How Do I Calculate When My Next Period Will Be

How Much Blood Is Lost During A Period

How do you calculate your monthly cycle? – Dr. Phani Madhuri

The amount of blood lost during a period will vary from woman to woman, but, on average, a woman will lose about 6 – 8 teaspoons of blood per period. A loss of 80 ml or more, having a period longer than 7 days, or both, is considered heavy. However, most women have a good idea of whether or not their bleeding is within the normal range for them.

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How do I know when my next period is due?

Now that you know how to calculate your average cycle length, you can figure out when your next period is due.

To do this, start on the first day of your last period and count out the number of days in your average cycle. Thatâs the projected start date of your next period.

Is there a way to do this without all the maths?

Wish there were a way of figuring out when your next period is without all the counting and maths? Good news – The ALWAYS period calculator will do this for you.All you have to do is mark down when your period started and ended each month, and the calculator does the rest.

How often should I get my period?

A typical menstrual cycle is 28 days. This means that most people will get their period about every 28 days. In reality, that 28 number actually varies from girl to girl. A normal cycle can be anywhere between 21 and 35 days.

Will my periods come regularly at the beginning?

When you start having your period, it might be hard to define when your next period is due, even if you know how to calculate your cycle.

This is because your first periods might be unpredictable. The good news is that, after a year or so, your menstrual cycle tends to become fairly regular.

And then, once you know how many days are in your average cycle, itâs really easy to calculate when your next period will come.

Why should I care when my next period will be?

Do You Know These Facts About Menstruation

  • Most women bleed only about 80 ml or less during their periods.
  • At the time of ovulation you may have slight spotting and /or pain.
  • Do you know why women don’t get periods during pregnancy? When you get pregnant, hormones released in the body prevent endometrium from shedding off as bleeding and ensure thick lining of the uterus, which provides protection and nourishment to the fetus.
  • Menstrual cycle starts with menarche and ends with menopause.

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If You Want To Know More About How To Use The Period Calculator Check Out Our Faqs:

What is a period calculator?

Always be prepared for your upcoming periods and know in advance when youâll be ovulating thanks to the effortless Always period calculator.

Never be surprised when itâs that time of the month as period calculator ensures you know exactly when to expect your next period.

Keeping monthly calculations of your period and other symptoms help you recognize when youâre ovulating and anticipate your period so you can feel fresh and prepared every day of your menstrual cycle.

How to use our period calculator?

Simply answer the following 3 questions to get started:

  • When did your last period start?
  • How long did your period last?
  • How long is your menstrual cycle?
  • Now, click on the âTrack itâ button and you are all set!

    Always Period calculator will inform you when is your next period due and also provide info regarding useful information about products that you might like.

    How the calculator calculates the menstrual cycle?

    Period calculator predicts the time to expect your next period by analyzing your period history data. Every girl and every cycle is unique so it’s important to remember that this the best estimate of your menstrual cycle. Better to feel prepared than surprised, no?

    Why use a period calculator to predict your cycle?

    Knowing when to expect your next period gives you freedom in making plans!

    How a menstrual cycle usually looks

    All menstrual cycles are unique, but we do have some things in common:

    How Do Menstrual Cycle Calculators Work

    How to Calculate Your Ovulation Period Using Your ...

    Menstrual Cycle Calculators vary in complexity. Some will ask you for information such as your average body temperature, as well as various other bits and pieces about what your body is currently going through.

    While there are women who measure their basal body temperature, its not something that the everyday woman uses.

    However, it is a rather accurate way to determine when a woman is ovulating.

    Some feel that these types of cycle calculators are overkill, but for those who are using the basal body temperature to prevent and plan a pregnancy, they have this information handy.

    If you arent into this type of strict monitoring, a simple calculator like the one provided here can give you really good results and help you plan.

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    Some Important Information Regarding The Calculator

    The period calculator above also comes with a fertility calendar. You can navigate through different months by clicking on the NEXT 2 MONTHS and PREVIOUS 2 MONTHS links. This allows you to plan and prepare for your fertile and menstrual periods in the upcoming months.

    What you do need to remember though is that the information isnt 100% accurate as it is impossible to predict the human body.

