Home Remedies For Pcos And Irregular Periods

How To Regulate Periods Naturally With Pcos

5 Effective Home Remedies for Irregular Periods – How to Cure Irregular Periods and PCOS!

PCOS is more common than you might expect . From intermittent fasting to fighting fatigue , there are plenty of lifestyle changes you can implement to help manage the symptoms of PCOS. In addition, taking Inofolic® Alpha can treat all aspects of PCOS and help to improve your chances of successful conception.

An irregular and unpredictable menstrual cycle is one of the most common and frustrating symptoms of PCOS, but this can be managed through a combination of natural methods. Here, experts from Fertility Family explain exactly what you can do to regulate periods if you are one of the millions of women with PCOS.

Can I Still Get Pregnant If I Have Pcos

Yes. Having PCOS does not mean you can’t get pregnant. PCOS is one of the most common, but treatable, causes of infertility in women. In women with PCOS, the hormonal imbalance interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries . If you don’t ovulate, you can’t get pregnant.

Your doctor can talk with you about ways to help you ovulate and to raise your chance of getting pregnant. You can also use our Ovulation Calculator to see which days in your menstrual cycle you are most likely to be fertile.

Irregular Periods After Marriage And In Teenagers

Once you get married, one of your main purposes would be getting children. That can only occur if you conceive successfully. However, if you have irregular periods, it can be hard getting pregnant since it would be hard finding the right time to conceive.

Middle-aged women may not face many issues with irregular periods unless they have an underlying problem. This is because their menstrual cycles would have stabilized enough to present them with regular periods. Any anomaly in the periods would this be due to another issue.

For teenagers, having irregular periods is a common phenomenon. This is because most of them would be experiencing periods for the first few times. The surge of hormones makes it difficult to have steady periods at this time.

In most teenagers, the first periods will be experienced at the age of 12 where they would have irregular periods for a while. From that point, they can either have regular periods after two years or by the time they are seventeen years of age.

Due to the irregular periods in teenagers, it becomes hard to notice the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome since they could be easily assumed to be the behavior of normal early periods. If by the age of 17 years the periods have not stabilized, you should pay your doctor a visit.

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Why Women With Pcos Have Irregular Periods

One of the key features of polycystic ovary syndrome is irregular or absent menstrual cycles. Many people who have PCOS experience irregular periods due to hormonal imbalances. And these hormonal imbalances can cause infertility. Sometimes irregular periods are a sign of infertility in PCOSand the menstrual irregularity and infertility can be treated.

How To Regulate Periods With Pcos With Natural Home Remedies

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A womans menstrual cycle, on an average is usually of 28 days, but since not every womans cycle is the same, the days can vary from 24-38 days as well. However, if you are someone whose period time keeps changing on a regular basis and they end up sometimes coming earlier or later than usual, then you definitely are someone who is facing an irregular period issue.

There might be a few remedies that can help you regulate your cycle better even when you are suffering from PCOS.

  • Regular Exercise:There are many benefits to exercising on a regular basis prior, during and after your periods as well.
  • Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, something that definitely helps someone who is suffering from PCOS
  • Many research has shown to considerably improve dysmenorrhea and make the periods more regular. thanks to regular exercising
  • Apart from this exercise also helps reduce period pain very effectively as well
  • Cinnamon:Since a long time, cinnamon has been known to be particularly beneficial for issues faced by women during periods.
  • Studies have shown that the consumption of cinnamon helped effectively, in treating women, who were suffering from PCOS, to help regulate their periods better
  • Other than this, cinnamon is also an extremely popular remedy to help treat pain and cramps during periods apart from other symptoms like nausea and even vomiting
  • In women suffering from PCOS, ACV has been known to restore ovulatory menstruation very effectively.
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    What Causes Irregular Periods

    There are a variety of reasons why you may be experiencing menstrual irregularity. Excessively heavy, irregular, or prolonged periods is called menorrhagia.

    Common symptoms include a period that lasts longer than 7 days or bleeding thats so heavy you have to change your period product every hour.

