How To Masturbate On Your Period

Masturbating On Your Period: Is It Safe

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First, let’s address the elephant in the room: yes, if you masturbate on your period, it can get messy, but that blood is neither harmful nor dirty. Period blood is clean and harmless, and you can’t hurt yourself if you masturbate during menstruation. Masturbating during periods is a healthy and normal activity, so don’t let your monthly cycle stop you from enjoying a sensual moment.

Second, masturbation is fun and a healthy way to achieve an orgasm if you feel yourself getting aroused during your periodsas women often do due to increased blood flow. A little solo play is an excellent way to relieve that sexual tension.

Can Masturbating Help Relieve Period Pain

Probably the best news of all Mia says that orgasms during your period are super beneficial.

The contractions that are generated during the climax, as well as the endorphins released, can help reduce menstrual pain and even headaches, she says. Almost like a natural pain reliever.

In fact, masturbation further helps your body to combat stress and even reduce, if not relieve, pain.

In addition, more and more studies and research are concluding that masturbation and sexual stimulation benefit your overall health: alongside stress reduction, masturbating improves the immune system, helps to exercise the pelvic floor, and helps to improve sleep.

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Your Clothes And Linens

The material of your bedding, clothes, and other items will determine exactly how you treat and wash it.

As a general rule: The longer you let a stain sit, the harder it is to get out.

The benefits of period sex cant be O-verstated. Unless youre squeamish around blood, theres really no reason not to get it on.

So, take some mess precautions and say goodbye to those pesky PMS or period symptoms.

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There Are Less Messy Alternatives To Penetrative Sex

Six Reasons Why You Should Masturbate While On Your Period  Lunette

And if blood on the sheets turns your stomach , Chapman suggests shower sex or using sex toys that are made of washable, medical-grade silicone as alternatives. She loves Dame ProductsEva , a hands-free toy thats great for couples. And as much as I love assuming a women-on-top position during penis-in-vagina sex, I avoid it during my period strictly to avoid an unnecessary bloodbath. Also, I really like my bed linens and hate doing laundry.

Chapman adds, however, that you should never be ashamed of having your period or period sex, since the mess is part of the very human experience of sex in general: Sex is messy anyway, so embrace your flow and have open talks with your partner about it.

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It May Lead To Better Sleep

Add melatonin to the list of meds masturbating might replace.

In addition to the release of oxytocin, which is thought to create a sedative effect when its initial rush wears off, an orgasm also releases a chemical called prolactin.

This hormone is linked to feelings of sleepiness, says Che Che Luna, a sensuality coach and sex educator at Allbodies, an online platform for reproductive and sexual health.

Plus, sex is a cardiovascular and even strength, depending on the position activity. So if you really got after it, its normal to feel spent.

Hop Into The Shower Or Bath And Feel Things Out

If youre worried staining the sheets or carpet is going to interfere with your pleasure, take it to the shower or tub, suggests Luna. The blood will go right down the drain.

She suggests bringing lube into the shower. While showers are wet, they actually wash away your bodys natural lubrication, which can cause uncomfortable friction.

Just be careful: Both blood and lube can be slippery, so consider investing in a shower mat.

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It Helps Relieve Pain

Seriously, who wouldnt want to temporarily relieve period cramps without chasing your Advil with more Advil? According to Dr. Jackie Stone, one of Maven Clinics on-staff OB-GYNs, masturbating during your period can actually help alleviate cramps.

Orgasms in general decrease pain levels through the release of oxytocin and endorphins. Women who have more regular orgasms have more regular menstrual periods, so this would also be a benefit, Dr. Stone explains.

Because an orgasm distributes oxytocin, which acts as a neurotransmitter and overall natural painkiller, the more orgasms you have before and during your period the less pain youll generally have.

Likewise, studies show that masturbationor sexual activity in generalcan help treat migraines and headaches. While headaches and migraines obviously arent exclusive to your time of the month, certain period-related conditions can make headaches more prevalent before, during and after your monthly gift visits.

