Do Period Panties Work For Heavy Periods

Bliss Seamless Bikini Period Underwearruby Love$1999

I tried period panties – Do they actually work? Honest Womerya review & demo..for women with periods


With a stitch-free design, this leak-proof underwear is excellent for wearing under the leggings during light days.

= 1 Regular Tampons

For women on their period that want to wear leggings, these are the best panties out there.

Made by Ruby Love, these leak-proof underwear briefs work wonders under your pair of leggings.

I personally have and wear these super comfy period bikinis, finding them ideal for home yoga sessions.

Very absorbent undies, Id use them on light leaks or as a replacement to your disposable period products.

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How Does Period Underwear Work

I also chatted with Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD, MPH, a Northwell Health family medicine specialist, to get her take. She explained that the technology varies between manufacturers of menstrual underwear, but the idea is generally the same: The gusset contains several types of absorbent material, at least some of which is also designed to be moisture-wicking and odor-fighting. It’s kind of like having a super thin, reusable pad sewn into your underwear.

Several companies now sell menstrual underwear. Some brands have an absorbent liner that you can see, while others have it hidden under the top layer of fabric. The materials vary by brand .

When I spoke to Dani, she explained that menstrual underwear can be used as backup to a tampon or menstrual cup to prevent leaks, or you can wear it all by itself if your flow isn’t too heavy or if you’re OK with changing pairs throughout the day.

“Some people don’t need anything else others will need a tampon plus a pad. Bodies are different,” says Iroku-Malize. She added: “A few people I know, especially mothers of teens who are active in sports, say that menstrual underwear has been a game changer for them,” because they no longer have to worry about leaks.

It was settled: I was part of a movement, and I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

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Is Period Underwear Hygienic

If youve never tried period-proof underwear, you may have some questions. You may be wondering if its hygienic to wear underwear that youre bleeding into.

Underwear designed for period protection contains multiple layers of special material. This ensures that the material remains hygienic throughout your day and for each use. The moisture-wicking and odor-absorbing layers are also antimicrobial.

Some people have sensitive skin and may have problems with various fabrics on their bodies. Certain fabrics like wool, spandex, and nylon can cause rashes and irritation. If you have sensitive skin but want to try this type of underwear, research each brand. Some brands have cotton fabric on the side that touches your skin. Cotton is safe for most sensitive skin.

What Causes Heavy Periods

8 Best Period Panties That Actually Work for Heavy and Light Flows

Sometimes, heavy periods are simply caused by a variation in your hormone levelsnamely estrogen and progesterone. Other times, you may experience heavy flow due to factors like endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, or even birth control/other medications. Your doctor will be able to help you uncover the reasons behind your heavy flow.

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What I Like About Knix Leakproof Underwear

Usually, when I get my period, its a mad rush to make sure I have all the supplies I need. And then my day revolves around changing my pads and tampons to stay nice and fresh.

Knix period panties take all that worry away because I know Im all set and I can go about my life stress-free.

I love how on most days, Knix leakproof underwear makes me forget Im even on my period.

And they do an awesome job at absorbing odor. I never notice any smell

Plus, they are so much more comfortable to wear than tampons. They feel pretty much like regular underwear, except for a little stiffer panty liner area.

They come with a little lingerie bag that makes it really easy to keep them all together so I always know where to find a clean pair.

And just as a side note: I really like that their website features real women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities so I can see what the underwear looks like on regular women.

Is Period Underwear Worth It

All three experts we spoke to agreed that period underwear can be a useful option, especially because of its absorbency. Irobunda argued that its probably more practical for those who prefer pads over tampons. That absorbency also depends on the style you choose and what size pad or tampon youre comparing it to or that youre used to wearing, Cross told us. But for those with heavier flows, it might be better as a backup for pads or tampons, both Cross and Hauschka said.

And its not that period underwear is better than other menstrual care this is more a matter of personal preference above all, Cross mentioned. Hauschkas advice? Look at each brand online and see what options they offer. If youre using it as back-up, you may not need the highest absorbency. If you are using only the underwear as period protection, you may need the super absorbent for night time or your heaviest period days. It is helpful to try different absorbency options and different brands to see what is best for you.

As far as the downsides of period underwear, its not waterproof like tampons are when it comes to swimming or being around water so it wont offer protection there, Cross said. Instead, a pair might absorb a lot of water, leading to an undesirable situation, she added. Plus, she mentioned the lack of portability of period underwear you cant carry it around as you would an extra tampon or pad in a pocket.

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Type : Period Panties For Sanitary Pads

Often, sanitary pads just naturally move around, or the wings sometimes stick to the skin or pubic hair, making things down south feel uncomfortable. Luckily there is a product out there that holds sanitary pads in place, called RubyLove by Crystal Etienne.

Its a pair of panties that has a slot for a sanitary pad to slip into. The designer of these panties, Crystal Etienne, created these, as her sanitary pads often caused discomfort and shifted around.

Crystal had owned lingerie boutiques in the past and knew nothing like this existed in the market, and created these by going to many factories and showing them the design. A few prototypes were created, and Crystal got her friends and teenage daughter to test them out and tell her what they felt like.

RubyLove has two designs a bikini and a hipster, as well as a bodysuit, and is doing very well. They all hold sanitary pads in place.

There are studies that show that 62% of American women still use pads, when compared to 42% who use tampons. The industry has become so sophisticated and competitive that they just skipped this whole group of women, said Crystal. Crystals company RubyLove, even offers period swimwear.

Beloved Budget Briefs: Bambody High Waist Panty

Thinx Period Panties- Review July 2019- Do they work? Worth the cost?

