How Does Thinx Period Underwear Work

Claim : You Can Wear Them All Day And You Dont Feel Like Youre Sitting In Your Blood

Thinx Unboxing & Review: Do Period Panties Work?

If you dont have nerve endings in your lady parts or if your periods are a drop or two, this may hold true. If youve had babies or your uterus gets down to business anyway, you most definitely will not want to wear them all day and you will certainly feel like youre sitting in your own blood. And unless you can change your underwear a few times a day, this will be a no go.

Im Actually Looking Forward To My Next Period So I Can Wear Them Again

My flow is: apocalyptic-heavy the first couple days, then pretty average

Iâm looking for: something that can contain all the blood with convenience, comfort, and style

Although I have mixed feelings about the brand, I had heard good things about Thinx underwear so I was curious to put them to the test. First up, the packaging was simple and elegant, with clear instructions about how to care for the product.

The bikini is a plain black style without lace or frillsâwhich suits me just fine. I tried them on the first day of my period, when I had an unusually light flow. I wore the Thinx all day and felt comfortable and fresh. A few days later, I tested them again, as a backup for my menstrual cup. I found the bikini very comfortable, and it did a great job of catching the leaks from my cup.

Iâm very happy with these underpants. Iâm actually looking forward to my next period so I can wear them again. Actually, Iâll wear them even when I donât have my period.

âJen, Writer at Clue

They Are True To Size

It’s always been a gamble to shop online for clothing. Will the item really run true to size? I’ve been a size 10 most of my life, so depending on how things are made, I vacillate between a size eight and a size twelve. Based on the THINX sizing options, I had a choice between the size six-to-eight mediums or the 10-12 larges. I decided to purchase the two hiphuggers in the large and the one sport style in the medium.

The first time I put on the large hiphuggers, they felt snug. Not too tight, but snug. Since then, they’ve loosened a touch to feel like I’m slipping on a normal pair of underwear. But they haven’t stretched out â they’ve kept their shape and absorbency. The medium sport pair also fit â however, the cut of the underwear was higher than I would have liked. It may have been designed that way to be cute, but personally, I attribute it to the fact that I had ordered them a bit too small.

Fortunately, THINX has also provided measurements for each pair. If you haven’t measured your hips in the last three months, do it. Doing so hasn’t always brought up my favorite number, but you’ll be happy when your period underwear fits!

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I Slept With Them On The First Day Of My Period And When I Woke Up I Felt That They Had Absorbed Perfectly

My flow is: Light-to-moderate

Iâm looking for: An environmentally friendly solution that will allow me to not worry about my period

In my mind, period panties have been synonymous with THINX . So even though Iâve heard good things about them for awhile, I didnât have the opportunity to test them until now.

I tried the boyshorts. At first glance, they look like black cycling shorts. They were very comfortable because they are made with breathable nylon, and they fit my body well. I didnât feel constricted at all. I slept with them on the first day of my period, and when I woke up I felt that they had absorbed the blood perfectly overnight.

On their website, they offer not only âclassicâ underwear, but also leotards, training shorts, and unitards. And you can customize a set for your cycle, which I find amazing given that I believe period panties are a much more environmentally-friendly solution to managing your period. I will definitely use them again.

âKate, Senior iOS Engineer

What I Like About Thinx

Thinx Period Underwear...Do They Work For Heavy Periods?

I like that Thinx is trying to solve a BIG problem. What is that? The problem of blood leaks, stained clothing and sheets during your monthly. I also like that they are trying to solve it with a more sustainable product.

+ 1 Point for Mission & Problem Solving

I like Thinxs branding. I want to meet their marketing team and learn from them. They are the sh*t. They are good. Thinx if youre reading this, great job on the marketing, branding, and advertising. You guys rock! You know your audience and you woo the heck out of them! Huge fan here in Hawaii.

I LOVE that Thinx is thinking about girls in developing countries and is empowering them to sew reusable cloth pads for their periods. You know what would be even cooler? If Thinx showed them how to sew actual Thinx underwear by themselves. Bam! Then, Thinx would be helping girls in the developing world from leaking just like us in the developed world.

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Mamavations Investigation Of Period Panties & Period Underwear

Mamavation tested the most popular period panties looking for fluorine, the chemical that unites all PFAS chemicals. This is important to understandbecause there are thousands of PFAS chemicals in commerce and most are not even possible to find because we do not have the tests available, we are testing for fluorine instead. This is exactly what the food packaging industry does to determine whether PFAS was intentionally added and can be composted or not. So this standard already exists in other industries and can be a valuable tool to period underwear companies when testing their own products for PFAS.

Because testing for fluorine is the only standard that is out there, weve adapted this to fabrics and are using it for this investigation on period underwear. BPI Industries uses the standard of 100 ppm of fluorine to determine if PFAS was intentionally added, so weve done the same.

Brands with over 100 ppm of fluorine go into the not our favorite category, while brands that test between 0-100 ppm will be in the better category, and brands that dont have any fluorine residue will be in the best category.

Is Period Underwear Worth It

All three experts we spoke to agreed that period underwear can be a useful option, especially because of its absorbency. Irobunda argued that its probably more practical for those who prefer pads over tampons. That absorbency also depends on the style you choose and what size pad or tampon youre comparing it to or that youre used to wearing, Cross told us. But for those with heavier flows, it might be better as a backup for pads or tampons, both Cross and Hauschka said.

