Can You Swim In Period Underwear

So What Do The Period Proof Swimwear Look Like

How to swim on your period without a tampon [PERIOD UNDERWEAR Ep 3]

Period swimwear used to be pretty conservative, only coming in black or navy colours. But in exciting news, Modibodi have now released a new range of period swimwear that features a range of colours, prints and styles and theyre all made from recycled nylon! They also have a range specific to teens, that includes bright, fun colours and prints in bikinis and one piece.

Here is a comparison of the different styles, click any of the links to view the styles in more detail:

All styles are light to medium absorbency and are perfect for swimming on your period.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Period Underwear

You can buy period underwear online or at most department stores. Unfortunately, period underwear can be pricey. Each pair can cost between $10-$65 depending on the brand and style. Usually, the disposable underwear is the more affordable option, but that can defeat one of their benefits of being eco-friendly and reusable. However, investing in a couple of pair of reusable period underwear may end up being cheaper than buying 1-2 boxes of tampons or pads each month.

Is It Ok To Swim On My Period

Yes, you can swim on your period with period proof swimwear! Period swimsuits are specifically designed for use in water. This is the perfect swimwear for teens or tweens who aren’t ready for tampons for their menstrual period or who are on board with helping reduce single use waste.

Obviously I’ve been using Cheeky Period Panties as period underwear for some years now. Others in the team have previously worn our ‘Sassy’ period pants as bikini bottoms, but when I heard that we were designing swimsuits, I was SO excited!

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How Do You Swim With A Pad

Swimming with a pad should be your last resort if you do not enjoy having to walk around with a soggy pad dripping with pink blood and water. Once the water has soaked your pad, the blood will not have any surface to soak into when you get out of the pool.

There are certain things you must do if you must swim with pads. They are

  • Put on a light pad with no wings.
  • When you go out, wear shorts to cover your tights or keep a towel tied around your waist.
  • Replace the pad as soon as you get out of the water.
  • Avoid spreading your legs while swimming to keep the pad in place. This is because the adhesive will definitely get weak, leaving the pad vulnerable to falling out.
  • It takes about 15 minutes for blood to start coming out of the uterus after swimming. If you are still on the pad you used to swim on, you will get very uncomfortable and itchy as the blood flows. Light pads without wings are good for swimming because they do not make it obvious to people around you that you are wearing one. Always make sure you are swimming in a comfortable position that suits the pad. People calling your attention to a fallen pad will not make for a funny scene.

    How Does It Work

    Period Underwear Bikini

    Im going to try The Swim One Piece, with its Modifier Swim Technology, a fancy name for a double layer gusset , which can hold up to 10ml of menstrual blood, the website claims.

    The upper mesh layer fights bacteria and stops smells, apparently, while the bottom layer is water repellant presumably stopping your menstrual blood flowing into the water around you as much as it stops the water getting in.

    Modibodi calls this wonder suit period and pee-friendly for the beach or pool, which brings to mind going to Waterloo and the dye our parents told us would show up if you dared wee in the water.

    On reflection, its great that Modibodi have considered the issue of adult incontinence as well as menstruation. The suit promises to keep you protected from pelvic floor mishaps or light periods and spotting, acting as extra protection on heavier days. Im going to test it on the medium-flow day two of my period.

    Of course, therell be no need for that mythical dye if my period blood leaks, crimson red, into West Norwood Pool on a Tuesday night…

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    But Is It Ok To Wear A Pad In The Pool

    No matter what quality of pad you use, your pad will definitely get overly soaked with water once you get into the pool, and it can get really uncomfortable. Especially when you stay longer than you should. BTW, pads are not designed to be worn when swimming.

    If you must, wear a pad. Then, every time you get out of the pool or water, make sure you change the pad before sitting down or going through with other activities. You can get a waterproof or leakproof suit to avoid making a mess of yourself. Once your pad gets wet, the adhesive will get weak if you did not put it on properly. You might just start seeing your pad through your thighs.

    You also do not want to be in a situation where your soaked pad cannot be properly disposed of in a safe place. Always go along with a zip-lock plastic bag to avoid keeping yourself stranded in a pool locker room with a soaked pad heavily mixed with water and blood.

    Does Water Make Your Period Shorter

    As desperate as this question sounds, if you have been invited to a summer beach or pool party, you unavoidably have to honor the invitation. But your period keeps ringing a bell as to how it has to start 2 days before the due date. You will definitely appreciate this answer.

    Yes, water can make your period shorter. I drink lots of it. Water reduces the thickness of blood, reduces cramps and makes it come out faster than it should.

