Foods To Eat When Your On Your Period

What Foods Help With Period Cramps

Knixteen Shares: Foods to Eat and Avoid While on Your Period

During your period, fluctuating hormones constrict your uterine muscles, which cause cramping. Some foods that help with period cramps are those that have a calming effect like herbal teas or camomile tea, and potassium-rich food like bananas and kiwis. Also, some menstrual cup users report experiencing less cramping, even though research has yet to prove this claim.

What Nutrients Should You Focus On

One of the biggest problems is that the blood loss will drain your body of a lot of vital nutrients. Youll probably have noticed this in the months when you have a particularly heavy period .You can start feeling increasingly fatigued as your body tries to replenish the loss of blood. And unless you provide it with certain nutrition, you can actually make the symptoms worse.

And heres what you need to focus on.

Cinnamon To Induce Periods

Cinnamon helps in inducing periods. It has properties that will help you warm your body and regulate your cycle.

How to use: Add cinnamon powder to a glass of warm milk and gulp it down.

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Healthy Diets And Your Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual period comes to visit about once a month. It’s not the most enjoyable of physiological functions, but it’s necessary for normal reproductive health. You might find that your cravings for certain foods increase for a few days before your period begins. The most common culprits are sweets and salty foods. The problem is that indulging too heavily might increase your caloric intake and the excess sodium can make fluid retentiona common symptom of premenstrual syndrome worse.

Tea To Induce Periods

6 Foods to Eat On Your Period to Feel Great All Week ...

Caffeine and tannin from tea might make the world go round, but drinking it while on your period can make your cramp significantly worse. Drinking caffeine-filled drinks like tea and coffee can increase your estrogen levels, making PMS symptoms worse.

Herbal teas can provide you with some much-needed freshness.

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Foods To Prevent Period Pain Before It Starts

Choose Sources Of Calcium & Vitamin D Together

Higher intakes of vitamin D have been linked to lower PMS symptoms. Specifically, you want to look for sources of calcium & vitamin d together. Calcium & vitamin D together also help to strengthen our bones in addition to preventing- not just treating, PMS.

During your period remember estrogen levels are low, and low estrogen levels can contribute to bone loss. Now this drop in estrogen is normal, but its still important to give your body the calcium and vitamin D it needs.

Dairy products are a really great source of calcium and vitamin D. Heck, make yourself that turmeric golden milk with milk and BOOM, ya got a period powerhouse there!

Or you can take some salmon and pair it with spinach which will give you the calcium youre looking for. Plus, remember we talked about earlier spinach also has non-heme iron. BOOM. Another period powerhouse. I have a delicious recipe for a spinach blueberry salad that you could throw the salmon on top of- divine! There is actually come cottage cheese in the salad, too which would be a double whammy for the calcium and vitamin D.

My Final Thoughts On The Best Foods To Eat On Your Period

So, gorgeous humans, there you have it, 7 ideas for what to eat on your period!.Personal, I really DO love this topic and could research on it for DAYS.

My final words of advice are to listen to your own body. Use these tip as a form of gentle nutrition, not a diet prescription. Obviously every single body is different and you are the expert of yours!

If your period comes are you’re like “The last thing I feel like eating is a banana and peanut butter” Don’t! Satisfaction and honoring what our bodies DO want is huge, too. Nutrition isn’t everything. That can cause stress, anxiety, etc. which, honestly, can be WORSE for our health than the “health benefits” of the “healthy” foods you’re eating. Remember that!

Let me know in the comments what foods youll plan to eat on your next period and also let me know if you like the topic of periods and women’s health!


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Say Goodbye To Stress

A stressful life can delay your periods. If you are leading a life full of tension, anxiety and worries, then be sure to expect irregularities in your menstrual pattern.

So, if you want to have a proper period schedule and even get them earlier, then relaxation is a must. You might resort to various activities that you think have the potential to soothe and calm you.