    Causes of menorrhagia may include:

    • Medications. Some anti-inflammatory or hormone medications can affect menstrual bleeding. Heavy bleeding is also a side effect of the IUD birth control.
    • Hormone imbalances. An excess of the hormones progestin or estrogen, which regulate the lining of the uterus, may cause heavy bleeding. Hormone imbalances occur most frequently in girls who have recently started menstruating or women approaching menopause.
    • Medical conditions. Pelvic inflammatory disease , endometriosis, inherited blood disorders, and benign growths and cancers have all been found to possibly cause menstrual irregularity.

    Its All About Whole Foods

    Whole foods are free from artificial sugars, hormones, and preservatives. These foods are as close to their natural, unprocessed state as possible. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are whole foods that you can add to your diet.

    Without hormones and preservatives, your endocrine system can better regulate your blood sugar.

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    Major Symptoms To Look Out For

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    • Not having a period of more than 3 months.
    • If your period goes on for longer than 7 days.
    • If you have unbearable pain and discomfort which causes nausea.
    • If you have an unusually heavy flow.
    • If you find frequent discharge.

    Pro Tip:If you observe any of these symptoms, report them to your gynecologist immediately. Do not ignore any pain or discomfort as it can lead to a major health issue.

    Here Are Some Home Remedies Which Can Help You With Irregular Periods

    Hormonal Imbalance Pcos, Irregular Periods, Missed Periods, and How To Get Periods Home Remedy

    1. Unripe Papaya

    Green, unripe papaya is considered useful in regulating menstrual flow

    2. TurmericTurmeric is considered to be one of the best medicated herbs which is quite warming as well. It is helpful in regulating menstruation and balancing hormones. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties relieve menstrual pain. Consume one-quarter teaspoon of turmeric with milk, honey or jaggery. Take it daily for several weeks or until you see improvement.

    Turmeric is considered to be one of the best medicated herbs which is quite warming

    3. Aloe VeraDo not use this remedy during your periods. Aloe vera helps treat menstrual irregularities naturally by regulating your hormones. To get the best results, extract fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf, mix in one teaspoon of honey and consume it daily before having your breakfast.

    4. Practice Yoga and MeditationStress is one of the primary causes of hormonal imbalance in the body that triggers irregularities in menstruation. Yoga and meditation helps in relieving stress. Meditation can ensure perfect hormonal balance in the body. These two are the most effective methods for controlling irregular periods without medicines.

    Stress is one of the primary causes of hormonal imbalance in the bodyGinger is highly recommended for regulating menstrual cyclesCumin is loaded with a number of health benefits

    Note: Its better to consult a doctor, if your periods are often irregular.

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    Causes Of Irregular Periods

    There can be a number of reasons that may cause periods delayed. However, the specific reason of irregular periods differs from one woman to the other.

    In many cases, irregular periods are related to a condition called anovulation. This means that ovulation hasnt taken place during your menstrual cycle, usually due to severe hormonal imbalances.

    Sometimes an irregular period may be due to subtler hormone imbalances. You may still be ovulating, but the timing of your ovulation can vary greatly month to month. This is because lifestyle and medical conditions can influence your menstrual cycle.

    The following factors can trigger irregular periods:

    In addition, as different women are likely to have different menstrual patterns, slight irregularities once in a while should not be a cause for concern.

    Can Females Have Pcod Problem After Marriage

    Post marriage, PCOD can trigger in women due to stress and lifestyle changes. In case of irregular periods consult gynaecologist to know the exact reason behind it, generally it is advised to loss weight if there is a weight gain post marriage, follow proper healthy diet and lifestyle to avoid PCOD problem after marriage. If having irregular periods and planning a child, then consult your doctor for treatment and advice to avoid any complications in near future during pregnancy.

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    Having Irregular Periods Try These Herbal Drinks

    • If you have been facing the problem of irregular periods for quite some time now, you must try these Ayurveda remedies.

    Parmita Uniyal

    Irregular periods – a shorter or longer menstrual cycle than usual can lead to complications like iron deficiency, osteoporosis, infertility or even heart trouble if not addressed. Not getting periods on time could be due to a variety of reasons from certain underlying health conditions like PCOS, eating disorders, endometriosis or thyroid disease.

    The reason behind irregular periods could also be due to natural hormonal shifts during puberty and during peri menopausal period. Women who are underweight or overweight, those doing strenuous exercises or taking stress, or the ones on contraceptive pills can also notice irregularities with their menses.

    While the women are usually advised medication to fix this hormonal imbalance and their period cycles, making a few lifestyle changes like eating healthy, exercising regularly, managing stress with yoga and pranayama and having a quality sleep can also prove to be quite helpful.

    Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar who regularly shares tips on healthy living on her social media recently took to her Instagram handle to share two effective herbal remedies for irregular periods.

    1. Sesame-jaggery drink for delayed period

    “Take 1 tbsp of sesame seeds , 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp dry ginger powder and boil it in 1 glass of water until it gets half. Then add 1 tsp of jaggery in it and sip on it while its warm.

    Bone Up On Vitamin D And Calcium

    Natural treatment for Irregular Periods,Overian Cysts ...

    A case control study examining 100 infertile women with PCOS found that those who supplemented a daily 1500 mg dose of metformin, a medication commonly used to treat PCOS symptoms, with calcium and vitamin D saw improvements in BMI, menstrual abnormalities, and other symptoms. The women in the study added 1,000 mg of calcium a day and 100,000 IU of vitamin D a month to their daily metformin dose for six months.

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    Take Turmeric With Coconut Milk


    • A few drops of drinking water

    How to Use:

    • Take turmeric powder and black pepper powder in a spoon and mix them well with your fingertips
    • Now, add some fresh drops of water and prepare a smooth paste out of them
    • The, consume it directly and repeat tree time a day for the fast and certain cure from PCOS.
    • You can skip the black pepper part and could continue this method with only turmeric dust as well if you want.

    Will Any Form Of Hormonal Birth Control Work

    • Progesterone therapy: You can take progesterone for 10 to 14 days every one to two months. This treatment doesnt prevent pregnancy or improve androgen levels, but it can help manage your symptoms.
    • Progestin-containing intrauterine device :IUDs that contain progestin can help ease the symptoms of PCOS in the same way combination or progestin-only pills do.
    • Metformin: This medication for type 2 diabetes, brand name Glucophage, lowers insulin and androgen levels and improves insulin resistance. Insulin resistance commonly occurs with PCOS, and metformin might be used to treat this. It isnt approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat PCOS specifically, so this is considered off-label use. But researchhas shown that it may help restart ovulation and lead to regular periods.


    In May 2020, the Food and Drug Administration recommended that some makers of metformin extended release remove some of their tablets from the U.S. market. This is because an unacceptable level of a probable carcinogen was found in some extended-release metformin tablets. If you currently take this drug, call your healthcare provider. They will advise whether you should continue to take your medication or if you need a new prescription.

    Learn more: All about off-label prescription drug use »

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    How To Cure Pcos Permanently At Home

    Wondering how to treat PCOS at home? While, no, you cannot cure PCOS permanently, even with home remedies, but you can definitely keep it in check with certain modifications. The basic idea is to create a healthy lifestyle that includes diet, daily exercise, and sound sleep. Here are a few lifestyle recommendations that play a key role in managing and reversing the condition. Heres how to control PCOS at home.

    Pcos / Pcod Problem In Future

    Irregular/Missed Periods in PCOS (Homeopathy Treatment) – Problems, causes, symptoms, home remedies

    Females those who are diagnosed with PCOD problem or PCOS should monitor their health on regular basis to avoid any complications in the future. If left untreated, PCOD problem in future can lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity and other mental issues due to hormonal imbalance whereas PCOS in future can have serious complications such as risk of hypertension, hyperglycaemia, endometrial cancer and pregnancy complications .

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    Consuming A Healthy Diet

    Unhealthy eating habit is one of the causes of irregular periods. Eating fast food, processed food, and alcohol may cause a hormonal imbalance in the body that may lead to irregular periods. You should make sure that your diet includes green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, red meat, fish, and foods that give you complete nutrients regularly.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Pcos

    Some of the symptoms of PCOS include:

    • Irregular menstrual cycle. Women with PCOS may miss periods or have fewer periods . Or, their periods may come every 21 days or more often. Some women with PCOS stop having menstrual periods.
    • Too much hair on the face, chin, or parts of the body where men usually have hair. This is called “hirsutism.” Hirsutism affects up to 70% of women with PCOS.3
    • Acne on the face, chest, and upper back
    • Thinning hair or hair loss on the scalp male-pattern baldness
    • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
    • Darkening of skin, particularly along neck creases, in the groin, and underneath breasts
    • Skin tags, which are small excess flaps of skin in the armpits or neck area

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