What To Do When Your Daughter Starts Her Period

How Does Ovulation Relate To Periods

What will the doctor do if a girl doesn’t start her period by age 15?

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovaries. The same hormones that cause the uterus lining to build up also cause an egg to leave one of the ovaries. The egg travels through a thin tube called a fallopian tube to the uterus.

If the egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, it attaches to the wall of the uterus, where over time it develops into a baby. If the egg is not fertilized, the uterus lining breaks down and bleeds, causing a period.

How To Help Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period

Many girls are worried that they’ll get their first period at school, camp, or when their mother isn’t around to help. While you have no control over when your daughter’s period will begin, you can prepare her for the unexpected. Here’s what you should know.

Many tween girls worry about when their period will begin. Will it be while they’re at school, camp, or even a friend’s sleepover? The unknown can be scary to a tween who has never had to deal with menstruation before. But you can help prepare your daughter for the unexpected, and ease her anxieties.

Another Sign Your Child Is Close To Starting Their Period: Body Hair

Not long after your child begins to develop breasts, they may start to notice hair growing in places they didn’t have hair before. Coarser hair will begin to grow on their legs, their underarms. and in their genital area. Pubic hair typically starts to grow a short time after breast buds appear, and is yet another sign that your child is getting nearer to menstruation.

Body hair growth can also make your child begin to feel self-conscious about the changes that are happening. It’s important to be supportive during this time, and if necessary, talk to your child about personal grooming if they’ve expressed a desire to begin shaving.

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What To Expect With Your Child’s First Period

Some kids may experience typical premenstrual symptoms like bloating, cramping, fatigue, breast soreness, back pain, or constipation or diarrhea in the days leading up to their first period. Others may not have any PMS symptoms at all. First periods and menstrual cycles can also vary wildly from person to person. Your child may have moderate amounts of bright red blood with their first period, or they may have light spotting that more closely resembles reddish-brown discharge. It may last for several days, or only last for 1-2 days and then return a week or two later. Their periods may also be very irregular for the first year or two after they start their period, before their cycle regulates and is easier to track.

If your child experiences severe premenstrual symptoms or heavy sustained bleeding with their first few menstrual cycles, talk to your pediatrician or schedule an appointment with a gynecologist to talk about some options and solutions that may be available to them.

Discuss What To Do If It Happens At School

My First Period

Explain to your child that if she thinks her period has arrived, she needs to ask for permission to go to the girl’s bathroom to check. It’s a good idea for all tween girls to keep a pad in their book bags or school lockers, just in case. A small pad can easily fit into a change purse or a small handbag.

If your daughter doesn’t have a pad, instruct her to go to the school nurse right away. The nurse will be able to provide her with one.

Some schools have sanitary napkin machines in the restrooms, but they don’t always work or may not be stocked. Friends may also be able to provide your tween with the supplies she needs, but it’s best if your tween only uses them as a last resort.

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The Gift Of Confidence

The Period Book: A Girls Guide to Growing Up by JoAnn Loulan and Bonnie Worthen helps adolescent girls feel confident about this new phase of life .All adolescent, preteen and teenage girls struggle with self-image and confidence. Just knowing there are books written for girls getting their periods can bolster confidence and feelings of normalcy.

I got my period a week before my 13th birthday, says 16 year old Margaret in 20 Girls Get Real About Getting Their First Period. It was the same day I was scheduled to run in a 5k, so I associated my cramps with that. Im lucky that my mom prepared me really well for the experience . I had been given a book about it when I was younger and I wasnt really afraid.

Check Your Own Opinion About Periods

“In the history of talking about periods there are all sorts of words like ‘curse’ and ‘suck,'” says Julie Metzger, R.N., M.N., co-founder of Great Conversations, an organization based in the Pacific Northwest that offers classes for parents and preteens about puberty, sexual reproduction, and sexuality. But even if that’s how you feel about Aunt Flo, “check in with that storytelling,” before discussing the details with your child, recommends Metzger, “because there’s a lot about periods that have to do with really amazing and wonderful things like fertility and the opportunity to have a baby.”

Instead, consider the fact that you can communicate a different kind of story about what it means to grow up, experiencing normal and healthy body changes. Plus, even if your history with periods has been less-than-ideal, it doesn’t mean your child’s will be.

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What Dad Needs To Know About His Daughter’s First Period

A dad and his daughter have a special bond: In their personal fairy tale, she is the princess, and he is the hero. And, as the daughter grows up, she experiences all the joys and struggles that come with getting older. Puberty comes before you know it, and that means the daughters first period, or menarche, is just around the corner.

When your daughter is close to having her first period, dad can continue to be the hero and help his little girl through what can be a difficult time. Russell Horton, DO, who specializes in pediatrics, and Adrienne Burke Miller, CNM, MSN, explain the basics to help dads understand their daughters first period.

Heating Pad Or Teddy Bear For Your Girls Pms And Period Cramps

Your Daughters First Period | What to Expect & How to Help

The Lulumaia Llama Heating Pad Gift for Menstrual Cramps is an effective heating pad for premenstrual syndrome or period cramps. This baby llama will cuddle with your girl anywhere and give her comfort and relief. Its filled with organic proso millet as the heating element, and is easily and quickly microwavable.

When I wrote How to Get Rid of Period Pain Quickly and Easily, I learned why hot water bottles and heating pads reduce painful cramps. Period pain is caused by a reduction in blood flow the heat increases circulation in the abdomen and helps alleviate cramps.

If your girl isnt the type to cuddle a llama, look at the The Body Heating Wrap and Heat Therapy Pad. This heating pad will cover the whole back or front of her body, releasing muscle tension and pain. A lovely gift for a girl getting her period.

