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Types of no exam life insurance

A No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy can now be purchased from the comfort of your own home.

A No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy with just a simple application can now be purchased from the comfort of your own home. Getting traditional life insurance can be time consuming, involving multiple steps that can wind up distracting our attention from our required routines. If you work long hours, travel a lot or have a difficult schedule, you may be avoiding the perceived hassle of getting a policy. Life Insurance is a viable modern day option.

A No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy means people can receive real coverage, without having to provide blood and urine for testing. With No Medical Exam Life Insurance, you only have a simple application.

Should I Get Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

There are a few circumstances that may make a guaranteed issue life insurance policy worth it for you. Some insurance companies will shy away from customers with serious health issues, but Aflac knows that everyone could benefit from a life insurance policy to fit their needs.

Typically, those who are terminally ill, on dialysis, need an organ transplant, are on hospice, have a chronic illness, have AIDS or HIV, or have Alzheimer’s or dementia, have a more difficult time finding the right coverage.9 Thats where some type of guaranteed acceptance life insurance with no health questions could come in.

Guaranteed issue life insurance exists to help those with serious health problems find the coverage they need. These plans may help prevent consumers from being turned down based on their medical history. If you or someone you know is battling a serious illness, life insurance without medical questions could make all the difference for their loved ones.

Guaranteed life insurance for seniors may be particularly helpful as new health conditions can arise with age. This type of plan could make coverage possible, even if you have a new diagnosis. At Aflac, you can explore term and whole life insurance options for seniors, with enhanced benefits to fit your lifestyle.

Cheap Term Life Insurance Without Exam

How do I get Cheap Life Insurance Without Medical Exam?


Is it possible to get cheap term life insurance quotes, no medical exam?

Well, here you are faced with many questions. You are also asking yourself, how much life insurance can I get without a medical exam?

You finally got to the point of embracing the importance of coverage. In fact, the no medical exam life insurance policy is convenient and in some cases priced within the top rates in the industry.

In fact, life insurance no medical exam no waiting period is easily achieved. Especially if you have no history of health problems.

In general, if youre shopping for life insurance coverage and apply with a no medical exam carrier, they still can require an exam which includes a blood test. Especially if they find a pre-existing medical condition.

These exams usually take 30 minutes in the luxury of the consumers residence.

Furthermore, when applying with a no exam product, life carriers usually issue policies within a week to 10 days with a simple underwriting process.

For No Medical Exam Life Insurance Apply Online

Lets see how the No Exam Policies Match Up!!

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What Are The Risk Classes

Risk classes are determined during the underwriting process. The classes that the underwriter will choose from are:

  • Preferred Plus
  • Substandard

All risk classes are for non-smokers unless Smoker is in the title of the class.

The Preferred Plus class is for people who are in superior health. They have no chronic illnesses and their immediate family members did not die before the age of 60 from cancer or heart disease.

Their lab results are within the normal range and their height and weight profiles are also within the average range.

The Preferred class is for individuals who are in outstanding health. High blood pressure or high cholesterol thats being treated is acceptable in the Preferred class ranking. Height and weight may be slightly over average, and lab results may also be slightly abnormal.

The Standard Plus ranking is for those who have average health. Their height and weight may be higher than normal.

The Standard ranking is for those who have an average life expectancy and health.

They may be receiving treatment for minor conditions. One or more of the applicants parents may have died from heart disease or cancer before the age of 60. Height and weight can be above average. Elevated lab results for blood pressure and cholesterol are accepted.

The Substandard class is for those who need high-risk life insurance. If you have a below-average life expectancy, are obese, or have major health conditions, youll be covered in this ranking.

Risk Class Type

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Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period! Find Out More Now ...

My name is Danny Ray, Owner/Agent of PinnacleQuote. Although we are based in Jacksonville, Florida. Duval County, the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars! We are licensed in 49 states.

We will provide you with the best coverage options with the Top A+ rated carriers. My goal is to provide you with enough understanding and knowledge to make the best choice for your family.

Can I get online life insurance quotes no medical exam? YES!

Complete the link on the left side of this page and you will have your quotes displayed instantly.

To give you an accurate quote and answer all your questions Call me today! You will be indeed guaranteed life insurance with no health exam. I will walk you through the entire process!

The moment your children were born, you had flashes of their future. Purchasing life insurance will ensure what you envisioned for your family be kept intact for years to come, long after you are gone.

The last way to say I Love You ~ Life Insurance.

We offer all types of policies besides no medical exam. This includes term, whole, and universal life, etc. If you have any life insurance question, ask!

