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What Are The Nexplanon Side Effects After Removal

NO PERIOD FOR 5 YEARS?! My Implanon/Nexplanon Contraceptive Implant Experience

Any time theres a change in your hormones like when you go on or off hormonal birth control such as the implant theres a chance of temporary side effects. But they usually go away after a few months.

When you go off the implant, your body will eventually return to the way it was before you went on it. So if you stopped getting your period on the implant, your period will eventually come back after the implant is out. It can also take a few months for your period to go back to the cycle you had before you got the implant .

Everyones body is different, and our bodies also change over time. So theres no way to know exactly how your body will react to going off the implant. But any negative side effects that you may have will go away within a few months as your body gets used to being off the hormones.

Another important thing to note: you can get pregnant right away once the implant is out of your body . So if you stop using the implant but you dont want to get pregnant, make sure to use another birth control method.

If youre really worried about the side effects of going off the implant, talk with your nurse or doctor. They may be able to give you more specific information about what to expect based on your personal medical history.

How Is The Contraceptive Implant Put In

The contraceptive implant is about the size of a matchstick and is placed under the skin of the inner side of your upper arm.

  • An injection of local anaesthetic is used to numb the skin.
  • A special device is used to place the implant under the skin. The wound is dressed and will soon heal just like any other small cut.
  • The area around the implant may be bruised and tender for a few days.
  • Once it has healed, knocking the implant will not do it, or you, any harm.
  • You do not need to have an internal vaginal examination or a genital examination to have an implant.

Before Taking This Medicine

Using a Nexplanon implant can increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack. You are even more at risk if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or if you are overweight. Your risk of stroke or blood clot is highest during your first year of using this medicine.

Smoking can greatly increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack. Your risk increases the older you are and the more you smoke.

Do not use if you are pregnant. If you become pregnant, the Nexplanon implant should be removed if you plan to continue the pregnancy.

You may need to have a negative pregnancy test before receiving the implant.

You should not use hormonal birth control if you have:

  • a history of heart attack, stroke, or blood clot

  • a history of hormone-related cancer, or cancer of the breast, uterus/cervix, or vagina

  • unusual vaginal bleeding that has not been checked by a doctor or

  • liver disease or liver cancer.

To make sure Nexplanon is safe for you, tell your doctor if you have ever had:

  • diabetes

  • an allergy to numbing medicines.

Nexplanon may not be as effective in women who are overweight.

The Nexplanon implant should not be used in girls younger than 18 years old.

Etonogestrel can pass into breast milk, but effects on the nursing baby are not known. Tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding.

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Nexplanon And Irregular Bleeding Is It Normal

Yes, spotting between time periods, especially when you have just started with this new method in the last couple of months, may be normal when using a progestin alone method such as Nexplanon or IUD.This irregular, or even daily, bleeding is not a danger and for most women, adapting their bodies to their new method of birth control only takes a few months, and they regularize their cycles again.

Some women do this while adjusting their bodies to new hormones in their bodies.Bleeding between times, as your hormones in your body are fluctuating and inconsistent while your body adapts to your new technique, may take place as breakthrough bleeding.It can also happen if your body finds it difficult to adapt to a progestin-only method, without the oestrogens that typically support your uterine fiber.

The hormones oestrogen and progesterone help build and maintain your uterine body in your typical menstrual cycle, so that your body can be pregnant.Hormone levels drop if a pregnancy does not occur, causing your uterus to shed its lining Based on the new birth control method your hormone levels fluctuate, your body gets confused and bleeding can happen both on and off.

We advise you to adjust your body to any new method of birth control 6 months or longer to allow you to benefit from all the great advantages it offers!In that case, you will have with your Nexplanon the 3 years of worry-free birth control!

Who Can Use Implantable Contraception

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Girls who want long-term protection against pregnancy may be interested in implantable contraception.

Not all women can or should use the implant. Some health conditions make it less effective or more risky to use. The implant is not recommended for those who have had:

  • blood clots
  • unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • some types of cancer

Girls who have diabetes, migraine headaches, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gallbladder problems, seizures, kidney disease, or other medical problems should talk with their doctor.

Anyone who thinks she might be pregnant should not have a contraceptive implant inserted.

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How To Use Nexplanon Implant

Read the Patient Information Leaflet provided by your pharmacist or health care provider before the rod is placed. Read and sign the Informed Consent provided by your doctor. You will also be given a User Card with the date and the place on your body where the rod was inserted. Keep the card and use it to remind yourself when to schedule an appointment to have the rod removed. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Ask your doctor about the best time to schedule your appointment to have the rod placed. Your doctor may want you to have a pregnancy test first. The medication usually starts working right away when the rod is inserted during the first 5 days of your period. If your appointment is at another time in your menstrual cycle, you may need to use a non-hormonal form of birth control for the first 7 days after the rod is placed. Ask your doctor about whether you need back-up birth control.

The rod will be inserted under the skin in your upper arm by a health care professional. Usually it will be placed in the arm that you do not write with. Be sure you can feel the rod underneath your skin after it has been placed. If at any time you cannot feel the rod underneath the skin or feel that the rod has been bent or broken, tell your doctor right away.

I Like Having The Extra Backup On The Contraceptive Side Of Things

I got a Nexplanon implant two years ago, mainly to stop having periods but I also moved in with my partner full time, so I decided to get some method of round-the-clock contraceptive too.

