Getting A Brazilian Wax On Your Period

Trim Before You Come In

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Your pubic hair needs to be long enough to wax , but if its too long its going to become a matted, painful mess. If we have to spend time trimming it for you, youll find out why we put the phrase and up on our waxing service pricing.

Use a beard trimmer and get things in order before you get on the table.

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What Can You Do To Minimize Ingrown Hairs And Other Bumps

Ingrown hairs are a major pain no pun intended. To help prevent any from popping up, do a gentle exfoliation a few days before your appointment.

Steer clear from harsh physical or chemical exfoliants. All you need for a gentle exfoliation is a washcloth.

If you end up with ingrown hairs, dont pick! This will only cause further irritation and potential scarring.

Instead, apply a bikini-safe treatment like fur Ingrown Concentrate or Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment to help heal, soothe, and repair the skin around the trapped hair.

Getting A Brazilian Wax On Your Period

Feb getting a brazilian wax on your period 26, Avoid scheduling waxes around your period. According to getting a brazilian wax on your period Total Beauty, your skin is extra sensitive during that time and extra sensitivity is not ideal for a waxing situation Don’t Have Sex Sep 10, The beginner’s guide to the difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax, finding the right salon, how much pain to expect, and more. How Your Period getting a brazilian wax on your period Changes During Your 20s, 30s, and 40s. Nov 18, You may want to wait until your period’s over to get a Brazilian getting a brazilian wax on your period wax, since you’ll most likely have to remove your undies for that.

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When Can I Go Swimming After Having A Baby

5. Swim in a pool postpartum? Swimming is a great, low-impact activity for new moms. While some people are able to hop in the water just a few days after giving birth, its recommended you wait about 2 to 4 weeks while your lochiathe vaginal discharge after birthcompletely tapers off to avoid an infection.

You Should Wear Comfy Clothes

Should You Get a Bikini Wax When You Have Your Period ...

Your nether regions will feel sore and swollen right after getting a Brazilian wax, so you need to make sure that youre wearing extra comfy clothes that will lessen the feeling. Now is not the time to wear those lacy panties and skinny jeans. Instead, think cotton undies, skirts, and loose sweats, especially if youre planning to do errands the rest of the day.

Also, if you are just going to get a bikini wax, you might be asked to don some underwear to serve as a guide for how much hair will be removed. Use old panties rather than your favorite ones because the wax will surely cling to it.

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You Have To Grow Your Hair First

In order for a Brazilian wax to work, you have to make sure that your pubic hair is, at least, a quarter of an inch longâabout the size of a grain of rice. Trimming your hair too short means that the wax will have little to nothing to grab onto, so its not really going to remove those tiny hairs.

That being said, avoid shaving or trimming your pubic hair at least five days before your Brazilian wax appointment. Make sure that you plan this ahead of time so that youre surely bikini ready for your next beach trip.

Waxing Is Not The Place For Pads

Period pads and panty liners definitely have their place, but on the waxing table is not one of them! While youre absolutely fine to get a wax while on your period, youre better off using a tampon or cup instead.

Youll also want to make sure you change your tampon or clean out your cup right before your wax to minimise the risk or worry of period leaks during your wax appointment.

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Brace For The Potential Pain Factor

So is a bikini wax painful? There are numerous treatments out there that claim to be “virtually painless” or “totally pain-free.” And some people who have been getting waxed for years, and are therefore desensitized to the pain, have insisted that hair removal “doesn’t hurt at all.” Spoiler alert: It does hurt, at least somewhat.

Waxes work by sticking to hair, removing it at the root when the wax is pulled off, the GH Beauty Lab explains. Unless you have the thinnest hair on the planet or zero pain receptors , having hair ripped out of your body can be at least slightly painful. A bikini wax isn’t a walk in the park for anybody, but for some, it can be worse than others. “Coarse and thick body hair is more stubborn to remove, so you may experience more redness in the waxed area,” Camkiran says.

What Is The Brazilian Bikini Wax How Is It Different From The Heathrow Express And The Inbeetweenie

Waxing on your period

There are so many definitions of what a Brazilian Wax is. At Queen Bee, we refer to it as The Full Monty Wax. ALL hair is taken off from bikini top and sides . All hair is removed from the labia area through to the top of your bottom . If you want a modified Brazilian with a strip or triangle left on top you would request our Heathrow Express Wax also known in the industry as a Playboy Wax. Want to leave more? Request an Inbeetweenie where we leave a strip or triangle on top, and taper your hair down to your perineum. We acknowledge that not everybody wants to take everything off some women like to leave more of a natural triangle. Be very specific with your Waxologist as to what you want before you start your service.

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What Do You Do About Ingrowns

Ingrown hairs are the worst. They are the bumpy blight on your otherwise beautifully smooth and hair-free bikini area. Those can be plucked during your session. Post-waxing ingrowns can be pulled with a tweezer, as long as you do it carefully and sanitize. To avoid ingrowns, you can apply a lotion or serum. The popular European Wax Center chain even sells a product that is supposed to prevent this painful result.

The Question Everyone Asks:

Just how painful is a bikini wax?

Well, it sort of depends on your mindset, your general tolerance for discomfort, and whether or not you stay on schedule.

Everyone’s different, but top magazines and beauty reviewers have said waxing for hair removal is virtually painless thanks to our exclusive Comfort Wax.® And following your bikini wax, your Wax Specialist will provide you with some post-wax home care tips.

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Wash Up Before Your Appointment

If possible, shower before your appointmentthe warmth of the water will open up the pores to allow for the hair to slide out a bit easier, says Leslie Elvidge, manager of education and quality for The Ten Spot, a chain of beauty bars across Canada. If you shower in the morning and head to your appointment within the hour, youll be good to goyour pores will close naturally after that, says Elvidge. Many salon will also provide wipes so you can freshen up pre-wax.

