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Clue Period Tracker Ovulation

BEST period tracker app FREE 2019 (Menstrual Cycle App)

Clue is a highly rated period tracker. From periods, birth control to mood, the app works exceptionally well in helping you monitor all the vital aspects. Plus, you can fully customize it as per your requirements to get the desired result.

The app keeps your cycle history perfectly organized, ensuring you will be able to access it without any hassle. Thus, you will easily share the data with your healthcare provider or gynecologist.

Even better, you can enable personalized reminders to remain alerted about your next period, PMS, ovulation and fertile window.

Price: Free

How Accurate Are Period Tracker Apps

It really depends on three factorsthe accuracy of the data you enter, the relevance of the info youre tracking, and the technology itself. The more compliant the user is with input, the more accurate the predictions. The more objective the variable, the better the results, Dr. Shah explains. For example, numerical values for hormones or BBT can contribute to a more exact read than a subjective assessment of cervical mucus. Also, a more up-to-date and robust algorithm is more reliable. How long youve been tracking your cycle matters too. If youve been doing it for a long time, youre giving the app more to work with and it is more likely to be correct with its predictions. Yes, period tracker apps can sometimes be wrong, especially if you have an irregular cycle, Dr. Kudesia says. “For example, if your cycle ranges from 28 to 32 days in length, the ovulatory window shifts three to four days each month. Though the app should not miss the entire fertile window, it may be unable to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation,” she explains. Similarly, if you have a cycle that’s longer than 35 days, there is a strong likelihood that you’re not regularly ovulating, which the app may not flag as a possibility.

If you are interested in using a period tracker app, here are the 11 best period tracker apps, according to ob-gyns.

Why Do We Need To Use Period Trackers

Tracking your periods has loads of benefits. When girls get their first periods, they may be confused about their exact cycle dates. In turn, this can lead to stress or make them feel uneasy. Below are some of the benefits of using period trackers for teens.

  • Allows Your Daughter to Learn Their Cycle Patterns

A period tracker will help you determine whether you have a normal or abnormal cycle. A cycle refers to the number of days between when you experience your period up to the day you will have your next period.

  • Helps Girls To Find Their Normal

Period trackers for teens help girls to learn about their normal body reactions. They allow you to time your cycle to the exact hour. A period tracker is useful in keeping track of when your periods will start and how long they last. Having an idea of how your body behaves every month is important to help you plan for upcoming activities.

  • Help You Determine Your Fertility

If you want to know whether you are fertile, check your menstrual cycle pattern. Period tracking apps will tell you the exact day you are likely to start ovulation. In turn, this gives you an indication of your fertile and safe days.

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Take Back Control Of Your Body With Trusted Period Apps

Thanks to technology like period tracking apps and ovulation trackers, modern women have taken back well-deserved control of their bodies.

Whether its to benefit sleep schedules, practice family planning, or enhance our sexual appetites, a period tracker online can bring an impressive collection of benefits to your day-to-day life.

Dont get stuck fumbling for answers the next time your doctor asks about your last period.

Using one of the best period apps of 2020, youll have all the information you need, right in the palm of your hand.

What are your favorite period apps?

Feminine Hygiene Product Storage Bag

10 Best Period Tracking Apps of 2020

Give your girl somewhere to store all of her period products and encourage her to have a sense of humor at the same time. This cheeky Shark Week feminine hygiene storage bag from Etsy helps her stay organized and reminds her that while periods may feel like a major inconvenience, you dont have to take them too seriously.

7 of 12 Image Credits: Ruby Love

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Should I Track My Period

Generally, increasing your awareness of your menstrual health helps you know your ‘normal’, which can help you figure out when something isn’t quite right and when it might be worth talking to a doctor, according to Dr. Karen Morton, founder of Dr. Morton’s medical helpline and consultant gynaecologist. Knowledge is power, so if you are aware of your physical and emotional patterns, you know what to expect, and you can try to plan out your schedule around your PMS and period. Being in-tune with your body means freedom: you’ll never be caught off guard by pesky cramps, crankiness, fatigue, or bleeding.

