Foods To Avoid While On Period

Is It Normal To Feel Extra Hungry Just Before Your Period Starts

Knixteen Shares: Foods to Eat and Avoid While on Your Period

Around three-quarters of all women experience pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS. For some women, this does not affect their daily life, but for others, it can be more disruptive.

Right before your period starts, your hormones go through a cyclical change as progesterone levels rise. This can cause bloating, increased hunger, headaches or mood fluctuations.

As your hormones go through this natural cycle, serotonin levels can fluctuate too, contributing to the typical mood swings and increased appetite that can occur right before your period.

This is all a perfectly normal part of your cycle!

Things You Should Eat

Its common to experience a dip in your iron levels during your periods, particularly if your menstrual flow is heavy. Often, this leads to body pain, fatigue and dizziness, said Dr Patil, adding that green leafy vegetables help combat the same. Make sure you also incorporate water-rich fruits such as watermelon and cucumber. If you have sugar cravings, switch to sweet fruits. This can help curb your sugar cravings without eating a lot of refined sugar which can cause your glucose levels to spike and then crash she suggested.

In fact, a warm cup of ginger tea can help you feel better because it has anti-inflammatory effects, which can soothe achy muscles. Ginger may also reduce nausea.

Chicken and fish

A great source of iron and protein, make sure you add these to your diet. Eating protein is essential for overall health and can help you stay full for a longer period of time. It is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming iron will counteract the dip in iron levels while menstruating, said Dr Patil.

Quinoa and lentils

Quinoa is rich in nutrients like iron, magnesium and protein. It is also gluten-free and will make you feel fuller. Whereas lentils are great sources of protein and can also be replaced with meat for vegans and vegetarians. They are also rich in iron, making them a great addition to the diet, she said.

Nuts and dark chocolate


Redefine The Good Stuff To Avoid Feeling Bad

When youre cramping and irritable, you just know that a hot fudge brownie sundae with extra fudge, nuts and whipped cream will make everything better. The problem is those sweet treats can significantly impact your insulin levels.

Foods that are really sugary and sweet will increase your insulin levels, and high insulin levels can cause imbalances in other female-factor hormones. Thats why you want to follow a low glycemic diet starting at least a couple of weeks before your expected period, says Dr. McClure.

If you eat a lot of carbs and sugar during your period, you might feel bloated or backed up. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome might experience irregular periods which could lead to other complications. But when your blood sugar levels are going up and down, Dr. McClure says you might feel tired or get headaches frequently.

The other problem with that hot fudge brownie sundae comes from the added estrogens that can be found in some animal products such as dairy and oils. Estrogens, which can be found in some animal products and added oils, can cause your uterine lining to become abnormally thickened. Then, during your menstrual cycle, your body must create more prostaglandins to break down the lining. More prostaglandins translate to more pain. Thus, you also want to avoid foods that can increase estrogen levels in your body.

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Foods To Avoid During Periods

You probably didn’t need to be told that your period’s a terrible time to make your bloating worse. But you may not be paying attention to the foods that can increase bloating.

An article in the February 2017 Gastroenterology and Hepatology said that sugar and excessive glucose can cause bloating. So you’re going to want to stay off the sugary foods during your next menstrual cycle. And while baked goods might be what you’re craving, glucose is a good food to avoid during menstrual cramps. Too much will leave you more uncomfortable than you started out.

While not everyone has dairy sensitivities, it can also be a bloating irritant.

Nutrition And Premenstrual Syndrome

Foods to eat while on your period that is proven to help ...

The interplay of hormones throughout a womans menstrual cycle affects her body and state of mind. Energy intakes are generally higher in the premenstrual phase and some women also have food cravings as their period approaches.Eating high-protein foods every few hours can often temper or stop food cravings. This should not be done at the expense of other food groups, especially carbohydrates, which should form the basis of the diet.Fluid retention is common in the days leading up to a womans period because certain hormones encourage the body to hold salt . The more sodium the body holds, the more fluid is retained in the tissues.Other common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome include moodiness, tiredness and constipation. Taking B-group vitamins, particularly vitamin B6, may help, but more research is needed to confirm this.Light to moderate exercise, such as a 30-minute brisk walk each day, has also been shown to noticeably reduce symptoms of PMS.

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Foods To Avoid And Eat During Your Period

Fatigue, instability, mood swings and awful cramps are a given during your period but youll be surprised to know that what you eat can actually affect how you feel during your period. Turns out, getting the right nutrition especially in these 5 days can counter muscle pain, uncomfortable bloating, headaches and inconsistent digestion. Even though it might seem totally legit to binge eat, youve got to take the hard road and make wiser choices. To help guide you along the way, here is a list of what to eat during periods and foods to avoid during the period.

Fried Foods Are The Enemy

This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes you just can’t help but crave a slice of pizza, pile of French fries, or doughnuts on your period. That’s totally fine, but fried foods can actually cause inflammation, which may be linked to increased pain during your period, according to a study by the Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Thankfully, you can reduce your painful period cramps by opting for a snack free of grease.

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Avoid Waiting Until You’re Starving To Eat

If you wait till your starving to eat, you’re going to feel fuller faster, which can lead you feeling even more uncomfortable. Plus, you’re depriving your body from only getting nutrients to certain parts of the day. “If you eat smaller meals more frequently and of high nutritional quality during menstruation, you will stay satiated and reduce the intensity of cramping, while satisfying these feelings of hunger by giving your body what it is so desperately seeking,” Barton says.

