Is It Bad To Masterbate On Your Period

Can You Get Pregnant

Is Masturbation Good For You?

If you arent actively trying to conceive, using protection is a good idea, no matter what part of your menstrual cycle youre in. Your odds of conceiving are lower during your period, but its still possible to become pregnant at this time.

Youre most likely to get pregnant during ovulation, which happens about 14 days before your period starts. Yet every womans cycle length is different, and your cycle length can change monthly. If you have a short menstrual cycle, your risk of getting pregnant during your period is higher.

Also consider that sperm can stay alive in your body for up to seven days. So, if you have a 22-day cycle and you ovulate soon after getting your period, theres a chance youll be releasing an egg while sperm are still in your reproductive tract.

Remember: You Can Still Get Pregnant

You cant get an STI or pregnant if youre masturbating.

But if you and your partner have penis-in-vagina sex, pregnancy is a risk.

While its less likely that youll get pregnant on your period, you still can, says Ross.

Play it safe and use a reliable birth control method even when youre bleeding unless you want to get pregnant, of course.

After period play is finished, be sure to clean yourself, your partner , and any toys, clothes, or bedding that were worn and used.

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What If I Want To Masturbate But Avoid Menstrual Blood

Mia says its all about taking control of your pleasure, that its important to only explore and engage with what makes you feel comfortable and excited.

If youre not ready to come into contact with your menstrual blood, thats okay, she says.

You can masturbate by stimulating your clitoris while wearing the menstrual cup or tampon. That way you dont have to come into contact with menstrual blood.

There are plenty of ways to explore your body and experience self-pleasure without touching your genitals.

Try exploring your breasts and engaging with nipple play to see if you can achieve a nipple-gasm, suggests Mia.

Or, simply let your hands and mind wander to help familiarise yourself with all of your erogenous zones you might just surprise yourself with what you find.

Sometimes, self-pleasure can simply mean giving your body the time, attention, and release it deserves even if this isnt an orgasm.

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Can You Masterbate During Your Period

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

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It Really Wont Be As Messy As Youre Imagining

Can I masturbate during menstruation, intricacies

Yes, you might get some blood and other fluids on your hands. But you can wash them immediately afterwards, you know.

Plus youre actually releasing a lot less blood than you might be imagining. You tend to release around 30ml to 40ml of blood throughout the course of menstruation.

In the half an hour that youre getting off, theres hardly any blood actually being released. So stop imagining getting puddles of blood up to your shoulder.

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You Dont Have To Worry About Making A Mess

We get it, when you have your period, obviously theres blood, but that doesnt mean you have to worry about a mess when you masturbate. You just have to masturbate strategically to avoid any mess.

Obviously, if getting some blood on your hands isnt a big deal, you dont have to worry about masturbating any differently when youre on your period. However, if some blood makes you a bit queasy, you can focus your you time on stimulating your clitoris , instead you can use a vibrator on your clit while you leave in your tampon.

If you dont wear tampons, you can always hop in the shower while you pleasure yourself and let the water rinse away any of the blood that comes out. Shower multitasking is the best kind of multitasking, right? However, if youre still iffy about pleasuring yourself during your period, you can always throw on a pair of period panties and use a bullet vibrator over your underwear. Theres no mess and you dont have to worry about wasting water in the shower.

After all, an orgasm is an orgasm . Customize your own period masturbation routine, so you can finally stop dreading your period.

Consider Toys And Other Resources

Dont be afraid to enlist the help of a vibrator, says Dr. Rowen. I think that your hand only goes so far. Sex toys can be expensive, but theres no way to know what youll enjoy until you try it yourself, she says. However, she says people tend to find the Hitachi easy to maneuver. . But again, not every toy will work for every person. She also recommends reading the book Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving if youre not comfortable with masturbating. Budget-friendly vibrators are a great starting point for people who have never used one. If youve never ventured into the world of sex toys but are excited to try, read our guide for tips on how to select your first vibrator.

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Does Masturbation Delay Your Periods

No, it doesn’t. Masturbation has no influence on the timing of periods. If there is any irregularity, then it is possibly due to hormonal imbalance.

Update From Lybrate: Just like the face, we need to take care of our intimate areas too. Buy Intimate Hygiene Care Products from Lybrate and keep yourself healthy and infection-free.

Masturbation With A Vibrator

Masturbation Facts with Planned Parenthood’s Ask The Experts! | Planned Parenthood Video

Using a vibrator can be super pleasurable. But before you rush out the door and buy one, here are two important pointers to take into account:

1) Vibrators can provide intense stimulation which can be too much for some women .2) Cheap vibrators usually only have one speed which can be annoying if you want a level of stimulation that is slower and more relaxed. If you are serious about great masturbation, then my advice is to go for a vibrator that has variable speeds even if it costs a little more.

For most potent masturbation tips & ideas, like finding and stimulating your U Spot make sure to check out this second article that will teach you my most powerful masturbation techniques along with this one on fingering yourself.

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Is It Possible To Do The Masturbation During Periods

Of course! You can easily involve in the masturbation during periods. There is no reason to not involve in the masturbation during period. It is completely safe and healthy for a girl or women to masturbate during periods. There are many women who especially masturbate during periods to relieve menstrual cramps. Check these tweets.

Now that I got that out of the way, here are some more myths busted:You can masturbate during your periods. Some find that it helps relieve menstrual cramps. But, you dont need a reason to do it. You are not a sex addict if you discovered masturbation as a child. #masturbate


According to many surveys, it is found that many women can feel more aroused than usual during masturbation in periods.

