How To Tell Your Mom You Started Your Period

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How To Tell Your Mom You Started Your Period!!!

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Talking To Your Daughter About Periods

Periods? Ew Gross!

Dont be alarmed if this is the response you get when you decide to have the period talk with your tween. In fact, a good majority of you can expect it.

It seems like only yesterday when your little girl was playing with her Barbies and baby dolls. Now shes wearing braces, blasting the latest Justin Bieber song on her IPod, and wanting you to drop her off a mile down the road, and last night you overheard her talking with her friend about the hottest boy in school. What happened? Where did the time go? Remember when your mother told you not to blink

Well, the time has come.

Talking to your daughter about her period may at first be a little awkward. One of the main obstacles to overcome before you have the talk is getting comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings. Talk with your partner, your mother, or a close friend about how youre feeling. This may be just as difficult of a time for you as it is for your daughter. Acceptance sometimes doesnt come easy. Recognizing how youre feeling, and reasoning it out beforehand, will help you be more open and understanding of your daughters feelings.

Stress to your daughter that getting her period is normal and healthy and DOES NOT hurt. Tell her that periods are a sign her body is working properly and growing from a girls body into a womans body. Explain that getting a monthly period is her bodys way of practicing for a time to come someday when she may have a baby.

Show her a diagram

Parenting Children With Disabilities

All children, including those with disabilities, need love, respect, nurturing, and time, especially during difficult and uncertain times.

Download these tips .

Keep your child safe
  • It is strongly recommended that you follow local guidelines for COVID-19 while helping your child stay as active as possible both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ask your local support team or intervention centres about special arrangements for the COVID-19.
  • Keep emergency contact numbers where you can easily see it, such as on the refrigerator.
Ask for help if you can
  • You are not alone! Keep connected with people who understand your situation. Share your challenges AND your successes.
  • It is normal to feel stressed, frustrated and afraid at this time.
  • Be kind to yourself and take a break when you need to! See When We Get Angry and Keep Calm and Manage Stress for more advice.
Be supportive, empathetic and loving
  • Your child may not have the same support they usually have and this can lead to additional challenges, such as increased stress, anxiety and frustration.
  • Use physical and verbal support to make your child feel accepted and loved.
  • Positive body language, gestures and words make a big difference!
Communicating with your child
  • Get down to your childs level when communicating with your child.
  • Maintain eye contact and a positive attitude.
  • Take your time to allow your child the space to communicate.
  • Observe, listen to and confirm that you understand your child.
Reinforce the positive!

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Getting Your Period At School

When will you get your period? That’s a big question for girls who are waiting for their very first periods. It’s also on the minds of girls who have just started getting periods because especially for younger girls periods don’t always come exactly on time from month to month.

No one wants to get a surprise in the girls’ bathroom at school. Uh-oh. Your period is here what do you do?

How Do I Tell A Guy I Got My Period

Your First Period: How to Talk to Your Mom

Tell him getting your period means youre a woman, and youre not sure if you can date such a little boy. Or tell him you didnt really have your period, its just an excuse not to hook up with him. Tell him in a straightforward way. You dont need to get clinical or overly descriptiveno need to get into the strength of your flow or anything.

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Copy + Paste To Share With A Friend:

Ever have spotting or light bleeding near the time youre supposed to get your period and wondered if that little bit of blood meant the start of a new cycle or it doesnt officially begin until you get a heavier flow? Theres a general rule of thumb that helps you figure it out. Learn more at

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How To Tell Your Period Is Coming

The signs of the coming period sometimes make you think that your health is having an abnormal problem. So, thinking of how to tell your mom how to tell your mom you got your period is even more important.

You need to understand the signs of the coming months clearly so that you dont feel unduly anxious. In fact, women usually notice unusual physical and mood changes about 1-2 weeks before the start of their period. Most women will experience this premenstrual syndrome .

The only difference is that some people experience more severe PMS symptoms than others. You dont need to worry because these unpleasant symptoms usually end soon.

Common signs that your period is approaching are:

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We Know That It May Be Difficult For You To Talk About It But Telling Your Parents That You Got Your Period Will Have To Happen Eventually

It may not be the easiest thing in the world, but you can always trust your parents, especially your mom, since she will guide you in this process.

