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Reviewing a Periodic Table with REAL ELEMENTS

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How To Use The Periodic Table:

The Periodic Table of Elements can be used in the assistance of chemical calculations, when a specification of an element is needed it is easily found in the Periodic Table. The periodic table also gives us an idea of what the characteristics of an element might be and help us predict how an element might react based on in which group it is located. For more in-depth information on how the Periodic Table works, feel free to visit our blog post, How to Use the Periodic Table. In this post, we explain in more detail what the groups, rows, electronegativity, atomic mass, and atomic numbers mean.

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Periodic Table of Elements with Real Samples

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Groups Of The Periodic Table

Alkali metals: The alkali metals make up most of Group 1, the table’s first column. Shiny and soft enough to cut with a knife, these metals start with lithium and end with francium . They are also extremely reactive and will burst into flame or even explode on contact with water, so chemists store them in oils or inert gases. Hydrogen, with its single electron, also lives in Group 1, but the gas is considered a nonmetal.

Alkaline-earth metals: The alkaline-earth metals make up Group 2 of the periodic table, from beryllium through radium . Each of these elements has two electrons in its outermost energy level, which makes the alkaline earths reactive enough that they’re rarely found alone in nature. But they’re not as reactive as the alkali metals. Their chemical reactions typically occur more slowly and produce less heat compared to the alkali metals.

Lanthanides: The third group is much too long to fit into the third column, so it is broken out and flipped sideways to become the top row of the island that floats at the bottom of the table. This is the lanthanides, elements 57 through 71 lanthanum to lutetium . The elements in this group have a silvery white color and tarnish on contact with air.

Nonmetals: Everything else to the upper right of the staircase plus hydrogen , stranded way back in Group 1 is a nonmetal. These include carbon , nitrogen , phosphorus , oxygen , sulfur and selenium .

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Heritage Periodic Table Of Elements Made In Usa Acrylic Periodic Table With Real Samples

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The History Of The Periodic Table: Greenf Periodic Table of Elements Periodic ...

The Periodic Table has constantly been improved and developed over the past 200 years, but in 1869 Dimitri Mendeleev finished the first version of the periodic table as we know it today, by arranging the elements by atomic mass and leaving spaces open for the elements that were not yet discovered. We cover a more complete History of the Periodic Table in our blog post.

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