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Herbs To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Home remedies to get RELIEF from PERIOD PAIN || Stop menstruation cramps

Chioma Ndubisi, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN who specializes in sexual and reproductive health in New York, New York.

Menstrual cramps are the result of contractions of the uterus, causing aches, pain, throbbing, and spasms in the pelvic area and lower abdomen. The cramps are thought to be caused by the build-up of hormones called prostaglandins during the early part of the menstrual cycle.

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Menstrual cramps are often treated with over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol , Advil , or Aleve . Other people find relief by placing a heating pad or hot water bottle on the lower tummy or taking a warm bath. While useful, these treatments work better for some people than for others.

This article explores some of the natural remedies that people may try to treat menstrual cramps as well as what the current research says.

Why Are Period Cramps Painful

Dysmenorrhea is thought to be caused by compounds in the body known as prostaglandins. Before menstruation starts each month, the level of prostaglandins in the lining of the uterus increases.

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Your prostaglandin level is its highest on the first day of your menstrual period, which is why menstrual pain is usually worse then. As your period progresses and the lining of the uterus is shed, your prostaglandin level decreases and pain gets better, ACOG states.

Massage With Essential Oils For Pain Relief

Massaging your skin with certain aromatic essential oils can relieve menstrual cramp pain, according to research published in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research. Investigators asked 48 women with menstrual cramps and other symptoms to massage either essential oils or a synthetic fragrance into their lower abdomen between periods.

Women in both groups reported less pain, but the essential oils group did better. Based on the women’s reports, researchers found that the duration of pain was reduced by almost a half a day after self-massaging with the essential oils.

Some oils thought to be helpful include lavender essential oil, clary sage essential oil, and .

Just be sure youre using essential oils safely. Buy high-quality oils that are tested for purity. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy suggests diluting pure essential oils in an unscented cream, lotion, or carrier oil before placing it on your skin to avoid irritation.

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Reasons Why You Experience Cramps Without Periods

Here are nine reasons why you may have cramps while not on your period. Read ahead to know more.

It is true that periods alleviate many symptoms such as:

However, sometimes it is seen that women suffer from cramps even when they are not down with periods or are mere close to their menstrual cycle. It is not a no show, rather it is the bodys way to elucidate a few happening within the system.

Cramps are nothing but severe and uncomfortable pain in the lower-belly. This often times comes with periods. But cramps can show up outside of your period, too and many of us have even faced it.

How Do I Know Whats Causing Them


If you have very painful menstrual cramps or cramps that last longer than two or three days, make an appointment with your healthcare provider.

Theyll likely start by reviewing your medical history and performing a physical exam, including a pelvic exam. They may also give you a Pap test.

Depending on your other symptoms, they may recommend additional tests, including:

  • an ultrasound to check the size and thickness of your uterus as well as detect fibroids or cysts
  • a CT scan, which can provide a detailed view of your reproductive organs
  • gynecologic laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, to confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis

Severe menstrual cramps are typically hard to treat on your own, but these tips may help while you work with your healthcare provider to narrow down an underlying cause:

  • Get regular exercise. Results of a

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Keep Asking Questions Until You Get The Answer You Need

The Medical Experts are all here to answer your questions online or with a phone call.

It fights the fatigue associated with the premenstrual syndrome too. Moreover, it makes irregular period regular. So if you want to reduce the cramps, please follow these steps here:

  • Cut a small piece of ginger
  • Put it in a cup of water and then boil it for about 5 minutes
  • After boiling, strain it
  • Add some honey or lemon juice if you want
  • Drink this tea three times a day during the menstrual period

You also add ginger in your meals when you cook or suck the ginger candies on when cramps attack you.

Chamomile Tea As Method Of Relaxing

The Journal of Agriculture and Chemistry published a paper which shows that chamomile has pain alleviating properties. The study conducted encouraged the participants to drink chamomile tea and then present a urine sample. 14 of those samples had increased levels of hippurate, a natural anti-inflammatory. Just like exercising, these anti-inflammatory substances decrease the production of prostaglandins. In this way, they reduce the cramps and the pain.

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Matsyasana Or The Fish Pose

  • Start with lying down on your back.
  • Place your feet together and keep your hands alongside the body.
  • Place the hands beneath the hips and draw your elbows close to each other.
  • Take a breath and lift your head.
  • Put the chest up.
  • Elevating the chest, place your head backward and try to touch the top of your head to the floor.
  • Lift your head, lower the chest, and return to the starting position.
  • Do the corpse pose or Savasana.

Getting Sunlight / Vitamin D For Period Cramps


An increase in levels of prostaglandins increases the severity of painful cramps. This group of lipids causes the contraction of the uterine walls that result in cramps.