Why theyre great: If youre okay with buying something that will start to look a little raggedy after about 15 washes, the Bambody High Waist Panty is a highly effective and very comfortable budget period-underwear option. We found that this style absorbs fluid just as well as many of our pricier picks. Made of soft and stretchy spandex-infused bamboo fabric, the Bambody High Waist was also one of the most comfortable pairs of panties we triedand its the one many of us reached for most often on our more-bloated days.

Overall, this underwear feels like youre wearing slightly thicker-than-average regular panties. One of our testers is still pleased with their initial pairs after three years and machine-washing them over 100 times, as well as always drying them on high heat .

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The gussets absorbent core does puff up in the crotch when full, and this underwear does get a little soggybut no more so than our other picks with visibly absorbent gussets.

This style shows wear more quickly than our other picks, fading or becoming discolored sooner. That said, the Bambody underwear costs about a third of what our other picks do. The discoloration does not hamper effectiveness.

Unlike those of our other picks, Bambodys liner does not go all the way up to the front waistband . So stomach-sleepers and those who tend to pool menstrual fluid at the front of a pad or pair of underwear should probably consider other options.

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Best Budget: Bambody Leak Proof Hipster

  • Tight waistband

Period panties are generally more expensive than your average undergarment. However, you should always think of them as an investment because a high-quality pair will last a long timeand end up saving you money in disposable sanitary products. However, if you dont have it in your budget to spend over $30 a pair, there are budget-friendly options that wont break the bank.

Bambodys Period Panties Hipster is a sporty-looking hipster-style brief that costs a little over $10 a pair and happens to be one of the highest rated period panties on Amazon. This double-layered stretchy-meets-silky panty is crafted out of a bamboo and spandex blend, and each pair is moderately absorbent, making it the perfect backup for light days or to protect you from random spotting. It is also a popular option for exercise, as it keeps cool and dry, wicking moisture away from your body.

Bambodys Period Panties Hipster is available in a range of sizesfrom XXS to 2XLand comes in a few different colors.

Material: Bamboo and spandex blend | Fit: Can run small | Sizes Available: XXS-2XL

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With the help of extensive research and analysis, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best period panties. We have also read many customer reviews to understand how effective they are and have gone through several product details to ensure that the listed items are safe for use. These items on the list are comfortable and will keep your sanitary napkin in place.

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What The Experts Say

If their period is heavy, they may want to try them when they are at home in case of accidents or start using them on their lighter days. Dr Sarah Yamaguchi, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist at DTLA Gynecology

  • Stiff fabric

Many women opt to omit thong underwear from their wardrobe during that time of the monthespecially if they rely on pads. However, it is possible to wear the lowest profile panty and enjoy period protection simultaneously with Knixs Leakproof Thong.

This body-conforming thong provides the same amount of fluid as one tamponmore than that of other competing period thongs, while still managing to hide seamlessly behind your thinnest of thin black leggings without any panty lines.

Constructed out of an adaptive four-way stretch nylon-lycra blend, it comfortably clings to your skin without digging in. The gusset offers extra protection in the form of moisture-wicking polyester reinforcement, which will help keep you dry and kill any odors lingering around. While it isnt going to be your go-to period panty during your heavy or even moderate flow, it is a great option for light spotting or backup situations.

The Knix Leakproof Thong is in six shades of nude as well as a few colors and patterns, in sizes XS through 4XL.

Material: 77% Nylon and 23% Lycra Xtra Life | Fit: Can run small | Sizes Available: XS-4XL

Shorty Panties Teens & Tweens$2300

How To Get Period Blood Out Of Your Underwear


Teen period underwear, designed with young women and teenagers in mind. A bit limited regarding the range and variety of styles, though.

= 5 Regular Tampons

Heres another excellent menstrual underwear from Thinx.

The colors, sizes, and styles of the Thinx BTWN collection are explicitly devised for younger women.

Thinx BTWN period panties possess the same functionality as the originals.

Moreover, to help teenagers and young women, the brand has launched a Fresh Start Period Kit at $59.

One of the best period underwear for girls, the kit includes three pairs in different styles.

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Who This Is For

Though period underwear can hold more than a tampons worth of fluid, if youve never free-bled into underwear, it may take some getting used to. Some people prefer to use period underwear as a backup method of leak control, rather than as a first line of defense in managing menstrual flow. If you find yourself experiencing or worrying about leaks during your period, or if youre anticipating the start of your menstrual cycle but youre not sure of the exact date, a pair of absorbent undies can provide peace of mind and will be more comfortable to wear than most pads or panty liners.

If you dislike pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup, period underwear may be right for you as a primary collection method. But because period underwear is roughly $15 to $50 a pairand since most people would need to use two to four pairs per dayusing just period underwear could get expensive . And it could mean having to carry bloody underwear around with you. In 2019, menstrual products such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and period underwear, were reclassified as qualified medical expenses, meaning that you can now use health care flexible spending account or health savings account funds to buy them.

  • After trying 33 menstrual cups, weve found that the Cora is the best choice for most first-timers. Size and fit can vary widely, so we have multiple picks.

Will Knix Leakproof Underwear Work For Heavy Periods

For the regular Leakproof underwear, Id say no. After a life of super heavy flow, I think Id need to change underwear every few hours, which defeats the purpose.

However, these would work well in addition to tampons. Kind of like having backup coverage to help with any tampon leaks. It would provide a layer of protection

Im so glad that they recently launched their Super Leakproof underwear because those hold more liquid and would be perfect for heavier flows.

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