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What Is The Curve Programme

Best Exercises To Do On Your Period | #WorkoutWithJen

The Curve is a female body transformation programme designed by Fulham gym ONE LDN, promising long-lasting results using a kinder, more intuitive approach to fitness, via a cocktail of strength training, cardio, resistance training and nutritional guidance.

The Curve is the creative brainchild of ONE LDN founder Evgenia Koroleva, who designed the programme after becoming fascinated with the impact her cycle had on training whilst she was going through an egg freezing process.

Evgenias vision is to help women take control and harness their monthly cycles to help them feel their very best. She believes that when were working with our bodies and not fighting against them, its far easier to stick to a rigorous training plan harnessing our hormonal strengths when it comes to all aspects of our lives, not just fitness.

These fluctuations affect our energy levels, muscle and joint function, metabolism, vulnerability to injuries, appetites, sleep quality, and even skin health, yet hardly any women look at it this as part of their regular exercise programming, she adds.

Our bodies are smart so I believe that living in tune with them is a kinder and a more enjoyable way to live.

More Energy During Your Period

Exercise might help you improve problems with low energy, too. When you exercise, you strengthen your heart so it can provide more blood and oxygen throughout your body, including your brain. Exercise can also help relieve stress that can drag your energy levels down during the day. Finally, exercise can improve sleep so you can make the most out of your eight hours of rest.

Rolling Down The Wall

Rolling down the wall exercise will ease your low back pain that accompanies during your period. It does so by relaxing your tight back muscles and restoring symmetry. When you get back pain, your muscles get stiffened. You can perform this wall exercise any time of the day, to offset any monthly ack soreness.

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Do Exercise You Already Like

This is not the time to try CrossFit or other high-intensity, unfamiliar workouts. Do what already works for you, whether thats yoga, hiking, weightlifting, etc.

Though your hormones fluctuate throughout your cycle, you always inhabit the same body. You already know what feels good for your body and what doesnt.

Work with what you already know works. Plus, not having to endure CrossFit is always a bonus.

Working Out Regulates Irregular Periods Naturally

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If you have irregular periods or your period is overdue, physical activity can help your menstrual cycle get back on track. Being active the days before you expect your period to come and pairing it with a healthy diet, will support your period to be regular. There are some fruits and herbs that act as emmenagogues and can help kickstart a late or irregular period. Try to eat some pineapples, papaya and parsley.

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The Top 4 Workouts When You’re On Your Period

Ladies, we all dread that time of the month. If you have unbalanced hormones, then you know what Im talking about– Stomach-twisting cramps, insatiable cravings, mood swings, fatigue — you get the picture. That being said, it is crucial to listen to your body when youre on your cycle and slow down. Even if you learned how to balance your hormones and dont suffer from those symptoms anymore– YEP, still SLOW down!

Heck yes, its awesome to get a good sweat in. In fact, studies show exercise can help relieve some premenstrual pain, as it releases feel-good endorphins, decreases inflammation, improves blood flow, and increases energy levels over time.

However, it may be wise to hold off on that spinning class or HIIT workout to keep your cortisol levels at bay… So I have compiled a list of the best, low-impact workouts to do when you are on your period but still want to incorporate some daily movement!

1. Walking – Whether it be on a treadmill or a light stroll around the neighborhood, walking for at least 30 minutes provides both tremendousphysical and mental health benefits. Its also one of the easiest forms of exercise, as it can be performed for a long period of time without exerting too much energy. So pop in your headphones, listen to your favorite podcast, music, or book, and get your steps in!



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But If Youre Struggling To Get Through That Spin Class Or Eke Out Those Last Few Reps In The Weight Room Youre Probably In That Last Phase Of Your Cycle Meaning Your Period Is On Its Way

Dr. DeLucia pointed out, The week or so before our period or right when it starts will be the time we are less interested in just about anything, adding, The onset of our period occurs from an abrupt drop in both estrogen and progesterone, causing physiological changes in our uterus that leads to the shedding of our lining our menstrual flow. That time when we have the drastic drop in our hormones will be the lowest point in our energy levels.