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How Long After A Girl Gets Pubic Hair Does Her Period Start

Just after your daughters breasts start to form, shell probably start growing pubic hair.

It will be soft and thin at first, but itll get coarser over time. Her period usually arrives around one to two years later.

Thus while that is one of the signs your daughter is about to start her period, its not an immediate indicator.

So lets review all the . . .

Periods And Additional Needs

Periods can be especially challenging for young people with additional needs and their parents. If your child has moderate to severe intellectual disability, they might not understand why theyre experiencing changes to their body and mood.

Your child still needs to know about periods and the menstrual cycle at a level they can understand. Your GP, or other health professionals involved in your childs care, can recommend resources you can use with your child, like books and visual aids. You could also speak to your childs school about support.

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Providence Physician Elizabeth Snapinn Provides Other Helpful Dos And Donts

The onset of a girls first period can be a time of many questions both for girls and for their parents. While tweens may be curious about what menstruation will be like, parents may be wondering about the best way to answer the many questions on the topic that will be coming their way. Elizabeth Snapinn, MD, an internal medicine and pediatrics primary care physician at Pacific Medical Centers in Lynnwood, Washington, gives parents a handy tip sheet about what and what not to do.

Prepare Your Child For Potential Mood Changes

7 Ways to Prepare your Daughter for her First Period

PMS is a real thing, its not just something people make bad jokes about, Dr. Snapinn says. In its more severe form its called PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which is essentially depression that happens around a period. If parents see any signs of depression, such as social withdrawal or a change in grades, they should contact their pediatrician. Its good to talk about these issues in advance, Dr. Snapinn advises. You can tell your daughter she might notice that she feels unusually cranky or even that she feels bloated or her breasts hurt before her periodand thats completely normal.

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Preparing Your Daughter For Her First Period

by Women’s Health Specialists | Aug 16, 2021 | General

Your little girl is growing up! Signs of her age are apparent from simply observing changes that begin to happen before she even gets her first period. Most girls start to menstruate between ages 10 and 15 years old, with an average age of 12. But, changes often start a couple of years sooner. Talking with your daughter about what to expect and reassuring her these changes are normal is key. Here are some signs and symptoms of puberty that you and your daughter will notice before menstruation begins:

  • Breast buds She may experience pain or firm bumps in or behind her nipples, signaling the first signs that breast buds are developing. The areola may look bigger or puffy. You can expect her period to start about two years after her breast buds develop.
  • Pubic hair Once her pubic hair starts growing, you can expect her period to develop in one to two years. It may begin soft and thin but it will become courser and thicker towards the end of puberty.
  • Vaginal discharge She may notice white or yellowish fluid in her underwear which usually means her period is going to start in next few months. Depending on the amount, you may want to offer her a panty liner.

When should you take your daughter to see a doctor?If your daughter hasnt gotten her period by age 16 or if she has bleeding that occurs more frequently than every 21 days or is lasting longer than 7 days, you should make an appointment with one of our OBGYNs.

Make Sure She Is Prepared

Stock up on supplies and have her always keep 2 pads or tampons in her purse. One for her, and one for a friend that may need it. A cute zipped pouch works great for this. Here is a super cute one. By the way, make sure she has these in her purse as soon as you think she may be getting ready to start someday. Its never too early to be prepared! Usually, her body will show signs shes going through puberty before she starts her period. Thats the time to start being prepared!

She might also want to keep ibuprofen or essential oils in her purse if she is prone to bad cramps and is mature enough to handle her own dosing. Schools may not allow her to carry her own meds, so if thats the case, make sure she knows to go to the nurse.

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What Happens If I Start My Period At School

A situation like this one is why the “on-the-go” supply of products in a small carrying case is so helpful. By taking either a pad/tampon out of the carrying case and placing it in her pocket, a girl is then prepared to ask her teacher for a restroom break to discreetly deal with the situation. Another option is to request to go to the front office to see a school nurse or representative, both of whom also keep such supplies on hand.

Discussing Menstruation With Your Daughter: What’s A Period

Your First Period: What You Need to Know

In my last post, “Talking to Your Daughter About Puberty,” I presented tips for parents about how to broach the subject of puberty with their daughters. These included helpful hints for how to explain what puberty is, discussing breast development and talk about shaving with your daughter. This follow-up post is intended to help parents field the following questions about menstruation.

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Gift Ideas For A Girl Getting Her First Period

Getting your period is a scary and exciting gift! What do you give a girl who is on her first period ? I didnt celebrate or get presents when I got my first period at age 10, but wouldve appreciated these gifts.

Whether your girl is excited, happy, nervous or uncomfortable these ideas will reassure and support her. My gifts arent just for girls getting their first periods. These items will help her navigate her whole menstrual cycle. These gifts will make her feel happy, beautiful, and confident about her body. These gift ideas are perfect for daughters, sisters, nieces and best friends.

One of the best gifts you could give a girl starting her first period is a relaxed, healthy, honest conversation about what its like to menstruate. You may want to share your own first period story, and talk about different causes of irregular periods.

When To See A Doctor

Schedule an appointment with a pediatrician or endocrinologist if your daughter:

  • Has not gotten a period for 6 months. A doctor may try to rule out whether there are any medical issues responsible for the huge gap in periods.
  • Suffers from excruciating pain or other symptoms, such as diarrhea and vomiting, during her periods. Hormonal treatments may be recommended
  • Experiences extreme mood changes or depression that disrupt her daily life. A doctor may suggest visiting a mental health therapist to help your daughter learn coping strategies to deal with the problem.

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