What To Do When Your Dog Is On Her Period

Give Her Some Extra Lovin And Attention

Ask The Vet, (Dogs getting their period.) Dr Yalda Motavali

Dogs need their daily dose of TLC .

But when a female pooch is in heat, she would appreciate it even more.

Whys that?

Its because shes going to experience a lot of changes inside her body.

Shes going to have a surge of hormones in the first phase of her cycle. Her vulva or outer part of the vagina will swell. And theres also gonna be some bleeding.

Because of these, she could feel hormonal and may become extra:

So what do you need to do?

Reassure her that everythings going to be okay.

Talk to her and stay by her side as often as you can. And offer her emotional support throughout the cycle.

Just a quick info. Their heat can last up to 2 to 3 weeks, according to VCA. But some canines might also have it for a month.

Also, shell appreciate more cuddles from you.

Research shows that humans can act as dogs safety blankets as well.

So its not just us who benefit from canines. Because its actually a two-way support system.

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What You Need To Know About Dogs In Heat

When a female dog is in heat or going into heat, it means shes open and receptive to mating and is releasing mating hormones. Some signs of a female dog going into heat may include lower energy levels, more aggressive behavior, differences in leg-raising while urinating, urinating more often than usual, and even running away from home. This is unlike male dogs, who do not experience heat cycles.

Unawareness that your dog is going into heat or not knowing what to look for can result in an unwanted pregnancy. However, learning what to do when your dog is in heat will help you properly prepare for a new furry family member should you desire the pregnancy instead.

When Does A Female Dog Have Her First Estrous Cycle

Dogs will have their first estrous cycle when they reach puberty. Each cycle consists of several stages the stage called estrus refers to when the female can become pregnant. Often a dog that is in the estrus stage is said to be in heat or in season.

“A dog that is in the estrus stage is said to be in heat or in season.”

On average, puberty is reached at about six months of age, but this can vary by breed. Smaller breeds tend to have their first estrous cycle at an earlier age, while large and giant breeds may not come into heat for the first time until they reach eighteen months to two years of age.

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Heat

The easiest way to tell if your dog is in heat is that they have a swollen vulva and bloody discharge.

At first, you may just see a slightly swollen vulva. This will slowly become more swollen, and then you will start to see a discharge.

The discharge at first will be slightly pinkish, and eventually, you will notice that it is very red and bloody.

Other signs that you may see are your female dog trying to breed with other dogs. They may even mount males or other female dogs.

How Do I Avoid A Pregnancy

Help! My dog is in heat!

Even if you can’t pinpoint your dog entering oestrous to the day, there are a few signs to indicate that the heat phase is underway. Caution should be exercised at the very latest when bleeding becomes more watery and your female dog remains standing when males attempt to make a pass. In this situation, you generally still have enough time to separate the two dogs from one another. Very few males pounce on the female straight away, but instead begin with foreplay. However, there are of course others that get down to business quickly in such cases, your timely intervention is required. Order your female dog to sit and stand behind her. Hold the male dog at a distance and wait until its owner takes it away on its lead.

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Separate Your Dogs At Home

Aside from giving your female dog her own safe place.

You also need to manage your other Fidos at home. Particularly if you have an intact male canine.

Unneutered boys will be restless and whine when they can smell a female in season. So to prevent them from being stressed put them in a faraway room.

There are also cases where male dogs cant eat and sleep when they sense a female in heat.

So you may also lookup dog boarding places for your boy/s if the situation gets worse.

How Can You Tell That A Dog Has Period Cramps

Right after the do dogs get period cramps question typically comes this one: on how to know if your dog has period cramps.

So far, we have established that at least some dogs do experience great discomfort during their heat cycles. So that is the answer to the do female dogs suffer from period pain question.

Similarly, we have established that the answer to the do dogs get cramps when they get their period question is yes at least in some cases.

What follows then is a question on how to tell if a dog has period cramps.

And the answer is that a dog experiencing heat cycle cramps will tend to twitch excessively. The dog may even get to a point of shaking with pain. It will also tend to pant more than usual, and may show unusual aggressiveness.

Sometimes, the cramps are so bad that the dog actually sheds tears.

Still in answering the do dogs get cramps during their period question, it is important to point out that this cramping only seems to affect some dogs.

Do dogs get cramps when on their period? The answer is yes. But do dogs get cramps on period all the time? The answer is no. Can dogs have their period without actually getting cramps? The answer is yes.