Most importantly, reduce your workload. You can choose to spend time with your friends or family. Pursue your favorite hobbies, get to watch some movies. With excruciating pain or burden of work, you can never enjoy a happy period.

Foods Before After And During Period

How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle | You Versus Food | Well Good

There are a number of foods which can help you have a healthy menstrual cycle. Letâs take a detailed look at what really happens to the body and know your foods for period and how a balanced diet is helpful.

The phase after ovulation lasts until the first day of your period, during which the estrogen levels drop, and the progesterone levels increase. This is shown on the outside as lower energy levels and an urge to slow down, with a few bouts of mood swings.Here we have outlined the best food for your period which help reduce cramps, cravings and bloating.

Like always, itâs best to reduce processed foods, foods with refined sugar, caffeine, salt which is sure to help you.Try and include fiber-rich food like almonds, dates, pears, and apples, which also work perfectly well as day long snacking options. Water is life! So, drink loads of water in the day, and avoid sugary drinks. You may add a few mint leaves to make it healthy.

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Drink Parsley Tea Twice Daily

What does it do:

Parsley is one of the oldest known remedies to have the periods back on track. Several such similar herbs are known for contraction of uterus to get the periods early.

How to use:

Boil a cup of water with handful of parsley leaves. Strain the tea and consume twice a day to make your period come early.

What To Eat During Period

Once youâve started your period, youâll have noticed feeling drained out with low energy levels. Hence, now, itâs important that you focus on foods which gives you more energy.Menstruation results in reduced iron levels, which may lead to anemia in women with heavy periods. Replenish your iron levels and up your B12 intake with red meat, fish, beans, chickpeas, raisins, milk, and cheese. These do sound like delicious options!

At the same time, cutting down on sodium intake can help tackle bloating during periods and the discomfort that accompanies.Fiber-rich fruits, nuts and almonds that are a great source for omega-3 and dark chocolate are options you could go for. Cook your meals with a slight increase in amount of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coriander, and cumin â anti-inflammatory spices that give off a great flavor as well.

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Should You Take Supplements For Periods

This is a case-by-case scenario, Dr. McClure says. Some women are vitamin D deficient or maybe they dont generally eat well so they dont get a lot of their B-complex vitamins. In these cases, supplements can be helpful. There have been a few studies with women who tend to experience premenstrual mood disorders, and they found that vitamin B6 supplements can actually help a little bit. But theres still a lot of research that needs to be done about supplementation for periods, says Dr. McClure.

She adds that another thing thats currently being researched is if omega-3 supplements can help with cramping and the inflammatory aspects of periods.

Some of the studies have shown a benefit while others have shown no difference. A lot of research just needs to be done in that area. But overall, supplements could be helpful. I recommend that women discuss them with their healthcare providers.

And if youre trying to get pregnant, youll want to start taking a prenatal vitamin or folic acid supplement for at least a month prior to when youre planning to conceive.

Quite often, women dont realize that folic acid is important for decreasing certain birth defects that occur early after conception. So, any woman whos trying to get pregnant should stay on a prenatal or at least take a folic acid supplement daily for at least the first month leading up to when theyre trying to conceive.

Eat Papayas Everyday To Get Early Period

Foods to eat while on your period that is proven to help ...

What does it do:

Papayas have cleansing properties which act as a trigger for periods. If you want to have the period preponed, consume ripe papayas every day. Raw papayas also have similar benefits.

How to use papayas to get an early period:

Extract juice of raw papayas and have a glassful on empty stomach each morning. Ripe papayas can be included in the diet in several forms like fruit salads, etc.

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What To Eat On Your Period

Follicular phase

The follicular phase accounts for the first half of the menstrual cycle. It begins on the first day of your period and continues for the next 10-17 days.