If you are worried about the messy then it is not a big deal. You can use a towel if you are masturbation on your period. If you are masturbating during periods while lying down then place a dark color towel on your sheet.

For the safety reason, you can do the masturbation during periods just after taking a bath or cleaning yourself. You can also do the masturbation during periods inside the shower for easy cleanup.

Maintaining Good Menstrual Hygiene

As at any time, good menstrual hygiene is important. If hands are used, or toys, then both must be cleaned before and after playtime. Personal hygiene is also incredibly important when you are menstruating because your cervix is open and is therefore more vulnerable to various infections. That said, remember that you should never wash the inside of the vagina with soap or water directly since it can alter natural vaginal pH levels and vaginal flora, and this can end up causing infections. The vagina cleans itself.


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If You Want To Explore Your Clitoris

The visible part of the clitoris is a pearl-sized organ, often covered by a hood, thats found at the top of your vulva where the two inner lips meet.

The glans of the clitoris is about the size of a pearl/pea, but the structure itself is much more complex and extensive.

Your clitoris is packed with thousands of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of your genitals. Thats why most people with a vagina experience orgasm by stimulating their clitoris.

In relation to masturbation, theres a presumed understanding among most people that its not something to bring up in a normal conversation. But, till today I am not able to understand why? How much do you masturbate? Why is this topic not considered as normal as having breakfast or lunch? When nearly 90% of people indulge in the act of masturbation, then why is it considered like something to be ashamed off and is not talked in open.

To make it easy for you going forward Ill just start with what is masturbation? How would you define it? No answers?? Its simple to me its touching or rubbing my own organs for pleasure. If this is considered as something to be talked inside four walls then scratching whenever you feel itchy should also be a sin. Isnt it? Both are one and the same thing rubbing for the sake of pleasure.

Masterbation While On Your Period

20 Reasons Having Your Period is the Absolute WORST

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it doesnt hurt, trust me. but a word of advice, i would not use the vibrator when u have ur period, but when it goes away use it again. A little tip, if u have ur period and u need to masterbate, do it in the shower, because the blood goes away and doesnt make a mess 🙂 hope tht helps x

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Do You Need To Use Condoms While Having Sex On Your Period

There are two significant reasons to avoid having unprotected sex during your period:

  • Although less likely, its always possible that you could become pregnant. If youre not trying to get pregnant, you should always have protected sex. You will need to use some form of contraception, like a condom or birth control pills.
  • Having sex during your period without a condom can increase your chances of getting or passing on an STI. Viruses like HIV may be present in menstrual blood, so its essential to use a condom to reduce the risk of infection.
  • How To Masturbate While On A Period

    There is no right or wrong way to masturbate while on a period, as everyone has their own preferences, desires, limits, and boundaries.

    Some people may prefer to masturbate in a way that requires little cleanup afterward. However, some people may prefer to forget about this, and just enjoy the experience.

    The following tips may be useful for people who want to masturbate with minimal mess.

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    Let’s Talk About Masturbating During Your Period

    Is it safe to masturbate while on your period?

    Can you masturbate with a tampon?

    Is period masturbation messy?

    Can masturbating relieve period pain?

    Maybe youve done it, maybe you havent. Lets talk about the art of masturbating while on your period, because it actually has some benefits that you may never have considered. Thats right, evidence suggests that the endorphins you get when masturbating can actually help relieve stress and period pain. That settles it then…doctors orders!

    Benefits Of Having Sex On Period

    People Talk About The First Time They Masturbated | BuzzFeed India

    Having sex during your period has a few advantages including:

    • Relief from menstrual cramps Having an orgasm is a great way to get relief from menstrual pain. During an orgasm, the muscles of your uterus contract. Then they release, bringing some relief from menstrual cramps. Whats more, orgasms release endorphins that make you feel good.
    • Less need for lubrication Introducing lube into your bedroom can result in more pleasurable sex, as many people dont produce sufficient natural lubricant. However, when you have period sex, blood acts as a natural lubricant.
    • Shorter periods Having sex can shorten your period. The contracting of the uterus during an orgasm can speed up the shedding of your uterine lining.
    • More enjoyable sex For many people, having sex during their period can be even more pleasurable than at other times of the month. This is because of the changes in your libido that occur throughout your menstrual cycle as a result of hormonal fluctuations.

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    Are There Any Risks To Do The Masturbation During Periods

    Masturbation during periods normally does not cause any risk but still, you should take some precautions. If you are going to use your finger for masturbation then make sure that your nails are properly cut. If you are using the dildo sex toys then wash and clean it properly.

    In case, if you are masturbating during periods with a partner and touching each other genital area then there is a little possibility of getting pregnant. I know, its difficult to believe but it is true. This happens if ejaculate gets inside the vagina and you are in your fertile window.

    According to the research, the possibility of getting pregnant on the first couple of days of your period is close to zero and it may rise to about 2% on day four.

    Can You Masturbate With A Tampon

    If you decide to masturbate when using a tampon or menstrual cup, thats OK, you dont have to remove it unless you want to. One thing to keep in mind is that you may find a tampon will absorb the fluid that usually comes out of the vagina when you are aroused, so using a bit of lube might be beneficial here.

    If you are engaging in mutual masturbation with a partner and this leads to intercourse, always remember to remove your tampon before having penetrative sex. Doing this with a tampon in can cause pain and lead to possible issues such as toxic shock syndrome and infections. Best leave it out!

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