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    Your Period Shouldnt Keep You Out Of The Water

    Period pain can be a real thing and many of us just want to curl up with a hot water bottle when our period comes. We may also feel bloated and tender. All in all, putting on a swimsuit and diving in for a swim can feel like the last thing you want to do.

    And you should, of course, listen to your body.

    But its worth noting that some gentle exercise might be the very thing you need to feel a bit better. And with the right period protection and a great swimsuit that you feel confident in, theres nothing to prevent you from enjoying the water.

    Get A Waterproof Period Pad

    Ruby Love Period Underwear & Swimwear New Review

    Regular, non-waterproof period pads can quickly fill with water and create a gel consistency similar to a diaper, explains Allison Rodgers, MD, an ob-gyn and reproductive endocrinologist with the Fertility Centers of Illinois.

    “They can leak blood down your legs and get much bigger as they absorb water, making them obvious and uncomfortable,” she adds.

    That’s why “waterproof” is a key element when searching for a pad to wear in the water on your period.

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    How Do Period Swimsuits Work

    Period swimsuits work in a similar way to period pants. The outer nylon fabric is treated to make it repel water so there is no risk of water getting in and mixing with your flow – immerse yourself in water with the confidence that you can forget about your period. The gusset of the costume has an athletic wicking fabric plus absorbent lining for fast absorption into the core!

    In sizes 4-24 we can take you from period swimwear for tweens on their first period to past menopause to catch those giggle and sneeze leaks! With double adjustable straps I fit my 34GG into my normal size 14 AND felt supported!

    How Do I Use My Ruby Love

  • Before your first wear, give your Ruby Love style a quick stretch.
  • If using a pad, remove the adhesive release paper and press pad firmly into the Ruby Love gusset, like you would in your normal underwear. If using a pad or our double-sided pad, pull the dri-tech mesh around the edges of the pad. Smooth with your hand until pad is flat.
  • Pull Ruby Love style up snugly to your body.
  • For proper protection, rotate your double-sided pad, change your pad, tampon or menstrual cup with regular frequency.
  • The dri-tech mesh helps prevent side, front, or back leaks.
  • The product will angle under the body to help collect flow immediately.
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    What Exactly Are Menstrual Panties

    Menstrual Panties, also called Period Panties, are underwear that has a particularity: this is the hygienic protection. They composed of 3 layers of an integrated membrane system in the crotch area which catches and absorbs the menstrual blood:

    • The first layer in contact with skin, which is soft and breathable.
    • The middle layer is ultra-absorbent made of vegetable fibre to keep it dry.
    • The third layer is waterproof to ensure leak proof.

    Does Period Swimwear Work For Heavy Flow

    Period Swimwear

    Yes, period swimwear works for heavy flow. We estimate that our swimming costume for periods can hold 2 tampons worth of flow or equivalent of urine. If you suffer with particularly heavy flow days, expect to wear for less time or have a back up along for the ride – perfect time for a menstrual cup!

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    How Can You Go Swimming On Your Period

    As with all period related problems, I like to think there is a solution. Swimming on your period is no different!

    There are two reusable period product solutions for swimming on your period. You can either use a menstrual cup or you can try period-proof swimwear.

    Period-proof swimwear will allow you to swim on your period, without any other form of protection. Yep thats right, you wont need a pad, a tampon or a cup.

    Period swimwear is designed to absorb your flow, giving you the freedom to live your best life and go swimming regardless what time of the month it is!

    A menstrual cup will also allow you to swim on your period without any other form of protection. A menstrual cup will sit inside, just below the cervix where it will collect your menstrual flow.

    Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 8-12 hours, so are a great option if you find yourself at the water all day!

    You can read more about menstrual cups later in this article.

    Stick To Tampons And Cups And Pack Extra

    Using a tampon or a menstrual cup under your bathing suit is your best bet. However, you should make sure you bring along extra products, as well as locate a safe place to replace your products in a timely manner. There are no health risks related to swimming on your period, but keeping a tampon or cup in for longer than recommended is still a big no!

    Worried about visible tampon strings? First things first: periods are natural and menstruators really shouldnt have to hide them even Olympic swimmers gotta deal. If flashing string in a public area is still freaking you out, ask one of your buddies to check on you every once in a while. We bet both of you will forget by the time you start having fun in the sun anyway!

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    How To Take Care Of Your Period Swimwear

    Rinse period-proof swimwear in cold water soon after using it and wash it according to the instructions from the manufacturer. Most styles should be hang-dried. Dont use fabric softener as it may interfere with the ability of the period swimwear to absorb menstrual blood. Some brands of period-proof swimwear are machine washable and can go in the dryer on low heat.

