How Much Vitamin C To Start Period

So Why Would You Want To Induce A Period

How To Use 1000 mg Vitamin C To Induce Period Dosage – Natural Miscarriage Methods

As above and according to doctor Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, there are loads of reasons as to why.

“You’re bound to feel anxious if your period is late, or if you are missing periods. Why? Well, a regular period is a sign of being in good reproductive health, and when things start to go wrong, this can result in confusion and concern,” she explains.

According to Cheryl Lythgoe, matron at Benenden Health, for those who have heavy, frequent, or irregular periods, the need to induce that’s bring on a period can be really important. “You can want to induce periods for medical, social, or personal reasons. Providing a thorough clinical review has been carried out and a doctor considers it safe, then there are many options for inducing periods,” she shares.

Warm Compress Or Bath

A warm bath can do wonders for relaxing tight muscles and relieving emotional stress. Perhaps this is the reason for anecdotal reports that this can help to bring on your period.

Try adding some relaxing scented oil to a bath for added effect. You could also try using a warm compress such as a hot water bottle by applying it to the abdomen.

The heat isnt only relaxing. It may also increase blood flow to the area, thus gently accelerating the menstrual cycle.

What Else Should I Do

  • Puberty can cause you to have lots of different feelings and emotions. Talk to people you trust, including your parents who have been through this before. This can help you cope with the changes you are experiencing.
  • Stay away from alcohol, drugs and tobacco. All of these can harm your body and are addictive.
  • Talk to someone you trust about healthy relationships and attractions.

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Vitamin C For A Faster Onset Of Menstruation

It has been said that Vitamin C can help the production of estrogen. Estrogen thickens the lining of the uterus causing the uterus to contract, helping to induce periods. It also “deprives the uterus of progesterone, which in turn triggers the lining to shed”.

You can easily do this by taking vitamin supplements or adding more vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin C to your diet. Oranges, grapefruit, papaya, broccoli, green bell peppers are just a couple of good sources of Vitamin C .

Sex After An Abortion And Contraception Counselling

Can Vitamin C Induce Your Period

We advise you not to have sex for 2 weeks to avoid the risk of infection.

Following an abortion your fertility will return almost immediately. If you do not want to get pregnant after having an abortion it is important to have a contraceptive method in place as soon as possible.

As part of your abortion treatment, well help you find a method of contraception that best suits your individual needs: you will be offered a range of contraceptive methods and well be there to advise and talk through your options with you.

Use our new digital contraception counsellor to to find the best contraceptive options for you. Fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle, preferences, needs and medical history, and youll see a list of the most appropriate contraception options for you.

Please keep in mind that condoms are the only contraceptive method that will help protect you against STIs.

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Sesame Seeds To Induce Periods

Sesame seeds, known as til in Hindi, can be consumed to induce your period, but one should eat them in moderation as they cause a lot of heat in your body.

How to use: These heat-producing seeds can be eaten daily 15 days before your expected date to help you get your period earlier. You can also have a teaspoon of sesame seeds two times a day with hot water. A teaspoon of fried or plain sesame seeds with honey 2-3 times a day should also do the trick.

Can I Always Get Enough Iron From Food During My Periods

You can get iron from food. It may not be enough to meet your daily intake due to menstruation. Women can lose up to half a pint of blood during each menstrual cycle.

Even if you are making an effort to ingest more iron by eating meat. Most health authorities recommend a safe upper intake of only 500g of red meat per week. Several factors must be present before our bodies can absorb iron and use it. A healthy digestive system and an adequate amounts of nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, and B complex. Proteins that carry the nutrients into the bloodstream need to be in our diet for the absorption of iron.

Some iron-rich foods include:

  • Beans
  • Dark, leafy greens.

Avoid caffeine immediately after your meals, since this substance can decrease iron absorption. Vitamin C, on the other hand, can make it easier for your digestive system to absorb iron.

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How To Induce Your Period With Vitamin C

Induce Your Period with Vitamin C

October 21, 2017 By Sruthika

Menstrual Cycle It is a natural monthly process of every woman that reflects their good health and it is important for maintaining the healthy reproductive system.

Most of the women are getting a period at their regular intervals but some are suffering from the problem of irregular or blocked periods, which takes even weeks to start after suffering from menstrual symptoms like soreness of breast and cramps.

The period cycles differ from one woman to another in terms of severity and duration from time to time. Women who rely on the drugs to regulate their periods should suffer from many side effects, including fertility problems.

Are you one among those women suffering from the irregular menstrual cycle? Do you want to know how to regulate your period in a natural way? Then have a look at this article, which explain you how to induce your period by using vitamin C.

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Natural Ways To Induce A Period

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Its fair to say that few women look forward to getting their period, so it may be surprising that so many have used methods to bring it on sooner.

There are various reasons why a woman might wish to induce her menstrual cycle. Perhaps she wants to get her period over and done with before a holiday or a special occasion. Maybe she has an irregular cycle and wants more predictability so that she can plan a pregnancy. Or her period could be delayed, causing her to feel stressed or worried.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of methods that may help.