Danny Ray ~Founder/Owner of PinnacleQuote

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Quick Summary: No Exam Term Life Insurance

  • No medical exam term life insurance companies provide policies that pay a death benefit if the insured person dies within the policy term .
  • You can skip the paperwork, medical exams, and bloodwork. Just answer some key medical and lifestyle questions.
  • You have the choice of either guaranteed issue or simplified issue policies. Well go over these in more detail below.
  • There are age limits. Term life insurance no exam policies are generally for applicants up to 65 years old.
  • These policies offer fast approval for qualified applicants. The best term life insurance no medical exam carriers put your coverage in place instantly or within a few days .
  • If youre in excellent health, youll most likely qualify. But if youre monitoring any health issue , success can vary.
  • Be open and honest with your agent about your health situation. Let us compare the rates and underwriting guidelines of the nation’s top-rated no medical exam term life insurance companies to find the right fit for your unique situation.

Read More about No Exam Term Life Insurance

Accelerated Underwriting Life Insurance

Accelerated underwriting is a process where the insurer gathers information about you electronically and then algorithms quickly assess what your life insurance quote should be.

The personal information gathered can include prescription drug histories, motor vehicle records, criminal records and risk scores created by third-party services.

Accelerated underwriting policies offer the convenience of no exam and can be priced as competitively as a policy that requires an exam.

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

Above all, this is one of the most important financial decisions that youll ever need to make. And you wonder, how much life insurance can I get without a medical exam. With this in mind, many factors go into this decision, and it will take some calculations. Heres a list of some things youll want to consider:

  • How much debt do I have?
  • How much will my children need to get to adulthood?
  • What about my childrens college tuition?
  • Funeral expenses?
  • What will my family need without my salary?

What Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Life And Health Insurance Exam Free Practice Questions Part 3

Guaranteed issue life insurance provides coverage regardless of your medical history â hence the name. You donât need to take a medical life insurance examination and may or may not answer medical questions . Effectively, it is basically no-questions-asked life insurance.

However, it is significantly more expensive than permanent life insurance and simplified issue life insurance. And the coverage amount is rather limited, usually just enough to take care of end-of-life expenses. For this reason, it is also called funeral expense life insurance or burial insurance. Unlike standard whole life insurance policies, guaranteed issue doesnât include a savings component.

Most guaranteed life insurance policies include a waiting period, usually two years. You need to hold on to your policy for two years before it pays out the death benefit to your family. If you die within this time, the insurance provider will refund the premium dollars paid into the policy to your family.

Guaranteed life insurance is for people who are seniors or unhealthy or both. If better insurance options may be available, itâs best to talk with your insurance broker first.

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Who Thinks Medical Test Is A Hassle

Other than this, some people do not want to go through the hassle of medical examinations. They look for more accessible policy options in a quick time.

Life insurance without medical examination becomes their ultimate choice. Sometimes people do not want to disclose their medical condition to their family, friends, or business allies.

Their concern for their familys financial future makes them purchase life insurance with no medical no waiting period. It ensures that their survivors get a comfortable life even when they depart from the world.

There are several reasons that people have started showing significant interest in buying such policies.

Their rising demands and queries have been the reason that the insurance companies have introduced such plans for their customers.

$15000 Instant Term Life Insurance Policy

  • $15,000 one-year term life insurance policy goes into effect immediately with instant issue underwriting

  • No medical exam is required, and all underwriting is based on your completed application and representations

  • The annual policy provides a death benefit of $15,000 for an annual premium of $225

  • Upon approval and a one-time payment of your premium, your policy is instantly issued and you are immediately covered

  • When your policy expires, you may renew or choose a different policy limit

  • Premiums are the same for both men and women between the ages of 18-65

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Best Life Insurance Companies For Seniors Over 80

When it comes to the best senior life insurance over 80, it is important to remember that not every insurance provider facilitates older policyholders.

You need to find the one that qualifies you for insurance, as well as offers you the best insurance options.

For this reason, here we have mentioned some of the best companies that you can choose according to your requirements.

Lets take a look.

How To Get Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period! Find Out More Now ...

There are many ways to find life insurance policies that do not require a medical exam. First, if you work for someone else, you should inquire whether group life insurance is offered. If not, numerous providers offer no-exam medical policies and you will often see these companies advertised on television, in the mail or online. You may want to consider asking friends and family members which company they have used and if they would recommend a provider with a no-exam option. A quick internet search may also help you find companies that offer life insurance policies without a medical exam.

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No Medical Term Life Insurance

In the past, buying term life insurance with no medical exam required would generally be more expensive than medically underwritten policies.

However, many insurance companies now issue simple issue term policies without requiring a medical test.

We usually only suggest non-medical term life insurance to relatively healthy people that have seen their doctor in the last few years.

Term insurance policies can be purchased for between 10 and 40-year durations.

A 10-year term is a popular option for covering many short-term needs, such as protecting your income until retirement age.

While long-running 20 year and 30-year term policies are more suitable for people looking to protect more extended obligations such as mortgage loans.

