Should You Have Sex On Your Period

Can A Girl Get Pregnant If She Has Sex During Her Period

Will my period change after I have sex?

Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex during her period? Jamie*

Yes, a girl can get pregnant during her period. This might happen when:

  • A girl has bleeding that she thinks is a period, but it’s bleeding from . Ovulation is the monthly release of an egg from a girls ovaries. It is the time when she is most likely to get pregnant if she has sex.
  • Ovulation happens before the bleeding from a girl’s period has stopped.
  • Ovulation happens within a few days after a girl’s period is over. Sperm can fertilize an egg for 3 days. So if a girl has sex on the last day of her period and ovulates in the next few days, the sperm may still fertilize the egg.

Having unprotected sex at any time is risky. Along with the risk of getting pregnant, you could also get an STD, such as chlamydia, genital warts, or HIV. The only way to completely prevent pregnancy and STDs is abstinence .

If you do have sex, use a condom every time to protect against unplanned pregnancy and STDs. For added protection, many couples use condoms along with another method of birth control, like birth control pills or an IUD. Talk to your doctor about the best type of birth control for you.

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Can You Get Pregnant From Period Sex

Although its very unlikely, its still possible to get pregnant after having sex during your period.

This is because sperm can survive in your body for up to 7 days. And if you release an egg or ovulate early in your menstrual cycle, soon after the end of your period, this sperm can fertilise the egg and lead to pregnancy.

So if you dont want to get pregnant, its best to use contraception, such as a condom.

Period Oral Sex Stories From 10 Women

“I felt so much attraction to him at that moment.”

Period sex is a divisive one – some people love it because all those extra hormones turn them into a total horndog. Others feel gross and bloaty and crampy and generally hideous, and couldn’t imagine anything worse. There is no right or wrong way to feel about it, and you’re not a prude if period sex isn’t for you. But, these women and vagina-owners, have all tried receiving oral sex while on le blob, and are here to explain what it feels like. And yeah, they’re pretty much just very into it. If you’re thinking about it or unsure, here’s some things to know about period sex and a guide to how sex changes throughout your menstrual cycle, to get you emotionally prepped.

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How To Clean Up Afterward

In general, cleaning up after period masturbation or sex follows a similar process as cleaning up after sex when not menstruating.

First, a person should wash their vulva with warm water. If a partner or partners took part, they should also wash their genitals in the same way. If a sex toy was part of the experience, a person should wash this as per the manufacturers instructions.

If blood gets on clothing or bed sheets, a person can rinse the stain through with cold water as soon as is convenient. This will make it easier to remove. Do not use hot water.

Scrape off any excess with a blunt knife, and wash the fabric in lukewarm water with laundry detergent. An enzyme-based stain remover may also help.

When To Have Sex After Lh Surge: Timing Sex For Ovulation

Should You Have Sex On Your Period? 8 Answers To All The ...

Shelby Hale


If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, you have probably already read a lot about things like surging hormones, the biological processes behind ovulation, and ways to predict your fertile window.

However, at the end of the day, you cant get pregnant without one thing: sex.

And if your aim is to get pregnant as soon as possible, its important that you and your partner are not only having plenty of sex, but you are having plenty of sex at the right time of the menstrual cycle.

To help you get started, here is everything you need to know about your fertile window, when to have sex after your LH surge, and when your chances of getting pregnant are at their highest. Well follow this up by answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding sex, timing, and maximizing your chances of getting pregnant.

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I Already Had Sex On My Period Now Im Worried I Might Be Pregnant

If you already had penile-vaginal sex without contraception and you dont want to get pregnant, consider Emergency Contraception . Many of these are available at most pharmacies over the counter and are pretty darn effective for up to 5 days after unprotected sex. There are more reliable methods of contraception than Emergency Contraception. We encourage you to speak with your pharmacist or medical provider about contraception options that might work for you.

