Can Taking A Plan B Delay Your Period

Where Can I Get The Plan B Morning

What causes delayed periods after taking emergency pills? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

You can buy levonorgestrel morning-after pills over the counter without a prescription at drugstores and pharmacies. It doesnt matter how old you are and it doesnt matter what your gender is. Sometimes the morning-after pill is locked up or kept behind the counter, so you may have to ask the pharmacist or store clerk for help getting it but you dont have to have a prescription or show your ID.

You can also get the morning-after pill at many family planning or health department clinics, and Planned Parenthood health centers.

Changes In The Menstrual Cycle

In a clinical trial, 31% of participants experienced some change in their menstrual cycle after taking Plan B, but the potential menstrual changes are varied. Plan B may cause some women to experience heavier or lighter menstrual bleeding compared to their regular periods.

After taking Plan B, some women get their period sooner than expected, while others get it later. However, clinical trial data suggest most women will get their period within two days to one week of the anticipated time. Women who take Plan B and experience a delay in their period greater than one week are recommended to take a pregnancy test.

During your menstrual cycle, the time at which Plan B is taken can affect how your menstruation changes.

  • Some studies suggest that taking Plan B early on in your menstrual cycle can increase the likelihood of spotting before menstruation begins and can sometimes cause the next period to be shorter than usual.
  • When Plan B is taken later in your menstrual cycle, it may not affect period length, or it may be more likely to result in prolonged menstrualbleeding.

No Plan B Does Not Affect Fertility

Plan B works by temporarily delaying or preventing ovulation, which is when the ovaries release a mature egg. Plan B affects ovulation for one cycle, but it does not impact future fertility, says Kate White, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University School of Medicine.

Plan B contains levonorgestrel, a type of progestin hormone also present in birth control pills, that delays or prevents the release of an egg. It may also make vaginal fluid thicker, which can prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

A 2018 very large analysis found contraceptive use, regardless of its duration, does not impact future fertility. Taking plan B multiple times will also not impact your future fertility, White says.

Important:“The contraceptive hormone in plan B – progestin – leaves your system within days and doesn’t affect ovulation, tubal function, the uterus, or cervix in the future,” White says.

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When To Stop A Period

If your gynecologist thinks that your periods are not beneficial due to medical conditions like anemia, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids, it may be necessary to stop menstruation for a prescribed time.

In these cases, the gynecologist will indicate the best way to stop a period, usually until the condition is under control and the loss of blood is not a concern

When To See A Doctor Or Other Healthcare Professional

Period Symptoms Associated With Plan B

Any time you feel unsure, reach out to a doctor or other healthcare professional.

That could be after having sex without a barrier and needing advice on emergency contraception, or it could be after getting a positive result from a pregnancy test.

You can even speak with a doctor about contraception in general. Theyll be able to advise you on safe, long-term options.

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If Your Period Is Later Than Seven Days Does It Mean You’re Pregnant

If your period is later than seven days it does not necessarily mean you are pregnant, but you should do a pregnancy test to rule it out, says Julia.

Most pregnancy tests will be accurate 21 days after the unprotected sex took place, or from the first day of a missed period.

However as mentioned above, factors like stress, sudden weight loss, changing or coming off your contraceptive pill and changes in schedule can all have an affect on your menstrual cycle.

Did you know different phases of the menstrual cycle make you angry, horny, hungry? Find out more about your menstrual cycle here.

Taking 2 Packets Of The Combined Pill Back

If you take a combined contraceptive pill, you can delay your period by taking 2 packets back-to-back.

How you do this will depend on which pill you take.

Examples are:

  • monophasic 21-day pills, such as Microgynon and Cilest you take a combined pill for 21 days, followed by 7 days without pills, when you have a bleed . To delay your period, start a new packet of pills straight after you finish the last pill and miss out the 7-day break.
  • everyday pills, such as Microgynon ED and Lorynon ED you take a combined pill every day. The first 21 pills are active pills and the next 7 pills are inactive or dummy pills, when you have your period. To delay your period, miss out and throw away the dummy pills, and start the active pills in a new packet straight away.
  • phasic 21-day pills, such as Binovium, Qlaira and Logynon the mix of hormones in each pill is different, depending on which phase you’re in. You need to take these pills in the correct order to have effective contraception. Ask your pharmacist, community contraception clinic or GP for more information.

