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How to Stop Your Period with Birth Control | Birth Control

So the pill was designed so you’d get your period during the time you take the placebo or “sugar” pills, also called inactive pills. This commonly happens for a week at the end of a standard pill pack.

Though you may be supposed to get a period during the placebo week, it doesn’t always happen. You can be late or early, or never see it come at all. The UK National Health Service says that irregular bleeding, like bleeding between periods, is common when you’re first starting to take birth control.

That said, there are carefully designed times you’re supposed to get your period while on birth control. Note this varies depending on the type of birth control that you take. The combined oral contraceptive pill are the most common.

Skipping Your Period With The Pill

If you are using the combined pill, aka oral contraceptives you will skip the placebo pills, which you would normally take for your inactive days.

When are the placebo pills?For 21-day packs , this is the last 7 days. For 24-day packs, this is the last 4 days.

You’ll then start your next pack right away. If you decide to skip your period and use your next pill pack, you may experience breakthrough bleeding, which is normal.

What is continuous birth control?If you are regularly looking to skip your period, you may want to get medical advice on extended-cycle birth control meaning you get a period every 3 months. Popular brands include Seasonale, Seasonique, and Jolessa.

Can You Make Contraception Part Of Your Daily Routine

If you’re a well-organised person with a reasonably regular routine, you have a wide choice of contraception.

This is because you’re less likely to forget about your contraception by forgetting to take a pill or reapply a patch, for example.

You may want to use a method that you only need to use when you have sex, such as the male or female condom, or you may prefer a method that you need to take every day, such as the pill.

Or you may want to consider methods like the patch, injection or implant, which you do not need to use every day or each time you have sex.

The list below shows how often you need to use, replace or take each contraceptive method.

Once you have looked at the list, ask your GP or a doctor or nurse at your local clinic for more details.

Methods used each time you have sex:

Methods taken on a daily basis:

  • the pill , but there are some types of 21-day pill where you have a week “off” each month

Methods replaced every week:

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Is Skipping Your Period Safe

Medical studies have reported no significant negative health effects when you skip your period on the combined hormonal birth control pill . That being said, itâs still important to mention that there have been no long-term studies examining the safety of continually skipping your period. Sometimes medical repercussions take a longer time and/or need a larger population sample size to emerge.

If you choose to stop taking hormonal birth control, your natural menstrual cycle and fertility will usually return to normal after one month, regardless of how long you skipped your âperiodâ .

What If I Want To Get My Period Again

What are the Best Tips for Stopping the Contraceptive Pill?

First, some important information: If you want to take birth control and suppress your period for years to come, thats totally OK.

Frankly, if someone never wanted a pregnancy and never wanted to have a period, they could safely suppress menses from puberty to menopause, Prager says.

If youre wondering how youd know youre entering menopause if youve been suppressing your period, well, there are other ways to tell, such as if you start getting hot flashes or night sweats or are at an age where menopause typically starts).

If, however, you want to have a baby or arent enjoying the side effects from taking birth control, you may decide to start getting your period again, which is also totally safe.

There isnt anything special you need to do to bring your period back other than to adjust or stop your birth control. If youre taking pills, this means starting to take the week of inactive pills again. If you have gotten a shot or an IUD, it means not getting another shot or getting your IUD removed by your doctor.

Its also important to recognize that, while your period may return exactly as it was before you stopped it, it may also change. You could get new symptoms or different period severity or duration than you had previously.

Prepare for it to be as unpleasant or more than it used to be. It might be totally different from how people remember it. Its important not to have expectations for what it will be, Prager says.

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So Its Okay To Skip My Period On The Pill

Overall, the consensus is yesâitâs okay to skip your withdrawal bleed on the pill. But since there are so many differently dosed birth control pills, itâs always best to first discuss the option of skipping your period with your healthcare provider to make sure that it is a safe and healthy option for you.

There is some concern that by normalizing period skipping, people will view their monthly menstruation as unnecessary, a nuisance, and even abnormal . Periods are neither a curse nor a disease. A menstrual cycle is like a vital sign, just like blood pressure, temperature, or respiration rate. It acts as an indicator of overall health . If you are on the pill and you want to have a period always, sometimes, or never, the choice is up to you and your preference.

If eliminating your period or withdrawal bleed is something that is important to you, then the standard birth control pill packs may not be the best option for you. There are other forms of contraception, like the hormonal injection, the hormonal IUD, the hormonal implant, or continuous birth control pills, that can cause your period to decrease in frequency and amount, and sometimes stop altogether . Speak to your healthcare provider about which type of birth control is best for you.

Birth Control Pill Associated With Depression

A recent study of over 1 million women showed us that there is an 80% increased relative risk of depression in women who use hormonal birth control, a symptom many women have been suspicious of since the pill was introduced to the public.

There has yet to be an extensive study on the long term effects of continuous birth control use and depression.

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Types Of Birth Control That Stop Periods

A person may wish to stop or delay their period for a variety of reasons. For example, some people experience cramps, headaches, bloating, or other painful symptoms during periods. The timing of a persons period may also be inconvenient and disrupt daily life.

A person can stop or delay their period using birth control methods. It is also possible to reduce the number of periods a person experiences in a given time.

There are a variety of methods a person can choose from to stop their periods.

The following birth control options may stop periods:

What Should I Do If I Get Frequent Or Heavy Bleeding

Is it safe to use birth control pills to stop my period cycle?

Irregular bleeding is a common side effect and will usually settle down within 3 months. Whatever your bleeding pattern, the implant is still effective.

If the bleeding does not settle or you are unhappy with the bleeding you can see a doctor for medications that can help with this. You dont have to wait until 3 months to do this.

