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Causes For 3 Months Without Periods

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As mentioned, one of the most common reasons of not having a period on the expected date is pregnancy. However, here are some other reasons why you have had no period for 3 months.

1. Pregnancy

If you have missed a period and are also experiencing other issues such as bloating, abdominal cramping and breast tenderness, you may be pregnant. Your hormone levels rise during pregnancy and this helps maintain the thickened endometrial lining, which otherwise sheds when you are not pregnant. Shedding of the uterine lining is what you see as menstrual blood. So be sure to take a pregnancy test to confirm it.

2. Menopause

When you do not have a menstrual period for 12 months, this usually indicates the end of your fertile years. You may also experience irregular periods with other symptoms in the months leading to menopause. It means that having no period for 3 months may indicate that you are approaching your menopausal stage.

3. Secondary Amenorrhea

You can have primary amenorrhea or secondary amenorrhea. It is considered primary amenorrhea when you do not have your first period by the age of 16. It is secondary amenorrhea if after having normal menstrual cycles for years you suddenly stop getting your period for at least three months. You may develop secondary amenorrhea due to many different reasons. For instance:

4. Other Causes

In addition to the factors mentioned already, there can be some other reasons of having no period for 3 months. For instance:

How Much Delay In Periods Is Normal

Menstrual cycles are considered normal if they last anywhere between 21 to 35 days. Your cycle can vary, but your period is considered late after five days from the date when you expected it to come. A period is considered to have been missed if its been six weeks or more since the first day of your last menstruation.

Two Months Without Having Period Why

In most cases, a missed period for 2 months would most likely mean you are pregnant, but that isn’t always the case. Your period being late or even missed can be due to a number of reasons. No matter what, it will inevitably make you a little nervous. This article will help you understand the different reasons that may make you miss your period. There are also some helpful tips you can try to get your cycles regulated again. You should always consult your doctor to make sure you aren’t pregnant and rule out any other serious health conditions before trying any home remedies.

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Things That Delay Your Period

A missed period is often the first sign of pregnancy, but there are other reasons for lateness, too. Here are some other factors that can delay your monthly flow:

Extreme diet and exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders for your health. But if you overdo it, you might say bye-bye to your periods, at least temporarily.

Athletes who train really hard or who dont get enough calories may stop menstruating, Dr. Higgins says. Its the bodys way of telling you that it doesnt have enough resources to support a pregnancy.

When your periods stop due to weight loss, diet or exercise, youre experiencing secondary amenorrhea. This means you previously had periods, but they have stopped. Secondary amenorrhea might happen to you if you:

  • Eat an extreme, calorie-restricted diet.
  • Have an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • Lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.
  • Undergo hardcore exercise training, such as for a .

Polycystic ovary syndrome

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that interferes with the release of an egg . When you dont ovulate, you usually dont have a period. Many people with PCOS have irregular, late or missing periods. Other symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Excess facial or body hair.
  • Thinning hair.
  • Weight gain or trouble losing weight.

Doctors diagnose PCOS by checking your symptoms and performing medical tests when needed. Medication and lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms.


Some examples of major stress include:


Period 3 Days Late White Discharge

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Missed period for 3 days with increased white colored discharge is most likely pregnancy.

Did you have abdominal cramps before your period that is less severe than period cramps? Are you feeling like vomiting? Do you feel tired very easily? Any breast pain and swelling?

During your period cycle, its expected that just before your period, your vagina dries out due to progesterone depletion after corpus luteum breakdown. If you still have increased discharge that is whitish or milky white, then it likely pregnancy.

Other reasons you may have 3 days late period and white discharge are late ovulation, breastfeeding and during intercourse.

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Medicines And Medical Treatment

As discussed above, a number of contraceptive treatments can stop you having periods. Other medicines can affect periods too. Examples are some medicines for schizophrenia , an anti-sickness medicine called metoclopramide and strong painkillers called opiates.A number of operations may result in absent periods. For example, after a hysterectomy you will not have periods. A hysterectomy is an operation where the womb is removed. As the blood during a period comes from the womb, you will never have periods again afterwards. Another operation , which is sometimes done for heavy periods, also causes periods to stop. In this operation the lining of the womb is removed. This is not usually permanent and periods start again in time.

Treatments for cancer, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, can also damage the ovaries and result in absent periods. Recreational drugs such as heroin may also cause periods to stop.

Changes In Birth Control

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“When starting a new form of birth control, you can initially have an irregular period, and in fact, some forms of birth control may cause you to lose your blood from your period altogether ,” Mysore explains. “When going off birth control, you can find yourself in the same position, where you may not get your period for some time, even a few months before your natural period comes back into play.”

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Stress Is Getting To You

Work has been totally nuts or your class load has you pulling all-nighters. “I describe it to women as whatever stress you’re under, your body decided it was not a good time to get pregnant. It’s your body’s way of protecting you,” says Dr. Goist. But as long as you can get your stress under control and it’s an isolated thing, it’s no big deal if you miss a period or it’s super late one time.

Why You Might Miss A Period

12 Reasons Why You Missed Your Period

Amenorrhea is the term doctors refer to when a woman has missed three or more menstrual periods in a row.

It makes sense to chalk up a missed period to pregnancy if you’re sexually active. But the list of what causes amenorrhea is a lot longer than you might think, says Sherry Ross, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

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Weeks Past Period Negative Pregnancy Test: 7 Reasons For Late Period

Question What causes 2 Weeks Past Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

Now you realized that your period has gone off and yet to come for two weeks While you may think its pregnancy, the chances are slim. SO DONT PANIC!!!

