How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps At Night

Why Do You Have Cramps During Your Periods

How To Reduce Period Cramps While Sleeping – WATCH THIS BEFORE PERIODS

The pain you are suffering from every period is called primary dysmenorrhea.

Mostly, menstrual pain happens because of the overproduction of inflammatory chemicals . As a result, inflammation causes spasms, cramping, and pain in your uterus. When this happens, you likely will want to pop ibuprofen, lay on the sofa with a heating pad, and just watch TV until the pain is gone. The problem is that while ibuprofen may relieve period pain, the pills can lead to heavy menstrual bleeding, which is dangerous and potentially harmful.

Unfortunately, doctors arent sure why some women have painful menstruation while others dont. There are some possible factors:

  • experiencing a heavy blood flow
  • having your first child while under the age of 20
  • getting your first period at a younger than average age
  • overproduction of or sensitivity to prostaglandins

How to best deal with period cramps? Lets learn more.

Period Pain Caused By Contraceptive Devices

An intrauterine device is a type of contraception made from copper and plastic that fits inside the womb. It can also sometimes cause period pain, particularly during the first few months after it’s inserted.

You may notice a change in your normal pattern of pain if your period pain is linked to a medical condition or a contraceptive IUD. For example, the pain may be more severe or it may last much longer than normal.

You may also have:

See a GP if you have any of these symptoms as well as period pain.

Lets Talk About Yoga For Menstrual Cramps

Using yoga for menstrual cramps is an effective pain-relief strategy.

First, think about the areas of your body that typically experience pain from crampingyour belly, pelvis, hips, and lower back. These areas can be targeted for pain relief through certain yoga poses.

Additionally, the emotional symptoms of PMS and menstruation can also be reduced by yoga, so it can do more than treat period pain.

There are several different schools of yoga out there, and countless poses and adaptations. It can be a little overwhelming to start from scratch! Whether you have a significant amount of yoga experience or none at all, we want you to be able to use yoga to treat your menstrual cramps.

Here are a few specific yoga poses for menstrual cramps. We encourage you to give these a try!

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You Dont Have To Suffer

Muscle cramps during the menstrual cycle are generally mild with no debilitating effects. That said, there are many women who unfortunately suffer with severe pain and muscle tension.

The range of cramping discomfort often depends on the timing of puberty, genetics, and lifestyle choices. You could stop cramps fast, and possibly even prevent them from developing before your period, with natural home remedies. By changing your diet, routine, and incorporating exercises that target the stomach muscles, you may be able to stop stressing about your next period and enjoy daily activities every day of the month.

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/4sleeping With A Pillow Under Your Knees

How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Fast With This Quick Guide ...

Take a round pillow, which is not too high. Lie down on your back and keep this pillow under your knees. Keep your legs straight and not higher or lower in height as that can affect the blood flow.

If you do not have a round pillow, you can roll a towel or any other cloth and keep it under your knees. This will help relax your muscles and bring you at ease.

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When All Else Fails Call The Doc

If nothing seems to be helping, talk to your gyno. They can check for any underlying causes, like endometriosis, that might be making your cramps extra-painful. She may also recommend birth control pills, which can thin the uterine lining and make cramps less intense. Cramps may be common, but they shouldn’t interfere with your life, so if you’ve tried everything and you’re still in pain every month, definitely let your doc know.

Are Your Periods Getting Heavier Or More Painful

Now, if you told me that your periods were getting heavier and heavier or not heavier but more and more painful, I would begin to think that as each period got worse, there was something going on. So a woman who said, “I just had one of the worst periods of my life.” I’d think, “Fine.” If you said, “My periods are getting worse and worse,” I’d think of two conditions:

  • One are fibroids in the uterus. So the uterus is kind of trying to contract around a little muscle ball.
  • And the other one is endometriosis. A condition where little bits of uterine glands are growing around the pelvis and that causes pain too.
  • So for women who are having really bad periods but they’re getting worse and worse and worse, we have very good therapy for periods, but we may need to do a little investigation. If it’s just the worst period of your life and it’s only this one, it’s probably not going to be so bad next time. And the good news is you’re probably normal.


