How To Get Your Period Back After Birth Control

Stock Up On Tampons And Pads

NO PERIOD? How to Get Your Period Back After Birth Control | Hormone Balance & Your Menstrual Cycle

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What Postpartum Symptoms Should I Watch Out For

Its important that you call a doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • soaking through more than one pad every hour
  • bleeding thats accompanied by sudden and severe pain

Contact your doctor if you experience these symptoms or anything else that concerns you related to your period. Some of these symptoms may indicate an infection.

Ways To Delay Your Period

Many women want to postpone their periods for a couple of days or a week. Ideally, thered be a quick fix to tell your body to hold off for a second and wait on the whole menstruation thing. But finding a natural method to delay your period, like eating special foods or drinking apple cider vinegar, is more of a hopeless pursuit.

You should know that the most reliable way to delay your period is with medicine. You can use birth control pills to keep your period from coming, whether you want to postpone it for a week or skip it entirely. To get the medicine, youd need to ask your doctor for a prescription.

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What Happens After You Stop Taking Birth Control Mood Swings Bleeding And Other Symptoms

When you stop taking birth control, it can sometimes result in disruptions to your menstrual cycle. Stopping the use of any type of hormone-based contraceptive significantly impacts your reproductive system. It can lead to bleeding, weight fluctuations, late or irregular periods, and cramps.

Is It Safe To Skip Periods With Birth Control

Things That Can Happen When You Come Off Birth Control That You May Not ...

Health care providers have been prescribing birth control to stop periods for a long time. Some people on birth control choose to skip their period only for special occasions . Other people use birth control to stop their periods if they have conditions such as endometriosis or period-related anemia.

Scientific research has found that using birth control to skip your period is as safe as taking your pills normally. If youre interested in stopping your periods with birth control, though, its always a good idea to talk to your health care provider about it first.

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Optimize Your Nutrition Status

As a dietitian/nutritionist, nutrition is always the number one focus in any of my health improvement plans. My clients whove arent having regular periods tend to be some of the fastest responders to a tailored nutrition and supplement program, primarily because the loss of menstruation is often be a sign of underlying nutrient deficiencies. Even if youre eating a whole foods, Paleo diet, there are many nutrients that can be inadequate if youre not making a concerted effort to include specific foods and/or supplements.

Your Period Could Also Be Totally Different

The other side of that: If youve been on birth control for years, your age, medical issues, stress levels, diet patterns, or exercise habits may have changed over time and could influence what your period looks like when you come off of birth control, says Dr. Dweck.

Say, for example, that you developed a thyroid abnormality while you were on birth control. You might notice your period is more irregular than you remember because of that. Your period may be different when you come off the Pill than it was before you went on, but thats completely unrelated to the Pill itself, she says.

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How Long Will It Take To Get Pregnant

Most hormonal birth control methods stop you from ovulating, or releasing an egg. If you do not release an egg, there is nothing for sperm to fertilize. This is why you do not get pregnant.

When you stop using hormonal birth control, you will start ovulating again. When you are ovulating, you are fertile. But a return of fertility does not automatically mean you will get pregnant.

Does It Matter Whether You Get Your Period

How I Got My Period Back || Coming Off Hormonal Birth Control || My Story

Not necessarily. Some women dont get their period for a few months after they stop hormonal birth control. Thats because these forms of birth control impact your hormonal balance, and it may take your body a little while to go back to a pre-birth control-state.

But you can get pregnant before you have your period. In fact, if you started ovulating right after you stopped birth control, and had unprotected sex, you may have gotten pregnant — which would keep you from having your period. If you havent had a period since going off your birth control, and youve recently had unprotected sex, take a pregnancy test.

Whether you ovulate is far more important than whether you get your period. You cant get pregnant unless one of your ovaries releases an egg.


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How Can You Tell If Youre Ovulating

The surest way to know is to take an ovulation test. They test your pee for levels of luteinizing hormone , which rise 24 to 36 hours before you ovulate.

Your body may also show signs that youre ovulating or that you will soon. For example, your body temperature rises slightly around the time of ovulation. And mucus that comes from your cervix may become stickier or feel more like raw egg whites.

How Will My Birth Control Affect My Bleeding

Birth control methods such as the pill, patch, vaginal ring, shot and IUD can all impact your menstrual bleeding. Some birth control methods can increase bleeding, and some can decrease it. Many aspects of bleeding can be affected, and these effects can change over time. Periods can be longer, shorter, heavier, or lighter, depending on the method of birth control. Spotting and irregular bleeding are common side effects of most methods of hormonal birth control, especially in the first few months of use.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills were originally only packaged as 28 pills 21 pills containing the hormone required to suppress ovulation, and 7 placebo pills . The 7 days of placebo were designed to allow menstruation to occur. Today there are a variety of regimens available, such as 24 days of active-ingredient pills and 4 days of placebo, and extended-cycle regimens that can be taken for up to a year to stop all menstrual bleeding.

Injected and implanted contraceptives

Irregular, unpredictable bleeding is very common in women using long-acting, progestin-based birth control methods . After a year of use, about half of women will have no periods.

Intrauterine devices

Vaginal ring

Emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraception is not to be used as a regular method of birth control but, if needed, it can help prevent unplanned pregnancies.