Taking your contraceptive pills in the ways described above will not affect how they work as contraceptives.

If you’re not sure which pill you’re on or which pills in the packet to miss out, speak to your pharmacist, community contraception clinic or GP.

Avoid taking more than 2 packs without a break, unless your GP says you can.

There’s a risk you could experience side effects, such as:

  • feeling sick

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Does The Plan B Morning

The morning-after pill is super safe, and Plan B side effects arent super common. There have been no reports of serious problems out of the millions of people whove taken it.

After you take the morning-after pill, it’s totally normal for your next period to be different from what youre used to. It may come earlier or later, and be heavier, lighter, or more spotty. Or it may be the same as it normally is.

You may get an upset stomach, feel lightheaded or dizzy, or have tender breasts for a short while when you take the morning-after pill. If you throw up within two hours of taking the pill, it won’t work and youll need to take it again.

Are There Risks Of Getting Pregnant When You’re Having Your Period

How late can your period be after taking Plan B?

Avoiding pregnancy is not as simple as waiting to have sex on your period. If you do want to plan sex for when you are less likely to get pregnant then it is not so simple.

Find out why you’re still at risk of getting pregnant on your period and what you can do to get protected.

Last reviewed: 29/10/2019 by Dr Simran Deo


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Exercise The Right Way

Exercising regularly can help reduce the intensity of cramps and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, says Ross. Exercise may even reduce the frequency or length of your period. However, it’s also important to note that exercising too much or suddenly starting an intense new exercise routine can cause your period to stop or become more irregular.

Plan B Can Make Your Period Late But Not For More Than One Menstrual Cycle

  • Plan B menstrual cycle and alter when your period comes, menstrual flow, and how long your period lasts.
  • Plan B can often alter when your period comes or change its flow. This is due to the active hormone in Plan B called levonorgestrel that prevents pregnancy.
  • Plan B does not terminate pregnancy and should not be taken as regular birth control .

Plan B is a form of emergency birth control, often referred to as the morning-after pill, that can help prevent pregnancy in the event of unprotected sex or birth control failure.

Taking Plan B could affect the timing of your next period or cause other menstrual irregularities like bleeding between periods, and heavier or lighter menstrual flow. However, plan B’s effects on your period shouldn’t persist beyond one menstrual cycle.

Plan B should only be used as a backup in case you need emergency birth control. It should not be taken regularly or used as a replacement for other forms of birth control.

Here’s how plan B may disrupt your menstrual cycle and what to expect after taking it.

What is in Plan B?

“Levonorgestrel is the active hormone in Plan B,” says Krishna Kakani, an MD who has her own OB/GYN practice.

Levonorgestrel is a synthetic progestin hormone that prevents pregnancy in two ways:

  • In case the egg has already been released, it works by blocking fertilization and altering the uterine lining so that the egg cannot attach itself to the wall of the uterus.
    • Fallback
    • Opcicon

    How does Plan B affect your cycle?

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    My Period Is Late After Taking The Morning After Pill Should I Be Worried

    I forgot to take some pills during my last cycle. I missed at least two tablets. So, in a panic, I took the morning after pill 12 hours after having sex with my boyfriend. That was now two weeks ago! Since then, hes worn a condom and Ive taken my contraception But I still havent had my period. Im three days late and Im very worried. Does that mean Im pregnant? Anonymous, 23

    What the expert says:

    For some women, the morning after pill can cause your period to come early. In others, its the opposite they may cause your period to come late. Theres no need to panic in either situation. Youve made the right decision to use condoms since then, and to continue to take your oral contraceptive. Well done on being responsible.

