My Daughter Got Her First Period

What Can Dads Do


Dr. Horton said the first period can be a very emotional time for any girl, and it is important for the dad to stay calm. You should also make sure your daughter knows the period is totally normal, and you are there to help.

Having a plan in place for dad before her first period will help keep dad calm as well, Dr. Horton said.

Burke Miller said its also important dads remember to avoid using harsh phrases, such as It happens to all girls or You will be fine. Dads should stay supportive and understand that starting a period can be very emotional and uncomfortable for their daughter.

Finally, Dr. Horton believes this is a great opportunity for fathers to show they are there to help their daughters in all aspects of their life. It also lets them show they want to be involved in their daughters lives.

Fathers should feel confident helping their daughter through this time, Dr. Horton said. Making the subject feel less taboo and uncomfortable creates a healthy transition into adolescence.

Looking for more info? Visit the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists website for some info dads can share with their daughter.

What Should I Do When My Daughter Starts Her Period

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  • Starting her period is an important milestone in your daughters life. But although you may have seen signs that she is in puberty, her first period may still come as a bit of a surprise. She may be a little scared or embarrassed. As a parent, how do you help your daughter at this crucial time?

    Here are 4 things to discuss with your daughter to ease her fears and prepare her for this new stage in her life.

    Signs Your Daughter Is About To Start Her Period

    Inside: What are the first signs your daughter is about to start her period? Find out what signs to look out for, so that you can prepare your daughter for her first period .

    If I could invent a machine that could predict a girls first period to the exact day , I would be a rich person. As it is the one thing that tween girls want to know!

    I have a Youtube Channel for Sex Ed Rescue, and for some strange reason, a lot of tweens have been watching my puberty content. So many that Ive had to start a channel with age-appropriate information just for them Puberty Talk. And they keep on asking me when theyll get their first period. It is something that they really want to know, and the other tweens will make comments about how long a wait it is, for this life-changing event to finally happen.

    But back to that period-predicting machine, it is impossible to accurately predict when a first period will happen. Predicting the first period isnt easy, as it is different for every girl.

    But there are three things that first have to happen to a girl before periods will start.

    Youll find more information about puberty in my Puberty 101 page. And if youre feeling unsure about how to talk to your child about periods, youll find some tips in this blog post about the period talk.

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    When Should I Talk To My Kids About Periods

    Talking about periods shouldn’t be one big talk at a particular age. Instead, start the conversation early and slowly build on your child’s understanding. Girls and boys need reliable information about periods. So make sure you talk to your sons too!

    • For example, if your 4-year-old sees a tampon and asks what it’s for, you could say, “Women bleed a little from their vagina every month. It’s called a period. It isn’t because they’re hurt. It’s how the body gets ready for a baby. The tampon catches the blood so it doesn’t go on the underwear.”

    Over the years, you can give your child more information as he or she is ready.

    If your child doesn’t ask questions about periods, you can bring it up. By the time they’re 6 or 7 years old, most kids can understand the basics of periods. Look for a natural moment to talk about it, such as:

    • when kids asks about puberty or changing bodies
    • if your child asks where babies come from
    • if you’re at the store buying pads or tampons

    Ask if your child knows about periods. Then, you can share basic information, such as: As a girl develops into a woman, her body changes so she can have a baby when she grows up. Part of that is getting a place ready for the baby to grow inside the mom. The place a baby grows is called a uterus. Every month the uterus wall gets ready for a baby. If there is no baby, the uterus wall comes off and bleeds a little. The blood comes out a woman’s vagina. The body makes a new wall every month, just in case there is a baby.

    My Daughter Got Her Period At Age 10

    First period: My daughter() is ten years old and just got ...

    I started to notice Sadie’s body begin to change around age nine – she had small breast buds and could no longer just wear a t-shirt. I also noticed a few pimples on her face, discharge on her undies when I did the laundry, and she had pubic hair by the time she was turning 10. She’s old for her grade, so none of her classmates were going through these changes. I talked to her doctor about it, and he said that within one year of noticing pubic hair, you can expect her period.

    She was looking forward to this special day so much that the night before she turned 10 she said, “Wouldn’t it be great if I got my period for my birthday?!” I knew she was excited to experience all we had talked about, but deep down I was thinking, “F*ck no! You’re still my baby, and having your period actually sucks!” I also thought back to the time when she was five months old, and had to stay in the hospital for almost a month because she was having seizures that made her stop breathing. She made a full recovery, and here she was, almost 10 and talking about getting her period! I just smiled and said, “I’m sure you have another year to go.”

    Well, without me knowing, she was preparing! In her room one day, I noticed this little box she made where she collected some of the things I got for her. She had a few pads, period undies, a couple tampons , and a little gold necklace that’s actually a tampon holder. She was ready!

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    Make A Plan For When She Is Away From Home For An Extended Time

    If your tween daughter is headed to camp or someplace else for an extended period of time, you’ll need to think ahead. Pack a few pads and a letter to give to her counselor in case she gets her first period while she’s away. The letter should explain the situation, as well as other information her counselor might need to know about.

    Make sure your daughter understands that she is to give the letter to her counselor only if her first period comes. Also, explain to your daughter that if her first period comes while she’s at camp, she may need to sit out on swimming until her flow has ended. While she’ll still be able to participate once she is able to use a tampon, this is not a good option for a first period as it often takes practice.

