Pros And Cons Of Period Underwear

How Many Pairs Do I Need

WHICH ZERO WASTE PERIOD PRODUCTS ARE BEST // period underwear, menstrual cups, and reusable pads

That depends if youd like to use them on their own, or in conjunction with pads or a menstrual cup. I use a menstrual cup, so I use the menstrual underwear for when Im expecting my period to start and Im going to be far from home, for nights and for exercise and on the last day or two.

I started out with two pairs along with my cup, and it did mean needing to launder them mid-cycle. If youd like to use in conjunction with a cup, you can manage with two pairs but three or four would be better.

If youd like to use them on their own, its going to depend on how often youd like to launder them. I think you could get buy with five pairs if youre organised, but you might prefer more. You can always use a pad if you get caught out with no clean laundry.

Why Its Time To Take A Whiff Of Your Armpits

The wellness world is obsessed with detoxes detox teas, detox diets, detox face masks, detox scrubs so it was only a matter of time before the armpit detox craze took over the internet. Editors, YouTubers, influencers, and natural living enthusiasts the world over have been slathering their pits with green sludge-like masks in the name of sweating less and smelling better. And yet, not a lot of people in the Middle East seem to have jumped on the bandwagon is acknowledging that women sweat still considered taboo? In a city where temperatures hover above 40ºC on a daily basis every August, we figured it was time to talk armpits.

Period Underwear Vs Reusable Pads: Menzie Madness

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Im always looking for hacks and ways to make my time of the month a bit more manageable and eco-friendly. When it comes to menstrual products, there are SO MANY to choose from, from tampons, disposable pads, period panties, cups, and reusable pads.

In this article, we compare period underwear and reusable pads! While they are both excellent environmental choices, the main points of difference include the practicality of changing and carrying around reusable pads are much easier when you are out and about, comfort , levels of absorbency .

Personally, I have and use both! They each have pros and cons and are not mutually exclusive.

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Hard To Know When To Change

Since a tampon is not visible during use, it is difficult to tell whether you need to change it.

There is a learning curve for new tampon users who may not realize their tampon needs to be changed. An over-soaked tampon may result in undergarment stains if you do not change it in time.

A tampon cannot be reinserted once it has been removed so tampons that are not used to their capacity create even more waste.

The Cost Of Period Underwear

The Pros and Cons of Period Underwear

According to CHOICE, the average Australian woman spends between $60 to $120 each per year on disposable menstrual products.

So, how do period-proof knickers compare financially?

Well, your initial investment might feel steep, but aside from helping the planet, you could be helping your hip pocket in the long run.

Period underpants generally cost between $25 to $40. Most of the big brands are based in the US, so shipping might be a factor, too.

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First: What Is A Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a reusable, sustainable period product, often made from medical-grade silicone. It has a small, flexible, cone-shaped design, usually with a straight stem or loop at its base to aid in its removal. It collects menstrual blood within the vaginal canal after being inserted . If you are completely new to the product, you might benefit from reading our article What is a menstrual cup?

What Is Microfiber Underwear

Microfiber underwear is a type of underwear made from microfiber fabric. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is finer than silk. It is usually made from polyester, but can also be made from nylon or other synthetic fibers. Microfiber underwear is designed to be lightweight and comfortable. It is often used by athletes and people who are active because it helps to wick away sweat and keep the body cool. Microfiber underwear is also sometimes called dry fit underwear because it helps to keep the body dry.

Microfiber is a synthetic material that has many benefits over regular cotton.

  • First, its more absorbent than cotton and wicks away moisture from the body to keep you dryer.
  • Second, microfibers are odor resistant which means they wont get smelly even if you sweat heavily.
  • Third, theyre quick drying so youll be able to wear them more often without having to worry about the risk of lingering moisture or bacteria causing an infection.

Microfiber underwear has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people are looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable during exercise or activities in hot weather. The fabric is also resistant to bacteria and odor, which makes it a good choice for people who are concerned about hygiene. Microfiber underwear can last longer and provide more comfort.

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What Is Period Underwear

Full disclosure, I get queasy at the sight of blood and my period is no exception, so the thought of wearing soggy, bloody underwear didnt sound all too appealing. And I didnt exactly love the idea of wearing what I thought would be a glorified diaper. I certainly didnt care to spend $24 to $39 on said glorified diaper. But I put my fears aside and spent three days wearing period panties. Heres what happened.

When I Googled period panties, it didnt rack up a ton of hits, but I found some major brands like Lunapads, Anigan, Dear Kate, and Thinx, which all offer different versions of the same product. I decided to go with a beige thong from Thinx because they had the most varietyplus, each purchase helps fund period products for some of the 100 million girls in developing countries who might otherwise miss school just because its that time of the month.