Thankfully most of us dont feel too much of a slump for longer than a day or two, she said, noting that for some people this can last a week.

Other things that can happen in the days leading up to your period include a rise in core body temperature by about 1 degree Fahrenheit, leaving you extra sweaty. Your sleep can also be disturbed, and muscles may feel extra achy, with recovery after your workout taking even longer than usual.

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How To Eat And Exercise During Your Period

Dr. Krishnan recommends reaching for nutrient-dense foods in the lead-up to your period to provide energy and satisfy hunger. That means high-protein options, as well as anything containing oleic acid , which triggers the production of a fullness-inducing endocannabinoid in the body.

And, yes, the experts do still recommend some exercise during your period, if youâre feeling up to it. Gentle yoga, Pilates, jogging, and swimming are all great low-impact options, says Dr. Hashish. âI also suggest stability work, focusing on the core and the gluteus medius, that big fan-shaped muscle on the sides of your hips,â he says. âIncreasing strength there will help you retain better control of your lower limbs and resist injury.â

And if you really, truly just want to get your sweat on, don’t deprive yourself. By taking the appropriate precautions and pre-workout preparations, you can safely HIIT any day of the month. Listen to your body, first and foremost, warm up well and use proper footwear, says Dr. Okubadejo. âCardio releases endorphins, which can help get rid of prostaglandins, the chemicals produced during a period that cause fever, pain, and muscle contractions,â he says. And the endorphins will of course boost your mood, too.

Want inspo for low-impact cardio workouts? Check out the video below:

Key Points To Keep In Mind

The best ways to exercise during your period AND every stage of your cycle.

To make the most of exercising during this time of month, remember to stay hydrated. Whether it is drinking an extra cuppa or carrying around a water bottle, keep drinking those liquids. People with periods naturally lose fluids during when menstruating which can cause us to experience light-headedness if we stand or change positions too quickly. This is especially true if we are suffering from heavy flows.

Also, it is recommended to utilize cardiovascular exercises that increase our heart rates to a minimum of 65 percent of our maximum levels. This is the best way to effectively relieve cramping by stimulating circulation and not completely wiping us out in the process. So remember, we need to be especially vigilant about staying hydrated and taking it a little slower during our workouts.

What strategies do you recommend for exercising while your Aunt Flo is visiting for the month? Let us know on or !

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How To Relieve Period Cramps: Exercise And Home Remedies

Between uncomfortable cramps, fatigue, and breast tenderness, your menstrual period doesnt exactly leave you feeling like you can conquer the world. What helps cramps the natural way may seem like a mystery. However, there are ways to learn how to relieve period cramps using exercise and home remedies. Exercising while Aunt Flo is in town may help make you feel better in a more natural, healthy way. Exercise can lead to relief from uncomfortable period symptoms for many women. Whether you head out to your normal spin class or take a walk around the neighborhood, you might experience these perks of period exercise.

The Third Week Of Your Cycle

After day 14, estrogen levels tank and the same goes for your energy. This can make any workout feel even more strenuous, and could make you extra susceptible to ligament and tendon tears and other injuries, Dr. Kominiarek says. While there’s conflicting research on whether your cycle can significantly increase your injury risk, it’s smart to play it safe with supervised floor-based workouts like barre or Pilates instead of high-risk, high-impact sports like skiing or a first go at CrossFit.

If you typically hit up fitness classes, slow things down with a self-paced solo workout. Because stamina is on your side this week, slow-and-steady cardio, like a long run or elliptical session, is also ideal. Or you can always play it safe with a couple rest days.

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The Week After Your Period

When your period lets up, your testosterone and estrogen levels begin to rise. Because testosterone can help you sculpt lean muscle mass and estrogen builds connective tissues that bind your muscles to your bones, this is the ideal time for you to tone up, according to Dr. Robert Kominiarek, an Ohio-based physician who specializes in hormone optimization.

