My Period Is 11 Days Late

When To See Your Doctor

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Your doctor can properly diagnose the reason for your late or missed period and discuss your treatment options. Keep a record of changes in your cycle as well as other health changes to show your doctor. This will help them make a diagnosis.

If you have the following symptoms, contact a doctor right away:

How To Get An Accurate Pregnancy Test Result

  • Use the first urine in the morning. The first pee of the day is the best urine to use to ensure accuracy because it’s so much more concentrated from having collected in the bladder overnight.
  • Drinking too much water can dilute the urine, which may result in a false negative.
  • Results may also be affected by medications you are taking. They can mask the presence of hCG or affect their sensitivity. If in doubt, consult your pharmacist or doctor.
  • Visit a doctor for a blood test or ultrasound.
  • Late Period But Negative Pregnancy Test With White Discharge

    Late period negative pregnancy test with white discharge hints that you may be pregnant. The pregnancy may be at a very early stage, so you are getting late period false negative pregnancy test.

    Late period negative pregnancy test with spotting and cramping is also a sign that you can be pregnant. Wait for a week and then retake a pregnancy test.

    Negative pregnancy test and missed perioddont always mean that you are pregnant. If you have late period negative pregnancy test with no symptoms then indeed you are not pregnant.

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    Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

    As stated above, some women can sense that they’re pregnant before a missed period due to some early symptoms, usually 1-2 weeks following the missed period Those symptoms are usually pregnancy fatigue, constipation, increase in breast size and sensitivity, and frequent urination.

    Some symptoms can actually be signs of an upcoming period, though. Many women experience breast changes before a period, along with some bloating of the stomach. On their own, they may not be signs of pregnancy but instead signs of impending menstruation.

    Another very early sign of pregnancy may be implantation bleeding, which some may confuse with an early period. Implantation bleeding can occur when the fertilized egg burrows into the lining of the uterus, a week or so before the next expected period. It’s usually light spotting and does not last long. Fewer than half of all pregnant women experience implantation bleeding.

    If you are experiencing some of these early signs of pregnancy, it would be wise to wait until you miss your period to begin taking pregnancy tests. It will give your hCG levels a chance to build up in your system to be detected by the tests. Despite how early some pregnancy tests say they will detect pregnancy, it’s best to wait so that you are not wasting money taking multiple tests.

    When To See Your Gp

    period is 8 days late and negative pregnancy test iammrfoster com IAMMRFOSTER.COM” alt=”Period is 8 days late and negative pregnancy test > IAMMRFOSTER.COM”>

    See your GP if you have not started your periods by the time youre 16. Your GP can assess whether youre going through the normal stages of puberty.

    Its also a good idea to see your GP if you have not developed any signs of puberty at all by the age of 14.

    You may be advised to wait and see. In many cases your periods will start naturally by the time youre 18.

    Your GP may recommend having blood tests to check your hormone levels.

    You may be referred to a specialist . Theyll try to establish the cause and will be able to recommend any appropriate treatment.

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    Reasons For A Missed Period

    Pregnancy is by far the most common cause of a missed period, but there are some other medical and lifestyle factors that can affect your menstrual cycle. Extreme weight loss, hormonal irregularities, and menopause are among the most common causes if you’re not pregnant.

    You may miss a period for one or two months, or you may experience complete amenorrheathat is, no period for three or more months in a row. This article explores 10 common reasons your period may be delayed.

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    Symptoms Of A Late Period And Pregnancy

    The symptoms of a late period will be obvious to many women who menstruate regularly. If you were expecting your period, and it doesnt begin, youll know its late. Not all periods arrive like clockwork, and its very normal for periods to occur on a slightly different schedule. Pregnancy isnt the only thing that can cause a late or skipped period. But if youre wondering whether your missing period might mean youre pregnant, you can look for other early symptoms of pregnancy. During the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, many women experience:

    1. Fatigue

    During the first trimester , your body produces large amounts of a hormone called progesterone. This can make you feel sleepy. Even during the first week after conception, you may feel more tired than usual.

