Why Do I Feel So Tired On My Period

Stressheightening Every Source Of Menstrual Exhaustion

why am i so tired the first day of my periodwhy you feeling tired during periods

Your period can throw off your hormonal balance in more ways than one. The emotional inconsistencies, physical aches, and other menstrual symptoms you may experience may result in some serious stress. These stressors are taxing on both your mind and your body.

When you feel tired, it can be challenging to perform well at work, school, or home. In this sense, fatigue is both caused by stress and creating it. This can create a toxic cycle of stress and fatigue that lasts for the duration of your period.

Why Do I Feel Depressed When I Have My Period

When my period comes, I feel ill and depressed. I don’t want to do anything. My period is heavy and I don’t go to school because of the cramps. It rules my life and I can’t go out at all. Please help. Vicki*

It’s normal to have the blues or feel sick before and during a period. As hormone levels rise and fall during a girl’s menstrual cycle, it can affect the way she feels, both physically and emotionally. This is known as premenstrual syndrome and it can make a girl feel like hiding in bed with the covers over her head.

Luckily, you can do a few things to ease PMS symptoms. Try eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting back on processed foods like chips and crackers. Reduce the amount of salt you eat and drink more water. Say no to caffeine and yes to foods with calcium and whole grains. And get plenty of sleep at night.

Occasionally, PMS symptoms might include feelings of extreme depression and hopelessness. If this is the case, speak with your doctor it may be a sign something else is going on.

Heavy bleeding every so often, especially at the beginning of your period, is probably nothing to worry about. But if you soak through a pad or a tampon in an hour or less, call your health care provider, who can check you out to make sure everything’s OK.

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How To Feel Less Tired While On Your Period

Theres not much you can do about your bodys natural cycle, but the good news is that your energy levels tend to peak during ovulation, which is generally about two weeks after the start of your period.

There are natural ways of helping your body out when its feeling tired though drinking water, getting at least eight hours sleep and exercising is all useful, general advice. But according to Nicole Telfer, Science Content Producer at period tracking app Clue, there are different ways to overcome your tiredness depending on what’s causing it.

“People who experience premenstrual and menstrual symptoms may report disrupted sleep,” Nicole tells Cosmopolitan. “This can be from pain or from increased fatigue or insomnia. Using pain alleviating medications may help restore sleep quality by relieving pain.”

If you have a premenstrual mood disorder, the expert suggests you’re “more likely to experience sleep disturbances like insomnia, hypersomnia, fatigue, and even disturbing dreams during the luteal phase which could be due to disruption in circadian rhythms.” In order to overcome this, Nicole explains that some researchers suggest using light therapy may help people with severe cases, but more research in the area is needed.

People with PCOS are more likely have sleep disordered breathing like sleep apnea or snoring if they are obese, which in turn impacts sleep quality. “These people would benefit from seeing a healthcare provider specialising in sleep,” advises the expert.

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Dealing With Menstruation Problems

Q1. I often feel weak and drained during menstruation. There are days when I just want to stay in bed, and I am without energy for the full six days of my period. Why is this? Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do?

Kimberley, Virginia

Weakness during menstruation is usually caused by dehydration, due to the loss of fluid and blood that occur during your period. This is probably not worrisome, though. The best way to counteract menstrual-linked weakness is to drink plenty of fluids, especially those containing electrolytes, such as Gatorade, Powerade, or other sports drinks. Water is also a good way to stay hydrated during your period. In addition, be sure to eat healthfully, and don’t go for long stretches without having a snack or small meal. Eating properly during your period can help prevent hypoglycemia , thereby preventing any additional weakness. Dehydration is the more important issue, though.

Q2. I started my period early in childhood . How likely is it that my girls will start early as well?

Becky, Oregon

Q3. I am about to get married next week. I have had my period for three weeks now. Everyone is saying that stress is the reason my menstruation has lasted this long. Could this be true? I actually have been pretty calm throughout the process.