Okay, so say you’ve decided to use a period tracker and have noticed that your app always alerts you about PMS symptoms a few days before your period starts. Lisa Agustines, an OB/GYN at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, warns: “I think its wrong to say, well, historically the next seven days are when I get more irritable, and therefore Im going to be more irritable.”

So while it’s good to collect data that you can provide your doctor and can help you learn your unique cycle, keep in mind that you are never merely a bundle of hormones that is PSM-ing, ovulating, or period-ing. We don’t “necessarily want to attribute every passing mood or symptom to our biology,” Katie, journalist at The Cut, states.

Gender And Sexuality Stereotypes In Period Tracking Apps

Other criticisms directed at period apps is that they assume a hetro-normative usership, with a focus on fertility opportunities and risks that may be irrelevant to some people within the LGBTQ community. Whats more, the one-size-fits-all design often fails to take into account different life stages such as early periods in tweens and teens, young adulthood, pregnancy and perimenopause.

As some commentators have noted, even these supposedly empowering examples of modern tech often fall into the gender stereotyping trap which suggests there is some way to go before periods stop being a squeamish subject. This is perhaps what you get when so many period apps are still being designed and developed by men.

Questionable too, are the period apps being marketed to men as a way for them to track a partner, colleague or friends cycle or PMS so they know when to stay out of their way! PMS Buddy and Frederick with their advice to navigate her rather than hate her are examples of how Femtech can get co-opted by some of the misogynistic parts of our culture to delegitimise womens anger and perpetuate stereotypes around menstruation. Apps such as Trakher are more sensitive in their language, claim to be educating men, and could potentially support communication between tech savvy couples, but the implied surveillance that the name evokes may make some women question its value.

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The Future Of Period Tech

While there are clearly data misuse risks, on the plus side period tracker apps are collecting huge amounts of information on what has often been a hidden area of womens health, opening up the potential for high quality research that could have a positive impact around the globe.

Either way, so-called Femtech is only going to grow. £1 billion has already been invested since the sector was born in 2014 and with women 75% more likely to use tech for health than men, one thing we can count on is a continuous heavy flow of period tech headed our way.

Books About Hygiene & Menstruation

BEST period tracker app FREE 2020 (Menstrual Cycle App)

Always make sure your girl knows she can come bring questions to you without judgement! You can read these books together or give them to her to process privately, but whichever you choose, DONT MAKE IT WEIRD. Be honest about your own experiences, tips, and embarrassing stories so she knows its normal but also reassure her that she is prepared and that her body is doing something incredible!

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Ruby Love Period Swimsuit

Ah, the age old questionable mythcan you swim on your period? Yes! This period swimsuit from Ruby Love is totally trendy and has a leak-proof design to avoid any embarrassing accidents. If her flow is especially heavy, this suit is also great for concealing pads and offering extra leak protection for tampons.

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What Crs Digital Lab Found

To evaluate privacy practices and data security for BabyCenter, Clue, Flo, My Calendar, and Ovia, CRs Digital Lab used principles outlined in the Digital Standard. Launched by CR in 2017 in partnership with privacy and security experts, the standard is a set of benchmarks that companies can use to design digital products that are respectful of consumer privacy rights.

CR examined the apps and their privacy policies for clarity and comprehensiveness, transparency about data sharing, user control over their information and access to it, and best practices in how apps are designed to keep information secure.

CR found that some companies make it fairly easy to understand what’s going on with your information. Clues privacy policy, for example, is light on jargon and broken down into readable chunks, and includes additional steps you can take to protect your data. BioWink, the company that developed Clue, is based in Germany and is subject to strict European Union regulations implemented in 2018 that dictate how businesses and organizations handle sensitive digital information of EU residents.

Those rules, such as giving users the right to delete their data, dont apply to the other apps CR examined, which are made by companies based in the U.S. But several take some of the same precautions voluntarily.