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So Can You Get A Bikini Or Brazilian Wax On Your Period

Should You Get a Bikini Wax When You Have Your Period ...

Whether you’re receiving a bikini wax, which involves removing the hair that would typically stick out from a swimsuit bottom, or a Brazilian wax, which involves removing all pubic hair, your period won’t stand in the way, says Deidra Green, a licensed and certified esthetician and a field training manager at European Wax Center. “Yes, you can absolutely be waxed while on your menstrual cycle,” she says. “If your skin is healthy and you can wear a tampon , then you can get waxed.”

That being so, wearing a menstrual pad to your appointment generally isn’t recommended. “We always want to ensure that we are being as safe and sanitary as possible in the wax suite,” says Green. “So although our cleaners are strong enough to kill bloodborne pathogens, it is safer to use a tampon or menstrual cup to reduce any exposure.” What’s more, any blood on the skin can cause the wax to not adhere properly, which can impact how much hair is removed.

Given the potential for greater pain, “most estheticians would recommend that you wait if you can, just so the experience is more comfortable for you,” says Green. “However, we understand that not everyone has a regular period, so it can be unavoidable.”

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What Is Brazilian Wax Positioning

To begin the Brazilian wax, you will most often lay flat on your back with your knees bent and legs open and out, like a butterfly position. This will allow all of the front to be waxed and the bikini line creases. If modifications are needed, one leg will be left in this position while waxing with the other straight on the table, switching to the next leg in the butterfly position for the opposite side waxing.

In order to wax the butt strip, there are multiple positions to achieve this, and each esthetician may do the waxing differently.

Some positions can include lying flat on your stomach with your hands reaching back to spread the cheeks for easy access to the esthetician, lying on your side with one leg tucked into your stomach and your hand reaching back to spread one cheek, or lying on your back with your knees tucked into a back roll.

If you know your client has never had a Brazilian wax with you before, be sure to fully explain all positions they will be in from start to finish. This will ease their anxiety and prevent embarrassment because they already know what they will need to do.

Click here for a visual guide on bikini wax shapes.

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Get Comfortable With The Exposure Level

Before your wax, you will have to strip off your pants and underwear. Some places offer disposable underwear for simple bikini waxes, but if you are having more hair removed than just on the sides, you will likely be completely naked below the waist.

Depending on how much hair you’re having removed, the experience may involve some adjusting of your body. In order to give your waxer access to all the spots you’d like to target, be aware that you occasionally may need to assist or move into awkward positions. The important thing to remember is that your waxer has probably seen hundreds of people’s pubic areas. This is just business for them, so don’t worry too much about exposing yourself.

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Is Getting A Brazilian Wax Awkward

The estheticians who provide Brazilian waxes are professionals, which means theyve probably seen it all. They arent there to pass judgment on your genitals, so dont worry!

If youre feeling a little shy, you can let your wax technician know that its your first time. Theyll likely want to help set you at ease.

Can Frogs Swim In The Sea

Can you get Brazilian wax while on your PERIOD!!! YES BITCH

Frogs generally cannot handle living in saltwater environments. The salinity in frogs blood and cells isnt as densely packed as it is in saltwater. If a frog lived in saltwater, the water would quickly spread over them. Because of these factors, saltwater is a big no-no for the vast majority of frogs in existence.

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Things Every Brazilian Waxer Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Have you ever imagined what its like being thisclose to vaginas all dayno, not like that sadlyyou know, for work? The life of a Brazilian waxer is never dull! In fact, sometimes its downright disgusting. Lets just say Ive had more than a few projectiles fly at my face during my 9-to-5. Youd be surprised at what goes on behind the closed doors of an estheticians room.

Want to help alleviate my torture? Here are 5 tips that ever waxer hopes youll heed before heading into the salon:

1. Shower before your appointment. I am not saying womens lady bits smell bad, but showering before your appointment is the considerate thing to do. There have been occasions when people come to me directly after horseback riding as well as a long-distance bike ride and because of this, the molecules in the room change once your pants are off. Its just a fact.

2. Please use the handi-wipes in the estheticians room prior to your appointment for a quick clean upregardless if you feel like you need to or notjust do it. Handi-wipes are to be used for your vagina and most importantlyyour other hole. Wipe front to back and use as many as you wanttrust mewe have more! There have been far too many appointments that have resulted in someone unknowingly giving me the stink-eye because they didnt take advantage of the magical wipes on the counter. These are the moments that define your estheticians poker face.

Please and thank you. Happy waxing!

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The Worst Times To Get Waxed

While 4 weeks is the recommended amount of time, we dont usually recommend going longer than 6 weeks if you can help it. The longer and thicker the hair is, the more painful it will be. While it may be tempting to shave if you miss the 4 week mark, DONT. Just get in as soon as you can around the 4 week mark. Shaving cuts the hair at the thickest part, making it thicker and more dense meaning a more painful next wax for you.

Youll want to make sure youre at least 24 hours out from your last tanning session. The damage created by the UV rays makes the skin more prone to lifting, resulting in sore patches and a lot of post wax discomfort. You will also want to wait 24 hours before your next session to avoid burning. Wait about 24 hours after any vigorous activity that cause chaffing in the area youre having waxed. Chaffing can result in lifted skin. Investing in a good post wax balm can help reduce the affects of chaffing.

If youre someone who owns a hot tub, likes excessively hot showers or uses the sauna often, make sure youre waiting at least 24 hours after waxing to resume these activities. Your pores will be more exposed for the first little bit after waxing and adding heat and/or sweat to the equation can cause bumps, pimples and, in absolute worst case scenarios, infection.

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