The premiums you will pay for any non-med term policy will ultimately depend on your age and unique risk profile.

Each insurance company has different underwriting guidelines for applicants seeking coverage.

Once approved, you will receive a full benefit policy with no waiting period on the death benefit.

So, how does the simplified issue term insurance process work?

Buying term life insurance without a medical exam

Do Demographics Affect Life Insurance

There are basic demographics that affect life insurance.

Males have higher insurance rates than women do, based on age alone. Therefore, a 40-year-old man would have higher life insurance rates than a 40-year-old female.

Men have a lower life expectancy and are a higher risk to insure for the insurance company.

Age similarly affects life insurance rates. Younger people are offered lower rates than older people based on age alone.

This is because an 18-year-old has a much longer life expectancy than a 60-year-old woman. Its a higher risk for the insurance company to insure older people since they arent expected to live as long as younger people.

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How Much Life Insurance Can You Buy Without A Physical

Many people are surprised to learn that they can purchase life insurance without undergoing a physical. While the amount of coverage you can get without a physical will depend on the insurance company, buying up to $2,000,000 in coverage is typically possible without a medical exam required. There are a few things to keep in mind, however.

First, you will likely have to pay a higher premium for coverage without a physical.

Second, the life insurance company will require you to complete a brief health questionnaire. Finally, your coverage may be subject to a waiting period before it goes into effect.

Nevertheless, if you need life insurance but are unable or unwilling to take a physical, getting the coverage you need is still possible.

Older Adults In Poor Health

Life Insurance Exam Review: Provisions, Options & Riders, Beneficiaries, Accelerated Benefits

Individuals with just one health condition may qualify for traditional term or whole life insurance with a higher rate than those in good health. If you have multiple health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, insurance companies are more likely to deny you coverage. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance will most likely approve your coverage, and by eliminating the waiting period, you can make certain your family will get the death benefit to pay for any outstanding medical bills and other costs.

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Fewest Complaints : Pacific Life Insurance

  • Quotes unavailable on the website

  • Cant apply without an agent

Pacific Life leads the pack when it comes to the fewest complaints received relative to company size over a three year period. In fact, of the 91 insurers we reviewed, only two other companies received fewer . Pacific Life also comes in fourth out of 21 companies in J.D. Powers customer satisfaction survey.

The company offers coverage up to $5 million without a medical exam to applicants up to 50 years old, and $3 million to applicants up to 60. Many companies that offer no-med-exam coverage to 60 year olds do not offer as much as $3 million. And aside from Penn Mutuals $7.5 million coverage cap, $5 million is the highest amount weve seen for any age group.

We also like that you can find a wealth of policy-specific information on Pacific Lifes website. Youll see policy names, coverage details, and whether theyre available in your state. This level of transparency is uncommon in the life insurance industry. Pacific Life also has affordable term insurance, especially for applicants in their 40s and younger.

However, you wont find quotes on the companys website and you will need to apply for any type of coverage with an agent.

Looking For Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period You Need Policy Architects

As you can see, health issues and fear of needles aren’t the only reasons to buy life insurance online no medical exam.

I’ve given you 7…actually…8 GREAT REASONS, but who’s counting?

The thing is, although it may be a wonderful fit for some that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well for you!

Even if you think no exam life insurance is the way to go it’s a hot market and the choices can be overwhelming!

At Policy Architects, we know the simplified issue life insurance market inside and out. Working with the best life insurance companies, our experienced agents will find you the best priced no medical life insurance in Canada. We’ll also make sure your coverage is with an “A” rated carrier.

A simple to Policy Architects can save you thousands over the term of your policy!

If you’re looking to remove the burden from your loved ones, get in touch with us today!

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Who Needs This Type Of Policy

The policy is most recommended for senior citizens aged more than 70 years to about 90 years old. But everyone, regardless of age, could apply for and buy such a policy.

There are other specific cases when such an insurance product is recommended to a person

Critical Illness

First, a person with a critical illness should consider this policy. If the patient is very concerned about the consequent financial instability of his/her family, it is still never too late to get the protection of insurance against lifes uncertainties. Such policyholders could also opt to pay premiums in one or two installments only.

For Elderly People

Second, the insurance policy is best for elderly people who are getting insurance to meet their possible and anticipated burial expenses. Their age and failing health conditions could render them unsure about their own life expectancy.

This policy could help make sure that their beloved ones would not be burdened with their own final expenses when the inevitable comes. The full amount of benefits could also cover their final medical bills, any pending debts or payables, or even their hefty estate taxes.

Chronic Patients

Any person who is currently suffering from a chronic illness is also a good candidate for this type of insurance. Take note that chronic illnesses may not always be life-threatening.

Dont Like Medical Tests

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