Thinx offers six different types of styles, including hiphuggers, boyshorts, and cheeky, all with different levels of absorbency. For example, the thong holds half a tampons worth of blood compared to the hiphugger, which can hold two tampons worth. While I appreciate the variety of styles and cuts, I found it hard to measure what exactly a half tampons worth of blood equates to, and I wasnt sure how long I could wear the underwear without blood leaking all over my clothes.

How Did Alkaline Become A Diet

I Tried Period Underwear & Cloth Pads | 4 Month Review

This entire school of thought was picked up by Robert OYoung to whip up the Alkaline Diet, which included alkaline water in its list of elixirs to disease-free longevity. The naturopath went on to publish several books on the topic that have sold millions of copies worldwide with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Elle Macpherson, and Gwyneth Paltrow ensuring its position as a popular diet. It is also worth noting that he was sentenced to jail time in 2017 for illegally treating people at his ranch without any medical training.

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Backcountry Hygiene Tips For Your Period

  • Wash your hands with soap and clean water when youre in camp, and use hand sanitizer while on the trail.
  • You can bring pre-moistened wipes to clean your hands before and after inserting or removing the menstrual cup or tampons.
  • Bring along a few nitrile medical gloves to use when inserting or removing a menstrual cup or tampon to avoid getting your hands messy. Theyre good to have in your first-aid kit even if you dont use them, but they do create extra waste to manage.

The Pros And Cons Of Period Underwear

by Hurray22Kimmay | Dec 19, 2018 | Body Love, Hurray for Lingerie, Hurray Vacay, Miami Vacay, Thinx, Underwear |

Hurray! Its time for another Pros and Cons article on Hurray Kimmay! This time Im helping you decide if period underwear really works, when and if you should try period underwear, and so much more. When I say period underwear I mean the technologically advanced styles that have built-in period and menstruation protection. These are re-wearable underwear that you use during your cycle, wash, and re-wear. There are MANY reasons to try them and they may or may not be for you. Im gonna help you decide what works for you.

You may know by now that I like to think of Pros as hurrays and Cons as what the heys! The truth is, every person will have a different take on what is good or bad for them, so take these as a starting point and make your own informed, loving decision from there. OK? Hurray! Below are some general hurrays and what the heys along with some information on specific period underwear brands and styles. Thats right I tried them for you so you can say hurray. Lets get going!

Psst! Some of the links in this article are affiliate links or a brand partner. I always share my honest opinion to help you say hurray inside, outside, and underneath!

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Period Underwear Brands & Styles To Try

Does period underwear REALLY work? There are many period underwear brands now! Some have been around for years and some are just popping up, and each are different. Below are three that I have tried personally with my honest take on how their styles worked for me and my cycle. Remember we are all different, and that includes our unique flows and preferences. Try out a few for yourself and see how it goes !

This brand is my favorite. I dont mind saying that, because Ive been using Thinx underwear for years now and am in love. In fact, Im a proud Thinx Leader and affiliate so these items were sent to me on behalf of the brand. Im so thankful because I use these every cycle in different ways! If you want to try them yourself, shop my suggestions at for $10 off!

Thinx underwear features four layers of protection: 1) moisture wicking cotton 2) odor-trapping lining 3) super absorbent material 4) leak resistant barrier. I love that this brand is very inclusive when it comes to genders and different needs. And if you are a New Yorker, like me, you may remember their advertising taking over the subway stations and making a BIG statement on breaking the taboos around menstruation and talking periods in public. Huge hurray for that. Their styles are simple, sleek, and sexy styles and available in various rises and cuts, in a size range of XXS to 3XL. Currently, most of their styles are only available in one neutral skin tone, or black.

Myth : Cooking Destroys All The Minerals In Food

The Pros and Cons of Period Underwear

The truth is that virtually all minerals are unaffected by heat. Cooked or raw food has the same amount of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, and sodium. The single exception to the rule is potassium, which although not affected by heat or air escapes from foods into the cooking liquid. This is why we ask patients with kidney disorders to boil their veggies and throw the water so as to regulate their potassium intake.

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Looking For A Comfy Non

For those who wish to be more sustainable with their period products and prefer a less invasive way to prevent leaks, leak-proof underwear is a great option.

ONDRwear, designed by a board-certified urologist, includes multiple styles with plant-based liners that can hold 9 tsp of liquid tampons only hold 1 tsp. This means you would go through 9 tampons for each use of ONDRwear. And ONDRwear has a much lower risk of leakage.