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    You Got Into The Bag Of Sugar Free Candies

    Sugar free candies may seem like a good idea, especially if you are trying to cut back on sugar while still getting to enjoy the sweetness they provide. However, these candies are typically sweetened with a sugar alcohols like sorbitol which is notorious for causing bloating, cramping and yes, even rampant diarrhea.

    Ginger For Stomach Cramps Treatment


    Ginger works as a preventive measure to get rid of stomach cramps. It helps to stimulate digestive juices and also helps enzymes to digest your food properly.

    You can take ginger after finishing your meal and chew it slowly. Ginger has naturally formed chemicals such as gingerols and shogaols. Those chemicals help relax smooth muscles, such as muscles that line your intestinal track. That relieves stomach cramps and stomach ache.

    Ginger root is great for relieving nausea too, which might accompany the stomachache. Drinking some warm ginger tea could be useful as remedy for stomach pains and more useful than ginger ale.

    Recommended Direction:

    • Cut a medium fresh ginger root in thin slices.
    • Boil a cup of water. Add the slices.
    • Boil it for five minutes, then simmer for five minutes more.
    • Strain the tea and add honey.
    • Drink the tea two or three times a day.

    Drink ginger tea in order to ease stomach pain and improve digestion.

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    Massage Therapy With The Help Of Essential Oils:

    Lower abdominal massage with essential oil has soothing effect on the internal organs especially uterus. Cyprus oil is important in this regard as the massage of this oil helps in improving the blood circulation. It can be mixed with lavender oil and peppermint oil for additional benefits. How to get rid of period cramps without medicine? Massage gently with essential oils.

    Tame Chronic Sleep Problems

    Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

    Sleep quality has an effect on menstrual symptoms and many health conditions. In one study, women who had insomnia reported more severe dysmenorrhea and more interference with daily activities due to symptoms compared to women who did not have insomnia. Practice good sleep hygiene to keep painful menstruation symptoms at bay. This involves going to bed at about the same time every night. Establish and stick to a nightly routine to give your body the signal that it’s time for sleep. The routine may involve things like listening to soothing music, enjoying a cup of tea, or taking a warm bath. Getting adequate sleep to promote overall health will help you manage monthly symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle.

    More Sleep Tips

    Avoid TV, your smartphone, computer, and other screens before bed to help you wind down. You may feel more comfortable sleeping in different positions during your period. Pay extra attention to sleep hygiene in the days leading up to your period.

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    How Do I Take Care Of Myself

    Come up with a treatment plan with your healthcare provider that includes a prevention plan and an in-the-moment treatment plan. Ideas for a prevention plan include several activities you may want to do every day:

    • Exercise: Do leg exercises during the day, and mild, brief walking or biking right before bed.
    • Hydration: Drink eight glasses of water each day and avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
    • Medications and vitamins: Take all vitamins and medications exactly how theyre prescribed by your healthcare provider.
    • Prepare your bed space: Keep a heating pad and massage roller next to your bed.
    • Shoes: Purchase supportive shoes.
    • Sleeping position: Experiment with different positions to see if one works better than another. Keep your toes up if youre on your back and hang your feet over the end of the bed if you lie on your front.
    • Stretch: Stretch your legs before and after exercising, and right before you go to sleep.

    Your in-the-moment treatment plan could include the eight steps mentioned in the Management and Treatment section:

  • Stretch. Straighten your leg and then flex it, pulling your toes towards your shin to stretch the muscles .
  • Massage. Use your hands or a roller to massage the muscles.
  • Stand. Get up. Press your feet against the floor.
  • Walk. Wiggle your leg while you walk around.
  • Apply heat. Use a heating pad or take a warm bath.
  • Apply cold. Wrap a bag of ice in a towel and apply it to the area.
  • Pain killers. Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with the pain.
  • Relief For Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

    17 Best images about Natural Period on Pinterest

    Curcumin, a natural chemical in turmeric, may help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome . A 2015 study looked at 70 women who took two capsules of curcumin for 7 days before their period and 3 days after. Participants reported significant reduction in PMS symptoms.