    2. Spotting

    Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It is very light bleeding, often called spotting, that happens as a result of the fertilized egg implanting to the uterine wall. Implantation is usually 6 to 12 days after conception, or the moment the egg is fertilized by a sperm.

    Some women also have mild abdominal cramps during implantation. Other women dont notice any symptoms with implantation.

    3. Breast Changes

    You may see changes in your breasts as early as 1 to 2 weeks after conception. Your breasts may be swollen and tender to the touch. You may have soreness or a feeling of fullness in your breasts.

    4. Headaches

    5. Missed Period

    6. Nausea

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    How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant

    The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant would be to get a positive pregnancy test, whether it be a home pregnancy test or a blood test. Symptoms may show up prior to taking a test, but they could be a sign of impending menstruation, so it’s best to wait and see if you miss your period.

    Best of luck to you!

    This content is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

    When Should I Call The Doctor

    Reasons for late period – Why is my period late – irregular periods

    If your PMS is severe, your doctor can help with treatments, including medicine. Call the doctor if you:

    • dont feel better after trying home treatments
    • feel very sad or hopeless
    • ever think about hurting or killing yourself
    • cant do your usual activities because of your PMS symptoms
    • have PMS symptoms that dont go away after the first few days of your period

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    Using A Dilute Sample Of Urine For Taking The Pregnancy Test

    In the early stage of pregnancy, your body produces very low levels of hCG. hCG level keeps doubling as your pregnancy progresses.

    After reaching the peak level, the hCG level then starts declining. The hCG hormone comes out in your urine. It takes the time to achieve a high concentration.

    Your urine gets concentrated if you dont excrete even when you feel a full bladder. The water gets reabsorbed, and other waste components add. Even hCG gets concentrated. So one needs to take a concentrated urine sample to have enough hCG in it. Otherwise, the hCG will not be detectable.

    I Am 12 Days Late On My Period Is That Normal

    Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

    Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

    HealthTap doctors are based in the U.S., board certified, and available by text or video.

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    Youre In Early Menopause

    Early menopause, also known as premature ovarian insufficiency, happens when your ovaries stop working before you turn 40.

    When your ovaries are not working the way they should, they stop producing multiple hormones, including estrogen. As your estrogen levels drop to all-time lows, you will begin to experience the symptoms of menopause.

    Late or missed periods may be an early sign. You may also experience:

    Doing Too Much Exercise

    My period is two days late and negative pregnancy test THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

    The stress that intense physical activity places on your body can affect the hormones responsible for your periods. Losing too much body fat through intense exercise can also stop you ovulating.

    Youll be advised to reduce your level of activity if excessive exercise has caused your periods to stop.

    If youre a professional athlete, you may benefit from seeing a doctor who specialises in sports medicine. Theyll be able to give you advice about how to maintain your performance without disrupting your periods.

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    When Would Pregnancy Begin

    Here are some early pregnancy symptoms that are different from signs of PMS:

    • Menstrual bleeding is heavier than pregnancy-related spotting.
    • Fatigue from PMS usually goes away, for the most part, once the bleeding starts.
    • Nausea is a common pregnancy symptom, but not so much with PMS.
    • Food cravings or aversions are more intense with pregnancy.
    • Cramps can be intense before menstruation but are milder in the early stages of pregnancy.

    Can A Negative Pregnancy Test Mean A Late Period

    Late Period, Increase Vaginal Discharge, Negative Pregnancy Test. Late period and negative pregnancy test can actually mean that you are pregnant, even if this seems confusing to you. White discharge can be very tricky thing. It usually common before ovulation due to the increase in estrogen levels.

    You see, if you had unprotected sex, especially during your ovulation days and you notice that you have just white, increased discharge, you could be pregnant. Of course, this all is depending on how many days late your period is. Late period and negative pregnancy test can actually mean that you are pregnant, even if this seems confusing to you.

    Hello there I am currently 15 days late on my period, my cycles have always been 30-31 days and have been like that since I was 15 Im now 21 me and my partner had unprotected sex last month around a week and a half before period was due and period has never come. I have taken a clear blue test which has showed up as a very very faint positive how

    It could be possible to get pregnant if we had sex on 8th day of period on 28 days cycle. Now i am 5 days late. Had Urine pregnancy test when 2 days late but negative. What are the possibility of pregnancy ??