Many other reasons may cause hormone fluctuations that may either make your period late, lighter than normal or heavy.

Common reason for 2 weeks late period and not pregnant are

  • Poor sample collection that is when less concentrated urine was used in your test.
  • Stress and weight loss
  • Thyroid problems
  • Emergency pills usage after sex

However, if youve had sexual intercourse without using protective measures, there is a possibility you could be pregnant.

The article explains the causes of a delayed period, and when you should worry.

Table 2 Missed Pill For Progestin

Progestin-only pills are often recommended for women who are breastfeeding and women who cannot use the combined oral contraceptive pill for medical reasons. You might find the progestin-only pills a little trickier to use than combined hormonal birth control pills because the progestin-only pill MUST be taken at the same time each day .

Examples of progestin-only pills include: Camila, Deblitane, Errin, Heather, Incassia, Jencycla, Jolivette, Lyza, Nor-QD, Nora-BE, Norlyroc, Norlyda, Ortho Micronor, Sharobel, Slynd, Tulana.

You could become pregnant if you miss taking your progestin-only pill by more than 3 hours. If you miss taking one mini-pill by 3 hours, follow the guidelines below.

What to do if you miss a pill from a progestin-only pack of birth control pills

Missed pills Is a 48-hour back-up contraceptive method needed?

Missed one or more pills by more than 3 hours.

If you start your pills more than five days from the onset of your period.


Take a pill as soon as remembered.

Take the next pill at the usual time .

If you had sex in the last 3 to 5 days, talk to your provider about emergency contraception .

Yes, use a nonhormonal back-up method every time you have sex for the next 48 hours .

If you are not sure what to do about the pills you have missed, keep taking your POPs as scheduled and use a backup method until you can talk to your doctor or clinic.

Table 2 References: 5, 16, 17, 20

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Late Period: Everything You Need To Know

Having a late period might come as a surprise, especially if youre not trying to get pregnant. Should you take a pregnancy test? The truth is, there are many reasons for late periods other than pregnancy. Your health, age, diet, stress, and exercise can all affect the regularity of your menstrual cycle. In this article, well look at the most common late period causes and go over some common questions about delayed menstruation.

You Have A Pituitary Problem

Ovulation Bleeding: What It Is, Why It Happens, What It ...

Are your nipples leaking a milky white fluid? “It’s rare but I have women come in and tell me they lost their period and have nipple discharge and a headache from time to time,” explains Dr. Dweck. She’ll give her patients a blood test to check prolactin levels, a hormone that yep prompts your body to produce breast milk. If levels are high, you may have a benign pituitary tumor called a prolactinoma. Before you freak out, know this: You’d be referred to an endocrinologist, but it’s totally treatable, most often with medication.

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You’ve Gained A Lot Of Weight

Just like being underweight can cause a problem, so can being overweight. Obese women were twice as likely to have an irregular cycle compared to those who were normal weight, according to an Australian study. Carrying around excess weight may cause hormone issues that throw off your cycle plus, it’s also linked to PCOS. The good news is that losing weight through a smart diet can help bring your period back, a new study shows.

You Are Taking Oral Contraceptives

Contraceptive pills block ovulation and may affect your period coming out depending on the type of pills you are on.

If your period is 3 days late and youre on COC pills like Seasonale, then you dont have to worry. Seasonale pills are taken for about 84 days with a break period. Women on these pills will not have period for four months.

However, if youve missed your pills for days, it could be pregnancy. You should inform your doctor or get a pregnancy test done.

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My Period Is Late: Is There Any Reason To Be Worried

Numerous studies show that a slight variation in the length of your menstrual cycle is normal.

More than 100 women with normal menstrual cycle lengths took part in a large-scale study that showed interesting results: cycle variability of more than seven days was observed in 42.5 percent of the participants! As you can see, a one to two-day variation is very common.

Track my period

A Late Period Under 16

Missed Menstrual Periods

Many teenagers want to know why their period is late. For many, the first few years of menstruation involve irregular periods.

The body is still developing in this stage of life, and a teens ovaries do not always release an egg monthly. This may result in irregular cycles fewer than 20 or more than 45 days. A typical cycle for teenagers lasts between 21 and 45 days.

Having fluctuating periods for two years or less during adolescence is likely nothing to worry about. Your health care provider can conduct a physical exam to make sure everythings healthy. Teens cycles start to regulate as their hormone levels stabilize, although some will still have irregular cycles on an ongoing basis.

Continue monitoring your body. When your period comes, use Flo to log the date and your symptoms. The app can help you better predict your period, even if you have an irregular cycle.

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Reasons For A Missed Period

Pregnancy is by far the most common cause of a missed period, but there are some other medical and lifestyle factors that can affect your menstrual cycle. Extreme weight loss, hormonal irregularities, and menopause are among the most common causes if you’re not pregnant.

You may miss a period for one or two months, or you may experience complete amenorrheathat is, no period for three or more months in a row. This article explores 10 common reasons your period may be delayed.

Verywell / Cindy Chung

Can Stress Affect Your Period

Is stress behind your irregular or missed period? Hereâs how to tell.

Stress and periods go together like peanut butter and jelly.. in the worst way. As if getting your period wasnât anxiety-inducing enough , stress can also cause major shifts in your period and menstrual cycle, namely delaying it. A recent study found that high levels of stress can cause irregular periods.

Ironic right?

Stressing about not getting or missing your period can actually make you…not get your period. Itâs a real chicken-and-the-egg scenario. Or in this case, stress-about-the-not-fertilized-egg and the not-fertilized-egg scenario.

Stress less and use our period tracker to know when youâre period is scheduled to start and when it is scheduled to stop.

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