    If you want to give curcumin a try, check out this recipe for turmeric tea by In Jennies Kitchen. Curcumin supplements are also available online.

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    How Do I Stop A Leg Cramp

    Try forcefully stretching the affected muscle . Jiggle your leg, massage it, or force yourself to walk. It might also help to apply ice or heat use a heating pad or take a warm bath.

    Unfortunately, there are no pills or injections that instantly relieve a leg cramp when its happening. There are, however, ways that may prevent the cramp from happening in the first place .

    What Can You Do At Home To Help Period Cramps

    The good news is that, even though cramps are painful, there are a handful of things you can do to feel better. For instance, you can fight cramps with over-the-counter pain relievers, called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. NSAIDs work as anti-inflammatory agents and block the enzyme that makes prostaglandins , resulting in lower levels of prostaglandins, says Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOG, a practicing gynecologist that specializes in female sexual and reproductive health. Less prostaglandin means less muscular contraction and less pain. Though all of these experts recommended using themconsult your doctor before taking medications.

    Additionally, applying a heating pad to your abdomen or lower back can help alleviate pain. This is because heat encourages blood vessels to expand, which in turn increases blood flow and relaxes muscles, Dr. Roskin adds. Just remember to put your heating pad on a timer or take it off your body before you fall asleep. Prolonged use of heating pads can potentially cause burns and other safety risks. Dr. Ritch adds that a warm bath can reduce pain as well.

    Another tactic for reducing cramps at night is sleeping on your side in the fetal position, sometimes with a small pillow between the knees, Dr. Ritch says. This position can help take pressure off the muscles and joints surrounding the uterus, and it’s especially helpful if cramping radiates to the back or down the legs, she adds.

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    When Should I See My Healthcare Provider About My Leg Cramps

    See your healthcare provider if your leg cramps are unbearably painful, happen frequently or last for a long time. Also, talk to your healthcare provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms in addition to leg cramps:

    • Muscle cramps in other parts of your body.
    • Significant pain.
    • Swelling or numbness in the leg.
    • Changes in the skin of your leg.
    • Waking up over and over again with leg cramps.
    • If your leg cramps are stopping you from getting enough sleep.
    • If you have fluid abnormalities or electrolyte imbalances.
    • See your healthcare provider immediately if youre concerned that your leg cramps are a symptom of an underlying serious medical condition.

    What Questions Might My Healthcare Provider Ask About My Leg Cramps

    Get Rid of your Period Fast in 4-6hours and stop bad cramps

    To help your healthcare provider diagnose you, they may ask the following questions about your leg cramps:

    • When do you experience the leg cramps?
    • How often do your leg cramps occur?
    • How would you describe your leg cramps?
    • How long do the leg cramps last?
    • What medications are you currently taking?
    • What known medical conditions do you have?
    • Are you concerned about medical conditions that may be causing your leg cramps?
    • Are you having any symptoms of another medical condition?

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    What Yoga Positions Help Relieve Period Cramps

    Sleeping positions arenât the only positions that can help alleviate period cramps yoga can work wonders, too. Exercise, in general, is said to help some people with PMS symptoms â although it is totally understandable if you donât feel like hitting the gym when your stomach is cramping and youâre already exhausted. Thatâs where yoga comes in. Doing a few gentle stretches feels a lot more manageable than running or partaking in some other strenuous activity. Plus, if your child is the one struggling with period cramps, youâll probably have an easier time coaxing them to do a little yoga than you would convincing them to do some cardio.

    According to Moreland OB/GYN, there are several yoga poses that could provide some relief from cramps. The one thing that each of these positions has in common is a focus on the stomach and back muscles. By targeting the areas that hurt the most when the cramping starts, you may be able to increase oxygen and blood flow while also relaxing your muscles.

    The following yoga positions are suitable for beginners, but as with any exercise, take things slow and never force your body to do something that causes you pain. In most cases, you can modify these positions by using yoga blocks or pillows to reduce strain on your knees and back.

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