Missed My Period For 2 Months

I Havent Had My Period In 2 Months Ive Had One Period Right After We Had Protected Sex And Nothing Since Then Could I Be Pregnant I Dont Have Access To Pregnancy Tests Or Anything Like That

I’ve had pregnancy symptoms and no period for 2 months, but test results are negative. Why?

I havent had my period in 2 months, we used protection, and as far as I know there was no issue with that. Ive had one period right after we had sex, and nothing since then. My question is whether or not I could be pregnant? I dont have access to pregnancy tests or anything like that.

If you havent had sex since you had your last period, its highly unlikely that youre pregnant, and you probably dont need to take a pregnancy test. Its common to have light spotting or bleeding in early pregnancy, but it wouldnt be like your normal period.

You can have a late period or skip it altogether for lots of reasons stress, being sick, using hormonal birth control, or just being a teenager. Plus, if you used a condom without any issue, youre almost certainly not pregnant. Condoms are super effective at preventing pregnancy when you use them correctly.

But if the period you did have was super light, or if you DID have sex since the last time you had your period and you didnt use a condom correctly, pregnancy may still be possible.

Getting a pregnancy test may not be as easy as it was before COVID-19. Social distancing and staying home can get in the way of a lot of things. You said you dont have access to a pregnancy test, but keep these options in mind as ways to get one if you need it.

Hope this helps!

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Hcg Levels Aren’t The Same For Everyone

A slow rate of hCG production is another good explanation for a negative test and no period. Not everybody is built the samelevels of hCG produced vary from woman to woman.

If you tested too early or your body is not making enough hCG for the test to pick up, then you’ll get a false negative.

As previously stated, home pregnancy tests are usually very accurate. However, there are, of course, times when they are less so, and this is one instance where that could happen.

While these tests have become better over the years, its always best to get your test result confirmed. The confirmatory tests are usually diagnostic procedures done by your doctor.

This may involve a verification of the gestational sac and fetal parts using ultrasound, the detection of a fetal heartbeat, and the detection of fetal movements by a trained examiner.

Do I Have To Take The Test First Thing In The Morning

Not unless you are testing early. Otherwise your test should detect hCG any time of day if you are pregnant. However, if youre taking a pregnancy test before your missed period, its better to test first thing in the morning when concentrations of hCG are the highest.

You can also dilute the amount of hCG in your urine by drinking too much liquid, so try not to drink more than you usually would.

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I Have Negative Pregnancy Test But No Period For 2 Months Why

Pregnancy tests have actually come a long way. Historically, women didnt have a reliable method of understanding if they were pregnant without going to the doctor. It wasnt up until the first at-home pregnancy test was created in 1976 that women could validate that they were expecting.

But regardless of technological advances that let women understand they are pregnant, theres still a great deal of secret about a womans menstruation.

How Soon Can You Tell If You Are Pregnant

10 Reasons for a Missed Period

Most health care providers recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed period to take a pregnancy test, because taking a test too soon after conception can lead to a false-negative result. However, some tests are more sensitive than others and can be taken as soon as 7 to 12 days after conception. The most precise way to determine pregnancy is to take a blood test to measure your level of hCG.

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You Are Pregnant But You Took The Test Too Early

Pregnancy tests work by detecting the pregnancy hormone hCG. If you are pretty sure you are pregnant because you’ve been experiencing some early pregnancy symptoms but have a negative test result, one of the most common reasons is that you have taken the pregnancy test too early, and your body has not produced enough hCG hormone for the test to detect it.

hCG can be detected in the urine only at a minimum of two weeks after conception occurs. For a 99% accurate test result, the test needs to detect at least 25 milli-international units per milliliter . In the first two weeks of pregnancy, only about 10 mlU/ml of hCG is present.

So, to get a reliable test result, wait two weeks after your period is missed. By this time, your body will be creating plenty of hCG, and your home pregnancy test will be far more accurate.