Here are some things that can help you tackle this conversation:

Be Direct: This will always be the best method and will quickly help you clarify any doubts you may have about periods.

It may sound difficult, but once you’ve talked about it, the hardest part is over.

Write it down: You want to say it, but you can’t? Write it! Send a text that is clear and direct like: “Hi. I started my period. Can we talk about it?”

This step opens the conversation and allows your parents to take the next step.

When shopping: It might be a good idea to go to the supermarket with your mom, so you can let her know which pads you prefer. She can guide you in this regard.

If you’re in school: It doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world to get your period at school for the first time. Just head to the nurse station for pads and assistance. If you have a sports or swimming class that day, talk to one of your teachers in private and tell them whats happened. Theyll guide you!

If you are at a friend’s house: If you feel comfortable, you can ask for a pad, if not just ask them to take you home. Remember, have the confidence to speak up! Your period is something completely normal. Don’t worry, soon you will become an expert on this subject.

How To Tell Your Mom You Just Got Your First Period

How to tell your mom you started your period?

If you feel confident about taking care of your period, you might want to have a mom and me day and tell her when youre out together.If you get yours in school, just talk to a school nurse, female.If you havent talked to her yet, find a time where shes alone and say that you just wanted to let her know youve started your period.If your mom started her period at the age of 12, your own period is likely start within a year of your 12th birthday.

In fact, we were at one of the hotels in iceland ready to go to bed when i noticed that my sheets were wet.It all started at 4:30 in the morning, doing my usual thing and then i needed to pee so i went to the restroom and lord behold i got my first period.It can be good to tell them, so they can help support you and provide you with what you need .It usually happens about two years after the first signs of puberty , and about a year after you begin growing pubic hair.

Itll be easier to get the supplies you need.Its a funny moment when you get your first period.Its hard to tell when your first period will arrive.Just remember that she was once your age, getting her first period, so she knows this territory well.

My mom and i were traveling.My period began in a music lesson, shortly after my 11th birthday.One way to find out is to ask your mom, because many times your own biological clock will be similar.Others might be a little weirded out by it.

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Explain Why Theyre The Best Choice For You

Think about why you really want to use cups what are your main reasons? Its good to show your parents the specific positive impact that a cup could have on your life. Are you at school for long hours because you play sports after classes or have a lot of other things going on? Do you find tampons uncomfortable or weird?

Do pads make you feel really self-conscious? Why do you think menstrual cups will make it easier for you to handle your period? These will be different for every girl and woman, so make sure you can answer this question for yourself.

How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your Period Over Text

If you have difficulty in how to tell your mom you got your period directly or you dont feel confident doing that, you can tell her over text. Leave the note somewhere private that only shell definitely find it, like in her bag.

With this advance notice, it will also be easier for her to prepare the knowledge that equips you as well as to visit a certain store to buy something to help you get over your period pain quickly.

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Talk About The Benefits Of Menstrual Cups

Why do you want to switch to a cup? The most important thing to say is that menstrual cups are healthier for you. You can explain that the best ones are made of medical-grade silicone, which means that unlike tampons they dont have weird chemicals or gross fibers.

Plus, it means theyre easier to insert, more comfortable and dont dry you out or cause irritation like other menstrual products. Even better, you can safely wear them for up to 8 hours. Because theyre reusable, they save money and the environment, because theres no waste.

Its a win-win-win! Check out more reasons to switch to a cup here, and our comparison between tampons and pads.

Pmdd Causes And Risk Factors

5 Easy Steps To Tell Your Mom You Started Your Period

Researchers donât know the exact cause of premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Most think it may be an abnormal reaction to hormone changes related to your menstrual cycle.

PMDD affects up to 5% of women of childbearing age. Many women with PMDD may also have anxiety or depression.

Studies have shown a link between PMDD and low levels of serotonin, a chemical in your brain that helps transmit nerve signals. Certain brain cells that use serotonin also control mood, attention, sleep, and pain. Hormonal changes may cause a decrease in serotonin, leading to PMDD symptoms.

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Can I Get Pregnant

Although the onset of menstruation is widely regarded as the start of your reproductive years, its possible to become pregnant before youve had a period.