De De, Illinois

What Can I Do To Relieve Menstrual Fatigue

Why Do I Feel So Upset On My Period

When it comes to abnormal period symptoms, the key is to find and treat the underlying cause. That is why it is important to find a doctor who is willing to take the time to really talk with you and understand your symptoms.

A functional medicine practitioner can help. Rather than taking a surface-level approach to your feminine care, a functional medicine doctor will take the time to get to know you. By discussing your symptoms, examining your medical history, and completing lab tests, your doctor can bring you the clarity and relief you need. When dealing with intimate and serious issues with your period, the last thing you need is a traditional in-and-out doctors visit.

Your period is not something you should have to suffer through each month. If you experience abnormal or intolerable levels of fatigue, pain, or other symptoms that might have been dismissed or undiagnosed by a traditional doctor, consider speaking with a functional medicine practitioner to find a better way forward.

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Engaging In Aerobic Exercise

2014 study investigated the effects of aerobic exercise on 30 young women with PMS symptoms. All of the participants received daily vitamin B6 and calcium supplements. Some also performed aerobic exercise three times a week for 3 months.

In comparison with the control group, the participants who exercised regularly showed a significant reduction in period fatigue. Alongside this were improvements in blood health, including increased hemoglobin levels.

Excessive Flow Of Blood

This is one of the major causes of feeling sick and tired during periods. Too much loss of blood means loss of iron from the body and low levels of hemoglobin. When this happens, the woman starts feeling sick, tired and weak with every menstrual cycle and may also be unable to perform day-to-day activities. If heavy menstrual bleeding continues for long, the woman experiencing it runs a risk of anemia in the future.

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How To Deal With Menstrual Fatigue

The first step to dealing with period exhaustion is to understand where its coming from.

While you might not be able to get to the bottom of it, there are some steps you can take to help you figure it out.

Consult Your Doctor

If your period fatigue feels unmanageable, or is greatly interfering with your daily period life, ask your doctor. Keep track of other symptoms youre experiencing like cramps, nausea, and bloating. Its also helpful to track when around your period you tend to feel the most tired.

Get Your Mineral Levels Tested

Your body depends on essential minerals, like iron and magnesium, to stay healthy and vital. When these are low, like in the case of anemia, period symptoms can be worsened.

Ask your provider about getting these tested. If they are low, taking supplements, and eating mineral rich foods, can help combat menstrual fatigue.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar

While it can be awfully tempting to reach for a third cup of coffee and a sugary treat while on your period, it may be counterproductive towards your energy levels.

You may feel a short uptick of energy, followed by a big crash, making menstrual fatigue that much more unbearable.

Instead try drinking a mellow green tea, and munching on a sugar-free dark chocolate bar.

Holistic Practitioners

Theres plenty of holistic health modalities that have a variety of tools to help you manage menstrual fatigue, and other period symptoms.

Plan Ahead

While this may be easier said than done, try to plan ahead.

Why Are You Tired Before Your Period Causes And Remedies

Why Do I Feel So Tired After Radiation

Many women already feel tired on the average day, stretched by various demands of family, school, work and social networking. However, if you are feeling even more worn down in the week before your period, itâs time to look at possible remedies for premenstrual fatigue.

In the days leading up to your period, your feel-good hormones take a holiday. This happens just as your body needs them to provide the energy to power through the cravings, the loss of blood and the other transitions occurring at this time of the month.

You can combat PMS fatigue by committing to some healthy habits.

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The Relationship Between Melatonin And Perimenopause Fatigue

Melatonin, the sleep hormone, has also been found to change profoundly during perimenopause. In the journal Sleep Science, a comprehensive study was conducted to evaluate the links between sleep, melatonin, and menopause. The research demonstrated that melatonin levels decrease during the perimenopausal period. However, melatonin levels decline more slowly compared to estrogen and progesterone. Furthermore, the study found that exogenous melatonin can improve sleep quality in perimenopausal women.