    The fear of getting pregnant and the hormonal changes, related to stress, may also be causing your period to be late, especially if you dont have any symptoms that might indicate pregnancy . Its a good idea to wait for a week after the expected date of your period before doing a pregnancy test to be sure the results are accurate they can be easily found at a pharmacy. If the test comes back negative and you still dont have your period, its advised that you make an appointment with your doctor so they can examine you. In case of any doubt, the doctor will prescribe a blood test to check your beta-hCG , to find out whats going on with your body.

    Am I Using Contraception Properly

    How Late Can Your Period Be After Taking Plan B? 2 Weeks ...

    Using the pill correctly you need to take every dose of your pill at the same time every day for maximum protection against pregnancy. Things that can stop your contraceptive from working include:

    • Medicines:
      • Missing pills or starting a pack late can affect your protection
      • You may need to use extra protection
    • Detox tea
      • These can flush your system so may induce diarrhoea or clear your bowels which can mean your pill wont be absorbed
      • This will affect your protection against pregnancy

    Using condoms correctly using a condom is the safest way to protect against STIs. Some of the misconceptions surrounding condoms can include:

    • It doesnt feel natural there are examples which are thinner which can still make sex feel natural while using condoms
    • I dont have any money for them you can obtain condoms for free from:
      • GP
      • Try using condoms without spermicide

    Avoid damaging your condom:

    • A condom which rips during intercourse can affect your protection
    • You should use extra protection such as the emergency contraceptive pill if this happens
    • Make sure you use the condom properly e.g. as the instruction manual states

    Other methods such as pulling out before ejaculation can also be risky. This is because some of the fluid that leaves the penis before ejaculation, may contain some sperm and so can leave you at risk of becoming pregnant.

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    How Effective Is Plan B One

    A levonorgestrel morning-after pill like Plan B One Step, Take Action, My Way, Option 2, Preventeza, AfterPill, My Choice, Aftera, and EContra can lower your chance of getting pregnant by 75-89% if you take it within three days after unprotected sex.

    You can take Plan B and other levonorgestrel morning-after pills up to five days after unprotected sex. But sooner is better the longer you wait to take it, the less effective it is.

    These types of morning-after pills may not work if you weigh 155 pounds or more. If thats the case, the copper IUD or ella are better options for you. Our handy quiz can help you figure out which EC is best for you.

    Though there are many different brands of levonorgestrel morning-after pills, they all work the same way. All brands have the same amount of medicine and the same effectiveness, no matter how much they cost.

    What Plan B One

    Emergency contraception is often mistakenly confused with the early abortion pill, RU486 . These two medications serve two different purposes and work completely different from one another.

    Plan B One-Step is not an abortion pill. It is also not effective if taken after you are already pregnant. The new Plan B will not terminate an existing pregnancy. According to Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Plan B One-Step, there is no evidence that Plan B One-Step harms a pregnant person or a developing fetus.

    Teva Pharmaceuticals also advises that Plan B One-Step should not be used as a substitute for routine contraception use. Plan B One-Step offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections or HIV.

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    How Effective Is Plan B And How Long Is It Effective For

    Whether you forgot to take the pill or the condom broke, you still have an option for preventing pregnancybut you have to act fast. Plan B One-Step is a morning-after pill that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or birth control failure. Emergency contraception can offer peace of mind, but many women still wonder: How effective is Plan B?

    What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of The Morning

    I missed my period. Is it because I took the i-pill, or am I pregnant?
      Irregular Bleeding

    • Women using the morning-after pill may experience a change in their next period. It may come early, on time, or be late. Most women will get their period 7 to 9 days after treatment. If your period has not occurred by 21 days after treatment, you should check this out with a pregnancy test.

    • Half of women using this method will experience nausea and some will have vomiting. Take the morning-after pill with food to minimize this side effect. When vomiting occurs due to the morning-after pill it probably indicates that enough hormone has reached the blood stream to have its desired effect. There is no need to repeat the dose.
      Ectopic Pregnancy

    • If the morning-after pill fails to prevent pregnancy, there is an increased chance it is a tubal pregnancy.

    • Common side effects include breast tenderness, fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, and dizziness. Since the morning-after pill is a short-term treatment, these symptoms should resolve shortly after you complete the two doses.

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