Vitamins Minerals And Pregnancy

Dairy, Menstrual Cycle & Female Hormone High Estrogen Foods To Avoid During Menstruation Dr.Berg

Eating healthily during pregnancy is important to meet the nutritional needs of the developing baby and for the mothers own wellbeing. However, this doesnt mean eating for two it is the quality of the diet that is important, not the quantity of food eaten.Eating a variety of foods from each of the key food groups is generally enough to meet both mother and babys requirements. Special attention should be given to calcium, folic acid , iron, zinc. Iodine and vitamin C.

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What To Eat During Your Period And What Foods To Avoid

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  • Our experts share what to eat during your period to help combat pain, cramps, and bloating.

    Do you find yourself feeling run down, tired and experience period cramps during your menstrual cycle? Well youre not alone with Womens Health Concern reporting 80% of women will suffer with their periods at one point during their lifetime. Whilst painkillers usually help, theres actually more natural steps you can take to help aid your body through the process, with your diet an important factor to consider.

    As Mina Khan, nutritionist and founder of Formulate Health explains: Its really important to make good nutritional choices during your period. The body is already going through a lot and losing vital nutrients such as iron, so during this time its crucial that you keep an eye on your intake of a variety of key vitamins and minerals.

    Weve done the research and compiled a list of the period-friendly foods you need to know about

    Milk Chocolates Cravings And Menstruation

    If women want to eat chocolate during menstruation, choose bitter chocolates. Doctors say no to milk chocolate. Because Milk Chocolates can make your stomach work worse.

    Alternatively, when you take dark chocolate, it will help reduce your stomach cramps. Try Mogo moringa bars, one healthy super-nutritious bar. If you like to go all-natural, peanut chikki and sesame chikki can also add up flavors to your cravings.

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    Super High Fiber Foods

    Dr. Dweck notes that some women experience altered intestinal motility during the menstrual week. Although plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended, super high fiber or gaseous foods aggravate these symptoms for some and improve them for others, she notes, adding that this is an issue that can be managed based on individual habits.

    Keep Off The Caffeine

    These Are The Best Foods to Eat While On Your Period ...

    Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee in the morning? And when you’re already feeling icky from your period, you need the pickup. Unfortunately, the caffeine in your beverage of choice may not be your greatest ally during menstruation.

    As noted in the UpToDate post, your period can bring on depression and anxiety. Not a great addition to the bloating and cramps you’re already experiencing. That’s why you may want to add caffeine to your list of food to avoid during menstruation.

    An article in the March 2016 Korean Journal of Family Medicine found that caffeine increases depression. Adding to the issue, an October 2015 article in Journal of Psychopharmacology found that caffeine increases anxiety, which means you may want to find alternatives to your morning cup.

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    How To Reprogram Those Cravings

    Youre not going to go from loving brownies and chips to appreciating salads overnight, but its possible to make better choices gradually. Dr. McClure recommends not just making healthy swaps around period time but changing the way you eat overall, so its easier to stay on track when your cycle starts. For example, instead of finding comfort in your favorite chocolate dessert, she suggests going for a small piece of dark chocolate.

    Its really about reprogramming and changing the foods that youre going for. In the beginning, it might be tough to make a complete switch from hot fudge sundaes to healthier foods, but its possible. For instance, if you want dessert, switch to something like a small piece of dark chocolate. Youll still get the antioxidants from the chocolate that youre craving only not in a large amount and with less sugar. Eventually, you can make a goal to try to avoid sweets altogether.

    Dr. McClure also recommends cutting back on caffeine and alcohol as well because these beverages can dehydrate you. If you simply cant live without coffee, she suggests that you have a cup in the morning, then switch to drinking water the rest of the day. She adds that sipping water throughout the day can actually help keep you awake. But if you find water is boring, just add some of your favorite fresh flavors to it like lemon slices, berries, herbs or cucumbers.

    Foods To Avoid While On Period

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    When Your Period Arrives You Get Hungry And More Likely Than Not Its Not Salad Youre Hankering For If Youre Like Most Women Despite Your Best Intentions You Crave Cookies Chocolate Chips And Ice Cream

    But other than the risk of these foods going straight to your hips, do they have an impact on your period?

    The simple answer is yes: whatever you do, avoid the call of the chip! But unfortunately , food alone cant solve every menstruation-related issue. If youre looking to relieve period pain and problems, you need to take your whole lifestyle into consideration. Avoid stress and find ways to relax: exercise , do some stretches and eat well.

    Note that food has no proven impact on how heavily you bleed. Period bleeding is usually heavier during your first two years of fertility and in the lead-up to menopause. Your flow may also be heavier in the first few cycles immediately after you give birth or have an IUD inserted. Around a third of women experience what is considered to be heavy bleeding.

    A heavy flow is often associated with cramps. Some foods can help relieve them, but the first thing you need to know is that when youre a heavy bleeder, youre more likely to suffer from an iron deficiency.

  • I have to double-up on my sanitary protection
  • I sometimes stain my clothes or bed sheets
  • I have to change my tampon or pad around every two hours
  • I find large clots in my menstrual blood
  • If this is you, its best to adjust your diet to avoid foods that prevent iron absorption and, conversely, increase your intake of foods that promote it:


    • Milk and other dairy products


    • Meat
    • Vitamin C

    Fatty Meats And Dairy Products

    Natural Foods for Period | What I Eat to Stop Period Cramps Naturally

    The fats found in meats and dairy products are saturated. Similar to trans-fats, saturated fats can cause and worsen pain and inflammation during your period. The UMMC recommends eating more fish, lean meats and beans for protein for reduced pain. Avoiding high-fat cheese sauces, heavy cream, ice cream, meats with visible fat and dishes prepared with cheese or butter can also help.


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