Helps Lower Your Risk Of Incontinence

Good sex is a great workout for a womans pelvic floor muscles the muscles that control orgasms and also stem the flow of urine, reducing leakage and incontinence.

Pregnancy and the menopause can weaken these muscles significantly, but the stronger they are, the lower your risk of developing stress incontinence and prolapse later.

And lets face it, sex is far more enjoyable than the chore of doing pelvic floor exercises on your own!

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What About Right Before Your Period

The likelihood of getting pregnant right before your period is extremely low. For women with a typical 28- to 30-day cycle or longer and their cycles are regular, it is fairly safe to say your ovulation occurred between Day 11 and Day 21. The egg is only available for 12 to 24 hours for conception.

This means the days right before your period are the safest to have sex without the expectation of getting pregnant. The number of safe days right before your period go up with longer cycles and lessen with shorter cycles.

If you wait 36 to 48 hours after ovulation, you should be beyond the possibilities of conception. The further you are from ovulation, the less likely your chance for conceiving. This is not the time to have sex if you are trying to conceive. Its still a good time to enjoy intimacy with your partner.

Sex 2 Days Before Ovulation

5 Reasons you should have sex during your periods – Fitness & Health

At two days before ovulation, your LH levels will likely be on the cusp of surging. While you are not necessarily at peak fertility, your chances of conception are still higher on this day compared to the other days of your cycle. Thats because sperm can live up to five days in cervical mucus. So if you have sex two days prior to ovulation, there is still a very good chance that your partners sperm can fertilize your egg once ovulation occurs.

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The Ins And Outs Of Period Sex

So now we know it is possible to get pregnant on your period, its important you take the right precautions. When used correctly, barrier methods such as the condom are very effective at preventing pregnancy and also offer protection against STIs.

While many may think its gross or messy, having sex on your period is perfectly healthy and lots of women swear by it for a number of reasons. Due to a dip in progesterone, you may find your sex drive increases around menstruation. On top of this, orgasms can alleviate period cramps and cause the uterus to contract more, which in the end can mean shorter periods too.

Before you get into the swing of things, make sure you remove any tampons or menstrual cups before sex. These block the vaginal passage and it can be dangerous if they are misused or left too long inside the vagina.

While you might be expecting a Stephen King-style horror scene, you may actually be surprised by how little menstrual blood there is. The heaviness of your period is a very personal thing that varies from cycle to cycle, however, the average woman will only produce 6-8 teaspoons worth of blood during her entire period. That being said, you might want to have an extra towel on hand, or suggest things get steamy in the shower.

Are There Any Risks

There are no health risks specific to masturbating while menstruating. However, as when masturbating at other times, a person should follow some basic hygiene practices.

For example, it is important to wash the hands before and after touching the genitals and to clean any sex toys after use.

If a person has vaginal intercourse during their period, they will still need to use birth control. It is possible to become pregnant after having unprotected sex while menstruating.

Additionally, a barrier method such as a condom is necessary to prevent STIs. During oral sex, dental dams can protect against STIs.

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Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period

Well, the chances are too low for conceiving just before your period. Women with typically longer cycle can have sex just before the period. Because the ovulation generally occurs between day 11 to day 21. And egg stays alive for only 24 hours. So you can easily have sex before your period without any worry!

If you have a shorter menstrual cycle then also you can get indulged right before your period. But you must always track your ovulation day to be on the safe side.

When you ask for the actual safe days, we will answer- the 2-3days before your period is the safest.

Now you know all about the safe days to have sex for avoiding pregnancy. But many women have asked like can I get pregnant 6 days before my period? Well, if you have a similar query than here is your answer. Have a look.

You Can Get Pregnant On Your Period

10 Things That Women Should Avoid Doing During Their ...

Theres a common misconception that you can do away with the condoms if youre on your period. The bottom line is that while fertility is at its lowest on your period, it is possible to get pregnant during this time.