With advanced absorbent technology, youll never have to stop what you are doing to prevent a leak.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our site today.

What Its Like To Wear Period Underwear

Considering that the panties can be worn without a tampon or pad, I was expecting them to be super thick and uncomfortable, but they were actually really similar to an average pair of undies. In fact, they looked and felt exactly like my favorite pair of lace Hanky Pankyssuper comfy! That said, I wore a tampon with the thong the first day because I didnt want to take the risk of leakage at work. All went well and I even forgot I was wearing special underwear. Sadly, I woke up to a bloody mess all over my PJs and white sheets when I wore just the panties to bed the following night. On the third day, I decided to be brave and went to work with panties, sans tampon for six hours, and had no issues. Keep an eye out for these things your period is trying to tell you.

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Period Underwear: The Pros The Cons And Everything In Between

Okay, lets talk periods. Yup, yup, yup, Im going there. But Im not saying a word about my own kiddo because OMG that would be TMI big time and I really prefer she doesnt disown me for the rest of our lives. But it might be a good idea to have a pair or two of period underwear in the house as some of your daughters are approaching the most magical day of their lives .

MOM: Congratulations, your body can make a baby now!!!! You cant remember to hang up your wet towel after you shower, but apparently nature thinks youre old enough to take care of a small human being. WTF?

So back in my day, there were two choices when you got your period. Tampons or pads. My mom happened to be out of town when I got mine for the first time and tampons were the only thing in our house, so tampons it is! All I remember is carefully examining the illustration on the instructions to learn how to put it in. So you put your foot up on the toilet, wait what? Does ANYONE put their foot up on the toilet to put a tampon in?!! Wait, maybe women do do that. Now Im second-guessing the way Ive always put a tampon in.

So here goes, here are the pros and cons of period underwear and feel free to add any I missed to the comments:

Does That Mean Alkaline Water Is Unsafe

Modibodi Period Underwear Honest Review – Do They Leak?! ???

Water thats naturally alkaline occurs when water passes over rocks like springs and picks up minerals, which increase its alkaline level. This type of natural alkaline drinking water is generally considered safe as long as it is clean and potable.

However, many people who drink alkaline water buy alkaline water thats been through a chemical process called electrolysis. This technique uses a product called an ioniser to raise the pH of regular water. Makers of alkaline ionised water say that electricity is used to separate molecules in the water that are more acidic or alkaline. The acidic water is then funnelled out, leaving you with water that is alkaline in nature.

People also attempt to make alkaline water at home. One way is by using water ionisers that are sold in many large chain stores. Adding baking soda is another way to make water more alkaline. If the water is properly filtered to remove contaminants, ionised and re-mineralised, or purchased from a quality source, theres no evidence to suggest a limitation on how much alkaline water can be consumed daily. You should use caution with artificial alkaline water, however, which likely contains fewer good minerals than its high pH would have you believe and may even contain contaminants. The water quality of the original source, before ionisation, is crucial to ensuring contaminants arent present in the drinking water.

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What About Tampons

Last but not least, the ol tampon.

Although fewer people are opting for this solution , I believe there is still a time and place for it. They are probably still the best solution when you are out and about and need to change your period device! If you have to rely on public toilets, they are way easier to change compared to menstrual cups and period lingerie.

This seems a bit uncomfortable and nerve-wrecking for a first-timer, but its something you can ease into once youre used to periods! Some tampons have applicators to help you insert them properly, so you could opt for those.

What To Look For

If youre curious about whether period underwear is right for you, Dr. James suggests testing out a pair on your lightest flow day.

Try them on a weekend or when you can be at home, says Dr. James. If they dont fit properly or you have a leak, youll feel more comfortable handling those issues at home.

Then if you decide youre all in on wearing period underwear, test out a few different brands before investing in a whole new set of underwear. Do your research before any purchase. What absorbency do you need? How are the brands online reviews?

See if theres one that fits you better or is more absorbent, advises Dr. James.

In addition to deciding if period underwear work for your body and your menstrual flow, there are other factors one should consider.

If youre concerned about the environment, period underwear can help cut down on waste. Its estimated that the average menstruating person uses up to 15,000 pads or tampons in their lifetime.

If you experience irritation from using traditional menstrual pads, switching to period underwear may help.

Theres also a case to be made that using period underwear can save you money, says Dr. James.

You need to look at the cost of underwear, the cost of pads and figure out if its a benefit for you, she says.

But overall, you need to make sure you feel confident and secure using period underwear.

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