At What Age Do Girls Get Their Period

What Are The Signs Of A First Period What Are Some Of The Common Symptoms

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For many people, their first period comes as a complete surprise, but there can sometimes be signs that it is arriving, such as pimples, bloating, mood changes or cramps. Usually, a first period is preceded by other puberty symptoms, such as the growth of pubic hair, breast development, and body shape changes.

A first period may be light or heavy right away, and period blood can range in color from brown to dark red. First periods can include many of the usual symptoms of a period, including cramping in the abdomen, back and upper legs, bloating, acne, breast tenderness, mood and sleep changes, and digestive issues such as diarrhea.

Often, when a person begins menstruating, their cycle doesn’t become regular right away. For the first few years, it may begin at a different time of the month, or a person may experience different premenstrual or menstrual symptoms, including heavier or lighter bleeding. For most people, their cycles get more regular with time, and the onset and symptoms become more predictable.

How Does Ovulation Relate To Periods

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovaries. The same hormones that cause the uterus lining to build up also cause an egg to leave one of the ovaries. The egg travels through a thin tube called a fallopian tube to the uterus.

If the egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, it attaches to the wall of the uterus, where over time it develops into a baby. If the egg is not fertilized, the uterus lining breaks down and bleeds, causing a period.

What Should I Do When My Child Starts Their Period

It is best to be prepared for your childs first period by having menstrual hygiene supplies in the home, and discussing what they should expect to experience before their period begins, so that it is not a complete surprise. Make sure they understand what causes a period, what kinds of symptoms they might experience, and most importantly that they know that periods are a normal and healthy part of having a female body. You might wish to put together a period preparation kit that they can keep in their locker or backpack, with a couple of menstrual pads, wet wipes and a clean pair of underwear, in case their first period arrives while they are in school.

The key is to help your child view this transition toward adulthood as a positive and natural event, not something that is shameful or embarrassing.

It can be helpful to celebrate or mark the first period in some significant way, such as with a card, a favorite sweet treat, or an at-home spa night. If your child is interested, you might also consider a larger celebration, such as a party or sleepover with your childs friends. The key is to help your child view this transition toward adulthood as a positive and natural event, not something that is shameful or embarrassing.

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Can I Get Pregnant

The short answer? Yes. Pregnancy is possible anytime semen comes into contact with the vagina.

Although the onset of menstruation is widely regarded as the start of your reproductive years, its possible to become pregnant before youve had a period.

It all comes down to your hormones. In some cases, your body may begin to release ovulation-causing hormones long before it triggers the start of menstruation.

And when you do begin menstruation, its possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period. It ultimately comes down to where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Talk to a trusted adult or reach out to your healthcare provider if:

  • You havent started your period by age 15.
  • Youve had your period for about two years and it isnt regular.
  • You experience bleeding between your periods.
  • You experience severe pain that prevents you from completing daily activities.
  • Your bleeding is so heavy that you have to change your pad or tampon every one to two hours.
  • Your periods last longer than seven days.

If you call to make an appointment, tell the person whos scheduling it that youre having problems with your period.

They may ask you to write down details about:

  • when your most recent period started
  • when your most recent period ended
  • when you first noticed your irregular bleeding or other symptoms

At What Age Do Girls Get Their Period

Talking about First Period

Are you equally anxious like many others, and want to know when will you get your period? Well, first thingâs first! There is no specific answer to âat what age do periods begin?Starting your period, or the menarche age, as it is also known as, indicates a big change, an important milestone, and an entry into adulthood. Now, there is no ârightâ age to get your period. Generally, girls period age ranges anywhere between 12-16 years, but some may start as early as 9 years of age as well, which is completely normal. You can get some cues based on when your mum or sister got their first period.Your period start age could be earlier or later than your friends, so never generalize but do see a doctor if you havenât got your period by the age of 16.

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When To Contact A Doctor

Although it is normal for periods to be somewhat irregular to begin with, it is a good idea to talk with a doctor if they do not settle into a regular rhythm or if they cause symptoms that disrupt daily life.

The frequency and heaviness of periods, and any symptoms that accompany them, can be an important indicator of a females health.