Seeing as youre more vulnerable to pain during your period, why wouldnt you masturbate it away?

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Or Lay Down A Towel Or Throw

If you just want to lay on your bed or sofa and enjoy the moment, have a dedicated period towel or throw to absorb the blood. Use dark colors to avoid staining, and make sure it’s thick enough so that even on your heaviest flow, nothing will seep through. This way, you can avoid worrying about your sheets while still enjoying masturbating on periods.

This is also a great way to address sex during your period, allowing you to enjoy time with a partner whilst bleeding.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get blood on your hands, fingers, and body. Period blood is completely normal, and embracing it is liberating. There’s no reason not to get it on during your period!

/13slow Down The Climax

Also known as edging, it is the art of stopping just before you reach the peak, and then starting again. It will not only increase your stamina but as you get closer and closer to the edge, you will ultimately have a mind blowing orgasm as the result of all the build-up. Patience is the key. The more patient you are while enjoying the process, the more powerful orgasm you will end up experiencing. Mark our words. Prolonging this feeling of arousal will also help you last longer in bed and go on, till your partner actually wants you to stop.

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Can Masturbation Stop Irregular Periods

Six Reasons Why You Should Masturbate While On Your Period  Lunette

While there is nothing more annoying than irregular periods disrupting your weekend plans and outfit choices, unfortunately masturbation will not stop this. But that doesnt mean that it cant relieve the symptoms you suffer during the irregular bleeding, so we still recommend giving it a go in the worst case scenario it will make you feel better a win, win right? For more information on irregular bleeding, check out our blog on 21 reasons why you may be bleeding between periods

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Reasons Masturbating During Your Period Is Good For You

Now that you know that masturbating during your period is totally normal, its time to learn about its benefits. Masturbating is a healthy activity at any point during your cycle, but masturbating while on your period has certain added benefits.

Masturbation is a great way to learn more about your body and what you like during sex. Orgasm releases hormones that can help you feel more calm and relaxed. Masturbation during your period also provides these same great benefits.

After an orgasm, you release endorphins. In addition to their pain-relieving properties, these hormones can lift your overall mood. So having an orgasm during your period can help you feel happier and stress free.

Your body also releases dopamine and oxytocin when you orgasm. Combined with endorphins, they can provide powerful pain relief. Thats why many people who experience menstrual migraines have found that their headaches decrease or disappear after having an orgasm. These hormonal changes can also relieve other types of pain, such as the back pain that many people experience during their period.

If you have trouble falling asleep, youll be glad to discover that having an orgasm can help you fall asleep faster.

Although rare, getting pregnant or catching an STI is still possible without penetration. Certain viruses, such as HIV, actually live in menstrual blood and can be transmitted more easily during your period. If youre masturbating with a partner, make sure to use protection.

Undoubtedly An Orgasm Feels Great But What If We Tell You That It Can Also Help You Deal With Menstrual Cramps

  • Sexing things up during periods might not go down well with everyone, but you might change your mind, once you hear of its spectacular benefits! And FYI, there are many. Not just sex but even masturbation during periods has its own perks. In simple words, its all about having an orgasm, which in turn, can help to soothe period cramps.

    In fact, along with menstrual cramps, having an orgasm during periods can also help you get some relief from other PMS problems like stress, headache, backache, and frequent mood swings. You know why? Well, the credit goes to the rush of three hormones that are secreted by your body, while you orgasm serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

    Ob-gyn Dr Aruna Kalra explains how an orgasm works on periods cramps

    While having an orgasm, our body releases chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine that act as painkillers, and help us deal with menstrual cramps. When you orgasm, the blood rushes to the uterus and helps relieve the cramps. It also helps us get rid of stress and even releases endorphins in the body, thereby enhancing relaxation and helps you sleep better.

    Also, watch:

    Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and nervous system, and help relieve period cramps. They interact with the opiate receptors in our brain that increases our pain threshold, and reduces our perception of pain. Endorphins are our bodys natural pain killers.

