Period Symptoms But No Period Iud

How Can You Tell Whether Youre Having Period Pain Or Not

PMS Symptoms But No Period

It can be hard to tell between period pain and other symptoms for some women, it can be hard to distinguish between period pain and other conditions. One tell-tale sign can be the length of your cramps. For example, during your period you may experience cramping for a couple of days or for the duration of your period. Whereas if youre pregnant for example, you may experience cramping which lasts a few weeks to a few months.

If you do have a positive pregnancy test and cramps it is important to see a doctor to make sure that you do not have something called an ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms which may indicate other health conditions include:

  • Vomiting
  • Your periods are heavier or lighter
  • High temperature
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Irregular bleeding or bleeding after sex
  • Passing urine more often
  • A change in vaginal discharge

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms you should consult your doctor.

Timing might be a clue usually, period pain lasts for several days. It normally begins just before or when the bleeding starts and may continue for a few days or for the whole time you bleed. You can also have pain during the middle of your cycle when you ovulate. Teenage girls can sometimes experience more period pain when they first start their periods.

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Can The Hormonal Iud Cause Any Serious Health Problems

  • In about 1 in 500 users, the doctor or nurse makes a small hole in the wall of the uterus while inserting the IUD. The IUD can move through the hole and sit in the wrong place. You would then need keyhole surgery to have it removed.
  • Around 1 in 300 users get an infection when the IUD is first inserted. This is usually successfully treated with antibiotics.
  • It is very unlikely you will get pregnant when using the hormonal IUD. If you do get pregnant with a hormonal IUD, there is a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy. This means that the pregnancy may settle in the fallopian tubes .

Other Symptoms Of Pregnancy

There are other symptoms of early pregnancy you might experience, including:

  • Youre bleeding, but only slightly. For some women, an early symptom of pregnancy is spotting. Its called implantation bleeding, and it happens about 10 to 14 days after conception when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining. This kind of bleeding doesnt last long, and it usually happens around the time youd normally have a period. This can be misleading. The difference is that implantation bleeding isnt typically as heavy as menstrual bleeding.
  • Youre having mood swings. If youre feeling particularly emotional or find yourself bursting into tears, it can be a result of pregnancy hormones.
  • Youre constipated. Its not comfortable, but a sluggish digestive system is another hormone-related issue that some women experience during pregnancy.
  • Youre experiencing backaches. While lower back pain can be a problem for the length of a pregnancy, some women notice it very early on.
  • You need to use the bathroom more frequently. Somewhere between six to eight weeks after conceiving, you may find that you have an increased need to urinate, but dont feel any pain or urgency.

While all of these symptoms can be signs of early pregnancy, they can also mean something else altogether. The reverse is also true: You may have none of these symptoms, but be pregnant.

A missed period can also be unrelated to a pregnancy. It could be due to:

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Can You Still Treat Period Pain If You Arent Having Your Period

You should get the problem diagnosed first before you begin treating your symptoms you should get a diagnosis from your doctor to make sure it is period pain. For example, conditions such as untreated STIs can lead to infertility or further health complications, and though you can take painkillers to help with the pain this would also need antibiotic treatment. Another condition which needs emergency medical attention is an ectopic pregnancy. This is where a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb such as in the fallopian tubes. If this occurs, it is not possible for the pregnancy to survive and it will need to be removed by medicine or surgery. The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy include:

  • Symptoms of pregnancy, i.e. a missed period
  • Tummy pain
  • Diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Dizziness

If you are worried that you might have an ectopic pregnancy you must see a doctor urgently.

Once you know the problem, then you can try to treat it if you have been diagnosed with period pain there are treatment methods available to help relieve the symptoms:

  • Painkillers ibuprofen or mefenamic acid can help to manage period pain. These have been shown to be more effective at managing the pain than paracetamol, although some women prefer the latter or cannot take NSAIDs. Your doctor can prescribe stronger painkillers if you find these are not effective at managing your symptoms. Usually, naproxen or codeine are sufficient for period pain.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Ius

What to Do If Your IUD Strings Seem to Be Missing



  • Your periods may become irregular or stop completely, which may not be suitable for some people.
  • Some people experience headaches, acne and breast tenderness after having the IUS fitted, but these usually settle with time.
  • Some people experience changes in mood.
  • An uncommon side effect of the IUS is that some people can develop small fluid-filled cysts on the ovaries these usually disappear without treatment.
  • An IUS does not protect you against STIs, so you may need to use condoms as well.
  • If you get an infection when you have an IUS fitted, it could lead to a pelvic infection if its not treated.
  • Most people who stop using an IUS do so because of vaginal bleeding and pain, although this is less common.

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What Are The Hormonal Intrauterine Devices

The hormonal IUDs are small T- shaped plastic devices that are inserted into the uterus . The hormonal IUDs contain progestogen. This is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone made naturally by the ovaries. The hormonal IUDs have a coating that controls the slow release of progestogen into the uterus. There are two different hormonal IUDs available in Australia. They are sold as Mirena and Kyleena.