It is a good idea for a person to talk with a doctor if they or a young female in their care experiences:

  • a heavy flow that requires pad or tampon changes every 12 hours
  • severe pain or mood changes that prevent normal activities
  • no periods for 3 months or longer after the first period
  • periods that occur sooner than 21 days apart or longer than 35 days apart
  • periods that last for 7 days or longer
  • no period by the age of 15 years old

Emergency medical help is necessary if someone develops any symptoms of TSS, which

How Will I Know When My Periods Are Going To Start

Signs that your period is on its way are if you’ve grown underarm and pubic hair. Typically, you’ll start your periods about 2 years after your breasts start growing and about a year after getting a white vaginal discharge. The average girl will get her first period around 12 years old, but it varies from person to person.

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Mood Changes Before And During Periods

Many people will experience mood changes just before or during the first few days of their periods. These changes can include being a bit irritable or more sensitive, or feeling angry, anxious or even depressed.

This can be hard for your child and the rest of the family to cope with. Giving your child a bit more privacy and space around this time can make it easier for everyone, without making a big deal about it.

If your childs mood changes are upsetting or disrupting their everyday life, they might like to see a health professional, like the GP.

What If I Bleed Through My Clothes Are They Ruined

Why Do Girls Get Periods? | Menstruation | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

Not necessarily! Before we get into the nitty-gritty, know that leaks happen to everyone.

When you first start your period, youre learning about how much you bleed, how much your menstrual product can hold, and when your flow is heaviest.

If you can, keep a couple of stain wipes in your bag. They can help get the worst of the stain out and hold things over until youre able to clean the fabric properly.

You can also tie a jacket or sweatshirt around your waist to help cover the stain until youre able to change.

When you get home, try this method to get blood stains off:

  • Soak the stained fabric in cold water as soon as possible. Warm or hot water will cause the stain to set into the fabric, so make sure the water is cold.
  • If you have stain remover handy, nows the time to spray it on. Make sure the affected area is completely soaked. Allow it to sit for as long as the products label recommends.
  • If you dont have a stain remover or you want to double up on your technique rub bar soap or dab liquid soap into the affected area. You should get a small lather, where little bubbles appear on your pants.
  • Rinse and repeat the soap scrub until the stain lifts.
  • If the stain doesnt remove all the way, you can wash the clothing in the washing machine. Just make sure you use cold water instead of warm or hot.
  • Allow the clothing to air-dry. The heat from the dryer can make the stain set permanently.
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    Obesity And Early Puberty

    Last year, the World Health Organization stated obesity had nearly tripled since 1975, and 39 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2020.

    But what does obesity have to do with periods?

    Estrogen is stored and produced by the fat cells in our bodies. So, an increase in fat cells naturally means more estrogen in your body. Estrogen is also what makes your uterine lining thicken. When the lining of your uterus thickens and isnt fertilized with an egg , it will begin to shed and voila: you get yourperiod. Long story short, higher obesity rates in young people may be a reason the average age for puberty is beginning earlier. While every body is different and weight gain can be caused by a whole whack of reasons, a good rule of thumb for people at every age is to eat healthily, exercise plenty, and speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

    Will I Have Periods Forever

    You wont have a period for the rest of your life, but youll probably have it for quite some time.

    Most people will have a menstrual period until they go through menopause. Menopause occurs when the hormones that increased to trigger your first period begin to decrease.

    Menopause typically begins between ages 45 to 55.

    Stress and other underlying conditions can also cause your period to stop.

    If you begin experiencing any unusual symptoms alongside a missed period, talk to a doctor or other healthcare provider.

    If you want to stop having a period, you may consider talking to your healthcare provider about hormonal birth control.

    Certain forms allow you to skip your period whenever you like or stop it entirely.

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    Pop Quiz: What Is The Normal Age To Get Your First Period

    *Aggressively loud buzzer noise*

    Trick question! There is no normal age to get your first period! Bodies are all unique and different, and what might be considered the norm for one body can be totally different for another . There are average age ranges to expect things like puberty , but remember these are just averages. It doesnt mean everyone is going to fit exactly within that range. There are a TON of factors that can play into when your body will decide its ready to begin puberty and start menstruating. Lets talk about a few of them:

    My Period Just Started What Should I Do

    Plan Australia on Twitter: " What

    If youve started your period and dont have something to use for the blood, try not to worry. You can fashion a temporary pad out of toilet paper to hold things over until youre able to get a proper pad or tampon.

