One-Step is a morning-after pill that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or birth control failure. Emergency contraception can offer peace of mind, but many women still wonder: How effective is Plan B?

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There Are Other Types Of Emergency Contraception

There are other options for emergency contraception that may be better for you. A copper IUD and the day after pill called Ella are both non-hormonal and can last up to five days after unprotected sex. Ella has a weight limit of 190 lbs while the copper IUD works at all weights.

However, Ella does need a prescription and the copper IUD must be inserted by a medical professional. So, some people might choose Plan B and other levonorgestrel pills for quick availability and easy access.

How Does Plan B Work

It is possible to take the Plan B pill up to 3 days after unprotected sex, even though many people call it the morning-after pill. However, the sooner a person takes Plan B following unprotected intercourse, the more effective it is in preventing pregnancy.

The Plan B pill contains 1.5 milligrams of the hormone levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic chemical that mimics the natural hormone progesterone. It triggers several responses in the body that prevent pregnancy.

Levonorgestrel ensures that the body is:

  • Preventing ovulation, the process by which the ovary releases an egg. If there is no egg to fertilize, pregnancy is not possible.
  • Thickening the mucus in the cervix, which helps prevent sperm from reaching the uterus and combining with an egg.
  • Thinning the uterine lining, which reduces the likelihood of a fertilized egg attaching to the uterus.

There are many misconceptions regarding how the Plan B pill works. The pill is not an abortion pill as it does not destroy or damage a fetus. Instead, it prevents a pregnancy from occurring in the first place. Once an embryo has implanted in the uterus, Plan B will not disrupt it or cause an abortion.

Anyone who has had unprotected sex or failure of their birth control method can take the Plan B pill. This pill is available without a prescription and has no age restrictions.

Some people should avoid taking Plan B, including those who are:

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Will Ec Affect Your Period

EC is known to affect the timing of peoples periods.

Some experience an earlier period, while others find theirs comes later.

You may also notice changes in heaviness or light spotting in between taking the pill and your next period.

Theres also a link between regularly taking EC and irregular periods.

So its always better to use regular birth control instead of relying on Plan B, ella, and the like.

Why Is My Period Light After Plan B

Plan B Side Effects – How Does The MAP Affect Your Periods?

Some irregular bleeding also known as spotting can happen after you take the morning-after pill. Getting your period after taking emergency contraception is a sign that you’re not pregnant. It’s also normal for your period to be heavier or lighter, or earlier or later than usual after taking EC.

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All The Deets On Plan B

  • What is it? Plan B One-Step is a type of emergency contraception or morning-after pill. Its used after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.
  • Hows it work? It contains the hormone levonorgestrel, a progestin type that can stop ovulation.
  • When can you take it? It should be taken within 72 hours after the deed, but the sooner, the better.
  • How effective is it? EC pills with levonorgestrel can reduce pregnancy chances by 95 percent if taken within 24 hours, or 88 percent if taken between 24 and 72 hours.
  • Where can you get it? In the U.S., you can get most types of emergency contraception over the counter. If you cant afford it , you can visit a low-cost family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood.

In a 2007 study, researchers found that about 15 percent of participants who took Plan B experienced significant changes in menstrual cycle length, period length, and menstrual appearance.

Heres what might happen when you get your flow back.

Has Anyone Got Pregnant After Taking Plan B

An estimated 0.6 to 2.6% of women who take the morning-after pill after unprotected sex will still get pregnant. What people know – and don’t know – about the morning-after pill has been brought into the spotlight after a Refinery29 writer shared her story of becoming pregnant despite taking emergency contraception.

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Where Can You Get It

Plan B is available over the counter at drugstores and pharmacies. So you dont need a prescription or ID when buying it.

You may find it in the family planning aisle or need to ask the pharmacist to get it if its behind the counter.

Family planning clinics and local health departments, as well as Planned Parenthood centers, also offer the morning-after pill.

If youd rather buy it online, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. Note that delivery takes around 4 to 6 days.

Stores like Walgreens and CVS also sell Plan B online.

Remember to always buy from a reputable retailer and try to buy in advance, as you cant guarantee when itll be delivered.

No Plan B Does Not Affect Fertility

About Us

Plan B works by temporarily delaying or preventing ovulation, which is when the ovaries release a mature egg. Plan B affects ovulation for one cycle, but it does not impact future fertility, says Kate White, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University School of Medicine.

Plan B contains levonorgestrel, a type of progestin hormone also present in birth control pills, that delays or prevents the release of an egg. It may also make vaginal fluid thicker, which can prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

A 2018 very large analysis found contraceptive use, regardless of its duration, does not impact future fertility. Taking plan B multiple times will also not impact your future fertility, White says.

Important:The contraceptive hormone in plan B progestin leaves your system within days and doesnt affect ovulation, tubal function, the uterus, or cervix in the future, White says.

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Exercise The Right Way

Exercising regularly can help reduce the intensity of cramps and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, says Ross. Exercise may even reduce the frequency or length of your period. However, its also important to note that exercising too much or suddenly starting an intense new exercise routine can cause your period to stop or become more irregular.

Why You Need To Wait To Take A Pregnancy Test

Plan B is only 95% effective. That means there is a chance that you were unlucky and had already ovulated that is, were at peak fertility right before you had unprotected sex. Even if you use Plan B as directed, you could be in the 5% non-effective group.

If you do get pregnant, heres what happens in your body next, and why you have to wait a few days before you can take a pregnancy test.

First, the egg released by your ovaries will be fertilized by a sperm in your fallopian tube.13 It can then take up to nine days for the fertilized egg to implant into your uterus.13 This triggers the growth of the placenta, which starts making a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, which shows up in your urine.13

A certain level of hCG needs to be present in your urine before a pregnancy test can actually detect it. The delay of a few days each for fertilization, implantation, and hCG production is why you have to wait so long after sex before you can take a pregnancy test and expect real results.

How long do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test? Some pregnancy tests say you can start testing as early as six days before your period , like Clearblue and others that bill themselves as early detection. Regular pregnancy tests are the most accurate if you wait till your period is supposed to start .14

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Has Anyone Got Pregnant While On Their Period

While it’s extremely unlikely, the simple answer is yes. Women are not able to conceive whilst on their period, but sperm survives within the female reproductive system for up to five days. This means that a tiny fraction of women do have a small chance of becoming pregnant from unprotected sex during their period.

What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of The Morning

How late can your period be after taking Plan B?
    Irregular Bleeding

  • Women using the morning-after pill may experience a change in their next period. It may come early, on time, or be late. Most women will get their period 7 to 9 days after treatment. If your period has not occurred by 21 days after treatment, you should check this out with a pregnancy test.

  • Half of women using this method will experience nausea and some will have vomiting. Take the morning-after pill with food to minimize this side effect. When vomiting occurs due to the morning-after pill it probably indicates that enough hormone has reached the blood stream to have its desired effect. There is no need to repeat the dose.
    Ectopic Pregnancy

  • If the morning-after pill fails to prevent pregnancy, there is an increased chance it is a tubal pregnancy.

  • Common side effects include breast tenderness, fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, and dizziness. Since the morning-after pill is a short-term treatment, these symptoms should resolve shortly after you complete the two doses.

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