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When Should I See My Doctor About Irregular Bleeding

Since every womans body reacts differently to these birth control methods, it can be hard to know when irregular bleeding is abnormal. You should see your doctor if you experience abnormal bleeding:

  • And are pregnant
  • And have a lot of pain during your period
  • After intercourse
  • And you have been using the same method of birth control for more than three months
  • That is unexpected
  • And you are younger than 8 years old or have no other signs of puberty and have vaginal bleeding

You should also see your doctor if you are taking a combined contraceptive pill and your periods have stopped completely during the week of placebo pills, although in many cases this can be normal.

There are treatments available for irregular bleeding that can help, or your doctor may recommend changes to your birth control method.

Common Symptoms Of Post

  • Menstrual Irregularities: Post-Pill Amenorrhea , heavy menstruation, painful periods, and short cycles .
  • Hormone changes such as infertility, hypothyroidism, hair loss, breast tenderness, acne, and adrenal dysfunction.
  • Pain syndromes like migraines and headaches.
  • Changes in body composition like breast size, gaining weight or difficulty losing weight.
  • Inflammation and other immune imbalances.

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Who This Is Not For

  • Women who dont want to make diet or lifestyle changes to transform their hormones.
  • Women who would rather use hormones to suppress their symptoms instead of tracking their symptoms and using supplements.
  • Post-menopausal women or women diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.
  • And yeah, no dudes. Sorry fellas, this stuff aint for you. But if you want to support your lady we are all for it!
  • Anyone not willing to do the work. Real Talks. Youre only going to benefit if youre willing to invest in yourself.
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Start By Giving It A Little Time

When youve been on the pill for years and years, your body understandably needs time to adjust to a new normal. So if you dont get your period back immediately after quitting hormonal birth control, try not to worry. But if pregnancy isnt your goal, make sure youre still taking steps to prevent it.

If your period does not return immediately, you have no way of knowing when you are ovulating, explains Dr. Stephanie McClellan, chief medical officer and director of well being at the Tia Clinic. Some women actually get pregnant after stopping the pill without experiencing a menstrual period because of unrecognized ovulation and inadequate or no contraception. Make sure to take a pregnancy test if you have any symptoms or think you might be pregnant.

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Skip Your Placebo Week Of Oral Contraceptives

Some types of birth control pills come with three weeks of active pills and one week of placebo pills. If you skip the week of placebo pills and start a new pack of active pills, instead, then the hormones in the active pills will prevent you from bleeding that week.

However, itâs important to note that if this is your first time skipping a placebo week you may experience some irregular bleeding or light spotting, says Ross.

After two to three months of skipping your placebo week, you should see little to no spotting. Therefore, Ross recommends planning several months ahead if you know your period will coincide with a big upcoming occasion.

Moreover, you can get birth control pills in packs that last 28 days, 90 days, and even 365 days. Thatâs right, you can go a year without your period while on the pill.

âBeing able to stop your period completely is one of the most beneficial side effects associated with the pill and itâs completely safe,â says Ross.

What Is Post Pill Amenorrhea

HOW I GOT MY PERIOD BACK After the Birth Control Pill…

Post pill amenorrhea is a symptom of Post-Birth Control syndrome is marked by the absence of menses that persists 4-6 months after the pill. If you’re a woman with irregular periods, you are at a higher risk of losing your period for good!

This is huge given that the pill is the most common treatment for irregular periods associated with PCOS.

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How Is Amenorrhea Treated

If your period stopped because of menopause or pregnancy, your provider will not need to treat it. In other cases, your treatment will depend on the cause and may include:

  • Losing weight through dieting and exercise .
  • Gaining weight through an individualized diet plan .
  • Stress management techniques.
  • Hormonal treatment , as prescribed by your healthcare provider.
  • Surgery .

In addition, your healthcare provider may recommend some treatments to help with the side effects of amenorrhea:

Amenorrhea may be a symptom of anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder. If you or a loved one has this condition, talk to a healthcare provider immediately so you can get the right treatment.

What I Ate To Get My Period Back

My diet is different from your diet, that is the neat thing about bio-individuality! A lot of the things I ate are actually listed above. With counting my macros and adding back in more food, I got to enjoy so many things I restricted for so long.

Some of my favorite things I ate to get my period back were all the potatoes , white rice, oats, plantains, bread, full-fat dairy, cheese, coconut milk, grass-fed beef, and seeds from seed cycling. I also fully executed my food freedom and started to include things like pizza, bread, pancakes, muffins, ice cream, and desserts when I wanted to. Having these things when I wanted has really led me to a better relationship with food.

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How To Keep Track Of Your Menstrual Cycle

You can use a menstrual tracker like Flo to keep track of your cycle. Period tracking apps let you log your symptoms and determine when you should expect your period. This can also take some weight off your mind, since you wont have to remember when your period is due to arrive. The app will do it for you!

Overall, as long as youre taking it correctly, birth control is highly effective at preventing pregnancy and those missed periods can happen now and again.

If youre not sure, take a pregnancy test to ease your mind. Adding some relaxing activities to your life and staying healthy can help get your cycle back to normal.


Tests To Have Done If Your Period Has Gone Missing After The Pill

How to get period back naturally. 3 things we did to get period back ...

The symptoms of Post-Birth Control Syndrome arise from the many ways in which the pill affects your bodysuppressing natural hormones, depleting nutrients, and disruption of the microbiome are only a handful of side effects. The following tests should be completed in any woman who has stopped the pill for 3 months or more and has not experienced a regular cycle.

  • FSH
  • HgA1C, fasting glucose or glucose challenge
  • Pregnancy Test
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