There are many dogs that go through their heat cycles without showing any major sign of discomfort.

Thus the answer to the do dogs feel pain on their period question is sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Or to put it differently, can dogs have periods that are pain-free? The answer is yes. That is a possibility.

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How Can I Recognise My Dog’s Fertile Period

A female dog’s fertile period generally lasts five to seven days, but since the transitions from phase to phase are fluid, the heat days can’t always be precisely pinpointed. An indication is the change in the colour of the blood from dark red to a light, watery discharge. This doesn’t give 100% certainty though, since there are also female dogs that reproduce despite their blood being dark red. A further possible way of recognising the fertile period is to test tolerance reflexes. During standing heat, females indulge males, raise their tail to the side and the vulva gently rises. It is no crystal-clear signal, as there are also female dogs that react to this reflex outside the heat period.

Only a vet can give you precise information on the fertile period by determining the moment of ovulation. If you find out once after how many days of pre-oestrus actual oestrus itself starts, it will be at the same time for future heat periods. It’s important that you recognise when exactly pre-oestrus has started, because only this way can you count the days until oestrus.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is On Heat

FEMALE DOG IN HEAT | TIPS 101 | What to do | Herky the Cavalier


The vulva, near your dogs tail, can become engorged and swollen. This is not always obvious.

Bloody dischargeThis can vary in volume from dog to dog, and even between cycles with the same pet. The discharge your dog passes during her heat cycle will change as her cycle progresses. Initially It may appear very bloody, but as time passes, it will thin and become a watery pinkish red colour. You might notice your dog having more bathroom breaks and urinating more during her heat cycle. You may even notice her marking, leaving small amounts of urine in various places in the yard or on a walk. This is normal. During this phase of your dogs cycle, her urine contains more hormones and pheromones which she uses to indicated to other dogs that she is fertile.

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Final Verdict Do Dogs Get Period Cramps

Some female dogs do get cramps during their heat cycles. The cramps are apparently due to the changes that happen in the dogs uteruses during the heat cycles.

In most cases, dogs have one or two heat cycles per year. So that is also how often the period cramps may occur. But it is worth noting that not all dogs have these period cramps in all heat cycles.

There are some dogs that never experience these cramps. And there are those that may experience them in certain heat cycles, while going through other heat cycles without experiencing them.

In the cases where the dogs experience the period cramps, symptoms may include twitching, unusual aggression, shaking or even crying out in pain.

You can help a dog that is experiencing period cramps through a relaxing massage. Cold or warm packs can also be useful.

If the cramps seem to be particularly bad, you can consult a vet, who may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or something else to relieve the pain.

In all cases, if the dog period cramps are very excruciating or they go on for too long, it is essential to consult a vet.

Dont: Allow Your Female Dog In Heat Around Other Dogs

Its best to avoid places where other dogs hang out while your dog is in heat. This means no training classes, dog shows, doggy day care, dog park, or even taking her into a pet store with you for the time being. While this may seem like a bummer, it is truly for the best because no one wants things getting out of control.

While dog period diapers may help prevent pregnancy, it is not an ideal situation to put her in. Diapers for dogs in heat are made to comfortably absorb bloody discharge, rather than protecting your dog from hormone driven males. So, even if you have dog diapers for heat, its best to keep her away from males during this time. You can spend extra time with your dog and provide her other activities to simulate her. Try enrichment activities to help stimulate her mind on days where she might not have as much physical energy.

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When Do Dogs Go Into Heat

When a female dog is in heat, it means she is ovulating and can breed and get pregnant. Dogs can go into heat when they are as young as 6-8 months of age, which means if they go into heat and have sex with a male dog, then they can get pregnant, even if they themselves are growing still.

The first heat cycle often is missed by pet parents, which is why many veterinarians advocate for spay surgery at 6 months of age to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Heat cycles vary depending on the dogs age, size and breed. Small dog breeds can cycle every 3-4 months, medium and large breeds typically cycle every 6 months, and giant breeds may only cycle every 6-12 months. Older female dogs may cycle less often than younger dogs. Bleeding during proestrus typically lasts around 7 days.

How To Tell If A Dog Is In Heat

My dog got back from the groomers the next day her whole vaginal area ...