    Things Not To Say Or Do When Your Daughter Gets Her Period

    The Camp Gyno.

    If you went to summer camp, you knew her .

    The Camp Gyno wasnt a doctor or the camp nurse she didnt even have a medical degree. She was the girl who got her period before anyone else and therefore she knew EVERYTHING there was to know about getting your period.

    We were all in awe of her pubescent womanliness. She could swallow two painkillers without a sip of lemonade, she wielded tampons like a samurai warrior and she had mastered the art of ducking out of swim to work on her tan.

    She was a goddess.

    And we were grateful to have her because it meant not having to ask your mother embarrassing questions.

    But now that Im the mom of a 13-year-old girl, I want my daughter to come to me with her questions. I would like her to speak openly with me about whats happening to her body and feel confident that I wont humiliate her. At least, not intentionally.

    Unfortunately, finding a comfort zone talking about periods with your daughter can be tricky. As moms, its our responsibility to educate our girls and prepare them for the inevitable. But a crossed boundary, a verbal misstep, even the smallest recognition that this is a big moment for us, too, can easily lead to cries of, Stop! No more! and MOMMMM!!! THAT’S SOOOOO EMBARRASSING!

    Think back to when you first started getting your period – was there anything worse than having your mother stroke your head and say, Awwwyoure a woman now! Ugh. As if you werent cranky enough already.


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    At What Age Do You Stop Growing

    The timing of puberty plays a pivotal role in answering the question of “when do girls stop growing in height?” That’s because the age at which a girl reaches adult height depends on when she started her first period.

    The beginning signs of female puberty, including breast development, body hair growth, and discharge, are indicators that your daughter may soon begin to grow in height faster than she has before. Girls who are going through puberty typically experience a growth spurt after their breasts begin to develop, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, followed by their first period two to three years later.

    Girls stop growing taller and reach their final adult height just two to two-and-half years after that first menstrual cycle.

    Causes Of Delayed Menarche

    Our 10yr Old Daughter Got Her first Period **prank on dad**

    In contrast, delayed menarche is often attributed to a lack of body fat. Your body requires adequate amounts of fat to enter the phase of puberty and trigger your first menstrual period.

    Thats why hard-core athletes, such as swimmers, dancers, and gymnasts, who tend to carry less body fat, are more susceptible to delayed menarche. Additionally, young women struggling with eating disorders appear vulnerable to this as well.

    Other possible causes of delayed menarche include:

    • Genetic predisposition
    • Health issues such as inflammatory bowel diseases , anemia, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and cystic fibrosis
    • Radiation or chemotherapy treatment

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    Taking A Natural Approach To Your Monthly Period

    As a woman and mother, Hesta Organic founder, Aness Han, wanted to offer the young girls in her family a natural alternative to the toxic feminine care products so readily available. In addition, she wanted to design a feminine, fun, and beautiful line of products that young girls would get excited about. The result is the Hesta Organic line of 100% organic, washable pads and panty liners.

    My Daughter Got Her Period At Age 10 Here’s Why She Didn’t Freak Out

    For anyone who knows me, I love to talk about periods! I even started talking to my kids about it as early as they could walk heck they were following me any time I went to the bathroom , so I figured I might as well explain to them what they saw. I didn’t want them to be scared or freaked out about it , and thankfully, when my daughter got her period early at age 10, she was excited and proud. A true parenting success story! Here’s how I prepared her for her first period and what we did to make it an awesomely positive experience.

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    Dad Takes Charge Pt Ii

    The year was 1981. I was 11. I lived with my dad. Had a tummy ache and thought it was due to the three Wagon Wheels and two Penguin biscuits consumed in quick succession. Went to the loo. Vivid red staining in my knickers! At that moment the electricity meter ran out. Plunged into darkness as was my mood. Worried I had snagged my nether regions on the fence Id climbed over earlier. Decided this was not the case and I must be dying. Quick call to my mother who sobbed down the phone that her baby had grown up and she wasnt there not a clue what she was waffling on about. Five minutes on phone to my older sister who was furious that Id had the nerve to bleed before her and convinced I was lying still had no clue. Confused. Eventually informed that I had a period still no clue. Dad came home: Dad, Ive had a period. Dad coughs a lot, leaves and comes back with every form of sanitary protection available. He asked if I knew what to do? Pfft, course I do! Went to school the next day with a still-wrapped tampon in my knickers and a piece of string tied around my waist. It was a very uncomfortable day. Josephine

    Tell Her What To Expect

    How to Talk To Your Daughter About Her First Period  SheKnows

    In your conversations, its also best to educate her on menstrual cycles and all the changes that puberty brings. There are tools you can use to help her have a better understanding, such as books and videos.

    Talk to your daughter about what to expect such as a light flow during the first few years, the color of her blood , and that it will have a faint odor.

    You can also let her know that she will likely experience some discomfort, like a bit of back pain or cramps in the lower abdomen, especially at the start of their period. Dont focus too much on period problems these symptoms will likely show up after your daughter has had her period for a couple of years. However, it is important that your daughter lets you know should she ever feel pain whenever she bleeds.

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