    Your fertile period gives you a good range in when to have intercourse to potentially get pregnant. You can learn more about the likelihood of conception in this article.

    That being said, the menstrual calculator is still an extremely useful tool. It provides a simple way of knowing when to anticipate your next period and when is the best time to try for getting pregnant.

    This could be a huge help for those with busy schedules to plan their days to start their family.

    Learn more

    Want to learn more about your menstrual cycle? Find out how does the Fertility Calculator work or how to to calculate your period manually.

    Want to know if youre pregnant? Take this online pregnancy test, read more about the most common reasons why your period might be late or find out when its the best time to take a home pregnancy test.

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    How To Use Menstrual Period Calculator

    It is quite simple 3 step process to calculate your next period and your menstrual cycle using MomJunction period calculator. Also, download customised menstrual calender for year.

    • Enter the first day of your last menstrual period.
    • Enter the average length of the menstrual cycle.
    • Average duration of the last period.

    Once you share all the above information,period calculator will share your following menstrual date for a year, fertility calendar, ovulation phase, fertile phase and estimated due date.

    What If My Menstrual Cycle Is Way Different Than Average

    How do I know when my next period is due?

    There are lots of potential reasons for having an irregular period, and most of them are no big deal. Check out this article to find outâ¯more. If youâre worried, you can always tell a trusted adult or your doctor to help get to the bottom of why your period is irregular and what you can do about it.

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    Understanding The Menstrual Cycle Properly

    While you may already have a fair understanding of your own menstrual cycle, there are women who have cycle lengths that vary. Sometimes, your own cycle can be as short as 23 days on cycle and 28 or 30 days the next.

    When a variation in menstrual cycle length occurs, it usually happens before you ovulate. This is referred to as the follicular phase which encompasses menstruation as well and ends when you ovulate . A woman generally ovulates between days 12-16 of their cycle which is the start of the luteal phase .

    There is a multitude of reasons as to why your period could be altered, be it stress or medications, even weight gain/loss or travel. Unless you think you are pregnant, it could be a myriad of reasons that have your period coming irregularly.

    How To Calculate A Menstrual Cycle And Menstrual Period

    The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period. In other words, day one of the cycle is the day one of your period, cycle day two is the second day of your period and so on. In general, bleeding is there for three to five days and differs from one woman to another.

    An important point to note is that the cycle begins from the day of your regular bleeding but not spotting. For instance, you started spotting on March 3, but the actual bleeding began a day later. So the first day of your menstrual cycle is March 4. Let’s say you bleed for five days, so, the duration of your menstrual period is five days for the month of March.

    Now, if your next period started on April 2, then your menstrual cycle length is the number of days from March 4 to April 1 , which is 29 days. You should not count the first day of your next period because that day will fall under the next menstrual cycle.

    In general, menstrual period is the number of days you bleed regularly and menstrual cycle is the number of days from first day of your last period to a day before your next period starts. The average length of the menstrual cycle is 28 days but varies from person to person.

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    How Do I Calculate My Fertile Window

    How Do I Calculate My Menstrual Cycle?

    In a regular cycle, a woman’s fertile window is the day of ovulation and the five days before it. For an average 28-31 day cycle, the fertile window would be somewhere between days 14 and 17. Many doctors recommend having sex a few days before ovulation because sperm can live up to five days in a woman’s reproductive tract and will already be present in the woman’s body and be ready to meet the egg when it eventually releases.

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    Example Period Calculation And Result:

    For a menstrual cycle length of 31 days, period length of 4 days and the latest period starting on November 15th 2014:

    Based on your last period starting at November 15, 2014 and having a length of 4 days, the results are:

    Your next menstrual period is most likely to start on December 16, 2014

    You next period will end on December 19, 2014

    This is the Period calendar for the next 12 months:

    Period start
    May 4 – May 8, 2015
    May 20, 2015

    How Irregular Periods Affect Fertility

    Because an irregular period sometimes means a person is not ovulating, very long or short cycles could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance that may make it difficult to conceive.

    However, it is not necessarily the case that someone with irregular periods will not get pregnant, or that someone with regular periods will. The

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