Signs Of A Little Girl Starting Her Period

How Does Ovulation Relate To Periods

My First Period | BeingGirl Period Diaries: Ep. 1

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovaries. The same hormones that cause the uterus lining to build up also cause an egg to leave one of the ovaries. The egg travels through a thin tube called a fallopian tube to the uterus.

If the egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, it attaches to the wall of the uterus, where over time it develops into a baby. If the egg is not fertilized, the uterus lining breaks down and bleeds, causing a period.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Has Her First Menstruation

A girls first menstruation is called menarche. This is pronounced MEN-arc or MEN-arc-y. When a girl passes certain milestones in her development, but does not start having periods, this is called Primary Amenorrhea. This is pronounced A-men-or-rea or Ah-men-or-rea. The word primary is the part that means the girl has never had a period.

What If I Bleed Through My Clothes Are They Ruined

Not necessarily! Before we get into the nitty-gritty, know that leaks happen to everyone.

When you first start your period, youre learning about how much you bleed, how much your menstrual product can hold, and when your flow is heaviest.

If you can, keep a couple of stain wipes in your bag. They can help get the worst of the stain out and hold things over until youre able to clean the fabric properly.

You can also tie a jacket or sweatshirt around your waist to help cover the stain until youre able to change.

When you get home, try this method to get blood stains off:

  • Soak the stained fabric in cold water as soon as possible. Warm or hot water will cause the stain to set into the fabric, so make sure the water is cold.
  • If you have stain remover handy, nows the time to spray it on. Make sure the affected area is completely soaked. Allow it to sit for as long as the products label recommends.
  • If you dont have a stain remover or you want to double up on your technique rub bar soap or dab liquid soap into the affected area. You should get a small lather, where little bubbles appear on your pants.
  • Rinse and repeat the soap scrub until the stain lifts.
  • If the stain doesnt remove all the way, you can wash the clothing in the washing machine. Just make sure you use cold water instead of warm or hot.
  • Allow the clothing to air-dry. The heat from the dryer can make the stain set permanently.
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    What You Need To Know About A Girls First Period

    Posted by Dana Roberts on February 8, 2019

    As a mom and an educator, Ive experienced many firsts with girls as they start their very first period. Its something that is guaranteed to happen and the signs are almost always right in front of us. Our mission at RedDrop is to help you see the signs and empower your girl for her first. Ive personally seen too many girls in tears and too many moms embarrassed, ashamed and down right in denial about this natural next step in their girls life. Together, for the sake of all girls, we are going to educate and empower ourselves so that our girls can, in turn, educate their daughters empowering generations to come.


    Anyone that has a period is going to experience a first one. Lets make the first one non-traumatic and empowering.


    Lets just briefly discuss the why in this. A period is when the lining of the uterus is released. When a girl starts her first period sometimes, it could be very light pink to very dark red, and this depends on the amount of uterine lining released from the uterus. The flow is what comes through the vagina. The amount of flow depends on ones body and once the menstrual/period becomes regulated you will see a consistent pattern. It might seem like a simplistic way of explaining however, I think we truly underestimate the number of adults that dont know where the menstrual cycle originates and how it happens.





    Mood Changes Before And During Periods

    3 signs your daughter is about to start her period in 2020 ...

    Many people will experience mood changes just before or during the first few days of their periods. These changes can include being a bit irritable or more sensitive, or feeling angry, anxious or even depressed.

    This can be hard for your child and the rest of the family to cope with. Giving your child a bit more privacy and space around this time can make it easier for everyone, without making a big deal about it.

    If your childs mood changes are upsetting or disrupting their everyday life, they might like to see a health professional, like the GP.

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    When To Contact A Doctor

    Although it is normal for periods to be somewhat irregular to begin with, it is a good idea to talk with a doctor if they do not settle into a regular rhythm or if they cause symptoms that disrupt daily life.

    The frequency and heaviness of periods, and any symptoms that accompany them, can be an important indicator of a females health.