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    Reasons You Should Masturbate On Your Period

    The idea of looking down and seeing your hands covered in blood might not be the sexiest thing on the planet.

    But if that alone is putting you off masturbating while youre on your period, thats a real shame because a period self-love sesh can be bloody magical.

    It might be a little tricky to get past the initial ick reaction, but once you actually try it out youll want to do it all the time. Promise.

    Heres why you should masturbate when youre on your period. If you want, obviously. No ones making you.

    So What’s The Best Way To Masturbate On Your Period

    How Long Can Stress Delay Your Period?

    Depending on your flow, masturbating on your period may be NBD in terms of mess and post-sesh cleanup. But if you do bleed a lot and you’re looking to create as little mess as possible, Dr. Bahlani recommends putting in a tampon or a menstrual cup and focusing on clitoral instead of vaginal stimulation. If you do prefer penetration, you an can always take your practice to the tub or shower to minimize clean-up.

    When it comes using a toy, you can still go for itsilicone sex toys are Dr. Bahlani’s suggestion for during your period, because they tend to be easier to clean. If it’s a lighter day and you’re not getting natural lubrication from your flow, you can also use a little bit of silicone-based lube for the toys, she adds. Most silicone-based toys can be cleaned simply with soap and water , and will be good as new for the next time you want to pull them out of your drawer.

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    The Health Benefits Of Period Sex

    If you need one more reason to hop on the period sex train, it actually may come with some health benefits, especially if you tend to suffer from cramps. “Many times, period sex alleviates menstrual cramps,” says Dr. Dweck. “Also, orgasms can be more intense during your period, and sex drive might be higher, too.”

    And if you happen to be someone who practices natural birth control, your period is generally a safer time to have sex without protection. That being said, Dr. Dweck warns that getting pregnant while on your period is possible, so practice caution.

    “While it is super unlikely, it is still possible to get pregnant while having sex on your period,” she says. “Occasionally for those with irregular menses, ovulation might occur while bleeding is present, so if you really want to avoid pregnancy, I recommend contraception.”

    How To Masturbate With A Tampon Or A Menstrual Cup Inside

    Using a tampon or a menstrual cup doesnt mean you cant masturbate during your period. You can still achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and the tampon or cup will make it easier to clean up. You can also try stimulating other parts of your body, such as your nipples.

    Keep in mind that while menstrual blood can act as a lubricant, this wont be the case if youre using a tampon or cup. On the contrary, these devices can actually absorb your natural lubrication and cause vaginal dryness. In these cases, try using an additional lubricant to prevent irritation. You should also check the placement of your menstrual cup after masturbating since the contractions caused by an orgasm can displace it.

    Now that you know about the wonderful benefits of masturbating on your period, you can give it a try! This self-love technique can help improve your mood and relieve pain. Its no wonder you feel so relaxed afterwards!

    If you have any questions about masturbation, check out this interview with one of the Flo medical consultants.


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    What You Dont Need But May Find Useful:

    • lubricantWhile you may feel theres plenty of moisture already by way of menstrual blood, the blood flow isnt constant throughout your cycle and if you wear tampons, you might find extra lubrication is actually needed. Grab your go-to lube and carry on exactly as you would on any other occasion.
    • a towel and/or a shower or tubEasy ways to contain the mess if mess-related stress keeps you from relaxing properly or youre doing it in a bed that isnt yours.
    • the right playlist to put you in the mood.Have you given our special Good Vibrations playlist a listen yet?

    Other Ways To Have Sex During A Period

    Masturbating during your period could ease your menstrual cramps ...

    It is also safe to have sex with others during a period, as long as people take precautions against unintended pregnancy and STIs.

    Some of the following methods allow someone to continue wearing a tampon or menstrual cup if they would prefer this. However, some may prefer not to. Before engaging in penetrative vaginal sex, remember to remove any menstrual products from the vagina.

    If a person or their partner wants to try these options on a bed, it can be helpful to put down some old towels or sheets to avoid staining other fabrics.

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