Does Period Pain Mean That My Contraception Isnt Working

Not necessarily you can still get period pain with many contraceptives that are working properly. On the other hand, getting bleeding or pain could mean your contraceptive has failed. If you are worried you may be pregnant, you can purchase a pregnancy test from most supermarkets and pharmacies. Alternatively, your doctor will be able to confirm a pregnancy.

You may still experience period pain even if you are using contraception some methods wont help you manage period pain, including:

  • Condoms

Some contraception can reduce period pain using hormonal contraception like the pill can help to reduce the pain you experience during your periods. In some cases, you may still get cramping but it may be less severe than before because the pill contains hormones which induce changes in the body to prevent pregnancy.

If your period pain does not get better with a few months of treatment your GP may wish to refer you to see a gynaecologist.

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How Long Will I Bleed After Mirena Insertion

2. Irregular bleeding and spotting is normal for the first few months after the IUD is placed. In some cases, women may experience irregular bleeding or spotting for up to six months after the IUD is placed. This bleeding can be annoying at first but usually will become lighter with the Mirena IUD quickly.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction

My Mirena IUD was removed 3 weeks ago. Is it normal to have no period?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and other tissues that form a sling across the pelvis, which holds together the vagina, uterus, bladder, rectum, and other pelvic organs, according to the NLM. Just like any other part of your body, your pelvic floor can become weak or injured, particularly after pregnancy and childbirth, and cause symptoms such as pelvic pain, lower back pain, and the feeling of pelvic pressure or fullness that are akin to those during your period.

The standout difference from menstruation pain? If you can feel a bulge inside the vagina or, in more extreme cases, you can organs start to push out of the vaginal opening, per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , then you are probably dealing with pelvic floor muscular problems.

Other symptoms include pain during sex, burning feeling in the vagina and while peeing, leaking urine when you cough, laugh, or exercise, and leaking stool or hard time making it to the bathroom in time. To determine whats going on, ACOG says that your health care provide will typically conduct vaginal and rectal exams in which you may be asked to cough or strain to see if you leak.

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Ways I Was Not Expecting My Body To Change After I Got An Iud

When I got my IUD in 2016, I really wasnt sure what to expect. I knew I wanted a birth control method that would allow me to set it and forget it, and I wanted to get off of the pill in case the recent political climate caused birth control prices to go up. Time was of the essence, in my mind, so I scheduled a consultation with my doctor. She was professional and polite and gently guided me through all of the umms and hmms that consist of any consultative meeting with a doctor.

We went back and forth about the benefits of copper versus hormonal, the number of years I wanted the device to last, the specifics of my period and PMS, and before I left her office that day, I had made my decision. In two weeks, I would switch from ortho tri-cyclen, the daily pill I had used since high school to treat acne, to Kyleena, the small hormonal IUD that would guide me through the next phase of my young adult life: preventing pregnancy.

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I felt excited that I would no longer need to worry about taking a pill every day, but I was incredibly nervous about the insertion process and the pain, not that experiencing pain down there was anything new. At that point, Id had my fair share of painful periods, PAP tests, and a cervical biopsy. How bad could an IUD insertion really be?

Could I Be Pregnant

When you experience period pains but have no period, you could indeed be pregnant.

If you are expecting your period and the pains come about around a week before the period, then it could be implantation cramps rather than the period.

You may confuse implantation cramps with a period but you need to know that implantation cramps are less intense.

While you can use the length of the pains to also differentiate between a period and implantation, it is never a sure way to do it.

This is because implantation cramps can take anything from a few hours to a week before they subside.

If instead of a period you see a light pink or light brown discharge, then you should be sure of being pregnant. That is unless you are harboring a disease.

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Iud Insertion Pain: Overview

Its normal to feel some tolerable IUD insertion pain. It occurs when your doctor or nurse touches and dilates your cervix with special tools and pushes the IUD through the cervix into the uterus. Some people describe it as a bit harsher version of cramps you may feel during a pap smear.

The process of IUD insertion lasts only a few minutes, and cramps often become better in 1520 minutes. To manage the pain, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers in advance, for example, ibuprofen. You can also ask your provider for a local anesthetic to numb the cervical canal before the procedure.

Some professionals may use ultrasound guidance to show you the insertion. This may distract you from possible discomfort and help you feel in control of the procedure. Ask your doctor about their approach.

Women who have had a vaginal delivery usually feel less IUD insertion pain. For others, the insertion may be more painful. Some doctors prescribe a local treatment to soften the cervix, make insertion easier, and cause less discomfort. Please discuss this with your doctor.

You may experience dull or throbbing pain similar to menstrual cramps for a few days after your IUD was installed. And like menstrual cramps, IUD cramps can usually be managed with pain relievers or a heating pad. However, if your cramps suddenly became severe or you feel a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, its best to consult your health care provider immediately.

Diabetes And Thyroid Disease

9 Reasons for a Missed Period and Negative Pregnancy Test ...

Jay M. Berman, M.D., FACOG, chief of gynecological services at Detroit Medical Center’s Harper Hutzel Hospital and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Wayne State University, says other issues such as diabetes and thyroid disease may be to blame. “Many women will, for various reasons, occasionally not ovulate and this can cause an early or delayed menses,” he says. “Depending on her history, it may require further testing to determine the cause.”

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