Allison Koch MS, RD, CSSD, LDN explains, The follicular phase is considered the low-hormone phase of your cycle as your body realizes it is in the clear of the possibility of pregnancy. During the follicular phase, the body has a rise in estrogen, so we want to eat foods that support estrogen production like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Victoria Glass M.D., a practicing doctor with a focus on medical research, mentions we should incorporate fish, legumes, meat, nuts, plant-based protein, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains to help regulate estrogen levels, which is a dominant hormone during the follicular phase. It is also important to avoid foods that will dramatically increase blood sugar levels since the body is extra sensitive to insulin right now.

Ovulation phase

The ovulation phase occurs midway through our monthly cycles, occurring anywhere between 10-17 days of the follicular phase. Although you can get pregnant any time of your monthly cycle, the odds are higher during ovulation. This is a time when you may also be feeling extra frisky too. .

Luteal phase

We also want to remember to cook our foods. According to Glass, cold temperatures constrict and create a less favorable environment for cell growth.

Which Foods To Eat And Avoid During Your Period

Its hard to predict exactly how youll feel during your period. While some people barely have any symptoms, others struggle to get out of bed thanks to cramping, headaches, pain, and nausea. Today, Flo reveals the top foods to eat during your period to alleviate swelling, bloating, mood swings, and much more.

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What To Eat On Your Period And When

Cramps, low mood, food cravings? Many people have unpleasant symptoms during their menstrual cycle. If that sounds like you, it might be worth looking at whether diet adjustments could help.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best, says the NHS website, but there may also be some foods or eating patterns which can affect you, for better or worse, throughout the stages of your menstrual cycle.

Are You Having A Painful Period Well Your Diet Decides A Lot On Your Menstruation Days Hence It Is Very Important That You Know What Foods To Eat And Which To Avoid

Foods for period relief! What to eat on your period & during PMS

Do you also feel extremely hungry, craving for something sweet a week or so prior to your menstruation date? Most women have craved a week ahead of their date, and we absolutely will eat anything tasty, we can lay our hands upon. Periods are one of the toughest phases of every month. Along with doing what we do every day, women also manage their menstruation days. Be it an on-field duty or sitting back in your cabin, menstruation days are hard for women from all walks of life. And, because periods are so messed up, it is important that we eat healthy and take care of ourselves during this time.

During our menstruation days, craving is high, and hence that bottle of cold drink waiting in your refrigerator or that packet of chips in your kitchen should definitely wait. Having the wrong foods during your periods can do more harm than you can think. From nausea to vomiting, these unfit foods may cause you unnecessary problems during your periods, hence best to avoid them.

Many women are unable to control their cravings which can be erratic and hard to shift, which means we’re tempted by more unhealthy options. However, if we find healthy alternatives to unhealthy snacks, you may solve your craving problems and also binge-eat your favourite food! So, if you had or are having a painful period you may want to look at your diet and make some changes.

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Stop Taking Medications Early

A hormonal pill is probably the best assured way to get your periods come faster. It is used by most women as a birth control pill. The course of the pill is of 21 days.

You continue the pills for 21 days and then there is pill free span 7 days. In these 7 days, the menstrual bleeding occurs.

So, you can stop taking the pills before 21 days to have the periods arrive earlier. The pills are basically combination of estrogen and progestin. The doctors prescribe these pills for those who are into active contraception.

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle To Feel Your Best

The key recommendation for foods to eat during your period is that you should choose plenty of fruit and veg, whole grains and high-quality protein. Stay away from highly processed foods, including cakes, sweets, fried or fatty foods.

Choosing foods that are rich in nutrients and have a high fibre content will help you to feel your best at this time, soothing your digestive system and replacing any nutrients lost from menstrual bleeding.

While you may not feel like it, try to eat regularly to keep your energy levels up. Skipping a meal can leave you feeling nauseous or tired.

My final tip is to make sure you drink enough water! Replacing fluids and staying hydrated can help to minimise some of the uncomfortable symptoms you may experience.

Choosing whole foods at any time of the month will help you feel better

Your body is amazing, and as you learn more about how your body responds to different foods you will learn how to make healthy food choices that help you to feel better at any time of the month.

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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