My experience has been fine. Insertion was very quick. The doctor talked me through what was happening. I had a small dose of localised anesthetic before hand, then she used what looked like a piercing gun to insert the implant and I didnât feel any pain. I kept it bandaged for a day or two afterwards. Now I have a small scar on the point of insertion, but I do scar easily. I had some light bleeding but no pain like I used to . After the insertion I didnât have a period for about 8 months, then I bled lightly for about 3 days, then it stopped again for another 8 months.

I plan on sticking with the implant. For me, it has been useful in stopping periods, and I like having the extra backup on the contraceptive side of things.âAnonymous, female, 20, Sheffield, UK

We at Clue recommend that you see a healthcare provider to discuss which birth control is best for you, and let them know if you are experiencing any negative side effects.

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Are There Any Risks From Using The Contraceptive Implant

Women who use some forms of hormone-based contraception appear to have a small increase in long-term risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women who don’t use hormonal contraception. It is not known if this is also true of the contraceptive implant.

Apart from bruising and soreness, it is possible, although very unusual, to get a localised infection in your arm when the implant is put in. Insertion of the implant can leave a small scar.

It is important to be able to feel the implant under the skin after insertion. There is a small risk of insertion error in which the implant is not actually inserted by the procedure.

Nexplanon And Menstrual Bleeding


Menstrual changes are the most common side effect of Nexplanon. Many women with a Nexplanon implant will experience changes in their menstrual bleeding pattern, including changes in intensity and their menstrual cycle. The most common is spotting, but spotting typically improves in six to 12 months. For many women, however, Nexplanon usually makes periods lighter and, for some, eases both cramping and PMS.

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How Is It Inserted

An area on the inner arm above the elbow is first numbed with local anaesthetic. Then the doctor or nurse puts the implant under the skin. After the implant is inserted, a band aid or dressing is put on which should stay on for 3-5 days. The arm is bandaged to reduce bruising and this should be left on for 24 hours.

When To Remove A Contraceptive Implant If You Are Pregnant

Equally, if you develop stomach pain, you must see your doctor urgently to rule out any chance of an ectopic pregnancy. There is good evidence to show that implants do not cause birth defects and will not cause harm to a developing pregnancy. However, it is suggested that in this situation the implant is removed as soon as possible. 6

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Schedule An Appointment For Placement Of The Nexplanon

Before you call, please review the preparation information below so that your appointment can be appropriately timed with regards to your menstrual cycle. Once you also have reviewed your insurance benefits Patient Portal message, simply reply to the message indicating your desire for the Nexplanon placement. Please lists some dates & times that would work for placement. Please reply with a good phone number and time to reach you so that we can call you to schedule the placement.

Side Effects And Risks

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Nexplanon has several potential side effects, which means that this option may not be suitable for everyone.

According to the FDA, over 10% of people who use Nexplanon may experience one or more of the following common side effects:

Certain people should not use Nexplanon. The FDA states the following groups should avoid using it:

  • people who have had serious blood clots
  • people who may be pregnant
  • people who have or have had breast cancer
  • people with allergies to anything in the product
  • people living with liver tumors or disease
  • people with unusual vaginal bleeding

A person will also need to take additional steps to prevent STIs. This may include using condoms or avoiding sexual contact while their partner has any flares in symptoms.

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When Does It Start Working

Its immediately effective if inserted during the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle, which starts with the first day of bleeding.The implant is effective after 7 days if it is inserted at any other time in the menstrual cycle. Other contraceptive measures such as condoms should be used for these 7 days. If changing from the Pill or another method of contraception discuss the best time for insertion with your doctor.

So Are There Any Risks

There is the risk of issues surrounding the insertion of the implant and its removal. If the implant is inserted improperly you may be able to become pregnant. Locating and removing the implant can even be difficult if the implant is not inserted correctly.

It is also advised that if you become pregnant while using nexplanon, there is a higher risk of the pregnancy becoming ectopic as a result. Other than that, experiencing differences in the pattern of your menstrual cycle is normal while using nexplanon, although it is important to keep an eye on the side effects to watch out for anything that might indicate a possible pregnancy or a serious reaction.

Women shouldnt go ahead with the nexplanon implant if they are already experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding. If your menstrual bleeding becomes severely heavy and prolonged, you should seek a doctors advice.


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    Benefits Of The Nexplanon Birth Control Implant

    Although the side effects can vary for everyone, there are several benefits to using Nexplanon:

    • Convenience: With a short visit to your healthcare provider, youll have 3 years of consistent birth control. There are no trips to the pharmacy and no worries about running out of refills.

    • Low maintenance: You wont have to worry about remembering to take your dose. Nexplanon is always working without you having to do anything.

    • Effectiveness: As mentioned earlier, Nexplanon is one of the most effective contraceptives available. Its even more effective than vasectomies. With a failure rate of 0.1%, your risk of pregnancy is very low.

    • Less invasive than other options:Intrauterine devices are also very effective at preventing pregnancy. But some people find the procedure to have them placed a bit invasive. With Nexplanon, you simply need to roll up your shirt sleeve to have the implant inserted. If you wear a short-sleeve shirt, you may not even have to do that.

    • Safe to nurse: If youre considering getting Nexplanon after having a baby, you may be pleased to know that its safe to nurse with the implant. You can have Nexplanon inserted anytime starting 4 weeks after having a baby.

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