How To Prevent Acne Before Period Naturally

Symptoms Of Period Acne


Period acne is different than the typical acne that occurs during other weeks of the menstrual cycle. Breakouts of pimples from period acne are usually on the lower half of the face , jawline, and neck. They are usually red, inflamed, raised bumps that rarely develop into pustules . They can be very frustrating, but try to resist squeezing them. This can make them worse and take longer to go away.

Changes in hormone levels may be one of the factors responsible for acne breakouts. Testosterone remains at a constant level during the whole menstrual cycle, while estrogen and progesterone drop as a period approaches. This means that before and during menstruation, testosterone levels may be higher than estrogen or progesterone.

The increased level of progesterone in the middle of the cycle stimulates the production of sebum. This natural oil can clog pores. This, along with additional factors, contributes to the formation of acne. The condition may worsen when testosterone levels are comparatively higher at the end of the menstrual cycle, which is right before the next period starts.

Acne lesions often appear before menstruation starts, mainly in hormone-dependent areas such as on the cheeks, in the lower third of the face, on the neck, and, less commonly, on the chest and back.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

You keep your hands on your laptop while working, touch the door handle and other places during the day and touching your face will transfer the germs and bacteria to your face, this can lead to breakouts.

What you should do: Always wash your hands before touching your for apply, re-touching or removing make up. Try to avoid leaning your face in your hands while working or sitting.

Dont Underestimate Natures Healing Power

As you can see, I am very passionate about the topic of hormonal acne because it is often not discussed by mainstream skincare professionals when treating blemished skin.

Although there are wonderful topical products on the market , addressing hormones is a huge component for achieving lifelong clear skin. Not only have I successfully done this for myself, thousands of NAC clients have as well, and so can you. Let us show you how!

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Try Tea Tree Oil And Acv

“Tea tree oil kills C. acnes, the bacteria associated with acne,” says Dr. Kindred. As a hormonal acne treatment, she recommends either using a tea tree oil-based cleanser or creating a diluted wash using a mixture of water with a few drops of raw oil that you can apply directly on your breakouts. Dr. Garshick notes that tea tree oil has been shown to reduce inflammation, meaning it may also help reduce the redness associated with hormonal breakouts.

Another derm-recommended ingredient for hormonal acne? Apple cider vinegar. “ACV has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can help kill bacteria and yeast on the skin related to conditions like acne, eczema, and dandruff,” says Raechele Cochran Gathers, M.D., a board certified dermatologist and founder of However, always check with your dermatologist first as ACV is acidic and can cause severe skin irritation when used incorrectly.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Acne Before Period: 8 Ways to Prevent  Composed Nutrition ...

Blood sugar imbalances can lead to hormone imbalances, most notably elevated androgen levels like testosterone. This is often seen in those with PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Insulin is the hormone whose job it is to clear sugar from the blood. With blood sugar imbalances insulin has a difficult time keeping up with demands and the cells may become less responsive to allowing the sugar into the cells, where it is needed for energy. Over time insulin can signal the ovaries to start producing more testosterone , which can result in symptoms like acne. A way to prevent acne before your period is to balance your blood sugar. Do this by not skipping meals, eating consistently throughout the day, and including protein, healthy fat, and fiber at meals and snacks.

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What Is Period Acne

During your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels fluctuate. This can result in acne breakouts during your period.

Just before your period date, the production of progesterone falls and estrogen levels rise. This can result in an increase in oil production in your body. Excess sebum can clog your pores, causing acne breakouts.

Cover Your Skin With Charcoal To Help Prevent Breakouts

Along with being extra diligent about her skin-care routine to prevent pimples in the first place, Lestraundra Alfred, founder and host of the Balanced Black Girl Podcast , applies a charcoal face mask followed by spot treating with tea tree oil.

Charcoal is designed to dry out blackheads and unclog pores, says Garshick. Its activated by a lifting effect, where it adheres to dirt and other debris in pores and pulls it out. One mask to try: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores.

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The 5 Natural Supplements You Need To Stop Hormonal Acne

Food is always the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to combat hormonal dysfunction, but natural supplements are essential for speeding up the process of healing and recovery.