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The History Of Monthly Periods

If we go back a couple of thousand years, women were typically in some sort of a sexual relationship from the time they started having periods until they reached menopause, says Pierson. With no contraception available, women were usually pregnant or lactating. For this reason, Pierson estimates that they may have only menstruated about five or six time in their lives.

It was when we had efficient contraception that we got the idea that regular menstrual periods are normal. So to have someone declare that you need a regular menstrual period to be healthy, thats just not the case, he says.

What To Do Next

In most circumstances, missing a period while on birth control is normal and nothing to worry about. If you’ve recently been under a lot of stress, exercising a lot, or have made significant dietary changes, you may want to make a lifestyle change to get your cycle back to normal.

However, in some cases, missing a period on birth control can be due to pregnancy or be an indication of an underlying health problem. If your periods continue to lapse on birth control, or if you’re having additional symptoms, such as fatigue or hair loss, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider about your concerns.

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What Are No Period Birth Control Pills

Combination birth control pills are often the most common way to stop periods.

Thats because the schedule you use to take them can result in fewer periods or no periods at all.

For example, you may continually take a pill containing estrogen and progestin every day until you decide not to.

Or you might take so-called active pills for a few months straight before having a break. During your break, you might take inactive pills that contain no hormones for a week.

Other forms of birth control can have no period effects but theres often less of a guarantee.

Does Menstrual Suppression Cause Infertility

How to Safely Stop Periods with Birth Control Pills: 9 Steps

The short and complete answer is: No.

Assuming birth control and period suppression can cause infertility over time is a common misconception, Prager says.

With almost all contraception theres a relatively immediate return to fertility once someone stops using the contraception. It depends on someones baseline fertility level, she explains.

That means that if you struggled with infertility prior to taking birth control, youll still have the same amount of difficulty after you stop taking it. If you havent struggled with infertility, birth control and stopping your period wont change that.

Some birth control methods, such as the Depo-Provera shot, may cause a delay in returning to fertility that people may need to factor into their baby planning.

That doesnt mean it is decreasing future fertility, it just takes a longer time for it to leave the system. With Depo-Provera, I recommend someone stop six months before they want to try to conceive, Prager says.

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Experts Say It’s Becoming More Common To Manipulate Cycles

Since the pill was approved in 1960, gynecologists have recommended period suppression to alleviate certain medical conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids.

And manipulating cycles with the pill for certain events a wedding, an athletic event, a beach vacation has become more common, experts told Insider.

There are other reasons someone might want to stop a period.

“We see teens who are questioning their gender identity and some who are not questioning but feel they’re in the wrong body and for whom their menstrual cycle causes dysphoria and distress,” said Dr. Paula Hillard, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University. For them, menstrual suppression may be medically appropriate, she said.

How Effective Is Nexplanon

The Nexplanon implant is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when implanted correctly, which makes it one of the best contraceptive options for people who opt to use hormonal birth control. Its also a good choice for anyone who is sensitive to estrogen, since Nexplanon relies on progestin to prevent pregnancy.

Although the implant is not as widely used as the pill, it is far more effective and just as safe. Because it is a get it and go type of birth control, the likelihood of user errorsuch as forgetting to take your birth control pill every day, change your patch weekly, or swap out your NuvaRing every three weeksis eliminated.

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Does Blisovi Stop Your Period

4.9/5a periodBlisoviisaisyouraprevent a

How to Skip Your Period

  • Determine the month that you wish to skip your period.
  • Continue to take all the pills in your pill pack during the month prior to wanting to skip your period.
  • After finishing the pack’s active pills, do not begin the placebo pills.
  • Additionally, which birth control stops your period? Lybrel is a no-period birth control pill. It is the first low dose birth control pill designed to be taken 365 days, without a placebo or pill-free interval. Seasonale has 12 weeks of estrogen/progestin pills, followed by 7 days of no-hormone pills — which means 4 menstrual periods a year.

    In respect to this, what are the side effects of Blisovi?

    Common side effects may include:

    • nausea, vomiting
    • freckles or darkening of facial skin, increased hair growth, loss of scalp hair
    • changes in weight or appetite
    • problems with contact lenses
    • vaginal itching or discharge or.
    • changes in your menstrual periods, decreased sex drive.

    How long does Blisovi take to work?

    For the first cycle of use only, use an additional form of non-hormonal birth control for the first 7 days to prevent pregnancy until the medication has enough time to work. If you start on the first day of your period, you do not need to use back-up birth control the first week.

    When To Talk To Your Doctor

    How long should it take for your period to return after stopping oral birth control?

    You will need an additional evaluation if you have missed more than three periods in a row and you are not pregnant.

    You should speak with your healthcare provider if you have any of the following symptoms:

    • Difficulty with balance
    • Excessive growth of body hair
    • Producing breast milk without having given birth
    • Being older than 15 without having had a period

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    What If You Cannot Use Hormonal Contraceptives

    Some contraceptives work by using hormones that are similar to the hormones women produce naturally. These hormones are oestrogen and progestogen.

    Contraceptives that contain these hormones aren’t suitable for some women, such as those who have medical conditions like breast cancer.

    Not all contraceptive methods use hormones. Some work in other ways, including:

    If You Just Cant With Your Period Anymore Talk To Your Doctor About The Options At Your Disposal

    Dont wait until youre looking to stop your period for a specific window of time, like for a wedding or vacation. Try to give yourself some lead timeif you can give yourself three months, thats better than the month before, Dr. Shirazian says. The longer youre trying methods to stop your period, the more likely they are to give you no bleeding.


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