When To Visit The Doctor

Make an appointment with your doctor if you can’t pinpoint the reasons for a late period they may want to check for various conditions. It’s also important to note that vaginal bleeding after a late period may not be the monthly visitor you were expecting. “Anybody who experiences heavy bleeding and pain after a missed period and/or a positive pregnancy test should go to the doctor,” says Dr. McDonald. “All bleeding is not a period, especially in a setting where something is off.”

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You Are Pregnant With Twins Or Triplets

Carrying two or more babies causes a woman to produce very high levels of hCG and at-home pregnancy tests may not be able to detect it because there’s actually too much. This is known as the “high-dose hook effect.”

Dr. Gronowski explains that hCG tests work by forming a “sandwich” with two antibodies as the “bread” and the hCG molecule as the “meat.” When the hCG concentration is too high, it saturates both antibodies, and there are so many molecules that the antibodies can’t form a sandwich, resulting in a negative pregnancy result.

Some women report positive results after diluting their urine with water, however, a blood test at the doctor’s office is a better option for accuracy.

Menstruation 2 Months Late And Then Your Period Is Up To 12 Days Is That Normal

I Missed My Periods 2 Months Earlier, Still I Didnt Get Pregnancy. Why? | Unable to Conceive

In the afternoon, I missed my period for 2 months, usually around the 24th 26th is my schedule, but after that late I had my period on the 18th, on the first 4 days there was a lot of blood and lumps of the size of my little finger came out, the next day the lumps still came out but the size smaller until . Until now there is still a lot of blood coming out, is that normal? because yesterday I missed my period for 2 months.

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Most Common Reasons For A Late Period And Negative Pregnancy Test

Dr. Stuart Spitalnic from Brown University asserts that “taking the test too early and not being pregnant are the main reasons for a negative test.”

If you take the test too early, then your hCG hormone levels are too low for the test to detect. Missing your period could mean that you ovulated later than usual.

Wait two weeks after your period is missed, andtake the test again for an accurate result.

“A very dilute urine is another cause,” says Dr. Spitalnic. Don’t drink too much water before taking the test. For best results, test the first pee in the morning.

Reasons for a negative pregnancy test and no period.

How Home Pregnancy Tests Work

At-home pregnancy tests work by testing a small sample of urine for hCGhuman chorionic gonadotrophin. hCG is the pregnancy hormone that is produced by the developing embryo and, later, by part of the placenta.

Measuring the hCG via home pregnancy tests is qualitative, which explains why the results are a plain yes/no or negative/positive.

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Things That Delay Your Period

A missed period is often the first sign of pregnancy, but there are other reasons for lateness, too. Here are some other factors that can delay your monthly flow:

Extreme diet and exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders for your health. But if you overdo it, you might say bye-bye to your periods, at least temporarily.

Athletes who train really hard or who dont get enough calories may stop menstruating, Dr. Higgins says. Its the bodys way of telling you that it doesnt have enough resources to support a pregnancy.

When your periods stop due to weight loss, diet or exercise, youre experiencing secondary amenorrhea. This means you previously had periods, but they have stopped. Secondary amenorrhea might happen to you if you:

  • Eat an extreme, calorie-restricted diet.
  • Have an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • Lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.
  • Undergo hardcore exercise training, such as for a .

Polycystic ovary syndrome

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that interferes with the release of an egg . When you dont ovulate, you usually dont have a period. Many people with PCOS have irregular, late or missing periods. Other symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Excess facial or body hair.
  • Thinning hair.
  • Weight gain or trouble losing weight.

Doctors diagnose PCOS by checking your symptoms and performing medical tests when needed. Medication and lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms.


Some examples of major stress include:


What Are The Signs Of Implantation

Positive Pregnancy Test But Light Pink Spotting

Implantation is the process when an embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining. It doesnt always cause symptoms. However, some people report feeling light cramping, headaches, and mood swings around the time of implantation. Implantation bleeding can occur around the date when you expect your period, but its usually lighter and only causes pink or brown spotting or discharge.