    Heres how:

  • Take a long section of toilet paper and fold the layers over each other.
  • Place this where a pad would go along the panel of fabric between your legs thats in the middle section of your underwear.
  • Take another length of toilet paper and wrap it around the pad and your underwear a few times. This will help hold the tissue in place.
  • Tuck the end of the tissue into the top of the finished wrap. You now have a makeshift pad.
  • If youre at school, you may consider asking your teacher or nurse for a pad or tampon. Theyve been asked before trust us.

    Your first period may only last a couple of days. Your first period . .

    It may take a couple of months for your period to settle into a regular schedule and consistency.

    Once it does, your period may last anywhere from two to seven days each month.

    Although a persons first few periods are often light bringing a few spots of red-brown blood throughout the week you may have a heavier flow.

    Your monthly period will follow a more consistent pattern once your hormones stabilize.

    Heavier bleeding isnt necessarily cause for concern. But if you feel like youre losing too much blood, tell your guardian or talk to the school nurse.

    You should also tell a trusted adult if you:

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    Why Have My Periods Not Started Yet

    Your periods will start when your body is ready. This is usually between age 10 and 16, or 2 years after your first signs of puberty.

    Possible reasons for delayed periods include being underweight, doing lots of exercise , stress and a hormone imbalance.

    See a GP if your periods have not started by age 16 . Your GP may suggest a blood test to check your hormone levels.

    You may be referred to a specialist to find out what’s causing your delayed periods and discuss any treatments that might help.

    What Role Do Genetics Play In Height

    Your height has a lot to do with how tall or short your parents are. Growth patterns tend to run in families.

    When looking at the growth of children, pediatricians often ask parents about their own height, family height history, and growth patterns.

    There are a couple of different ways to predict how tall a girl may grow. One of these methods is called the mid-parental method.

    To use this method, add the height in inches of the mother and father, then divide that by two. Then, subtract 2 1/2 inches from that number. To determine the predicted height for a boy, youd add 2 1/2 inches to the number.

    For example, if a girl has a father whos 72 inches tall and a mother whos 66 inches tall, the predicted height for the girl would be found with the following calculations:

  • 72 + 66 = 138
  • 69 2.5 = 66.5
  • So the predicted height for the girl is 66.5 inches or 5 foot 6.5 inches.

    This number is a rough estimate, however. You may see a margin of error of up to 4 inches in either direction.

    In general, the taller the parents are, the taller the child will be, and vice versa.

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    First Menstruation: Average Age And Physical Signs

    When will girls get their first period? The ages vary, but there are two signs of puberty that generally precede first menstruation.

    Physical Signs That Precede First Menstruation

    While girls vary in the ages that they are when they start their periods and when the other signs of puberty occur, the order is fairly consistent. The two things that are most closely tied to the age when a girl starts her periods, that she can readily assess herself are: first real bra and armpit hair. A “real” bra means one with a cup size attached to it, as opposed to small, medium, large distinctions. Armpit hair is self-explanatory. Any amount will do. At this point, a girl will probably start her periods within 3-6 months, if she hasn’t already.

    It also occurs right after the growth spurt of adolescence. So, if a girl grew, grew, grew, last year and has slowed down then periods are right around the corner.

    Average Ages And Average Time Between Stages

    Take this as the starting point or adolescence. Here is the sequence and time frame of events for an average girl. The girl will also begin her growth spurt about this time. She will notice pubic hair about 6 months later. About 6 months after that she will be in her peak growth spurt, growing faster that she ever has. She will probably get her first training bra at this time. About a year after all this , she will get a real bra and armpit hair. First period will come about 4 months before or after these events.

    Can A Girl Get Pregnant As Soon As Her Period Starts

    All About Getting Your Period

    Yes, a girl can get pregnant as soon as her period starts. A girl can even get pregnant right before her very first period. This is because a girl’s hormones might already be active. The hormones may have led to and the building of the uterine wall. If a girl has sex, she can get pregnant, even though she has never had a period.

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    What To Do When It Starts

    When a period begins, try to find a way to absorb the blood. A female can do this by asking a friend or family member for a pad or tampon.

    If it is not possible to use a pad or tampon, try to wrap something absorbent, such as toilet paper or a clean washcloth, around the crotch area of some underwear. This can absorb the blood and prevent leaks.

    It can be helpful to prepare a period kit before the first period arrives. This can help with feeling ready. This period kit could consist of:

    • an extra pair of underwear
    • a variety of tampons and pads, so a female can choose what works best for them
    • unscented baby wipes to clean any leakages

    Most periods last for

    The following sections will look at some absorption methods in more detail.

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