Vitamin D reduces the production of prostaglandins. This vitamin is synthesized in the skin when you get sufficient morning sun.

In a study done with women experiencing primary dysmenorrhea, when they were given doses of Vitamin D, the pain was reduced one week into the test and a month later.

Its advisable then that you know the level of Vitamin D in your body.

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Interesting Home Remedies From Our Grandparents That Could Help You

Youâll also rediscover 40 home remedies our grandparents taught us that doctors still use or prescribe. These have once again become very important for people who like try a more natural approach. For example, you can tackle some headaches using a potato, deal with bug bites using toothpaste, lower fever with vinegar, detox over night sleeping with half an onion in socks, make cough syrup from black radish, and many others.

Home Remedies: Managing Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen. Many women have menstrual cramps just before and during their menstrual periods.

For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying. For others, menstrual cramps can be severe enough to interfere with everyday activities for a few days every month.

Conditions such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids can cause menstrual cramps. Treating the cause is key to reducing the pain. Menstrual cramps that aren’t caused by another condition tend to lessen with age and often improve after giving birth.

Things you may want to try at home include:

  • Exercise.Studies have found that physical activity may ease the pain of menstrual cramps.
  • Heat.Soaking in a hot bath or using a heating pad, hot water bottle or heat patch on your lower abdomen may ease menstrual cramps. Applying heat may be just as effective as over-the-counter pain medication for relieving menstrual cramps.
  • Dietary supplements.A number of studies have indicated that vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-1 , vitamin B-6 and magnesium supplements may effectively reduce menstrual cramps.
  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco.These substances can make menstrual cramps worse.
  • Reducing stress.Psychological stress may increase your risk of menstrual cramps and their severity.

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Listen To Your Body To Maximize Fitness

As women, we may be taught to fight pain, push harder through that extra workout, and avoid complaining. But are we really doing ourselves any favors when it comes to being fit?

As your hormones fluctuate, so can your energy and mood, which affects how your body may approach fitness.

Thats why, according to the cycle syncing method, it may be beneficial to switch up your workouts based on your menstrual cycle and not focus on pushing it every step of the way.

Heres a very general guideline of possible exercise intensities that may be beneficial during the hormone fluctuations around your cycle.

Opt for circuit, high-intensity exercises, as energy may be higher.
Luteal Your body is preparing for another period cycle. Energy levels may be low. Doing light-to-moderate exercise may be best.

Period Cramps Getting Unbearable Try These 7 Home Remedies For Relief

13 Home Remedies to Relieve Menstrual Cramps Naturally: Periods Pain ...

When you see advertisements where a girl is happily hopping on her period, ready to take on the mountains and carrying out Herculean tasks that she does not do even on normal days, does it anger you? We dont know about you, but this definitely annoys us. This is not at all how periods make us feel if anything, they make us feel the oppositetired, moody, fighting fatigue and enduring cramps. Talking about enduring cramps, how many of you have to do it every time you have your period? Every month when your period appears, cramps tag along, worsening the situation. For all you women reading this and nodding, we feel you. Stay with us, and read along as we discuss cramps, why they happen and some effective period cramps remedies.

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Can You Heal Menstrual Cramps With Home Remedies

Most of the time, menstrual cramps can be treated by women at home.

But if your pain is severe and impacts your lifestyle, dont be afraid to talk to your doctor. You might need medicines that are only available by prescription or some other treatment to help.

To help reduce period pain, here are 10 safe and effective home remedies for menstrual cramp relief.

Massage Your Body With Essential Oils

Massaging is one of the most beneficial home remedies for menstrual pain treatment. As the pain is experienced in the abdomen region, we suggest you massage around this region for about 5 minutes. You can massage with the help of essential oils that contain certain compounds for reducing menstrual pain. So, massage your body every day with essential oils like lavender and more.

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Q What Are The General Hygiene Measures To Take During Menstruation

A. Hygiene is very important when on your period. The basic things to follow during these days are – to bathe every day and use the right products for vaginal cleaning. Use warm water with soap or an intimate wash to clean the area properly. The vaginal area is sensitive and needs to be taken care of when on your cycle. Change your sanitary napkin every three to four hours to avoid an infection or a period rash. Always be ready with an on-the-go kit in case of an emergency, and make sure you discard your sanitary napkin properly.

Causes Of Period Pain

Painful Periods home remedies : Menstrual cramps, Dysmenorrhea

Period pain happens when the muscular wall of the womb tightens . Mild contractions continually occur in your womb, but they’re usually so mild that most women cannot feel them.

During your period, the wall of the womb starts to contract more vigorously to help the womb lining shed as part of your period.