What Happens To Your Body When You Induce A Period

Periods occur because our main fertility hormones – that’s oestrogen and progesterone – go through a well-rehearsed dance, rising and falling at particular times within our cycle. “Using specifically targeted hormonal medication chemically manages these hormonal peaks and troughs, and signals the uterus to shed its lining,” explains Lythgoe.

When you induce a period, it can alter:

  • the nature of your period
  • the rate of your flow
  • the number of days you bleed
  • the regularity of your normal cycle

Or, you can choose to remain on hormonal contraception. “Then you can actively manage as and when you bleed,” explains the matron.

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Is It Harmful To Induce Your Period

With the exception of birth control pills, all of these processes are natural remedies and will not harm your body when trying to make your period start. If none of these methods help Aunt Flo arrive sooner, your body is probably trying to tell you something, so you should listen. Once again, if youre considering using birth control to jumpstart your period, or for any other reason, talk to a loved one and consult with your physician to figure out whats best for you and your wellbeing.

Ginger Water To Induce Periods

Vitamin C For Inducing Your Periods

Ginger tea is one of the most potent emmenagogues . Still, unlike parsley, it can have some side effects, like acidity. For extremely delayed periods, one recommends a combination of parsley and ginger tea. Ginger is thought to increase the heat around the uterus, thus promoting contractions.

How to use: One can consume ginger tea or fresh ginger juice with honey. One can also choose to incorporate raw ginger in their food. Drink a cup of fresh ginger juice, two parts with water, one part, every morning on an empty stomach for a few days before the regular date.

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Vitamin C Does Not Always Cause Miscarriages

Taking vitamin C is not a foolproof way of achieving a miscarriage. Some women will have an incomplete miscarriage, which means that the pregnancy has ended but some fetal tissue is remaining inside the uterus. If this happens, you may have to have a dilatation and curettage in order to remove the remaining parts of the fetus that have attached themselves to the inner uterine lining. If youre using vitamin C exclusively to achieve a miscarriage, you may still become pregnant and will have to use some other method of achieving a miscarriage.

What If My Period Doesnt Come Or If It Starts When I Am Very Young

If you have not had a first period by the age of 15, or its been more than two to three years since your breasts started developing and you have not had a period, its best to talk to your doctor. If you get your period very young, at nine or ten it is usually just simply that you developed early. However, its a good idea to see your doctor to rule out other underlying medical conditions.

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What To Expect From Your First Period

You can get your period when you are as young as 9 or as old as 16 and most girls get their first period around the ages of 12 or 13. If your period is yet to arrive chances are you are on the lookout for some indication about its progress, so here are a few signs that your first period might be just around the corner:

  • Hair growth under your arms and around your pubic area
  • White vaginal discharge . This is perfectly normal and nothing to stress about
  • You might feel bloated and get some cramps in your tummy area or lower back
  • Your mood may change without reason, so like being soooo happy the one minute and then very sad the next
  • Being sensitive to emotions, pain and hot or cold temperatures

These are all the normal tell-tale signs that your period is on its way. If you notice any of these things happening or are just plain worried, you might think about having a sit down with your mum to chat about her first period. Most mums will be so happy you want to talk about period stuff with them they wont even notice if you are a bit embarrassed!When you first get your period it can be quite a surprise especially if it is early, and youre not expecting it . Usually you will notice the arrival signs of your first period when you go to the loo. There may be some dark colouring in your undies, this is the menstrual blood of your first period so congrats!

How To Induce A Period With Vitamin C

How to Use Vitamin C to Bring on a Delayed Period

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that this post should not be taken as medical advice. It is simply a remedy that I tried. DO NOT try if you might be pregnant as it could potentially cause a miscarriage. This is simply to induce a period.

There is nothing more frustrating that irregular periods, or even worse, when you know that your period is coming but it just wont start. Of course, you can always visit your doctor to induce a period by using medications, but sometimes taking drugs to regulate your period can lead to adverse effects such as fertility issues.

Over the years Ive struggled with irregular periods Brough on by stress, illness, or even when Im traveling. It can be frustrating, so I decided to try natural methods to induce a period. Ive previously written about how to taking parsley can help induce a period. However, if that method doesnt work for you, you can also try using Vitamin C to induce a period.

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How To Use Vitamin C To Induce Your Periods:

Usage of vitamin C capsules without any added flavonoids or any other ingredients will give results but take vitamin C through natural fruits, herbs and vegetables will help you to induce your period without any side effects on the body and reproductive system.

Here are some ways that explain to you how to take vitamin C naturally to induce periods.

Dangers Of Foods That Induce Periods

Substances that can help induce a period are called Emmenagogues. Be aware that some emmenagogues are also Abortifacients. An Abortifacient is a substance that can cause miscarriages in pregnancy.

Irregular periods are medically known as Oligomenorrhea, which one considers to be a common problem among women. What are some of its causes? Weight loss, medical conditions and lifestyle issues, lack of progesterone rich food in the diet, to name a few. This results in unwarranted stress and tension, leading us to look around for safe and natural solutions.And guess what, we found them in nature’s basket.

Nature has provided us with a basket-full of home remedies to treat irregular and late monthly cycles.

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