Using the right natural supplements every day can get you to where you want to be much faster than using food alone.

Ready to recover your glowing complexion and regain your confidence? Here are my top five natural supplements for preventing and healing hormonal acne:

  • Magnesium. Magnesium is an important nutrient for fighting inflammation . Calcium is part of the bodys tissue matrixcomprising bones, cells, and skinand is important for skin cell renewal. Taking magnesium with calcium combined in supplement form can reduce inflammation and acne.
  • Omega-3s. Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids from fish or flax oil can improve skin significantly. . With fish oil, many women see clearer, softer, smoother skin in just a few days.
  • Zinc. Zinc deficiency is a common issue for many women. When were deficient in zinc, our pores become easily irritated by bacteria and show redness. Research has shown that zinc supplementation can be very effective in easing acne even when compared to commonly prescribed antibiotics.
  • B Vitamins. Your skin needs B-vitamins to regenerate and renew as they provide the energy all of your cells need for fuel. Taking a good B-complex every day that includes a high level of B6 will target hormonal or premenstrual acne. B6 prevents skin inflammation and overproduction of sebum .
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


    Being known for its all organic and natural products, The Body Shop has effective products for acne treatment. The Body Shop Tea Tree oil is concentrated with 15% tea tree oil hence it safe to use directly on the skin. The tea tree oil is known for its bacteria-fighting properties and soothing the skin. It doesnt over-dry the skin. Tea tree oil for acne is the safest choice because it doesnt produce any side effects in the short or long run. Though it has a little strong smell.

    Application: Use the tea tree oil directly on the scars or acne with a cotton ball. Leave it for a few hours or overnight then clean your face. If you dont want to use it directly, you can mix a few drops of oil in your face mask, cream or face wash.

    Note Do not overuse . Consult a doctor if you have any allergies to strong oils or have sensitive skin issues.

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    Drinking Enough Of Water

    Proper hydration of the body is essential at any moment in life, but in this case, can help in reducing or stopping the period. Large amounts of water will also reduce bloating and cramping during menstruation.

    In addition to proper hydration, you should avoid fizzy drinks and too much caffeine because they will be partly responsible for the increase of cramps during menstruation.

    Blood Level And Vitamin B

    Vitamin b5 is good for skin and acne, vitamin b7 also called biotin is known for its benefits for the skin so make sure to get enough B vitamins during the day. B vitamins are water soluble, means your body wont stock them in its fat but it will get rid of them through urine so its important to get at least the daily recommendation of B vitamins everyday.

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    Discussed Below Are Types Of Pimples Due To Ovulation With Their Characteristics:

    1. Papules is a Type of Pimple Caused Due to Ovulation

    Papules form in the chin area and are small in size. They are pinkish and hurt a lot. Papule-type Acne during ovulation is the most common type.

    2. Whiteheads are Caused Due to Ovulation

    Whiteheads are the ugly-looking white pus-filled spots seen on the skin or beneath it. These period bumps form due to the dirt assimilated in the pores. This becomes a breeding spot for the bacteria growth, causing inflammation. Usually, these whiteheads accompany papules.

    3. Cyst is Caused Due to Ovulation

    As the name suggests, cysts are big, round breakouts filled with pus. Do not touch these pores or put pressure on them. A slight outburst of this cystic Acne during periods can cause permanent marks on your skin.

    Do Diet And Lifestyle Affect Hormonal Acne At All

    How To Prevent Menstrual Acne

    “There is no evidence that poor hygiene, chocolate or greasy foods cause acne in all people,” says Dr Tomizawa.

    “Although eating healthy will improve your well-being, changes to your diet will not miraculously cure your skin.

    “Dermatologists have researched diet modification for a number of skin diseases and unfortunately avoiding certain ingredients in foods usually does not improve the appearance of the skin or cure acne for all people.

    “However, in certain people, they may find that a particular food group especially those in high refined sugar can exacerbate their acne. For these people, avoiding these foods can help to reduce their breakouts.”