It all comes down to your hormones. In some cases, your body may begin to release ovulation-causing hormones long before it triggers the start of menstruation.

And when you do begin menstruation, its possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period. It ultimately comes down to where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Talk to a trusted adult or reach out to your healthcare provider if:

  • You havent started your period by age 15.
  • Youve had your period for about two years and it isnt regular.
  • You experience bleeding between your periods.
  • You experience severe pain that prevents you from completing daily activities.
  • Your bleeding is so heavy that you have to change your pad or tampon every one to two hours.
  • Your periods last longer than seven days.

If you call to make an appointment, tell the person whos scheduling it that youre having problems with your period.

They may ask you to write down details about:

  • when your most recent period started
  • when your most recent period ended
  • when you first noticed your irregular bleeding or other symptoms

A Mum And Daughter Guide To Talking About Periods

What to ask your mum

What your school nurse probably wont teach you

For Mums

What to tell her about pregnancy

Dispelling period myths

Periods can be awkward to discuss, sometimes even more so when it comes to talking about them with family. But it really shouldn’t be! Whether you have a teenage daughter, or youve just started your period and want to talk to your mum about it, we’ve got your go-to guide to help ease your mind when it comes time to chat all things periods!

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How To Tell Someone You Got Your Period

But its still important to tell your mom . Something as simple as, Mom, I got my period and I need some supplies, is all it takes to start the conversation. If youd rather not talk about it beyond that right now, thats okay, but it can be helpful to explain your feelings. Are you excited? Thats great! Are you scared? Thats a-okay, too! Are you sad? Totally fine. First periods can be all those thingsexciting, scary, sadall at the same time.

Do I have to tell?

Its your body and ultimately your choice, but wed answer with an emphatic yes. It can be uncomfortable to talk to your parents about periods , but its an important thing to share for a few reasons. First of all, periods are *nothing* to be ashamed of or hide. Its can be really empowering to acknowledge what your bodys naturally doing. Secondly, your mom almost definitely has tips and tricks for taking care of yourself, what products to use, and what can help if youre dealing with any PMS symptoms. Its great to have an unofficial expert around! In addition, sharing that youve gotten your period can be a really cool moment of bonding for you and your mom, and our bet is that your mom will be excited and help you feel proud of your bodyand probably share some great stories about her first period. Plus, from a purely practical perspective, its important for your parents to know whats going on with you medically, so they can help you get the best possible care when you need it.

Your First Period: How To Talk To Your Mom


Getting your very first period is a milestone, a rite of passage, an important moment and, even though pretty much all women have gone through this important first, it can still be a little tricky and a little awkward to figure out what to say and how to break the news.

Luckily, your mom will likely be expecting the conversation and will already have gone through having the conversation with her own mom, so she understands your feelings and she knows whats up.

Purchase period-proof underwear

But while she may be a pro, you may still have some awkward feelings. Heres our survival guide for bringing up your first period:

Make a List

Sometimes, having your thoughts organized ahead of time will make it just that much easier. If you are feeling confused, emotional, scared, overwhelmed get it all down on paper! List the physical symptoms you experienced, take note of how you are feeling mentally and emotionally and write down any questions you may have. That way, when you do talk to your mom, you do not forget anything important or feel like you have to remember so much.

Set Up a Time

Yup, if you do not feel comfortable coming right out and saying, Hey mom, got my period! you can totally treat it a bit like a meeting and let your mom know you have something important to talk about and ask if you guys can sit down later that day or at night? It is OK to make sure the talk is as private as you want it to be.

Stay Casual

Dont be Afraid to be Direct

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Explain What A Menstrual Cup Is And How It Works

When you do so, make sure youre using the proper words for a womens anatomy nothing ruins an adult conversation like the word who-haa! If you have trouble explaining it, you can prepare a little research to look at together. Check out the links below for the basics to get you started.

> Our How does a menstrual cup work article has both pictures and a great video that can help explain how cups work.

> If your mom is completely unfamiliar with cups, you can always tell her a bit about the history and show her this quick-start guide.

> Oh and one more thing: make sure you know how to look after your cup to make sure it stays clean and healthy. That way she knows that cups are completely safe to reuse, and that youre responsible enough to keep it clean every time you use it.

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