When the wall of the womb contracts, it compresses the blood vessels lining your womb. This temporarily cuts off the blood supply and oxygen supply to your womb. Without oxygen, the tissues in your womb release chemicals that trigger pain.

While your body is releasing these pain-triggering chemicals, it’s also producing other chemicals called prostaglandins. These encourage the womb muscles to contract more, further increasing the level of pain.

It’s not known why some women have more period pain than others. It may be that some women have a build-up of prostaglandins, which means they experience stronger contractions.

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Switch Up Your Sleeping Position

Anecdotal reports say that the fetal position is the best sleeping position for menstrual cramps. This could be because the position doesnt place weight on your abdomen or lower back which is where period pain is typically felt.

There isnt any research into how your sleeping position can affect period pain, but that doesnt mean it isnt worth giving a try.

Although period cramps are very common, severe pain isnt normal. Youll want to make an appointment to see a doctor if you:

  • have period cramps so painful that you cant go about your daily activities
  • started having severe menstrual cramps at or after age 25

Extreme pain before or during your period can be a sign of a more serious health condition that needs treatment, such as:

Q Is It Safe To Have Sex During The Period

A. It is completely safe to have sex during your period. It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant but make sure to always use a condom. It all depends on the comfort you share with your partner. Most people find it a little off-putting because of the presence of blood, and it can be a messy affair.

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Take A Warm Bubble Bath

One of the most effective period pain relief tips includes taking a warm bubble bath. A warm bubble bath is what helps you to soothe the womb muscles. If you dont want to add bubbles, you can also simply take a warm shower. Doing so will keep your muscles relaxed and soothe your mind and senses too. We suggest you take a bath in the evening as this might help you to sleep peacefully.

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How To Deal With Injuries Caused During Social Unrest

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You’ll also learn how to deal with typical wounds caused by violent protesters and rioters.

As a surgeon in Venezuela, Maybell dealt with probably more wounds like these than many doctors in other parts of the world during their whole career. We are no strangers to such events, either, so I say it’s best to be prepared.

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Almost Every Skin Injury And Condition

In Chapter 3, Skin and Skin Appendages, youâll find out all you need to know to manage conditions of the skin, such as corns, warts, athleteâs food, burns and scalds, dermatitis, fungal infections of the nails, insect bites and stings, abscesses, ulcers or open woundsâ¦

Youâll also discover why you should put egg whites on second-degree burns, what over-the-counter medicines and creams to stockpile, and the exact process of cleaning, stitching, and treating an open wound at home.

Are You Ready For Pain

Menstruation is natures way to bring life into existence. Being responsible for a womans fertility and her health, the menstrual cycle is there with all the blessings and challenges. However, periods can be more painful for some women than others. Not always but menstrual cramps can be an indicator of any hidden reproductive health problem. So, menstrual health is important.

In a nutshell, having healthy periods is what every woman deserves. From the choice of sanitary napkins to being able to perform her routine tasks normally, all of it matters. You can use all these tips if you suffer from painful periods. However, to rule out the possibility of any reproductive health problem, you can consult a gynecologist.

If you have any reproductive health concerns, reach out to our best gynecologists anywhere near you in Pakistan via Healthwire.pk or call at 32500989.

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Herbal Remedies For Period Pain

As well as lifestyle factors, herbs can be a great option for anyone wanting to try out period pain natural remedies. Herbal medicine is the use of medicinal plants and plant extracts to help prevent and treat diseases. Its important to note that evidence for the effectiveness of herbal medicines is generally very limited. Although some people find them helpful, in many cases the use of herbal medicine tends to be based on traditional use rather than scientific research.

If you opt to use herbal remedies for period pain, it is advised that you talk with your healthcare provider about the pros and cons in the context of your general health. According to the NHS, if you want to try herbal medicine, look out for a traditional herbal registration marking on product packaging.

Fructus Gardenia For Menstrual Cramps

Menstruation Routines that Work for Pain Relief | Women’s Health | Healthy Home Remedies Tips

Fructus gardenia is a cooling herb that clears heat from the body.

It can help with symptoms caused by heat irritation such as poor sleep, irritability, anger, feeling hot, stuffy sensation in the chest, etc.

Pharmacological Effects:

Hepatoprotective: protects the liver

Central Nervous System suppressant: sedative, calming

I find this herb especially useful in cases where the individual presents with a lot of heat around their periods. This type of person will have insomnia, anxiety, acne, anger, headaches, and feel hot a few days before and during their periods.

This means that Gardenia can help the person sleep better, feel less anxious, have better skin, and feel much less moody.


Gardenia can help reduce anxiety as part of its role in the Chinese Herbal formula Xiao Yao San

Genipin, a constituent of Gardenia, can significantly prostaglandin production and reduce inflammation

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