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    How Home Pregnancy Tests Work

    At-home pregnancy tests work by testing a small sample of urine for hCGhuman chorionic gonadotrophin. hCG is the pregnancy hormone that is produced by the developing embryo and, later, by part of the placenta.

    Measuring the hCG via home pregnancy tests is qualitative, which explains why the results are a plain yes/no or negative/positive.

    Why Is My Period 10 Days Late

    My Period is More than 7 Days Long!

    Between your period is your menstrual cycle, which can be determined by the number of days between 2 periods.

    A lot of women will get their next period 28 days from the first day of last period. Though it could come earlier or later and still be normal, most women will have a menstrual cycle to range from 21 to 35 days

    If your period is ten days late, its possible something is wrong. Here are the possible causes

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    Period 10 Days Late White Discharge And Cramping: Am I Pregnant

    Question: Why is my period 10 days late with white discharge and abdominal cramps?

    A delayed or early period can cause women to panic especially after an unprotected sexual intercourse.

    If youve missed your period for ten days now, its likely youre itching to know if its pregnancy or not.

    The truth is during pregnancy your menstrual period will stop coming. This is not abnormal and could be the reason your period is delayed for 10 days.

    This is more so if youve not practiced safe sex with your partner or if you are not on contraceptive pills.

    Unsafe sexual intercourse without using an emergency pill may also result in pregnancy.

    Alternatively, you should know there are other reasons for 10 days late period. In fact, stress, not having enough rest, losing too much weight, over-functioning thyroid, and a postinor pill will delay your period.

    This article explains causes of 10 days late period, and when you ought to worry.

    Food And Odor Aversions Or Cravings

    Aversions to certain foods or odors are caused by your bodys hormonal changes during the first trimester of pregnancy. You may start to despise the way your favorite dinner smells or tastes, or, on the flip side, you may crave certain snacks, meals, beverages or food combinations.

    When it comes to cravings or aversions, listen to your body. Its okay to occasionally indulge in late-night ice cream runsjust dont overdo it. Talk to your OBGYN if youre unable to stomach major food groups like vegetables or whole grains. The two of you can discuss foods that can easily be substituted in.

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    How Many Weeks Am I Pregnant From My Last Period

    Wondering how many weeks pregnant you are right now? Well, you first must know when your last period was in order to find out how many weeks you are right now. Calculating an accurate due date is an important first step in pregnancy. The calculation of the estimated due date is based on the day of the date of ovulation and fertilization. The EDD can be calculated by adding 266 days to the day of ovulation/fertilization.

    How Late Can A Period Be Without Being Pregnant

    11 Days Late Period

    Some people have their period every 28 days like clockwork. But most people will experience a late or missed period at least once without being pregnant, and thats perfectly normal.

    For many, a late period can trigger thoughts of potential pregnancy. But a late period doesnt necessarily mean that youre pregnant.

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    Home Pregnancy Test Accuracy

    If used correctly and at the right time, home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate at detecting pregnancy. Used correctly means that you read the directions and follow them. Each test has slightly different directions, so if using different brands, it’s important to read the directions. Also, using the test at the right time makes a difference in ‘accuracy’. Women who test too early will get inaccurate results.

    The absolute best time to take any pregnancy test is a few days after a missed period. This is when the hormone hCG, the pregnancy hormone produced by the growing balls of cells if there is indeed a pregnancy, is most easily detected by home pregnancy tests. Too soon before that and you may get a false negative as your body has not produced enough hCG.

    Some tests do claim that they can get you early results, meaning results before your next expected period. If you truly read their statements, however, you’ll find that the early results are only possible for a small percentage of women, not every woman. It’s most likely a marketing ploy to encourage you to take more tests and hence spend more money.

    I have had three different experiences with home pregnancy tests. With my first pregnancy, I saw a positive result on the day of my expected period. With my second pregnancy, I didn’t get a positive result until almost my sixth week of pregnancy . With my third, I was able to test two days before my expected period and get a positive result.

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