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    What Are The Best Skincare Products For Hormonal Acne

    ‘Your skin can also become more sensitive going into the last week of your cycle, so before your period it’s time to use skincare thats very simple with no fragrance.’Okay, so that’s topline. Now let’s breakdown your pre-period skincare regime.‘Right now, its all about prevention,’ says Ferguson. ‘Try using a gentle deep cleanse with AHAs to remove excess dead skin from your pores. Disciple’s Night Shift AHA Oil cleaner is great for this. You can use salicylic acid, which removes excess oil and exfoliates inside pores,’ elaborates Ferguson.

    When your period arrives

    ‘Now, start using a gentle retinol cream or treatment which will help any breakouts heal in no time and will also help to reduce scarring.’ On the retinol spectrum, a 0.3% is generally seen as the most gentle percentage that still yields results.

    During your period

    ‘Avoid heavy creams at night as we tend to get hotter and sweat more rich creams and sweat are a bad combo for skin and can cause further breakouts. Try a light oil: something high in linoleic acid, or an essence, instead.’

    Premenstrual self-care: how to help yourself out, emotionally

    ‘It’s time to step up the self-care this week,’ says Ferguson. ‘Youll likely be feeling more tired, so avoid making any serious social plans unless youre really feeling up to it.’

    Way To Stop Your Periods

    From above, it is quite clear that there exists an array of reasons that would compel somebody to have their period delayed or permanently stopped. Depend on what reasons you have, you can have your period stop for a day, a week, or even permanently.

    Stopping your period can be done both naturally at home or using medical options. Some of the simple ways to stop your periods quickly for a day would include using the following methods:

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    The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel

    The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel is another effective anti-acne product that is very easy to use, store and carry. The gel is transparent and has a runny consistency. You can apply it directly with the brush applicator on the spots and acne. Leave it for a few hours, it will automatically get absorbed. You can use this product in a routine or 2 weeks prior to every period. This will cool down the inflammation and reduce the chances of premenstrual acne. It is very travel-friendly. This can really help to prevent the cystic acne during the period.

    This product is pricey, so you must NOT use it carelessly.

    Avoid Sugar And Dairy

    How To Stop Acne Breakout During Period |Tips To Get Rid Of Period Acne | Simmy Goraya | BeBeautiful

    âThe number one food to avoid is sugar in all its forms, and then cow dairy in all its forms,â says Stacey. Both sugar and cow dairy can increase insulin levels, which in turn can contribute to acne.

    Also, if you want to keep your skin clear, youâre going to want to skip fresh-squeezed juice. Yeah, it sounds counter-intuitive, but Stacey says that juice will âsend your insulin levels through the roofâ because of all its sugars!

    Focusing on a sugar and dairy-free diet specifically the week before and after ovulation works best. âWhat happens on day 14 is going to affect what happens right before your periodâthe damage is already done around five days before your period.â

    For the best results though, you should stick to the diet all month long.

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    How To Prevent Acne Before Your Period

    There are some lifestyle changes you can try that may help you manage your acne before your period.

    Good skin hygiene Bacteria on your face can aggravate premenstrual acne. Keeping your skin clean can help prevent acne before your period. Avoid touching your face too often because your hands can leave bacteria and dirt on your skin. Your phone can carry a lot of bacteria, so cleaning it frequently may also help prevent premenstrual acne.

    When you work out at a gym, be mindful of common surfaces that other people may have touched. You can use towels to cover mats, seats, and handles.

    Dont smoke Smoking contributes to all kinds of acne.

    Maintain a healthy weight A hormone called sex-hormone binding globulin helps fight off acne. This protein acts like a sponge to soak up testosterone in your bloodstream. Having a healthy amount of SHBG means theres less testosterone available to cause acne before your period.

    Obesity can reduce SHBG sensitivity, thereby increasing testosterone. Eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight may help control acne before your period. Try eating a diet with a low glycemic index with plenty of foods high in zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and vitamins A and E. These can be found in seafood, cheese, nuts, and spinach.

    Getting enough vitamins and minerals can help improve your acne. Keep in mind, vitamins and minerals can help maintain healthy skin theyre not useful as a primary treatment for acne.

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