Because oral contraceptives can interfere with testosterone, the effects might not be as pronounced if you’re on the pill. But for everyone else: Science confirms that women gain more strength and muscle from strength-training during the first half of their cycle than the second half, so this is your chance to shine.

To that end, if there’s ever a time to treat yo’self to a fancy boutique fitness class, now’s the time. Unlike the week of your period, when you’re tired and less likely to perform at your peak, you’ll really reap the benefits of that $30-plus class fee. Try a hardcore workout like indoor cycling, high-intensity interval training, or boot camp. Rowing? CrossFit? Cardio kickbox? Anything is fair game.

How Your Workout Can Alleviate Menstrual Discomfort

7 Light Exercises During Your Period

Sometimes all you want to do is R& R on your couch with a bag of Pirate’s Booty. We so feel you, but moving will give you a lift. “It sounds counter-intuitive, but many menstrual symptoms can actually be reduced with exercise,” Dr. Cross says. That’s true if you’re doing light, moderate or heavy-duty activity.

In the St. Mary’s University survey, 78 percent of women reported that working out helped period-related discomfort, including stomach cramps, sore breasts, moodiness, fatigue and cravings. Score for exercise!

“Endorphins are feel-good chemicals released during exercise,” Dr. Cross says. “They can help even out mood swings and make you feel better overall.”

Here’s how you stand to benefit from working out despite period discomforts:

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Exercising While On Your Period: Things To Avoid

Exercising during your period shouldnt put additional stress on the body, cause pain, or interfere with the normal process of your cycle. Exercise during your period can be beneficial, but there are certain things to avoid, including the following:

  • Strenuous or prolonged exercise might not be good for the body when you are menstruating. This doesnt mean you have to stop your normal training, but be cautious. One study found that 60 minutes of moderate to intense exercise during menstruation caused exercise-induced inflammation.
  • Inversion-type yoga poses are thought by some to pull the uterus toward the head. Although theres no scientific evidence for this theory, some believe that this can cause the broad ligaments that support the uterus to stretch and compress the veins that carry blood away from the uterus. This can lead to vascular congestion and increased bleeding because the arteries that supply the uterus continue to pump blood into the area.
  • Lastly, if you feel unusually fatigued, nauseous, or there is an increase in pain or discomfort, stop what you are doing and rest. If these symptoms continue, stop completely. Ignore the saying no pain, no gain. Listen to your body.

Period Hygiene When Exercising

Hygiene during your period is important, including while youre exercising. Here are a few basic rules. First, choose period products that youre comfortable with. If youre concerned about leaks while exercising during your period, then you might choose to use a tampon. However, if you dont normally use tampons, this is not the time to try them out. They can be distracting or painful if not inserted correctly.

Other period products, like pads, menstrual cups, and discs, work just as well or even better than tampons for some people. You can also combine some of these products to keep your underwear from getting stained. Use whatever works best for you.

It is a good idea to carry period products with you when you exercise just in case your period starts earlier than expected. This can be caused by hormonal fluctuations.

After exercising:

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Symptoms Of Period Pain

One might experience mild to severe cramping or throbbing in the lower abdominal region. It can be associated with nausea, vomiting, loose motions, headache, and/or dizziness. Exercise during periods can reduce these symptoms, provided they are not severe and unbearable. If you have a gynecological condition, it might be a good idea to consult your gynaecologist before workout during periods. Your doctor will recommend safe exercises and also set a limit on the duration and intensity of the workout.

After Ovulation/before Your Next Period You May Feel More Fatigued

PERIOD WORKOUT | Yes, You Can – 15 Min Period Weight Loss & Toning Workout in Bed – Full Body

During the luteal phase of the cycle, prior to menstruation, the body ramps up a hormone called progesterone. This can raise your body temperature slightly, and also increase feelings of fatigue, research suggests.

“Some may find that they don’t have as much endurance during the luteal phase, making it harder to hit max lifts,” Brayboy said.

As a result, you may want to schedule more moderate exercise during this phase.

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