    It is a good idea for a person to talk with a doctor if they or a young female in their care experiences:

    • a heavy flow that requires pad or tampon changes every 12 hours
    • severe pain or mood changes that prevent normal activities
    • no periods for 3 months or longer after the first period
    • periods that occur sooner than 21 days apart or longer than 35 days apart
    • periods that last for 7 days or longer
    • no period by the age of 15 years old

    Emergency medical help is necessary if someone develops any symptoms of TSS, which

    /6make It A Period Positive Experience

    Starting their periods is a big change for your baby girl. Hence, you must make the period talk a positive experience and not something which further bogs her down. Approach the topic rationally and educate her about the logistics-what happens, why it happens and what to do. Tell her that bleeding down there is very different from the bleeding you experience when you cut or injure yourself. Do not enforce your opinions on her and avoid using words like ‘curse’, ‘taboo’, or ‘shame’. The easier you make it, the better it is going to be for her.

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    Pads And Panty Liners

    Sanitary pads are rectangular pieces of absorbent material that you stick inside your underwear.

    All pads have a sticky strip on the bottom. Thats what attaches the pad to your underwear.

    Some have extra material on the sides, known as wings, that you fold over the edges of your underwear. This helps keep the pad in place.

    Pads typically need to be changed every four to eight hours, but there isnt a set rule. Simply change it if the material feels sticky or wet.

    They come in different sizes. Each size is made to accommodate a different level of bleeding.

    Generally speaking, the smaller the pad, the less blood it can hold.

    Youll probably use a more absorbent pad at the beginning of your period then switch to something lighter once the bleeding slows down.

    You may also find it helpful to wear a heavier pad overnight so you dont have to worry about leakage.

    Even the largest pads are still quite thin, so you shouldnt be able to see it through your clothes. If youre worried that people might be able to tell, stick to looser-fit bottoms.

    Panty liners are smaller, thinner versions of a sanitary pad.

    You may find it helpful to use them a couple of days before your period is supposed to start to prevent accidentally bleeding on your underwear.

    You may also want to use panty liners toward the end of your period, as the bleeding may be spotty and unpredictable.

    What The Age Of Your First Period Says About You

    First Period Tips | BeingGirl First Time for Everything: Ep. 3

    Science What The Age You Had Your First Period Says About You. The age you are when you first start menstruating, also known as menarche, has a sizable influence on many factors in your life. But whats most concerning is that women who got their period before age 12 are at a higher risk for both heart disease and breast cancer.

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    What Should I Do When My Daughter Starts Her Period

  • What Should I Do When My Daughter Starts Her Period? Center
  • Starting her period is an important milestone in your daughters life. But although you may have seen signs that she is in puberty, her first period may still come as a bit of a surprise. She may be a little scared or embarrassed. As a parent, how do you help your daughter at this crucial time?

    Here are 4 things to discuss with your daughter to ease her fears and prepare her for this new stage in her life.

    If Your Daughter Is Approaching Puberty She Is Likely To Be Feeling Anxious About Starting Her Periods

    Finding ways to talk about it in an open and confident manner will make all the difference to her experience of menstruation. But how can you introduce the subject and get over the awkwardness that surrounds a young girls first period?

    Your daughters first period doesnt need to be a source of worry, but more often than not it is. If their first inkling of menstruation is playground gossip and jokes, a young girl can develop a sense of fear, anxiety and isolation at the prospect of whats ahead. Myth, shame and embarrassment often mean periods go undiscussed in the family home, which can result in your child stressing over what is a totally natural thing. Its clear that we need to think carefully about how to talk to our daughters about periods.

    Menstruation is a natural process, but we still live in a society where we hide pads up our sleeves, where images of blood stains are removed from social media and sportswomen are reluctant to speak up on the impact of menstruation on their performance.

    Menstruation is a natural process, but we still live in a society where we hide pads up our sleeves, where images of blood stains are removed from social media and sportswomen are reluctant to speak up on the impact of menstruation on their performance, said marketing director at Essity, Nicola Coronado.