And its not that period underwear is better than other menstrual care this is more a matter of personal preference above all, Cross mentioned. Hauschkas advice? Look at each brand online and see what options they offer. If youre using it as back-up, you may not need the highest absorbency. If you are using only the underwear as period protection, you may need the super absorbent for night time or your heaviest period days. It is helpful to try different absorbency options and different brands to see what is best for you.

As far as the downsides of period underwear, its not waterproof like tampons are when it comes to swimming or being around water so it wont offer protection there, Cross said. Instead, a pair might absorb a lot of water, leading to an undesirable situation, she added. Plus, she mentioned the lack of portability of period underwear you cant carry it around as you would an extra tampon or pad in a pocket.

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They Really Hold Up Even On Your Heaviest Days

My two pairs of THINX hiphuggers survived nine “super” period days, with no backup, over three months. In fact, they more than survived. They rocked it. Sometimes they only lasted 10 hours before I started to feel damp. However, most of the time, they lasted a full 12-14 hours. At first, I couldn’t figure out how that was possible â especially since I was used to changing my super tampons every three to four hours. But I couldn’t deny the evidence.

Advantages Of Period Underwear

Do THINX Period Underwear Work? THREE MONTH TEST! | Rutele

When comparing period underwear with other menstrual products, Caden says “pads leak and shift during wear, and menstrual cups can be tricky to use and inconvenient to clean.”

Vitti adds that period underwear is useful in absorbing both light and heavy blood flow. This is especially great for folks undergoing physical activity such as hiking or bike racing, where it would be problematic to change every few hours.

In addition, while the FDA reports toxic shock syndrome is rare and the rate of cases has declined in recent years, it continues to pose a small risk when using tampons. When looking at lighter flow, Sparks says period underwear can be a good replacement for other menstrual products.

Period underwear is also an eco-friendly product compared to pads and tampons that are easily disposable. Caden says switching to a reusable product reduces the amount of single-use plastics dumped into landfills and oceans. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, the average person who menstruates is estimated to use up to 12,000 to 16,000 disposable menstrual products in their life. It can take about 100 years or more to break down plastic from pads and tampons.

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Best Budget: Bambody Leak Proof Hipster

  • Tight waistband

  • Low-to-medium absorbency only

Period panties are generally more expensive than your average undergarment. However, you should always think of them as an investment because a high-quality pair will last a long timeand end up saving you money in disposable sanitary products. However, if you dont have it in your budget to spend over $30 a pair, there are budget-friendly options that wont break the bank.

Bambodys Period Panties Hipster is a sporty-looking hipster-style brief that costs a little over $10 a pair and happens to be one of the highest rated period panties on Amazon. This double-layered stretchy-meets-silky panty is crafted out of a bamboo and spandex blend, and each pair is moderately absorbent, making it the perfect backup for light days or to protect you from random spotting. It is also a popular option for exercise, as it keeps cool and dry, wicking moisture away from your body.

Bambodys Period Panties Hipster is available in a range of sizesfrom XXS to 2XLand comes in a few different colors.

Material: Bamboo and spandex blend | Fit: Can run small | Sizes Available: XXS-2XL

Stay Comfortable And Dry

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Verywell / Sabrina Jiang

Ten years ago, women mostly relied on tampons or pads for protection during their menstrual cycle. In recent years, however, period pantiesunderwear designed to absorb period bloodhave surged in popularity.

So what exactly are period panties, anyway? Period pants are underwear with absorbent material built in, says Alla Vash-Margita, M.D., chief, Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Yale Medicine. They serve a great function of collecting blood in a near invisible way allowing for freedom of motion and a certain degree of independence.

While the amount of blood that each pair can absorb variessimilar to other sanitary products, she maintains the average is about 2.5 tampons.

Putting them on is just like any underwear but with the built-in feature of menstrual blood collection, she continues. For many teens, young adults, and women, this is a great alternative.

If you’re thinking about giving period panties a try, consider these top-rated options as you shop.

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How Period Underwear Works

Period underwear is actually very much like underwear, coming in all sorts of styles take this brief from period care company Aisle or these trunks from gender-fluid fashion label TomboyX. Youll see them offered in boyshorts, bikinis, briefs and thongs, Cross mentioned.

The key difference, however, is that while period underwear might look like a standard pair youd find in a pack, it has a built-in pad that pulls moisture away from the surface, said Jennie Hauschka, MD, an OB/GYN based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Usually, you cant even tell theres a pad as theres no bulging, adhesive, wings, or any of the other annoying issues that come with traditional pads, she added. Generally, period underwear falls into two categories those that can be used primarily as menstrual protection, as a pad would be worn and the others that act as backups to menstrual cups and tampons, according to Hauschka.

Much of the period underwear youll find tends to be made mostly from cotton, with some nylon or elastane thrown in for stretch and durability, Hauschka said.

How Do Thinx Handle Menstrual Clots

THINX Period Panties Review, Your Questions are Answered ...

This was a great question from many of my friends. Thinx still dont leak when I have blood clots. They also dont make the underwear fit less comfortably. However, Thinx dont absorb these clots, so I wipe them off or change out my period underwear as soon as it happens, just like I would with pads.

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Can Thinx Really Replace Pads And Tampons

Almost 100% for me. When Im not traveling, I dont need pads and tampons anymore. Sometimes, if my Thinx underwear arent dry yet due to high humidity, I have to use 1-2 pads during the period. This rarely happens though, and it happens less now that I have Thinx Air, which dries faster.

If my heavy days happen to be the day I have to camp out in the wild or take long-distance buses, I use a pad and wear Thinx as backup. This hasnt happened though, because of the lockdown in 2020!

Watch My Thinx Leak-Proof Testing Video

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