The Mystery Of The Periodic Table

Reviewing The Periodic Table Using Mystery Puzzles

Solving the puzzle of the periodic table – Eric Rosado

Last year, I wanted to create a fun way to review Periodic Table concepts with my students instead of using the same review worksheet I had students complete in the past. I personally enjoy Escape the Classroom activities, but I could not find one that fit with my Chemistry class content.

So, I decided to make a game of my own. I thought it would be fun to solve a mystery whose clues could be used to spell out the name of a country. I decided to create five puzzles to fit within my class time of fifty minutes. Therefore, I had to determine the names of countries that could be spelled using the periodic table and whose names could be made out as a result of five puzzles.

This five puzzle mystery aligns with my chemistry curriculum after instruction on the properties of elements and electron configurations. I use this mystery as a review to prepare for assessments over the properties of elements, symbols on the periodic table and the difference between groups and periods. Also incorporated within the puzzles are basic trends such as the number of subatomic particles, mass number, melting point, and other characteristics of specific elements.

Mystery Of The Periodic Table

Grades: 5-AD

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Our Experience With The Mystery Of The Periodic Table

The Mystery of the Periodic Table is a fascinating read that makes chemistry both engaging and extremely comprehensible.

I read this title out loud to my 10 year old daughter. I dont think that she totally understood all of the science of the book, but she did grasp the main ideas of what elements are and how scientists throughout history uncovered their existence and then arranged them as they discovered their properties.

The book reinforced for her that scientists do not have all the answers instead they are looking for answers through a lot of trial and error. As we read the book, we added the various chemists to our timeline, made a chemistry lapbook, and a wall chart of the periodic table .

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The Mystery Of The Periodic Table


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“When we look at these nice, neat, and straight rows of elements on the Periodic Table of the Elements we might think that it was a nice, neat, and straight road to their discovery. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a long and difficult journey much like the perilous wanderings of Odysseus in Homer’s great epic tale, The Odyssey. Of course the wanderings made it an adventure, and an adventure is always an exciting thing to retell.”

The first part of Wiker’s witty and solidly instructive presentation is most suitable to middle school age, while the later chapters are designed for ages 12-13 and up, with a final chapter somewhat more advanced. Fold-out Periodic Table. Black and white illustrations. 2003 copyright by Bethlehem Books. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover. 166 pp.

This book is suggested as a supplement to Seton’s Science 7 for Young Catholics

This book is also part of a 3 book set known as the Bethlehem Science Book Set.

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The Mystery Of The Periodic Table By Benjamin D Wiker

The Mystery of the Periodic Table

If you are looking for a living book for the study of chemistry be sure to check out The Mystery of the Periodic Table.

Do you ever plan too far ahead? That happened to me with science curriculum. I bought Noeo Physics 1 and Noeo Chemistry 1, but we worked through the physics material so slowly that by the time we got to the chemistry material, my daughter had outgrown level 1!

Fortunately, Noeo is a living books based curriculum. And good books are good books no matter their level. So I decided to simply beef up level 1 with some extra books that take a deeper look at the subject.

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The Mystery Of Matter

Stephen Lyons Moreno/Lyons Productions LLC Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • October 20, 2014
  • United States:August 19, 2015

The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements is a 2014 American documentary miniseries, which premiered nationwide on August 19, 2015. The PBS documentary, in three-episodes of one hour each, was directed by Stephen Lyons and Muffie Meyer.

The series, which took ten years to make, describes the search for the basic chemical elements that form matter by focusing on the lives and times of seven scientificvisionaries. Hosted by actor Michael Emerson, the series depicts the creative process of the scientists, with actors describing the process of discovery in the scientists’ own words and reenacting their major discoveries using replicas of their original laboratory equipment.

Whats Inside The Mystery Of The Periodic Table

This one volume will take you logically through the major scientific discoveries that led to the creation of our modern periodic table of elements.

  • There are nice line diagrams illustrating many of the concepts
  • Each chemist is featured in a small thumbnail portrait
  • There is a glossary at the back of the book
  • Pronunciations of the chemists names are included in the text.
  • Another helpful part of the book is an appendix listing the elements by their date of discovery.

When science is approached in this step by step way, even complicated scientific concepts are easier to understand. Its as if youre walking alongside the scientists, discovering what they discover through the years.

You read about the experiments and the conclusions that the chemists make. Although their conclusions were often wrong, their questions or methods led other scientists to come to the right conclusions later on. In this way, the value of the scientific method is repeatedly emphasized.

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Thy Mystery Of The Periodic Table

The Mystery of the Periodic Table turned out to be an excellent living book for the study of chemistry! Its one of those books that makes you constantly think, Why, oh why couldnt my chemistry studies have been this interesting?

Of course, the meat of the book covers all the scientists in the middle: Robert Boyle

  • Joseph Priestly
  • and more!

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