Research has further suggested that a decrease in melatonin may be linked to the onset of perimenopause. While a decline in melatonin has been linked between perimenopause and extreme fatigue, it is important to note that men also experience a decline in sleep quality around the same time as women. Along with a decrease in melatonin secretion in both men and women, aging also leads to impairments in your circadian system. Therefore, changes in sleep quality are a part of the normal aging process in both women and men.

Despite knowing that your sleep changes as you age, it still doesnt make living with fatigue any easier. Many women in perimenopause find their fatigue extremely debilitating. For example, fatigue can cause depression, poor concentration, and an overall decrease in quality of life. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve fatigue during menopause.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

It sounds like an obvious solution, and it really is when you sleep right! People tend to forget the winding down part of going to sleep and as a result dont get those heavenly 8 hours. Ensuring youre fully rested is crucial to fighting pre-menstrual fatigue. Heres how:

  • Avoid caffeine in the second half of the day
  • Turn off all screens an hour before you to go sleep
  • Hit the hay at the same time every night
  • Have a sanctuary that you want to sleep in

Find out how to stop period leaks at night and sleep more soundly.

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What Causes Fatigue During Period


Like many bodily operations, menstrual fatigue can partly be attributed to hormonal fluctuations.

Your estrogen levels rise before ovulation to support a potential embryo, and then drop when fertilization doesnt occur. Since estrogen can make you feel energetic and alert, this sudden change can leave you feeling tired and weary.

In the case of estrogen dominance, estrogen levels in the body outweigh progesterone. Progesterone is necessary for regulating your period, and keeping symptoms of high estrogen in check. When this delicate hormonal balance is off, you may feel extra fatigued.

Period Ouchies

Pain is exhausting, theres no doubt about that. If you get period cramps, whether mild to severe, they can leave you feeling extra fatigued.

You can try these natural remedies for period cramps, or reach for ibuprofen if that works for your body.

Underlying Conditions

For people with conditions like endometriosis or PCOS, menstrual symptoms can be that much more intense. Along with potentially irregular periods, intense cramps, and heavy flows, people with reproductive health disorders may experience extreme menstrual fatigue.

Other conditions that could cause menstrual fatigue include thyroid disorders. The thyroid is a tiny gland that helps regulate normal bodily processes, like your metabolism, as well as hormone function.

Symptoms from thyroid disorders can be exacerbated during menstruation.

To Prevent Future Bouts

Why Do I Feel So Drained When Start My Period

Here are some things you can start doing to improve your periods and prevent, or at least reduce, those icky period flu symptoms during your next cycle:

  • Exercise regularly.Exercise has been shown to improve a lot of the discomfort associated with periods, including cramps, depression, and lack of energy.
  • Eat healthy foods. Eating healthy is always a good idea, but making healthier choices in the two weeks leading up to your period can reduce PMS symptoms. Cut back on your alcohol, sugar, salt, and caffeine intake.
  • Quit smoking.

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Why Am I So Tired During My Period

Why Am I So Tired During My Period?

Periods tend to bring on a slew of unwanted symptoms, outside of the obviously unwelcome bleeding. Lower energy levels are one of them, and when paired with cramps, they can really put a damper on your day. Period fatigue can make you want to crawl back into bed, turn on Netflix and reach for your favorite comfort food but thats not necessarily the best plan to help you get through it. Lets talk about why your energy levels tank during your time of the month, and how you can learn to combat fatigue and power through.

Whats the Deal?

During the second half of the menstrual cycle, around the time women start experiencing symptoms of PMS, estrogen levels peak and then fall quickly causing you to feel tired or sluggish. In the last week , estrogen levels will continue to fall, carrying this unpleasant feeling through the end of your cycle.1

Other culprits could be iron deficiency related to your period, stress, unhealthy eating habits, or the obvious answer, lack of sleep. The CDC recommends more than 7 hours of sleep each night2 so if youre getting less than that, more sleep might be the key to a more manageable time of the month.

What Can I Do?

What if its Not That Easy?


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