As a pet parent, its a good idea to verse yourself well on the signs of a dog entering their heat cycle. Common signs of a dog entering heat include:

  • Frequent urination: This is one of the most common signs that a dog is entering heat, especially if theyre uncharacteristically urinating in the house.
  • Vaginal bleeding and/or discharges: A female dog entering heat may lightly discharge and/or bleed from her vagina while entering the proestrus stage. The bleeding will grow heavier and lighten in color as she enters the estrus stage.
  • More attention paid to male dogs: If a female dog in heat sees a male dog, shell flirt with him by exposing and raising her rear in his direction while moving her tail out of the way.
  • Excessive genital licking: A female dog in heat will excessively lick her genital area.
  • Nervously aggressive behavior: Since a female dog in heat is secreting mating hormones, she may exhibit unusually aggressive behavior.

Other signs of a dog in heat include tail tucking and the swelling of the vulva.

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Ways You Can Help A Dog In Heat

Your dog’s heat is certainly not a disease or a condition that needs treatment however, it may be an annoying issue to deal with, especially when a bunch of stray dogs line up by your door or if taking your dog for a walk may be frustrating because of all the attention.

Most dogs go into heat every 6 months larger dog breeds may go every 8 months, but the time eventually comes, lasting a good 710 days. Of course, spaying your dog is the ultimate solution, but what should you do if your dog has papers and all the requirements to be a future successful dam or if the spay surgery is not happening now?

There are several ways you can make your dog more comfortable, her prospective mates less eager and yourself more relaxed during “those days.”

If your dog loses her appetite or gets diarrhea while in heat, try changing up her food.

Keep Her Away From Other Dogs

Its possible that a female dog in heat can stir up male canines. And this could lead to a dog fight among boys.

This is due to the pheromones and hormones that shes giving off.

So while your pooch is in heat, avoid taking her to crowded public places. And always keep a safe distance from other dogs.

Do this if you dont want accidental mating. Or cause a commotion outside.

Be mindful of other people as there are even laws about this.

Like in the UK, there are rules stating that dog parents need to keep their Fidos in control while in public.

And Im sure you dont want to make others break the law and cause a problem.

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Do: Double The Supervision Of Dogs In Heat

A dog will always want to mate when she is in heat and is able to attract males to lurk around. This can cause your furbaby to go a little crazy and out of control. She may want to take off running or escape. This can lead to a number of possibilities, like an unplanned breeding, getting lost, or getting stolen.

When your furbaby is in heat, allow her to still enjoy the things she loves doing, but double the supervision. Always keep watch and dont let her be out of sight. As mentioned before, always use a leash on walks. She can still be outside with supervision but be sure to avoid dog parks.

Can Dogs Get Periods

How To Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant Or Not/ Amazing Dogs

In answering the do dogs get period cramps questions, the most ideal place to start would be by first finding out whether dogs can have periods.

So, indeed, do dogs get periods? The simple answer is yes. Dogs do have times when they get bloody vaginal discharges. These are usually in the course of their heat cycles.

At the start of the heat cycle, the dog may have a bloody discharge that is bright in color. Then as time progresses, it turns pinkish, before disappearing altogether.

Thus when a person asks, do dogs have periods, the simple answer is yes.

But in answering the do female dogs have periods question, it is important to mention that the bloody discharge dogs get during heat cycles is not actually menstrual flow.

That is a very key fact to point out, when addressing the does female dogs have a period question.

If by period one means menstrual flow, then the answer to the do female dogs get periods question becomes different.

The bloody discharge that dogs get during their heat cycle is not menstrual flow. But it is still a bloody discharge

Ultimately, the most important thing is to understand what the person posing the does dogs have period question is seeking to establish.

In one case, you may find someone asking, can dogs have a period with a view to establish whether dogs can have periodical bloody discharges. In that case, the answer to the can dogs get their period question is yes.

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Pyometra Is Another Danger For Female Dogs Who Arent Spayed

Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. It can be deadly and almost always requires an emergency spay surgery. If the infection is open it can be easier for veterinarians to diagnose because there is usually foul-smelling discharge from the vaginal area. Dogs can also have a variety where the cervix is closed, so the pus is actually building up inside the dog and those dogs get really sick, Dr. Kelso says. They dont eat, they dont drink and they run a high fever. If you see any of those symptoms, you should bring her in to a veterinarian.

Help My Puppy Got Her First Period

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If your dog is a female and has yet to be spayed, youll most likely witness her experience in heat. If youre unsure of what to do when its happening, then its very important to know why your dog is going through her cycle and how long. Most dogs heat cycles usually occur twice a year. Be sure to expect your pet to be needy, super affectionate, etc. Be patient with your dog and be prepared.

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