    Can I Wear My Period Panties For 24 Hours

    Ruby Love Period Swimwear – You CAN swim on your period!

    It is possible to wear your panties for 24 hours, depending on how light or heavy your flow is. However, when blood is exposed to air for any length of time, it can start to grow bacteria. In turn, bacteria will cause a foul odor. If your period is moderate to heavy, you may consider changing your period panties more frequently, to avoid overflow or compression leaks.

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    What To Wear When Swimming On Your Period

    Youll probably want to wear some type of feminine hygiene product while youre swimming on your period. Here are some of our favorites:

    • Period panties for swimming: There are some great period swimwear options out there. A little extra absorbency down there, and you dont have to worry. Theyre usually a nice dark color, so if there is some extra leakage, no one will notice a stain.Ohits important to note that period underwear isnt the same as period swimwear. While a pair of cheeky proof® would be super cute poolside, the second you jump in the pool it will soak up the water and the blood will have nowhere to go.
    • Tampons: Youll be just fine with your favorite brand of tampon when youre swimming. If youre worried about tampon stringsdont. Theres no reason to be ashamed of your body and its glorious processes. But if youre worriedask a girl friend to check on you once in a whiletheyll get it.
    • Waterproof pads: Yes, they are a thing. If you usually wear pads on your period, theres no reason you cant keep doing so if youre headed to the beach. Find some waterproof pads that you can easy tuck into your suit, and youre good to go.
    • Menstrual cups: Like tampons, menstrual cups will keep your flow hidden while youre swimming. Change it out like usual when youre done swimming.

    Waterproof Swimwear For Periods And Bladder Weakness

    If only I had one of these period swimsuits in my ten years of swimming teaching! No more leaping out cross legged, snatching a tampon and towel and trying to avoid the throng of mums keen to talk about their Olympic skilled toddler offspring!

    I have struggled with tampons as period protection when swimming the whole time here are some of my many incidents –

    • Taught for 4hrs knowing I was leaking every time I came up the steps for rubber duckies!
    • Stashed tampons in the loo and had someone help themselves leaving me stranded soaking wet with a class waiting for me in the pool
    • Tied two together and somehow wedged them both in! Think dentists and cotton wool in your cheeks! D R Y I N G
    • Discreetly tried to change a tampon in a cubicle and launched a clot into the adjacent occupied stall – worst moment ever!
    • I am also allergic to them! SO fun!!!

    Now there is an end in sight! I vow never to wear a tampon again and you can too!

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    What If You Swim On Your Period With No Tampon Or Cup

    It is believed that the pressure created by water outside the body can slow down your menstrual flow, and some people find that their period stops completely while in water. You can test it out at home in the bath if youre curious! But for leak-proof protection, its always best to wear a menstrual cup, tampon or sponge. While period leaks at the beach wont attract sharks , it can be messy when you exit the water. And leaks or free bleeding at public pools are best avoided altogether for hygiene reasons.

    Am I Going To Get Eaten By Sharks

    Period Underwear Bikini

    We’ve already covered this very important question here, but there’s no harm in a recap. Basically: don’t worry. Just because youre on your period, doesn’t mean youre going to attract sharks and recreate a scene from Jaws.

    To date, there are no recorded cases of sharks attacking someone who was menstruating, and according to the International Shark Attack File, people quite happily dive while on their period. And although its true that more research into this topic could be done, there’s currently no correlation between menstruating divers and increased numbers of shark attacks. Phew.

    Marie Levine, Founder and Executive Director of The Shark Research Institute has been diving for decades with no problems at all. She told Mother Jones, even got my period while underwater with a school of hammerheads the sharks were not interested and I had to fin like crazy to get close to them.

    Happy swimming!

    This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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    How Long Do Menstrual Panties Last

    On average, Menstrual Panties can be used and reused for up to 5 to 7 years. This depends on the quality and the composition of your Menstrual Panties fabric and depends on how you use them, how you wash and dry them. The more you use your Menstrual Panties and wash them, the more they will wear, which is perfectly normal.

    Can You Swim On Your Period Without A Tampon

    As with swimming in general, it’s okay to swim on your period without a tampon or any menstrual product for that matter, says Dr. van Dis.

    Whether you’re lacking access or you simply don’t feel like using one, going tampon-, cup-, or disc-free while wading in the water doesn’t come with any serious health concerns or issues, she says. Still, there is one potential risk: ” possibly have some bleeding that people can see as you’re walking around the pool, lake, or ocean before or after swimming,” she says. If you have Lizzo’s sky-high level of confidence, though, a little bit of swimsuit staining is NBD. (

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