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Ruby Love First Period Kit

Make her first period feel a little more special and a little less stressful with this awesome First Period Kit from Ruby Love. The kit includes must-haves like period-proof underwear, pads, and feminine wipes, plus fun, trendy pieces like hair ties, a journal, lip balm and more.

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Best Period Tracker App For Perimenopause: Mysysters

5 Period Tracker Apps You Need to Download Now in 2020 ...

When it comes to finding the best period tracker app for perimenopause patients, youre in luck! mySysters is a specialized period tracking app specifically created for premenopausal women.

Not only is it an excellent way to track your periods during the perimenopause phase of your life, its also an excellent place for support.

Its also marketed as a social app for women and includes various chat rooms that are highly beneficial for support and community while experiencing perimenopause.

Want to learn more about what to expect during perimenopause? Check out helpful information from our friend Karen at Well Balanced Women, a perimenopausal health coach who tackles issues like the top perimenopause questions.

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Best For Irregular Periods: Myflo


If your period is late, happening too frequently, or not appearing at all, it can be stressful because you dont really know whats going on. Is this normal? is always running through your head and you can find yourself wondering everything from am I pregnant? to am I starting menopause?

For a one-time fee of around $2, MyFLO helps you track and identify those random symptoms and analyzes the health implications. Instead of going down the WebMD rabbit hole, MyFlo will explain what those weird cravings mean and why you might be experiencing them, plus possible lifestyle and health changes you can make to manage them. It also gives you a thorough look into what is happening to your body at each stage of your cycle.

If you have PCOS, fibroids, or endometriosis, or if you are going through perimenopause, MyFLO is one of the only apps that addresses these conditions and provides comprehensive information to help you better manage your symptoms. It also offers functional medicine programs with diet, exercise, and supplement suggestions to aid you in managing and decreasing the symptoms you are suffering from in each phase of your cycle.

How Can Your Daughter Keep Track Of Her Period

Periods are going to happen.

Teach your daughter how to track her menstrual cycle with a suggestion from this list of best period apps for girls.

Which period app is the best for girls?

The best period apps for girls have the following features:

  • Safe You dont have to worry about strangers engaging with your kid, or them getting information that is too mature for them.
  • Affordable These apps dont break the bank.
  • Accurate You want to make sure the app isnt buggy and will keep accurate track of your daughters menstrual cycle.

There are so many period apps to choose from, it can feel overwhelming.

Dont worry, though. I have you covered.

I put together this list of period apps for girls by doing research.

Also, thanks to suggestions from other moms of tween and teen girls!

These period apps all come highly recommended by moms.

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Attitudes Around Periods Have Changed

Also in their favor are the fact that parents are highly evolved.

We remember what we went through and are so open and supportive. If I should say so myself! Ha!

There are plenty of things we need to do to help our girls out when they start their period.

We have to talk to them about staying clean, laundering their period underwear, and how to use pads or menstrual cups.

We also have to make sure they know how to track their menstrual cycles.

Ive had plenty of mom friends tell me how upset their daughter was when she realized her period would be coming every single month!

Their whole lives are managed on their cell phones.

It makes sense, then, to teach them how to keep up with their periods through an app.

Theres just one problem. Many period apps are created with grown women in mind.

Theres sex information you might not want your daughter reading until youve had a chance to talk to her.

And really, some of it might just be over her head.

Best Overall: Eve By Glow

Period tracking apps review | Clue, Eve, Period tracker lite

Eve by Glow

This one earned the title of best overall because its so much more than just a period tracker. Eve is an app that also lets you keep tabs on your sexual health, all in an unexpectedly fun emoji format. In addition to monitoring your cycle, it can keep track of your sexual encounters, whether or not you used protection, your sex drive, moods, period symptoms, and when you are ovulating.

It has an extremely easy-to-use interface that is visually driven and makes it simple to record your past periods to determine patterns and help you time your next one. It also has a nifty Forecast feature that predicts the likelihood of common period symptoms you might experience each day, from cramps and constipation to breast tenderness.

The app is free to download, but there are also monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription options that give you access to comparative insights from other women , private messaging, and additional informational content.

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