Sperm can survive about five days, Dr. Gersh explained to INSIDER. If a woman had a seven day period and ovulated on day nine or 10, she easily could have sex at the tail end of the period and then conceive a few days later. Even someone with longer cycles can sometimes ovulate early. Basically, long period plus unprotected sex plus early ovulation could equal a pregnancy.

But what about period sex if you take birth control pills? If you use birth control pills and take the placebo pills to allow your body to have a period, you are just as protected during the placebo pills days as you are the rest of the days in the pill pack.

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Protect Against Stis During Period Sex

It is always possible to catch or transmit an STI, meaning sexually transmitted infection. Menstruation has nothing to do with STI prevention. In fact, it may be easier to transmit a virus such as HIV through menstrual blood. In other words, protection is crucial during period sex, just like at any other time.

Its Rarely As Messy As You Think

Unless you have extremely heavy periods, youre very unlikely to end up in the pool of blood-stained sheets youre imagining in your mind.

The average amount of blood released during menstruation is between 30 and 40ml. Thats over the course of a few days.

So imagine how little blood is actually being released per minute. Then consider how long your sex session is actually going to last. Hardly any blood. Seriously.

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How To Have Sex During Your Period

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Sex during your period can deliver amazing sensations . If you can get past the cultural taboos, it opens up a week that’s otherwise limited to tubs of ice cream and stomach cramping. If you and your partner aren’t intimidated by the “icky” factor that hangs up a lot of people, follow these tips to have sex during your period, and enjoy the pleasure while minimizing the mess.

Why Is Period Sex Taboo

Sex during periods? | Facts about period sex

Aside from potential discomfort, having sex on your period should not be classed differently to sex had at any other time of the month.

Whilst some people period shame, there is nothing dirty about having sex on your period. Menstrual fluid is a completely natural substance and does not contain anything harmful or irritating, provided both partners have had clear STI tests.

Some people are put off by the prospect of a rather messy encounter, but condoms can make the clean-up easier and are essential if you are not using another form of birth control.

Many women actually experience a heightened sense of libido just before and during their periods, as the body receives a rush of oestrogen and testosterone. Whats more, the endorphins and contractions involved in orgasm are believed to help reduce the pain of period-related cramping.

If you are comfortable with it, having sex on your period can be safe, natural and enjoyable for both partners.

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What Are The Chances A Woman Can Get Pregnant On Her Period

A womans likelihood of getting pregnant can rise and fall throughout her ovulation cycle. While the average females monthly cycle may be 29 days, others may have a cycle that varies from 20 to 40 days, or longer.

The likelihood that a woman will get pregnant one to two days after she starts bleeding is nearly zero. But the likelihood starts to increase again with each successive day, even though shes still bleeding.

At roughly day 13 after starting her period, her chance of pregnancy is an estimated 9 percent.

While these numbers may be low, it doesnt mean a woman can ever be 100 percent assured that she wont get pregnant on her period.

Planning Sex Can Help You Increase Your Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

Rachel Gurevich is a fertility advocate, author, and recipient of The Hope Award for Achievement, from Resolve: The National Infertility Association. She is a professional member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and has been writing about womens health since 2001. Rachel uses her own experiences with infertility to write compassionate, practical, and supportive articles.

Meredith Shur, MD, FACOG, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as a certified medical examiner.

If you want to get pregnant faster, you might be interested in knowing when you should have sex, how frequently to have sex, and whether there are factors that can increase or decrease your chances of becoming pregnant each month.

It’s important to know that you can get pregnant at any time during your menstrual cycle, even if you are having your period. This is one of the reasons that birth control methods like the “rhythm method” are not very reliable in preventing pregnancy.

While unprotected sex doesn’t lead to pregnancy every time, you can become pregnant if you have sex just one time. In general, fertility declines with age, and teenagers are far more likely to become pregnant with only one or a few sexual encounters than older women are. If you are having a hard time getting pregnant, there are some things to know that can help you maximize your chances.

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