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You Have An Ectopic Pregnancy That Delays The Production Of Hgc

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself somewhere other than the uterus , which delays the production of hCG hormones and causes severe pain in the lower abdomen or to one side.

This condition is quite rare and occurs in only 1 out of 40 pregnancies, but it is very dangerous and must be diagnosed early to prevent life-threatening consequences.

Does A Missed Period For 2 Months Mean I’m Pregnant

When you are pregnant, your menstrual periods will stop. However, a missed period doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. If you’re wondering whether you might be pregnant, there are a few points that point to a possible pregnancy. These include:

  • You were actively trying to get pregnant in the months before.
  • You ovulated prior to your period’s stopping.
  • You had sexual intercourse in the ovulation window .
  • You were sexually active and not using birth control.

If all of the above points are true, then you have a good chance of being pregnant.

Signs of Early Pregnancy

The only way to truly know if you’re pregnant is a positive pregnancy test and confirmation by a doctor. However, there are a few signs that may give clues to a possible pregnancy. If a missed period for 2 months is due to pregnancy, you’ll start feeling the symptoms below around the four-week mark. Some women even notice subtle changes sooner than four-weeks.

  • Breast tenderness
  • Breast fullness
  • Nausea
  • Lower abdominal bloating and fullness
  • Feeling short of breath with exercise
  • Sensitive to smells
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Needing to urinate more often
  • Higher than normal body temperature
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation

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A Change In Your Schedule

Changing schedules can throw off your body clock. If you frequently change work shifts from days to nights, or if your schedule is generally all over the place, your period can be fairly unpredictable.

A change in your schedule shouldn’t cause you to completely miss your period, but it can cause your period to start earlier or later than expected. Your cycle can also change by a few days if you experience jet lag.

Will I Need Any Tests

I missed my period and have cramps, but the pregnancy test is negative. What’s happening?

If you go to see a doctor about your periods stopping, first of all the doctor will ask you some questions. For example, the doctor will want to know:

  • If you have ever had periods and whether they were regular.
  • How long you have not had periods for.
  • If you have recently been using any contraception.
  • If you are on any medication or have any other medical conditions.
  • If you have recently lost weight.
  • If you are under any stress.
  • If there is any chance you could be pregnant.
  • If you have any other symptoms, such as hot flushes or milk leaking from your breasts. The doctor may also ask about symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness or tender breasts.

Your doctor may then wish to examine you. The doctor may want to check your weight and height and then work out your BMI. They may also want to feel your tummy. They may want to look for signs of possible causes. In some cases an internal examination may be needed.Whether further tests are needed will depend on what has been discovered from talking to you and examining you. You may not need any tests at all. Tests which may be needed include:

  • A pregnancy test .
  • Blood tests. These are done to check out a number of possible causes. They may be done to check hormone levels . Occasionally tests for gene abnormalities may be needed.
  • An ultrasound scan.

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Some Possible Reason To A Missed Period

Usually, women get their period between 12-14 and going to menopause at 50-54. But it may differ according to your environment. Although late or missed periods after unprotected sex are the main symptoms of pregnancy, there are a few other reasons why periods can be delayed or missed. We are discussing them here:

What To Do If You Miss Your Period

If you miss your period, you should wait at first. Give it a few days to make sure you didn’t miscalculate or do something to mix up the dates or that you aren’t simply late. Many practitioners at this point, may recommend a pregnancy test.

You can take a pregnancy test at home or your can go into your doctor’s office. If it’s positive, you have your answer: You missed your period because you were pregnant. If it is negative, you may want to wait a bit and try again.

Seeing your doctor if you are worried is never a bad option. If you are planning to get pregnant soon, you can use the visit to start your preconception health plan. This is a great way to get your body on track to be pregnant. This helps you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

If you are not ready to be pregnant, they can help you determine what your reproductive life plan may look like to stay healthy and avoid pregnancy until the point where you make a decision to have children or permanently decide to not have children.

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