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    How Long Do Periods Last And How Much Blood Is There

    Periods usually last about 5-7 days, but for some girls, they can be longer or shorter. Periods flow levels vary and can range from light to moderate or heavy. On average, there will be a total of 2-4 tablespoons of blood.

    If a period lasts more than 7 days, needs more than 5 pads per day or has heavy bleeding, talk to your pediatrician about what is causing this.

    Can A Girl Get Pregnant As Soon As Her Period Starts

    India Reacts

    Yes, a girl can get pregnant as soon as her period starts. A girl can even get pregnant right before her very first period. This is because a girl’s hormones might already be active. The hormones may have led to and the building of the uterine wall. If a girl has sex, she can get pregnant, even though she has never had a period.

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    /6tell Your Daughter About The Cramps

    Periods are not just about bleeding but also painful for some. Knowing what to expect and how to manage the cramps can make the menstruation cycles a little less uncomfortable.

    Just as you tell your little one about periods, do tell her about the premenstrual syndrome as well. PMS and associated symptoms like fatigue, aches, cramps, bloating, experiencing mood swings and acne are all normal to go through, as a result of the hormonal changes and she should be prepared to handle it.

    Why Is It Important To Get Your Period Before Age 11

    Going through puberty before age 11 has been linked to a host of psychological and social challengesfrom depression to eating disorders to all the problems that come from being viewed as a sex object while still a little girl. For many, early menarche can mean being forced to grow up before ones mind, and decision-making abilities, are ready.

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    How Old Do You Have To Be To Have Menopause

    The stopping of menstruation is called menopause. The average age for menopause is 51 years old, but some women will have it a year or two earlier, and some will have it a year or two later. Early menopause is possible, and can happen in a womans mid-to-early 40s. Menopause occurs when the ovaries,

    When To Go To The Doctor

    SIGNS your First Period is Coming – Starting Your Period: A Beginners Guide

    Some Medical Terms

    A girl’s first menstruation is called menarche. This is pronounced MEN-arc or MEN-arc-y. When a girl passes certain milestones in her development, but does not start having periods, this is called Primary Amenorrhea. This is pronounced A-men-or-rea or Ah-men-or-rea. The word primary is the part that means the girl has never had a period. The amenorrhea part means lack of periods . This is to distinguish it from Secondary Amenorrhea, which is when a woman has had periods and then stops.

    The Standards For Going To The Doctor

    These standards were developed long ago. Meanwhile the average age of puberty and menarche has dropped. So, Estronaut’s opinion is that checking with a doctor a year or so earlier is not a bad idea. Also, girls of African descent mature sooner than Europeans, by about a year. So, these girls should substract another year.

    On age alone: Age 15 1/2 to 16 1/2 for whites, age 14 1/2 to 15 1/2 for blacks.

    If no breast or hair development: Age 13 to 14 for whites, age 12 to 13 for blacks.

    If there is breast development or hair two years after either of these started.

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    Things To Discuss With Your Daughter About Her Periods

    1. Explain whats going on in her body

    Explain to your daughter that these body changes are completely normal. There is no shame or embarrassment in getting periods or occasionally staining her underwear.

    The menstrual cycle is a period of 21-45 days in which the uterus and ovaries respond to the changing levels of circulating hormones. In each cycle, an egg is released, and its important for your daughter to understand that if the egg meets a sperm through sexual intercourse, it can develop a baby. This means she can become pregnant if she is sexually active and not using any contraception.

    If the egg is not fertilized, the lining of the uterus is shed through the vagina and gets expelled. This is what she experiences each period when blood and tissue leave her body.

    2. Tell her how often to expect a period

    Let your daughter know often to expect her period. The first day of her period to the first day of their next period forms one menstrual cycle. This can be anywhere between 21-45 days, though for most girls its 25-35 days.

    In the first 6 years after getting her first period, your daughter may experience irregular periods. Let her know that it is perfectly fine, and that eventually her cycle will become more regular.

    3. Discuss the practical aspects of having a period

    Discussing the practical aspects of having a period can help your daughter feel a lot more comfortable about the details. You can explain:

    4. Explain period symptoms and pain

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